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Mr. Nadeem Ahmed Bashir Respected Sir; Today we are grateful to submit our report to you. The report covers the main aspects of Training and Development, which includes the brief introduction of Training in IHG (Inter-Continental Hotel Groups), process involved in training and development, finances required etc. We have tried our level best to come up to your mark by providing unique ideas, style and by providing elegant presentation. We are thankful to you as you have given us an open opportunity to survey the market, enhance our knowledge, and answer many questions that are usually in everybodys mind related to training and development. It was a wonderful experience to explore the market.

Sincerely yours,
Group Members: Aurang Zaib Nauman Afzal Shaban Khan

Employees Training & Development


Knowledge is a door to prosperity

Some time expressions are more reliable than words. Today we are short of words to express our deepest and numerous feelings to Allah Almighty (The most beneficial and merciful) who gave us the mind, ability and courage to perform in a creative way. For our bellowed parents, sincere, appreciation and prayers shall always be there, for showing their love, kindness, and support. At the last but not least we are also thankful to our friends, classmates and teachers for their complete moral support, motivation and encouragement for the completion of this project.


Employees Training & Development

Group Profile:
IHG (Inter-Continental Hotels Group) is an international hotel company that always tries to see the world through the eyes of others. We have more guest rooms than any other hotel company in the world that's 556,000 rooms in over 4,100 hotels across nearly 100 countries. Our guests make over 160 million stays in IHG hotels every year. We operate seven hotel brands Intercontinental, Crowne Plaza, Hotel Indigo, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Staybridge Suites and Candlewood Suites.

We want to grow by making our brands the first choice for guests and hotel owners.

In 2005 we committed to increase the number of rooms we have by 50,000 to 60,000 on a net and organic basis. The top end of this target was exceeded in June 2008 6 months ahead of schedule. By the end of September 2008, we had reached 70,000 net rooms, with 3 months left to go. This was achieved through organic growth meaning through new rooms under our existing brands and not through acquisition. Most of the rooms that leave our system do so at our instigation as we raise the quality of our hotels across all of our brands.


Employees Training & Development

Our strategy is to build the hotel industrys strongest operating system focused on the biggest markets and segments where scale really counts.

Operating System:
IHGs operating system is made up of all the things we do to drive demand for our brands. This includes our advertising and marketing campaigns, our 12 global call centres, 13 local language websites, an 8,000-strong sales force, Priority Club Rewards the worlds largest hotel loyalty scheme which has 40 million members and all the advantages that IHGs global hotel distribution and scale brings to brand awareness. Our focus on the biggest markets where our scale really counts ensures that we concentrate our resources on the opportunities that will provide the greatest return.

Strategic Priorities:
Improving the performance of our brands Using our insight to make our brands the first choice for guests. Delivering consistent customer experiences.

Generating excellent returns from our hotels Improving hotel revenue by encouraging guest visits. Improving the efficiency of our hotels and operating processes.

Putting our market scale and knowledge for good use Using our worldwide scale and experience to convert more hotels to our brand.


Employees Training & Development Making the most of our global presence-guests choose brands they know when they travel. Strengthening our organization Investing in our people and ability to do business. Building strong partnership within our own company and with our owners across the world.


Employees Training & Development

We are committed to dynamic growth and service excellence built upon our heritage of traditional hospitability. We strive to consistently meet and surpass guests, employees and other stakeholders expectations. We feel pride in making efforts to position Pakistan in the forefront of the international arena.


Employees Training & Development























Employees Training & Development

Corporate Culture:
Organization culture is a pattern of basic assumptions that has worked well enough to be considered valuable and therefore, to be taught to new members as the correct way to perceive, think and feel in relation to those problems. Holiday INN hotels maintain a very friendly culture, which is focused towards training, employee career development, innovation etc. follows: Some of the factors considered by the top management while designing the organizational culture is as

Listening and two way interaction Participation Encouragement Motivation Enterprise Initiative

Growth & Development for All: Competence and contribution as the only basis for job security. Promotion from within Learning environment and opportunities Provision for world class education and training Aligning people with latest trends.

