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Secrets to

Less Stress
from a Collection of Experts

Compiled and Published by Tips Products International

Secrets to

Less Stress
from a Collection of Experts

Compiled and Published by Tips Products International

Stress is an experience that is manageable. It may not always seem that way, and it can sneak up on you from anywhere in your life. It can motivate or debilitate. It can manage you or you can manage it. Its completely up to you. This booklet offers practical and immediately useable insights and wisdom in bite-size pieces from twelve professional women business owners with various expertise from throughout the United States and Canada. These surere tools and techniques work for them, their clients, audiences, family, and friends. They can work for you wherever you are located in the world or on your life journey. And their wisdom is not reserved for women. The information provides an equal gender opportunity to positively inuence your life and the lives of people around you. Test an idea at a time. See how it works for you. Contact the authors in this booklet. They remain successful by contributing to your success. Plus they are really terric and interesting people, people youll want to know and enjoy. Interview these authors in your publication if you are a journalist. Multiple sources and bulleted content are all in one place right here for your article, radio interview, or web site. Ask for a price quote if you are shopping for what they provide. Invite them to speak to your organization. Purchase printed copies of this booklet as a customized promotional tool for marketing your own business, or talk with us about licensing the downloadable version for other promotional applications. The possibilities, like the wisdom of life, are endless.

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66 Secrets to Less Stress

Secrets to Less Stress from a Collection of Experts


Table of Contents
Creatively Removing Stress - Darla Arni 4 Creating a Stress-Free Business Paulette Ensign .....5 Better Choices, Less Stress Roslyn Franken ......6 Dont Worry, Be Healthy Dr. Wendy Guess 7 Creating Your Life Terri Levine 8 The Business of Forgiveness Charlette Manning ....9 Ease into Relaxation Kathryn Merrow ..10 Stress-Free Holidays Everyday Josephine Romano ..11 Pamper Away Your Stress Juliette Samuel . ..12 Optimize Your Ego to Minimize Your Stress Annemarie Wheeler ....................13 Turn Feelings of Stress into Calmness Joanie Winberg ...........14 Transforming Stress to Calm Faith Zimmerman ...15

Tips Products International

Darla Arni

Creatively Removing Stress

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Be of service to others, in simple ways, every day. Making a positive difference for someone else makes you feel useful and alive, and changes the world. Service opportunities are everywhere. Let go of hurt, resentment, and anger. They add stress to your life. Release yourself to relax and move on even without a solution or closure. Be mindful of your negative self-talk. The inner dialogue and daily messages you send yourself can be your worst enemy. Taking control of your mind gives you control of your life. Tune out and turn off the media. Too much of the news focuses on problems of the world. Adding those to your personal concerns can be overwhelmingly stressful. Stop being a Drama Queen or King. It looks good on t-shirts and pillows. It doesnt play well in real life. Every incident in your life is not an emergency unless you choose to make it so. Visualize yourself unplugging a cord from a plug-in. You are the cord. You dont have to keep up, react, or do anything except be when unplugged. Let go of the worlds pull. Empty your mind.

Its all about choices. You can leave life choices to others or you can make your own. Darla works with people that want to infuse their life with creativity, learn to manage stress, create balance, and share this creative energy through their life and work. For twenty years she has energized and inspired others to take charge of their lives through personal responsibility, learning real life strategies they can immediately use to create the life they want. Contact her for information about speaking, consulting, and coaching services.

Darla Arni Sharing Creative Energy 529 Rich Street Slater, Missouri 65349 660-529-2969 www.DarlaArni.com

66 Secrets to Less Stress

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Build a stress-free business by doing one small thing at a time. This assures you of getting it done and establishing a firm foundation for growth. Gather information from people inside and outside your business before jumping to conclusions about their decisions. The reasons for some choices may not be apparent at first, and could make a lot of sense once you see a different perspective. Tell people you care about them. They will be a lot more inclined to contribute to your peaceful and successful life. Maintain your necessary equipment and supplies at the level that supports your daily requirements. Poorly running equipment and inadequate supplies can be a great source of stress. Make your environment enjoyable to you so you want to be there. Small and large changes can both make a huge difference in minimizing your stress levels. Start or expand a product line by creating an information product like a booklet or special report. It gives you author status, serves as a good marketing tool and revenue stream, and is much less stressful than writing an entire book.

