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With Sun in its own Navamsa and Moon in its own sign native becomes a king-Phal Deepika Lagna

Lord in 12th in its own Navamsa causes Vimal Yoga which brings luck, prosperity and influence(see horoscope of Nargis Dutt). According to Prasn Reed 6th lord in 12th as also Lagna lord makes one rich. According to Stree Jatakam if second and twelth lords are benefics and join Lagna with no malefic planets, body becomes beautiful. Aspect of Moon or Venus on the first house or their strong placement in kendras give a handsome personality. In Gemini Lagna-Saturn and Mars in lagna gives paralysis and nervous breakdown. In Kanya Lagna-Staturn and Mars in Lagna gives kidney, lumbago and abdominal problems. If full and vargottam moon is in Lagna one becomes a powerful king. For aries lagna Sun, Mercury and Venus in 11th make a person very rich. Weak Sun having the ownership of 6, 8 or 12 afflicted by Mars give major accidents, afflicted with Saturn-loss, misery and misunderstanding with father, setback in profession, ill-fame, false pride. Sun afflicted in the signs of Mercury and Jupitor gives diseases of lungs, consumption. Afflicted in the sign of Cancer-defective eye sights. 6th from moon and afflicted gives problem with intestines, and digestions. Weak Sun afflicted by Saturn and Mars mean operation for appendicitis. Afflicted in 4th or 5th mean heart problem. Weak Moon in Lagna afflicted by Mars gives menstrual disorders in woman. Moon and Rahu means hysterical behaviour. If Atma Karma is in benefic Navamsa or if benefics are in Kendra from the navmsa he occupies one commands with great wealth. If full Moon and Venus join Atma Karka in the Navamsa the person will command great wealth. If 11th house from Pad Lagna is occupied or aspected by planets, one becomes rich. Saturn or Mars debilitated in 11th from Arudha Lagna makes one rich. If 6,8 or 12 from Lagna becomes Arudha Lagna one is poor. A malefic in 7th house and any planet in 9th house a yoga for sanyasi in female horoscope. Combination for Politician For high position in politics all Lagnas i.e Sun,Moon and Lagna should be strong. Suns placement in Lagna, 4th, 5th and 10th houses is good. There should have plenty of rajyogas. 10th and 11th houses should be strong. Appropriate dashas should come in life. Saturn as karka for democracy should be strong. Lagna is exceptionally strong and normally lagna/lagna lord connects with royal sgins cancer and leo and in some cases libra and Sagittarius. Influence of mars, jupitor and Saturn in common on lagna or the 10th house. Atma and Amatya karkas in Kendra/trikona. Fall from power Placement or association of 10th lord in 6th, 8th . In some cases dasha/antra dasha of 5th lord or planets placed in 5th house.

Dasha sandhi or dasha chidra can show a change in career whether for good or bad depending upon the planets concerned. Transit of planets particularly Saturn or rahu in the 5th or the 10th house from moon or lagna. Transit of Saturn in 10th house in case of politicians gives a fall. In other cases it may bring about a crisis in career. Saturn-Venus or Venus-Rahu period must be carefully scrutinized. Dasha or antra dasha of afflicted or debilitated lords. Dasha of a retrograde planet or planet aspected by retrograde planet can cause upsets in carrer. Men/Women with a Mission in life There should be benefics or benefic influences on the 2nd house. This will include the association of yoga karka planets for a particular lagna and the 2nd house. Connection of jupitor or benefics with the 10th house/lord. Connection of Jupiter or benefics with the 10th house or lord from moon. Connection of Jupiter or benefics with the 10th house or 10th lord from the 10th lord of birth horoscope. Connection of Jupiter and benefics with the 10th to 10th house lord. Elevated Souls/Mahatmas o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Rashis rising as Lagna are: Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarious. Jupiter in 9th or 10th gives Brahma gyan. Saturn in 10th or 12th gives vairagya. Sun-Rahu in 10th or in 5th aspected by 10th lord gives sanyas. Moon-Ketu gives intuitive mind in four or seven. Saturn-Moon-Jupiter make reformer of relgion or ascetic. Saturn-Moon give vairagya and concentration. Sun as natural atma karka should be strong. Gemeni atma karka must be strong too. Atma karka in pisces navamsa gives moksha and the native performs virtuous deeds and charities. Jupiter in 5th from karmamsa or in karmamsa-many branches of knowledge. Benefics in 9th from karakamsa gives truth as an ideal. Karkamsa with ketu has the aspect of Saturn-tapaswi or recluse. Atma karka and ketu in navamsa aspect of venus deeksha or performer of yajnas. For vairagya- in hundred per cent of the cases moon had the aspect of Saturn, mars or rahu or in rasis of mars aspected by staturn or vice versa. See drekkan as well as in navamsa too. Moon, ketu, Saturn, Jupiter forms a powerful combination for a mahatma. If this combines with atmakarka sun ig gives knowledge of the self attained through bhakti. Ketu in 5th or 9th kindles the power of mind. It should not be afflicted and its dispositor should be well placed. A malefic planet in the 7th and some planet in 8th is the yoga for elevated soul. Sun, mercury, venus plus Jupiter- bhakti and gyan.