Trust: Cooperation Support Teamwork Sense of ownership


Employees Training & Development Empowerment Integrity Dignity Respect Candidness

Recognition Reward:
Achievement orientation Performance based evaluation Appreciation Incentives Setting ever-rising standards of performance.


Employees Training & Development


This project is done on the training and development structure of Holiday Inn Hotels. The main objective of the project is to introduce a more upgraded and better training system for the organization. There are a few basic ways of training employees that are being used at Holiday Inn Rawalpindi: Internships (Duration is 4-8 weeks). Daily Training System for the Management. Academic Training which has duration of: Six months One year Two years

There is a Monthly Planner. That has the training statistics The corporate training department does external training. They usually have 7-8 trainers.



Employees Training & Development

Training Needs Analysis:

Initially there is counseling sessions provided to employees so that they are mentally prepared for the training. Then there are workshops and seminars; local domestic and international. When once an employee is trained there are no counseling sessions or any other way to motivate the employee for training .If we take a closer look at the training system of HI Hotel, we shall come to realize that their training methods are not as effective as they appear to be at the first glance. Training is necessary for the development of human resource available. It is meant to produce competent individuals who can make the system work and also contribute towards its natural growth, which is must for its survival and progress. Enhanced need of the resources has resulted into all over scarcity of resources. To remain competitive and to stay on the top it is necessary to make the best use of available resources and effective use of opportunities offered by the environments, an equally competent manpower to make best possible exploitation of these resources. The lower staff is trained more conveniently such as waiters and cooks. Training of the waiters is very important because they are directly related to the customers.



Employees Training & Development

Human Resource:
The management of various activities designed to enhance the effectiveness of an organization's work force in achieving organizational goals. Human resource management process is as follows

Human Resource Planning


Development And Evaluation



Human resource is the main asset of an organization through which it achieves its objective. Selection or right person for right job needs to follow the human resource process. Any flaw in this procedure may cause the worst loss to an organization creating it a challenge for the organization.

Training and Development:

Training and development is a planned effort to facilitate employee learning of job-relating behavior in order to improve employee performance. It denotes effort to increase employee skills on present jobs. Development refers to efforts oriented towards improvement relevant to future jobs. There is a proposal of introducing software of food and beverages control. As we know that the main business of IHG is selling food. The case of training or transferring Food and Beverage Cost Control personnel from one hotel to another will be facilitated with resulting savings in time and expense.



Employees Training & Development


Investment in people and human resource development is an ongoing process in the Inter continental hotel group. New management concepts and intensive training programs have been introduced at all levels of supervisory and managerial positions through establishment of an in-house Training School located at Holiday Inn Hotel, Lahore. The Training School looks forward to imparting systematic and scientific knowledge of the operations of both tourism and hospitality business. Holiday INN Hotels have become synonymous with a tradition of personal services, efficiency, and convenience and guest satisfaction.

Behaviorally anchored rating scale:

Scales that contain sets of specific behavior that represent gradation of performance used as common reference points or anchors for rating employee on various job dominations.

360 Degree Feedback:

An approach that provides an individual with rating of performance from a variety of relevant sources such as peers, subordinates, superiors and often an external customers or clients, who can then be compared with the individuals own selfassessment. Appraisal is the system, which tells the employee about his performance at the work place. It affects its future performance in the organization. Different methods of appraisal challenge an organization to adopt accurate measures to evaluate the performance and rank a person objectively.



Employees Training & Development


Customer Service:
Holiday INN Hotels- the largest chain of hotels in Pakistan maintains the standards of excellence for which its famed worldwide. At the hotels, the art and science of hospitality are applied in perfection to offer the most luxurious ambience and a wealth of services to the guests who are as precious as pearls. The management at IHG therefore, provides training on continuous basis to their employees to get the most efficient customer service.

Investment in people and human resource development is an ongoing process in the IHG. New management concepts and intensive training programs are incorporated at all levels of supervisory and managerial positions. IHG looks forward to imparting systematic and scientific knowledge of the operations of both tourism and hospitality business.

