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Photography Edward Stapel Printing Instructions Please follow these instructions when making prints. The printers we use are sophisticated professional printers. The instructions for how to use them may seem complex at first, but will make sense with experience. Illustrations are attached to help explain the steps. 1. File Print Before you print your images make sure that you have sized them appropriately in Photoshop (Image Image Size). We will be using 8.5 x 11 paper (US Letter). This paper has a printable area that is roughly 8 x 10. Please make sure your image is sized inside these dimensions at a resolution of 240ppi 360ppi. After your image is properly sized go to File Print (Illustration 1). 2. Photoshop Print Settings In the Photoshop Print Settings window confirm the following (Illustration 2): Confirm the correct printer is selected Vertical or Horizontal layout Color Handling: Photoshop Manages Color Printer Profile: SPR2880 Premium Luster Make sure Send 16-bit Data is checked (if you are printing an 8-bit file, this option may not be available this is OK) Confirm other setting to match illustration Check Center Image be sure to leave Scale at 100% 3. Click Print Settings Click the Print Settings. button (Illustration 3) Confirm that the correct printer is selected (again) For Presets use Current Settings (and confirm that the setting match these instructions) Confirm Paper Size (8.50 by 11 inches, or US Letter) 4. Change / Confirm Print Settings Check / Confirm the following (Illustration 3): Select Media Type: Ultra Premium Photo Paper Luster Check 16 bit/Channel (if available) Print Quality: Level 4 (Photo 1440) Mode: Custom Off (No Color Adjustment)(You selected your color profile is Step 2) Check High Speed Do not check Flip Horizontal Check Finest Detail Then click OK 5. Print! (finally) (Illustration 2) Review your settings and click Print