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October 2013


1801 East Second Street Defiance, OH 43512 Rev. Timothy Reynolds, Pastor 419-782-8781 Fax: 419-782-6719
Church Office Email: zion111@embarqmail.com Visit our website at:


I recently went to Toledo for a meeting of Peace Partners a non-profit board on which I am the president. Peace Partners exists to empower the people of the neighborhood surrounding Salem Lutheran Church to meet their individual and community needs. It is a faith-based group. On the appointed day, I went for the meeting and presented a proposal for a volunteer project that will serve people who need respite care for family members. The board unanimously accepted the project proposal, but I still have lots of questions. Will the project fail or get off the ground? Where will this take the community? What opportunities will be opened; which ones will be closed? Such is the plight of the bearer of a new idea. She cannot imagine all of the twists and turns in life its humanly impossible. I know I am not the first person to experience such questions. Even in the early days of the newborn church, the followers of the resurrected Jesus were still quarreling over how best to honor Jesus memory and to follow him in their everyday lives. One story from the Acts of the Apostles comes to mind as I think about all of my questions. In Acts, chapter 5, the apostles are arrested by the Temple authorities and put in a public prison. While in prison, an angel of God appears and frees them. As you could imagine, when the authorities found the apostles, they threatened to imprison them again. This time, however, Gamaliel, a Pharisee spoke up and would not allow the apostles to be harmed. In Acts 5.38-39, Gamaliel warns, Hands off these men! Let them alone. If this program or this work is merely hu-

man, it will fall apart, but if it is of God, there is nothing you can do about it and you better not be found fighting against God! (from the Message)

When I read those words the first time, many years ago, they startled me. How afraid I was of God and of Gods work. Today, I have a different understanding of those same words: God is always at work in our lives and its good news, not bad news. Sometimes we act on Gods desire, sometimes we act on our own. What really matters in life is that we seek to build on Gods desire. You and I know that we come to understand Gods desire through our community, the Church. We become closer to one another in our community through prayer and action on Gods work in our personal lives. Sometimes we get it right; sometimes we mess up, but right or wrong, God will give the increase, not human intention. I think that our understanding of this is at the heart of Lutheran theology of baptism. We are children of God, washed in the waters of baptism and our hearts are renewed to perceive the desire of God. Every time we encounter water, we pause to remember that my own desires have tried to guide me, and I need to hear Gods still, small voice again. So, in the time between birth and death, how do you and I act on our baptism? Do we help to edify the body as St Paul says? I can still have the questions, but they dont overshadow the vision of Gods dream. Peace, Pr Tim
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Breakfast Club
The high school youth will continue with the Sunday morning Breakfast Club that meets in the kitchen at 9:00 am. Their first session back will be Sunday, October 6th.

Youth Center Grand Opening

Sunday, October 6th will also be the grand opening of the Youth Center wing in the basement. Following morning worship service, all members are invited to check out the youth wing and stop by for a piece of cake.

GOD SQUAD Cook-Out and Bonfire OCTOBER 5th, at 5:00 p.m.

Children's Sunday School will take a new twist this fall. We are going to try out a new "God Squad" program for children at the Saturday evening services. The children will start out in the service and then be dismissed to a special, fun and exciting program just for them. We would like to have live music, a puppet show, Bible teaching, a snack and craft time during God Squad. God Squad is open to all children 3 years old5th grade. Older youth are invited to join us as helpers. The program will start on Saturday, October 5th at the 5:00 pm service with a special night planned. Following the service a cook-out and bonfire is planned, with hotdogs, chips, drinks, & smores provided. A letter will be sent to all parents regarding God Squad soon. We are looking for some musicians for God Squad...particularly anyone that can play the guitar, drums or keyboard to help with this fun, music oriented program. Please see Kelly Worline or Vicki Stephens if you would be interested in sharing your musical gifts in this way for our youth!