Paulette Ensign is the Founder and Chief Visionary of Tips Products International. Paulette company teaches people to transform their knowledge into booklets and other information products for marketing, motivating, and making money. Paulette has personally sold well over a million copies worldwide of her own tips booklet in various languages and formats, without spending a penny on advertising. She does this through products, speaking, and her Rent-a-Brain services. You can be the next client to surpass Paulettes results.

Paulette Ensign, Founder and Chief Visionary Tips Products International 13146 Kellam Court, Suite 133 San Diego, CA 92130 858-481-0890 paulette@tipsbooklets.com www.tipsbooklets.com main site www.booklettips.com - the blog
Tips Products International 5

Paulette Ensign

Creating a Stress-Free Business

Roslyn Franken

Better Choices, Less Stress

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Be kind to yourself. You have less stress, more energy, and a more positive attitude toward yourself and others when eating properly, exercising regularly, and getting proper rest. Give yourself permission to be less than perfect. Constantly expecting perfection leaves you feeling like a failure when achieving anything less, while creating selfinflicted stress. Nobody is perfect. Honor your true wants and needs. Continuously seeking to please others instead of getting your own wants and needs met says their wants and needs are more important than yours. You are equally important. Reach out for help and support. You create self-imposed stress by doing everything yourself when you need help and are afraid of burdening someone else. Give yourself the gift of reaching out. Allow others the joy of helping. Exercise your power of choice to change poor eating habits. Change behaviors when automatically eating unhealthy snack foods while watching television and stressing over weight issues. Make more time for fun, laughter, and passion. Its easy to get burdened with daily tasks and family responsibilities. Find a hobby or passion that brings joy, allows you to lose track of time, and alleviates stress.

Approaching forty, Roslyn Frankens personal struggles with food, weight, health, and lifestyle led to creating her life-changing principles. She is a proud cancer survivor, helping others improve their lives through healthy eating and positive living. Roslyn provides personalized telephone and email counseling, and professional speaking services using insights she developed and shares in her book, The A List: 9 Guiding Principles for Healthy Eating and Positive Living. Request a complimentary online Readiness Assessment, telephone consultation, and free online monthly newsletter.

Roslyn Franken Roslyn Franken Group 3500 Falloweld Rd. P.O. Box 29091 Nepean ON K2J 4A0 Canada 1-877-852-5852 info@roslynfranken.com www.roslynfranken.com
6 66 Secrets to Less Stress

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Be in charge of your stress. You may act instead of react when you realize stress is simply change. Change signals the fight or flight response to kick in, increasing heart rate, blood pressure, mental dysfunction, irritability, and/or depression. Squelch the flight/fight response by recognizing whats pushing your buttons. Ask yourself what your stressors are, what your usual reactions are, and if you have any other reaction options. Defeat your stress reactions with a physical option: 1)Take a deep, cleansing breath; 2) Engage the mind and body cross arms and legs; 4) Get moving or grooving; 5) Do some yard-work or gardening. Engage in a creative option. Re-align your soul and connect the entire mind/body. 1) Draw or view your favorite artwork; 2) Create a poem, song, or dance; 3) Work on a craft (woodwork, needlework, etc.; 4) Rearrange your furniture. Distract your stressors using social options. Release in a healthy manner: 1) Vent with a friend; 2) Give a friend hug; 3) Write a letter describing your frustration with someone or something (you dont have to send it); 4) Go where happy people are. Calm your stressors with spiritual options. Restore balance by: 1) Reading an inspiring story/verse; 2) Creating or reading a positive, productive affirmation; 3) Meditating (pondering or praying.)

Taking a proactive approach to wellness is a concern for many. These tips are from education, personal experience and working with clients/students for over 20 years. Dr Wendy is known as an effervescent, breath of fresh air, Jackie-of-all-trades of wellness, and social dance. Please contact for customized booklet purchase, speaking and training services to creatively optimize your programs.

