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District Achievement Test in English

Grade I

Direction: Read each item. Copy the letter of the correct answer and write it on your paper.

1. Boom! boom! is the sound of the…..

a. b. c. d.

2. Aw! aw! aw! is the sound of the…..

a. dog c. bird
b. cat d. pig

3. Which missing sound goes with the drawing?

a. / d / c. /c /
b. / b / d. /f /

4. Which missing sound goes with the picture?

a. / t / c. / m /
b. / s / d. / r /

5. Which word goes with the drawing?

a. hut c. book
b. fan d. cup

6. Which is the missing letter?

A B C ____ E F G
a. H c. L
b. D D. M

7. Which word rhymes with the word cat?

a. man c. sum
b. hen d. hat

8. _______ apple
a. an c. is
b. a d. are

9. ________ table
a. a c. are
b. an d. is

10. __________ a flower.

a. This is c. These are
b. That is d. Those are

11. ___________ stars

a. That is c. This
b. These are d. Those are

12. Who makes the family happy?

a. Sister c. Brother
b. Baby d. Mother
13. Which of these labels and signs can you read in a park?
a. Speak English c. Be courteous
b. Keep quite d. Keep off the grass

14. Which of these sentence describes the drawing?

a. The sun is covered by clouds.

b. The sun is shinning brightly.
c. It is raining hard.
d. It is a windy day.

15. Ants are small and _______.

a. huge c. tiny
b. large d. wide

16. Ice is cold while boiling water is ________.

a. sweet c. hot
b. sour d. salty

17. Sun is bright while the night is _________.

a. warm c. windy
b. cold d. dark

18. Arriz is seven years old. __________is in Grade One.

a. She c. It
b. He d. They

19. Mother is in the kitchen. ________is cooking.

a. She c. It
b. He d. We

20. Sampaguita is a flower. _________ is sweet.

a. She c. He
b. It d. They

21. My sister is ___________ clothes now.

a. washing c. wash
b. washes d. washed

22. Brother ________the plants everyday.

a. waters c. watering
b. watered d. water

23. The children ____________ see saw in the park yesterday.

a. play c. playing
b. plays d. played

24. Which is the proper heading to these set of pictures?

a. Things to Wear c. Things to Drink

b. Things to Eat d. Things to Play

25. Which proper heading is best for these set of related words?

mango, ponkan, santol, banana a. Flowers c. Insects

b. Fruits d. Vegetables
26. Read the situation below.

A boy wakes up early.

He takes a bath.
He eats his breakfast.
He brushes his teeth.
He puts on his school uniform and shoes.
He carries his bag.

26. Which is the possible ending to this situation?

a. The boy will go to church.
b. The boy will go back to his bed.
c. The boy will go to park.
d. The boy will go to school.

Read the story and understand it. Answer the questions that follow.

My Barbie Doll

Lucy has a Barbie

Her auntie from Manila gives her a doll.
It is a beautiful doll.
She loves her doll very much.
After playing with her doll, she always
return it to the box and put it in the cabinet.
She takes good care of it.

27. In the story above, do you like Lucy? Why?

a. Yes, I like Lucy because she is playful.
b. Yes, I like Lucy because she has a toy ball.
c. Yes, I like Lucy because she takes care of her doll.
d. No, I don’t like Lucy because she does not take care of her doll.

28. If you are invited by Lucy to play with her doll, how does her doll look?
a. looks new and beautiful
b. looks rugged
c. looks dirty
d. looks ugly

29. Why do you think her auntie gave her a Barbie doll?
a. Her auntie likes doll.
b. Her auntie has many dolls at home.
c. Her auntie loves Lucy very much.
d. Her auntie has children at home.

30. What kind of girl is Lucy with her doll?

a. careful
b. helpful
c. obedient
d. thrifty
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School Principal


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