In order to maximize profit through sourcing new business, different marketing arrangements are being made which include joint ventures and exclusive marketing agreements. Apart from these business arrangements they are more focused towards training and development, as they believe that profitability can only be increased if the valuable asset of the company is more trained and skilled.

Growth Profile:
The outstanding growth cannot only be achieved with excellent service, improvement in dcor and facilities, variety of cuisine, expansion/addition of banquet halls, increase in airline catering business. Training plays a very crucial role in the growth profile of IHG. Training and HR Management realizes that growth is simply not possible without teaching new skills, knowledge to their employees. IHG 14

Employees Training & Development

Pakistan Services Limited has pledged to keep pace with the change through consistent efforts and is trying to continue to achieve better results through higher sales and improved profitability. They compete with others through their high standard services and traditional environment. Compatibility can be achieved, in such a customer aware environment, through training the employees new skills, which will give them a competitive edge on their competitors in the eyes of customers.

Traditional Hospitability:
IHG is synonymous with a tradition of personal services, efficiency, convenience and guest satisfaction. Therefore, it is a very important objective of training and career development to gain guest satisfaction. They believe COURTESY costs nothing but is worth EVERYTHING. IHG offer special training courses on efficiency, guest satisfaction etc.

Health Safety and Environment:

PSL is committed to constantly strive for higher standards in health, safety and environment to their employees, and guests. The hotel is very mindful of the Occupational Safety and Health issues therefore; they offer daily and regular training courses on health, safety and environment. It includes use of fire extinguisher, carefully washing utensils, hygienic food cooking etc Their environment friendly philosophy, has undertaken a number of steps, which include periodical meetings and safety training of associates to acclimatize the human resources and create safety awareness amongst them.

Environment of Professional Enhancement:

At Pakistan Services Limited, management strongly believes that without the training and development of top quality personnel, dynamic growth is not possible. One of their core value is "Growth and Development for All" with the elements of learning environment and opportunities, provision of world class education and training and aligning people with latest technological trends.



Employees Training & Development


IHG has mainly a single training system, which is being applied to the whole chain of hotels.



Select Trainees

Topic (availability of trainer)

Select trainers

Whoever is interested?

Availability Time/Duration Teaching competence Venue Skills/ Experience required



Employees Training & Development

Selection of Trainer:
In any training program selection and training of trainer is the most critical path for the organization. One tries to hire a person as trainer who is best available in terms of education, training, experience, technical knowledge, skills, initiative and teaching competence. Managers of an organization always intend to select a trainer who will be more efficient and effective to the organization as they re involved in a significant investment of time and cost. IHG is also very concerned about the selection of the trainer. They usually hire trainers internally, from within the organization. They prefer their own employees for this task for internal training. They do not have any specific criteria for the selection of trainer as it depends on various factors. Some of them are as follows: Type of training Managerial Level Objective of training Scope of responsibility Skills and knowledge required as per training Education Subject matter to be taught Teaching competence

Training Coordinator:
Training coordinator IHG is a person who oversees, directs and coordinates training for employees and supervisors in the hotel. He is responsible to report directly to the HR manager. He interacts with the individuals outside the hotels including training and HR staff from the competitors Hotels and other members of the local community. He is also involved in coordination and functions and activities with other department heads and department trainers.



Employees Training & Development

Duties and Responsibility:

The main duties and responsibilities of training coordinator are as fellows: 1. Assists HRDM to analyze training needs in the hotels and prioritizes such needs for HR manager to review. 2. Assists in developing Annual Hotel Training Plans and prepare monthly and yearly reports for HRD managers. 3. Maintains hotels training library 4. Assists to conduct employee orientation to the company and the hotel. 5. Assists to oversee on the job training of new employees. 6. Assists to oversee re-training of employees. 7. Assists to conduct guest courtesy and supervisory/ management training. 8. Assists in the development of hotels training budget, by providing necessary statistics/data. 9. Assists to establish and maintain employee, supervisory and management records of training. 10. Assists to arrange and coordinate with outside instructors for general and special courses. 11. Performs related duties and special projects as assigned by HR and HRD manager.