Dr Wendy Guess, Creative Optimizer Stressology Center 10739 Doyle. Krum, TX 786249 817-808-8128 dancing@drwendyguess.com www.drwendyguess.com www.stressologycenter.com
Tips Products International 7

Dr Wendy

Dont Worry, Be Healthy

Terri Levine

Creating Your Life

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Get organized. Make a daily, weekly and/or monthly schedule, allowing you to manage your time around projects, meetings, other activities, and doing other things you enjoy. Have a sense of humor. A good laugh relieves your stress. You may need to step back and learn to not take yourself so seriously. Ask yourself why you are doing something. Write down your wants, needs, goals, hopes, and dreams. Notice if what you are doing helps fulfill any of these. The more you understand why you do what you do the less stress you will have. Stop doing it if you cannot determine a good reason to continue. Be prepared to switch directions. Stop struggling with ideas that arent working. The struggle is often from heading down the wrong path. Breathe. Back up. Start over. The second or third idea may flow naturally and easily, saving you stress and time in the long run. Follow your bliss. Know which subjects and type of people you enjoy. Structure your life around activities you love. Joseph Campbell, a wise philosopher, advises following your bliss. The more you do that goes with your own flow, the more passion youll have for what you do.

Terri Levine, The Guru of Coaching SM is a Master Certied Coach, founder of a leading coach training school ( www.CoachInstitute. com ) and best-selling author of many books including Work Yourself Happy and Stop Managing Start Coaching. Dr. Levine holds a PhD in organizational behavior, working with entrepreneurs to increase their incomes and align their missions. She has traveled the world delivering keynotes and workshops to organizations. She lives in North Wales, PA with her husband and father. Her hobby is racing Formula Dodge cars!

Terri Levine 877-401-6165 www.TerriLevine.com www.CoachInstitute.com

8 66 Secrets to Less Stress

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Give up the need to be right. Proving yourself right and someone else wrong is never in your best interest. Do you want to be right or happy? Allow others to think and believe what they choose. Your opinion is simply your opinion, neither right nor wrong. Detach from toxicity. Negativity is literally toxic. You produce acid in the body each time you focus on bad things. Other peoples tale of woe can also negatively impact your body. Remove toxic people from your life. Forgive someone everyday. Forgiveness and love are the greatest powers in the Universe. Forgiveness is the way to master your physical domain, to master all of your lifes challenges. Hold onto your joy. You have a choice to accept what anyone says or does to you. The truth is what you decide it is. You are only rotten if you accept that you are rotten. Rise above any negative thoughts or feelings directed towards you. Go to bed without anger. Find a way to make peace with whatever and whomever you have to before going to bed at night. What you focus on expands. Anger produces more anger.

Charlette Manning is an Ordained Minister of International Religious studies and certied as a Life Energies Coach through Maria Nemeths Academy for Coaching Excellence. She coaches, counsels, and does speeches and sermons with people from various religious and spiritual backgrounds on the power of forgiveness. Charlette has learned and taught that life is more fullling without the limitations of recycled fear, and that it can be as easy as simply changing your mind. For more information on The Business of Forgiveness, read her book, The Four Ingredients to Spiritual Peace.

Charlette Manning www.charlettemanning.com charlettemanning@aol.com 586-940-0058

Tips Products International 9

Charlette Manning

The Business of Forgiveness

Kathryn Merrow

Ease into Relaxation

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Let your shoulders relax when you drive. Your shoulders can unconsciously hike up to your ears, causing muscle tension and stress. Allow your shoulders to drop to a comfortable position. It may be necessary to lower your shoulders many times because they tend to creep back up from habit. Gently, firmly press your shoulders into the floor or bed while lying on your back. Your shoulders are in front of you most of the day. This causes muscle stress. Pressing your shoulders into the floor strengthens your back muscles so they complain less. Less pain equals less stress. Imagine that you are a stick of butter, soft, warm and pale. You are melting. As you melt, all of your stress melts and evaporates into nothing. Let all parts of your body move slightly with your breath, including your head and shoulders, chest and belly, arms and back. Your upper body relaxes when your whole body breathes. Deep breathing is a great de-stressor. Clean a drawer. Get lost in music you love. Have a great massage. Scrub a floor. Skip the news. Read the funnies. Learn to juggle with filmy, colorful scarves. Walk backward. Throw rocks into a pond. Focus on a flame...or a toddler. Stretch.