Business All lagnas should be strong. If one among them is weak then the other two have to be strong enough to compensate the same. If 5th and 12 houses are weak and so are mercury and sun then there is a tendency to accumulate money through illegal means. 11th house should be strong and also the 10th house. 2nd and 4th deals with accumulated wealth. 7th house and tula rashi for partnership etc. Strong mars provides plenty of enterprise. Strong 9th house gives luck. Mercury is the planet of commerce, Venus and Jupiter for wealth. Saturn for perseverance and ability to do hard work. For jewellery business combination of venus and moon is necessary. Mercury-moon combination of placement in 2/8 houses involves losses. Rahu-Mercury combination in 10th house represent sudden gains as also sudden loses. Moon in Libra aspected by Venus-business man. Moon in libra makes the native clever in business. Moon in Virgo gives success in business. Moon-Mars combination is good for business. 10th lord in Kendra, trikona or in 11th house aspected by benefics makes one businessman. Mercury and venus are vaishya planets and belongs to rajo guna so they give desire to earn money and enjoy them too. Saturns aspect on 10th or 10th lord gives service unless it is very strong. A number of dhan yogas. If 5 or more than 5 planets are in visible half, houses 7 to 12 and 10th house and 10th lord is not aspected by Saturn normally one is self independent in business. Similarly if more planets are in 10,11,12 and 3rd houses from lagna-capability to pursue an independent vocation.

Combination for author/writer/poet In Navamsa if jupitor aspects 5th house or 5th lord one becomes a serious and desirable author. In the birth chart if Jupiter influences 5th from mercury one gets the same results. Confirm this in navamsa. Jupitor in 10 gives idealism, mercury gives humour, mars gives caustic remarks. Writing has quick logic. Sun, mercury and venus in 2 make one a poet. Lord of drekkan of 5th lord or of Jupiter or mercury in Kendra or kona aspected by favourable planets. Rahu in 5th. Jupiter powerful in 2nd. Lord of 4th house, jpiter, venus and merucy in own house exalted in Kendra or kona. Mercury in eleven gives keen intellect and higher education. Mercury and venus in 10 from Moon good for higher education, wealth and good wife. Jupiter and venus give same result.

The combination of sun, moon and Jupiter, sun, mercury and Jupiter and sun mercury and venus is good for higher education and learning. 5th lord in 9th with yogakarka planet and 11lord give good academic achievements as also wealth. Mercury in lagna or lord of two in two or lord of one in two and second house , its lord, lagna lord and mercury association with benefics. Jupiter, mercury, venus in nine. Jupiter in 9 aspected by mercury and venus. Jupiter in 9 aspected by moon and Saturn. The 10th house is the house of achievement. The exalted or benefic planets sometimes show great achievement in educational field or the field of knowledge as it is through the 10th house that one receives recognition or fame. If Jupiter is in 2nd and moon and mercury is posited in the 10th in trikona from jupoter the person has good and bright academic career. If the lord of navamsa occupied by lord of 10 is posited in a Kendra or trikona in a rashi chart and if Jupiter aspects the 10th the person has a bright educational background. Placement of Jupiter and mercury in 2nd or 10th. The mutual exchange between 2 and 10 is good for education. The lord of drekkan or navamsa occupied by 10th lord is exalted in Kendra or trikona. According to parashara 5th lord in ninth makes one an illustrious author.