In IHG, managers are given two main types of training. It includes: a. Internal Training b. External Training.



Employees Training & Development

Training & HR Manager

Internal Training

Training coordinator

External Training

Selection of Trainee Selection of Trainer

Assess Market Need

Current Mgt skills

Required Mgt skills

Assess Organizationa l resources




Employees Training & Development

Normally, managers get internal training in the form of short courses, which may be of three days or a weeks duration. Whenever the Human Resource Department realizes a need of new skills to be taught to the managers, they ask Training Department to undertake a training program. In internal training, Training Department considers the following factors: 1. Need assessment. Market Need Organizational Resources 2. Design The Training Program 3. Development of Training Program 4. Implementation 5. Evaluation

Types of Internal Training:

Skill training Language training Special Training Program for Normal Area (STPNA) Internship

Monthly Manual:
Pearl Continental Hotels select and design their daily training programs in a form of monthly manual. It is distributed to all the departments a weak before the month starts. The main information included in this is regarded to: 1. Class to be held on i.e. day, date 2. Topic to be taught 3. Concern department 4. Participants 5. Venue where the class will be conducted 6. Name of the trainer



Employees Training & Development

External Training:
Organizations in spite of providing internal training are also involved in sending their employees to different training institutes as part of external training. The duration of external training program is 7-15 days. They give external training to their employees from different institutes like LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences) and PIMS (Pakistan Institute Of Management Sciences Lahore).

Selection of Trainees:
As selection of trainer for any training program is a sensitive task, selection of trainee for any training program also involves a through study. Selecting a trainee to fill a skill position in any organization is not a single act but is more accurately regarded as a process by which individuals who are the most capable can be selected from all available applicants. IHG understands the importance of care to be taken into consideration while investing time and cost in the training program. The Management of IHG while selecting trainees, consider the following factors: Need recognition Required capabilities Experience required Length of time involved Age Academics Availability Stake in the organization



Employees Training & Development

Evaluating and Choosing an Alternative while Training

This step involves carefully considering the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative before choosing one of them. Each alternative should be evaluated systematically according to the following criteria:

The feasibility criterion refers to the extent to which an alternative can be accomplished within related organizational constraints, such as time, budgets, technology and policies. Alternatives that do not meet the criterion of feasibility should be eliminated from further consideration in the training program.

The quality criterion refers to how effectively an alternative solves the problem under consideration. Alternatives that only partially solve the problem or represent a questionable solution are eliminated at this stage.

This criterion refers to the degree to which the training is cost effective and others who will be affected by implementation of the alternative are willing to support it. Acceptability has long been recognized as an important criterion against which to judge decision.

The ethics criterion refers to the extent to which an alternative is compatible with the social responsibilities of the organization and the ethical standards of its managers.

The above discussion shows, that training for the management functions pose a challenge for any management in the way that improper analysis at any stage in the training function can lead towards inefficient performance and gradually the organization may lag behind in flexibility and responding to changing environment.



Employees Training & Development Looking at the goals and objectives of the business one can assess the present training system and the improvement it requires.

Customer Service:
IHG maintains the standards of excellence for which its famed worldwide. At the hotels, the art and science of hospitality are applied in perfection to offer the most luxurious ambience and a wealth of services to the guests who are very precious

Investment in people and human resource development is an ongoing process in the IHG. New management concepts and intensive training programs are incorporated at all levels of supervisory and managerial positions. IHG looks forward to imparting systematic and scientific knowledge of the operations of both tourism and hospitality business. It means providing personal services according to the tradition of the place. IHG also committed to provide traditional hospitability to their guests, employees and stakeholders. They believe on efficiency, convenience and guest satisfaction. Creating a traditional environment needs full consideration of current trends and prevalent conditions, which is challenging task for the management.

Balance in Organization:
A study of the organizational shows there are eight departments. A balance in organization means to have appropriate relevant departments in the organization, to have correct number of employees in these departments and to have proper allocation of work. From departmental point of view, the organization seems to have balance in their structure, but work is not properly allocated. A lot of burden is put on Human resource department as nothing could happen without their approval.