Acolyte and Crucifer Meeting and Training Class Wednesday, October 2nd at 6:30 p.m.
This meeting and training/refresher class is for all youth from 2nd grade through 12th grade and their parents. Please meet at the top of the steps. Pizza and drinks will be provided after the class. Please email Deb Shockey to RSVP your attendance. Her email address is djshome@defnet.com.
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Operation Christmas Child

Collection Date: November 16 Boxes are available in the church narthex. More information is available by contacting John Diehl.

Bringing Help and Hope to the Hurting Sunday, October 6 at 2:00 p.m. at Zions Lutheran Church
Whether you are an expert quilter or have never tried quilting before, we have an opportunity available to make a difference in the life of someone who is in need or suffering. Please bring your sewing machines, notions, supplies, and fabric to our quilting. For more information, please see Shawn Farnyiarz.

FALL DANCE AND COOKOUT Saturday, October 12th at 6:00 p.m.

Everyone is invited for an evening of music, dancing, food, fun, and fellowship! Neal Deniston and his group Optional Endings will be playing a variety of music for listeners to enjoy. There will be square dancing, reels, line dancing etc. for all ages. There will also be a cookout with lots of good food to enjoy. Bring a lawn chair and a jacket. Weather permitting, we will have everything in the gazebo and parking lot or if not, then in Luther Hall. Questions: please call the church office at 419-782-8781.

Adult Sunday School

Begins on October 6 at 9:00 a.m. in the Hofer Room Pastor Tim will be teaching.


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Dear Friends in Christ, Thank you for your emergency support gifts of $275. We are very blessed to have friends like you who support our mission to our less fortunate neighbors who need the love of Christ in their lives. Please continue to pray for us and know that you are in our prayers of Thanksgiving. In Christ, Marge Reas and the Redeemer Family

NW Ohio Fall Conference

Wednesday, October 16 at New Creation Lutheran Church in Ottawa 5:30-8:30 pm Sign Up Sheet in the Narthex


Coffee Break
Begins October 6
All are invited to come and connect with fellow Zions members each Sunday before Worship services. Well talk about the week and maybe share how your faith helped you get through it. On Sundays at 9:00 a.m. we will meet in the Church Library. This is a casual eventcome and go with your cup of Joe! Coffee will be provided or bring your favorite morning beverage.

Our Innkeeper guests are continually thankful for the food and supplies given by our members and others throughout the community. In order to continue to serve their needs, we ask that you consider giving the following items: first and foremost CANNED FRUIT & DRY CEREAL, but also important are chicken noodle soup, toothpaste, shaving gel, pudding, paper towels, toilet paper, detergent, boxed skillet meals, box potatoes, spaghetti and dry pasta noodles, bottled water, canned meat tuna, sausage, chicken, Ramen noodles beef, chicken & shrimp, spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce, bottled fruit juices, microwave popcorn, salad dressing and cooking oil. On behalf of Diana Groll and myself, we thank you for your ongoing generosity. Dick Anderson
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September Church Council Highlights September 19, 2013

Adopted a new Continuing Resolution Covenant of Communication. Approved the Reformation Sunday Confirmation / Affirmation of Baptism for Skyler Grosenbacher. Voted to host a Drug Awareness session, with speakers from the city police and county sheriffs offices.

Approved the purchase of new furniture for the church office seating area and the narthex. The Outreach Committee is in need of some new members. Approved a request from Help Me Grow to use the facilities on March 3, 2014. The congregation will be asked to participate in Operation Christmas Child again this year. The Little Free Library will be installed near the garden, and listed on the National Registry.

Maumee Valley Conference of Women Fall Retreat

Saturday, October 19, 2013
Held at Bethlehem Lutheran Church 02499 Adams Ridge Rd, Defiance, OH 43512

Sufficient Grace
Theme Verse: 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. Registration and Continental Breakfast at 8:30 AM Program starts at 9:00 AM until noon Lunch will be served at noon

Speaker: Kelly Gerken, Sufficient Grace Ministries

LOVE OFFERING Monetary donations only. Make checks payable to Sufficient Grace Ministries.
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Registration Fee: $6.00 due by October 11, 2013

John and Frances Diehl Daryl and Loralee Jones Patricia Morrison Laura and Jared Raines IN CHRISTIAN SYMPATHY
We pray for Gods comfort for the following families who recently lost a loved one:
Bob Thomas on the loss of his son, Phil on September 4, 2013.