Combination for Musicians The combination of 3rd and 7th is good for music. Female born in trimshamsa of mercury is fond of music. Venus in 4th gives music. Combination of Planets and professions Sun-Moon-Political science, psychology, metaphysics. Sun-Mars-Politician, diplomat, army, govt. servant, iron & steel industries, sugar refining, jute mills. Mars-Mercury-Mechanical engineering. Jupiter-Saturn-Legal studies Sun-jupiter-construction of temples Venus-Mars-wrestler, gambler, skilful fond of other woman, veneral diseses. Saturn in 7th denies charming partner and gives marriage late in life. Marital discord Affliction to 7th house and 7th lord creates marital disharmony. Lord of 1 and 7 should not be in 6, 8 and 12 from each other. Capricorn lagna, Saturn in the first aspecting mutually debilitated mars in the 7th house gives loose moral.

Saturn in lagna or 7th house in pap kartari yoga gives unconventional marriage or marriage under compulsion. In this there is a big role of Saturn and ketu over venus. 7th lord in 6th delays marriage in woman but in 8 disturbs the marriage of gives serious mishap. Jupiters aspect dilutes but does not nullify. In aquarious lagna sun is the lord of 7. It should not be in the 6th where in denies marriage unless favourably aspected and moon strong. In case of females afflicted 5th house aspected by weak or seriously afflicted 5th lord causes pre-marriage extra marital relations, especially when 7th lord is in 12, 8 or 3. Lagna in dual sign gives two marriages. Sun, Mercury and Venus in the seventh house gives Kalatra dosha meaning multiple affairs, unhappiness marriages and separation. Moon in Kritika nakshtra-such a person will be brilliant and endowed with authority of high level. Analysis of varga charts A strong Mars in D40 gives authority and status but is bad for longevity and can give sudden death. The lagna of D40(R) should be strong for auspicious events. The relation of benefics or yogakaraka planets with lagna will strengthen it. Similarly the lagna lord should also be dignified in D40(R). The lords of trine of birth chart should be in a distinguished status in D40. Distinguished status signify exaltation, own sign and sign of debilitation. When in debilitation, it shows a humble beginning and then rise through own efforts. Exalted planets provides strong background and less efforts. The debilitated planets need more effort. In case the efforts are not there, success will remain a dream. Sun and Moon should also be in distinguished state. Lords of angles impart position and happiness. Their lords are examined in D40 (R). The lords of natal trik houses should not e dignified in D40 as they will promote inauspicious quality. The sixth lord gives illness etc. The eighth lord of birth chart if exalted in D40 gives sudden death. Planets involved in Raj yoga give high position in their dasha period. And causing dhan yoga gives dhan. The houses are analysed for their significations. A strong 10th house gives good status in profession. D45 is seen for all aspects of life. It is also seen for the character and conduct of a person. Sun is the Atma or soul. The condition of Sun is examined first to assess the quality of soul. This is seen by the placement of Sun in a sign, association and aspect on it and house occupied from Lagna. Sun in the benefic sign and associated with benefic shows a satvik soul. The association and placement in malefic sign shows reverse. Moon should not be afflicted as it gives mental immorality and can be very serious. The Lagna lord, third lord, sixth lord and ninth lord of birth chart are then analysed in D45. The lagna is conscious state, 3rd is unconscious state, sixth is subconscious state, and ninth is the super conscious state of mind. A well connected lord will

create good action through that state and an afflicted lord gives bad action through that state. An ill associated lagna lord makes a person do wrong action consciously. 1st, 3rd, 6th and 9th house of D45 should have association of benefics for pure and pious thinking. Malefics association gives malicious thinking. When the lords of house referred above are malefic and are strong then the person is strong willed and carries out his actions whether right or wrong. Mercury is the intelligence. A retrograde and afflicted Mercury gives criminal tendencies. A benefic Moon is the protection. When Moon is also spoiled along with retrograde and afflicted Mercury, a criminal is born. Fourth house is the house of character. It should have benefic association for pious character. Mrityu Drekkan-if a planet is placed in 4th or 12th of rashi chart and in drekkan chart placed in 8th house-that planet is in Mrityu dreshkon. In its dasha it harms to the signification of that planet. Say if moon is the planet then difficulties to mother etc. Saturn and Mars in Lagna, 12th or 2nd house is a combination for accidents. Saturn and Mars in 12 or aspect 12-woman of easy virtue. Rahu in 12th, Mars in 10 and Sun in 7th early death of father. 12th occupied y Rahu and Mandi-Soola Yoga-aspected by Saturn or square from Saturn is combination for incarceration or Karagraha Vasa. Without benefic aspect may mean prison. If 12th lord is Lagna in a movable sign with 6th lord and 8th house is afflicted-person travels to foreign country and is imprisoned there. If 12th lord in in the 9th, there will be both residence and property abroad.