If only people understood why they hurt Once-upon-a-time neuromuscular massage therapist, Kathryn Merrow now shares her experience, knowledge and insights in self-help books and booklets, audio, video and live. She offers customized quantity booklet purchases. Contact her for speaking and self-help products information.

Kathryn Merrow, Relieving Pain and Stress Mind Touch Communications, LLC Kathryn@SimplePainRelief.com 734-365-4866 PO Box 605, Flat Rock Michigan 48134 www.SimplePainRelief.com www.SimpleCarpalTunnelPainRelief.com


66 Secrets to Less Stress

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H.A.L.T. Set intentions each morning. Keep yourself from being too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired. Address these daily before making further decisions. Receive. Let go of giving. Giving comes naturally. Receiving kindness, gifts, compliments, wisdom, and help are acts of intimacy. Stretch yourself to receive. Be vulnerable. You are at your personal core when being vulnerable. Your authentic self is good enough. Here you find clarity, strength, peace, and your next steps. Respect the truth. There are three truths to every conversation: yours, mine, and the factual evidence based, I can prove it truth. Broaden conversations to honor all opinions as truths to consider. This limits judging from the head and prompts listening from the heart. Shift from critic to coach. Take l00% responsibility for your thoughts and actions without criticizing yourself, making excuses, or blaming yourself or others. Whats done is done. Notice your inner critic and immediately shift to your inner coach, asking what am I thankful for? and how can I make it more right the next time?

Jo Romano holds national certications as Professional Coach, Substance Abuse Prevention Consultant, and Dialogue Education Teacher. She coaches parents, managers, small business owners, and lawyers on life, career, and business practice. She provides individual, team, and community coaching, consultation, organizational development and facilitation to Prevention Coalitions nationwide. Jo has authored publications and audios on parenting, substance abuse prevention and addiction. She welcomes your contact 802 229-5256, jo@greenmountainlifecoach.com

Josephine Romano Josephine Romano Associates, a Worldwide Coaching, Consultation & Training Firm 21 Guernsey Avenue Montpelier, VT USA 05602 802-229-5256 jo@greenmountainlifecoach.com www.lifecoachforlawyers.com www.greenmountainlifecoach.com www.globalearning.com
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Josephine Romano

Stress-Free Holidays Everyday

Juliette Samuel

Pamper Away Your Stress

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Pamper yourself. Take care of your body with a spa treatment. It can do wonders for your mental state. Whether you are preparing for your own in-home spa or going out for a professional treatment, pamper yourself. Exercise regularly. Exercise releases stress and keeps your body healthy. Stand up straight. Good posture reduces long-term stress effects on your body. Give yourself a gift. Adjust your spending for some luxuries that are special to you like tea at a five-star hotel or a weekend getaway. Laugh!!! Laughing, sometimes to the point of tears, is a wonderful experience and even better if you are laughing out loud. Letting go of all formalities allows a wonderful light feeling to surround your being. No stress to be found. Renew your spirit. Keep yourself at the top of your list of people to give time and care. Your family and friends will learn much from your actions.

Juliette is Founder and CEO of NYRAJU Skincare, operated with her husband Robert, daughter Nyesha, and son Rahim. The company has a full line of skincare products for women of color, teaching about good skincare and special concerns of melanated and maturing skin. They help clients achieve and maintain youthful radiant-looking skin. Oprah says, Black dont crack - a true statement when keeping the skin cleansed, moisturized, exfoliated, and treated with good sunscreen. Juliette holds memberships in the Society of Cosmetic Chemist and The Indie Beauty Network. She is an aroma therapist and esthetician. Formerly an instructor at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and a Professional Image Consultant, she is now known for The Art and Science of Beautiful Skin.

