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School Management System

Campus Solution is a School Management Application Software, Which is unparallel and comprehensive School Software that covers each and every entity of school. It is an interactive platform for all the entities of School like Teachers, Management, Financial Department, Students, Parents and Librarian, Inventory etc.

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Features of School management system

1. Online admission and enrollment system: Online application for admission by students. Enrollment of students into classes. 2. Online Result: Online submission of marks by teachers. Calculation of marks according to teacher preference viz. average of two or three or best obtained or average of best. Academic and Co-scholastic result according to predefined structure. Print report card with single click. Online viewing of marks by management, teachers, students and parents. Graphical representation of marks and full performance over the year. 3. Online attendance: Biometric attendance for teachers by thumb, face and RF ID cards. Online attendance will be marked by teachers. Morning and evening session. Management, teachers, students parents can view attendance online. Graphical representation of attendance. School wise and class wise attendance. 4. Central inventory and fund management system: Online application for fund amount approval. Online approval of fund. Online ledger of stock. Issuance of stock. Reports of funds and PLA fund report for particular month. 5. Centralized fee Collection: Online record of fee collection by teacher. Students and parents can view fee details online and pending fees. A sms will be sent to registered mobile no. on receiving fee and if fee is pending. Online fee receipt generation. 6. Messaging/Notice Service: Messages and notices can be sent between Employee to employee Employee to wing

7. Time Table

Employee to class Employee to Student/Parent. Sms service on fee received and other updates.

Employees could view the timetable online. Automatic time table generation according to maximum lecture limit in a week without any overhead of clashes. 8. Manage Employees Duties like wing in charge and class in charge can be assigned online. Fund in-charge could manage fund online. 9. Google Apps 10 free user accounts per school. Collaboration applications viz Google docs and Google sites. Google applications like Google reader and blogger. 10 GB email storage per user G talk, video sharing Google Maps for All Schools 10. Reports List of applications received for admission List of admitted students(Class wise, Section wise, Gender wise, Category wise) No of students, category wise, gender wise, category and gender wise both. Daily attendance report(wing wise, class wise and section wise) Marks/grade of students of particular class and section Full result of all exam types according to subject of particular class and section Report card of student Fee collection (Head wise and class wise) Summary of fee amount collected according to heads Stock register Issue register PLA register Designation/subject wise employees

11. Features under process Online Employee Portal Online leave approval Online ACR/Service book and salary slip Transfer of employees from one school to another Lecture adjustments of teachers. Pre- Admission Portal.