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(a) (b) (c) Figure 1 (a) Basic Design of Piezothermalelectricwind-Generator (b) Basic Concept How the Nanoleaf Works (c) Design of Twig and Leaf of Piezothermalelectricwind-Generator

The issue of insufficient energy will drive people inventing new idea of green renewable energy. The scientist of gas and petroleum predict that fossil energy will be disappear in 30 year forward. The development of material science inventing a new material that can be used to convert the energy of light and heat of sun, and force of the wind into electricity. Here, will be designed a product that is compatible in using the basic concept work and can be applied in the daily life. INTRODUCTION: The objectives are: To design a product which can be used to convert mechanic force from the wind and heat of the sunlight into electricity. To design a mechanism in converting mechanical and thermal energy from the environment. To design a product that can be compatible applied in daily life. SCOPE: All material of the product included the working mechanism of this product. DEFINITIONS: PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS: Effective temperature 30 C o-40 pC Highly sun exposure place Highly wind exposure place (3 - 13 m/s) Less high tower building. The required design life is 50000 hours of operation The required reliability is 90% over the 50000 hours of operation.

The weight of the complete mechanism must be <2gr The maximum overall leaf size is 6x3x0.003cm The maximum height of the tree is 7 meters. Converts energy of light and heat of sun and wind into electricity 2500 7000 kWh per year. MANUFACTURE REQUIREMENTS: The mechanism of production will take 3 step of productions (nanoleaves, piezo-trwig, and the main trunk) Installation must take 4 hours. The material used in nanoleaf is ZrO2 (Zirconia) The material used in piezo-twig is Polyvinildene Flouride (PVDF) Any materials used in substituting will affect the efficiency. ACCEPTANCE STANDARDS: The mechanism must not conflict with existing patent. Must be noticed about the esthetic value. DISPOSAL: OPERATION REQUIREMENTS: Must keep out direct contact with animal. The device must be maintenance both of tree and leaves at least once for 6 weeks Any repair or maintenance of tree must be following safety procedure Must not make disturbance for surrounding environment