Juliette Samuel NYRAJU Skincare 3653-F Flakesmill Rd, PMB 211, Decatur, GA 30034 1-877-455-1768 juliette@nyrajuskincare.com http://www.nyrajuskincare.com
12 66 Secrets to Less Stress

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Consider secret sources of stress that hide inside you as ego blind spots. Success from stress requires optimized ego. Lets reveal your ego secrets. Its fun and easy! Draw a vertical line down the middle of a piece of paper. Label one side Secrets About Myself I Want to Change and label the other side Secrets About Myself I Love. Relax, read, and then do. Close your eyes and do these actions for at least 7 cycles. Breathe in honest acceptance of all that you are at this moment. Breathe out masking of self. See your inner I! Write three thoughts for each side on your paper. You will want to write quickly, freely letting your vision flow onto your paper. Absorb these messages to you about your ego! Draw a circle on the backside of your paper. Inside write: My Ego. Ego, in ancient Latin, is the pronoun I. It is the eye in you. Write one secret from love. Write one secret from change, worded as if you have already mastered it. Embellish My Ego with color and display it. This beginning of honoring yourself and knowing you can become is a critical secret to inner stress relief. You are a miracle.

Programmed into your inner core is the quest for peace, happiness, and fulllment. Without egos inner vision, your life and your personal ego power will get stuck in countless ways. Success requires optimized ego. We are here to help, even if you or your loved one is trekking the globe. Contact me today for your free Ego Life Coaching session.

Annemarie Wheeler, LSCC The Global Ego Coach Annemarie@egoimpact.com EgoImpact.com 1525 E. Noble Ave., #160 Visalia, CA 93292 800-832-2971

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Annemarie Wheeler

Optimize Your Ego to Minimize Your Stress

Joanie Winberg

Turn Feelings of Stress into Calmness

How do you enjoy a greater sense of peace and create new feelings of happiness in your life?

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Be aware! Recognize the stressful situation by noticing where it is showing up in your body. It may be tension in your shoulders, neck, or stomach. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. This is your red flag. Accept the situation. It is what it is. Yes, life can be very challenging at times. You cant change what has happened. It is already history. Ask yourself if you really want to continue feeling this way. You have a choice. Remember that what you think about, you bring about! Feeling stressed probably wont make the situation better. Think about how you can help yourself feel less stressful, how you can shift your thoughts from negative to positive. Some examples are:
- Focus on what is working right in the situation - Laugh more often. Laughter will not only help you feel better, it will diffuse a stressful situation - Do an act of kindness. Notice how you feel when you do something nice for someone.

Joanie Winberg became a successful entrepreneur and business owner at the age of twenty ve. She turned that experience into a professional career as a speaker/trainer, business/personal coach, published author, radio personality, and a Certied Laughter Leader. Joanies passion is working with organizations, business owners, and individuals seeking to achieve increased business success as well as personal satisfaction. Her experience represents a diverse clientele from industries such as manufacturing, retail, health care, non-prot sector, high tech, and education.

Joanie Winberg, The Happy Wednesday Lady Happy Wednesday Foundation Box 1190 Lakeville, MA 508-947-2750 jw@joanwinberg.com www.HappyWednesday.com
14 66 Secrets to Less Stress

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Tell yourself that life is about the journey. It is an uphill battle when you push against the natural flow of life. Stop, take a deep breath, relax your shoulders and jaw (the 2 places where most stress is held), and just allow. The stress will then dissolve. Ask yourself, Would this matter if I were to die in five minutes? That may seem harsh, but it helps put things in perspective. Stress can be managed by controlling your thoughts. Focus on solutions, not problems. Focusing on the problems digs yourself deeper into overwhelm and frustration. Focusing on creating solutions allows the problem to rectify itself. Know your limit. Take some time beforehand to determine your breaking point. Develop a plan to reverse that path. Then, when you feel stress coming, you can bring yourself back to center before your world crashes around you. Give yourself some extra padding. You have a better foundation to live from when you are well rested and cared for. You will naturally handle stress with more ease. Make it a habit to take time to nurture and care for yourself.

Faith Zimmerman is known as the Transformation Coach. Her passion is in helping people move from just enduring life to being exhilarated by life! She uses a holistic approach and assists her clients in balancing their mind, body, & soul, bringing wholeness into everything they do. Her clients learn to release their personal power, create true freedom where they once felt stuck, and ow with life in a joyful way. They become able to set and reach goals that are a true expression of their authenticity and life purpose.

Faith Zimmerman, CCC, PCT Radiant Life Strategies PO Box 59 Hatboro, PA 19040 215-443-5076 faith@lifecoachfaith.com www.lifecoachfaith.com

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Faith Zimmerman

Transforming Stress to Calm

(It can even be customized for you.)

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66 Secrets to Less Stress