Area Members in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living

Lois Finkenbiner The Laurels of Defiance Rm 308 1701 S. Jefferson Ave. Defiance, OH 43512 Isabella Beindorf The Laurels of Defiance 1701 S. Jefferson Ave. Defiance, OH 43512 Loann Peters Kingsbury House 245 W. Rosewood Ave. Apt. 136 Defiance, OH 43512 Norma Mansfield Kingsbury House 245 W. Rosewood Ave. Defiance, OH 43512 Helen Rosebrock Glenn Park 2429 William A. Diehl Ct. Apt. 155 Defiance, OH 43512 Mary Zirkle Glenn Park 2429 William A. Diehl Ct. Apt. 112 Defiance, OH 43512 Joyce Lichty Vancrest of Holgate 600 Joe E. Brown Holgate, OH 43527

Please send a card or stop by to visit.

Additions to the Zions Prayer List:

Phone Prayers: Barb Vogel at 419-393-2544 Eprayers: zionseprayer@yahoogroups.com Call the Church office at 419-782-8781.
If you are calling for someone other than yourself, please be sure that you have permission.

Please remember to call the church office when:

1. You will be or have already moved. 2. You have an addition to your family. 3. You have an address update and/or correction, or birthday correction. 4. New email address and/or phone number. THANK YOU!
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Saturday 5:00 pm Sunday 9:45 am

You may watch Zions Lutheran Worship services on Wednesdays @ 6:00 p.m. on DCTV 5 Defiance, OH.

Lutherans of Long Standing OCTOBER 1, 2013 2:00 p.m. in the Hofer Room

Sisters in Christ

Young at Heart
meets on WEDNESDAY, October 9, 2013 at 11:30 am, at Leftys Pizza Mens Fellowship meets every Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. in the Library

The next meeting will be October 20th after the Worship Service. Cards will be placed in the Narthex to be signed during Fellowship Hour on Oct. 27th.

Worship and Music Committee

Meets on October 10th at 7:00 p.m.

Scrapbook Club
Meets Saturday, October 5th, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Hofer Room. Bring your own drink and a snack to share.

Equal Exchange Coffee

On sale throughout the year!!!!


Breakfast Blend $ 8.00 Decaf Breakfast Blend $ 9.00 English Breakfast Tea $ 3.00

The Book Group meets on Monday, Oct. 14th at 7:00 pm in the Shepfer Room.

BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENT Every Thursday at 9:00 a.m. (unless otherwise noted) November NEWSLETTER DEADLINE October 18, 2013


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October 2013 LESSONS

OCTOBER 5 & 6 PENTECOST 20 Saturday: Exodus 16:1-18 John 6:51 Sunday: Habakkuk 1:1-4; 2:1-4 Psalm 37:1-9 2 Timothy 1:1-14 Luke 17:5-10 OCTOBER 12 & 13 PENTECOST 21 Saturday: 1 Samuel 3:1-21 John 20:21-23 Sunday: 2 Kings 5:1-3, 7-15 Psalm 111 2 Timothy 2:8-15 Luke 17:11-19 OCTOBER 19 & 20 PENTECOST 22 Saturday: 1 Samuel 16:1-13 Psalm 51:10-14 John 7:24 Sunday: Genesis 32:22-31 Psalm 121 2 Timothy 3:14-4:5 Luke 18:1-8 OCTOBER 26 & 27 REFORMATION Saturday: 1 Kings 5:1-5; 8:1-13 John 2:19-21 Sunday: Jeremiah 31:31-34 Psalm 46 Romans 3:19-28
John 8:31-36