Employees Training & Development

Promotion in organization depends on the performance of the individual. If the person is supportive to his manager, or top management and posses the qualities to have greater responsibilities, he is promoted. Training is very important to management at IHG. People are not only trained in their respective fields but are also guided about the working of other departments so that workers can coordinate with each other. A whole year schedule is followed for continuous training programs.



Employees Training & Development


We need to know that training and career development should go on side by side. Human resources are the most valuable assets to all the systems of an organization. It not only makes direct contribution towards the efficiency and productivity of the system but it also deeply affects the organizational behavior. Therefore value added human resources would act as a resource multiplier and will affect the efficiency of other resources. Training proposed by the group, is a self-administered, interactive program that is accessed through a computer connected to the Internet. The training uses scenario-based lessons, self-assessment questions, some resource references, and frequently asked questions. At the end, there will be a quiz on the material. Most employees will find the duration of quiz is about an hour or less. Once individuals become part of the organization, their ability to contribute effectively is usually enhanced by various development and evaluation efforts, such as training and periodic performance evaluations. In IHG, just like any organization, different levels of management require training. Entry Level Employee Fresh Graduates Middle Level Employees Executives in Management Managers of Departments Senior Management

It is then the Human resource department, which reminds the branch managers about the training program. Training program is planned a little before the current time of actual training. In this planning the following aspects are defined: Trainer Eligibility to attend those courses IHG 25

Employees Training & Development Number of Courses to be offered Departments to be Trained Training Budget Training Material

Then the next step of the system would be setting the target of the training. Or we can also say the main purpose of training. Who to train What to train How to train

Training is not only required for new entrants but experienced employees also need to be trained to keep them alongside each other of changing technologies and trends. For this purpose, there are different types of trainings in organization. But the proper implementation of Training Programmed is a challenge for an organization, because an organization cannot cater to individual needs and cannot change the perceptions of people about their believes. Proper assessment of the phases of training programmed is necessary, which is challenging and complex task.

Later on the training can be assessed by the performance of the employee. Lately IHG has adopted the 360-degree evaluation system. They think it is Impartial and fair. The same evaluation system can be applied to the proposed system.



Employees Training & Development


HR & Training Manager

Training Coordinator

Training need Type of Training

Departmenta l needs

Internal Training

Employee need

External Training

Training Plan Organizationa l needs HRD & Training Management Conduct Arrange


Inform trainers Evaluate & trainees



Employees Training & Development

What one needs to realize is that career development is also related to personal development and growth. When an employee gets promoted it is a part of his achievement. Career development is not a one-time process. It is a set of goals interlinked to an achievement. Every step goes along with training. By training we learn new skills and techniques. A person can become more productive, more efficient and satisfied by training. It helps to achieve more modern cultured and groomed employees for development of a better system. So the group would like to recommend the management of IHG that they should have a proper training program. That will help them improve the skills of the employees. This will eventually increase their revenue, as there main business is foods beverages and other direct services for customers. The other weakness that we found in IHG training system was the disability of statistical data. They should have the record of all employees such as:

Number of Courses

Course Duration

Number of Trainees

Total number of trained employees Total number of untrained employees The other recommendations are i. They should develop a separate department, which will only be involved in planning and conducting the training activities at IHG. ii. The training program should be focused towards the organizational goals.



Employees Training & Development iii. The training being conducted should be designed according to the organizational need and market requirements. iv. There should be practical implementation of the training and it should be include in the training program. v. IHG should also invite people externally to help in designing and developing training program. vi. To make training effective there should be assessment during and after the training so that one can see where they are. vii. There should be a feedback from those who undertook the training to make future improvements. viii. The training plan should be such that it is not Costly. Time consuming. And right training for the right person should be kept in mind. ix. Internships should not be the first position focus of training. x. The training should have some motivation as incentives it should give a little flexibility to trainees over others. Hence it is concluded that training is very essential for development which may be personal or it maybe professional..