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October 2013
1 9:00 a Mens Fellowship 9:00 a Weight Watchers 2:00 p LLS 5:30p Lighten Up

2 7:00 a Women @ Cabin Fever 5:30 p Community Dinner 6:00 p Hand Bells 6:30pConfirmation 6:30 p Acolyte and Crucifer Meeting 7:00 Chancel Choir

3 9:00 a Bulletin Announcements due 9:00 a Adult Study 5:00 p TOPS 6:30 p Adult Study


7:30 a Weight Watchers 8:00a Scrapbooking 5:00 p God Squad 5:00 p Worship 6:00 p Cook Out and Bonfire

9:00 a Adult Sunday School 9:00 a Youth Breakfast Club 9:45 a Worship 11:00 a Youth Center Open House
Shut In Communion 2:00 p Quilts of Compassion

7 Pastors Day Off

9:00 a Mens Fellowship 9:00 a Weight Watchers 5:30 p Lighten Up

7:00 a Women @ Cabin Fever 11:30 a Young at Heart at Leftys 4:00 p Food Pantry Sign Up 5:30 p Community Dinner 6:00 p Hand Bells 7:00 Chancel Choir

9:00 a Bulletin Announcements due 9:00 a Adult Study 5:00 p TOPS 6:30 p Adult Study 7:00 p Worship & Music Meeting


7:30 a Weight Watchers 5:00 p God Squad 5:00 p Worship 6:00 p Fall Dance and Cook Out

9:00 a Adult Sunday School 9:00 a Youth Breakfast Club 9:45 a Worship

14 Pastors Day Off


7:00 a Women @ Cabin Fever 5:30 p Community Dinner 6:00 p Food Pantry Pick Up 6:00 p Hand Bells 7:00 p Choir

9:00 a Bulletin Announcements due 5:00 p TOPS 7:00 p COUNCIL MEETING

18 3:00 p.m.

7:30 a Weight Watchers 5:00 p God Squad 5:00 p Worship

9:00 a Mens Fellowship CHURCH OFFICE 9:00 a Weight CLOSED for Watchers COLUMBUS DAY 5:30 p Lighten Up 7:00 p Book Group

9:00 a Adult Sunday School 9:00 a Youth Breakfast Club 9:45 a Worship 11:00 a Sisters in Christ 11:00 a Endowment

21 Pastors Day Off

9:00 a Mens Fellowship 9:00 a Weight Watchers 5:30 p Lighten Up

7:00 a Women @ Cabin Fever 5:30 p Community Dinner 6:00 p Hand Bells 7:00 p Choir

9:00 a Bulletin Announcements due 5:00 p TOPS


7:30 a Weight Watchers 5:00 p God Squad 5:00 p Worship

9:00 a Adult Sunday School 9:00 a Youth Breakfast Club 9:45 a Worship 11:00 a Cards

28 Pastors Day Off

9:00 a Mens Fellowship 9:00 a Weight Watchers 5:30 p Lighten Up

7:00 a Women @ Cabin Fever 5:30 p Community Dinner 6:00 p Hand Bells 7:00 p Choir

31 9:00 a Bulletin Announcements due 5:00 p TOPS


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Faith Active in Love

October 6 AVAILABLE 13 Hazel Smith 20 AVAILABLE 27 Robert Retcher

HOSTS for Saturday 5:00 pm
October 5 Sonia Bussing & Donna Ripke 12 Bob & Nancy Swingle 19 Donna Ripke & Bob Thomas 26 Gene & Barb Vogel

October 6 AVAILABLE 13 AVAILABLE 20 Steve and Karen Graf 27 Ott and Fern Beindorf

LECTOR & DEACON for Saturday 5:00 pm


October 6 Cindy Wendell 13 Marsha Leaders 20 Barb Jones 27 Linda Hardy

October 5 * Cindy Wendell 12 AVAILABLE 19 * Dawn McKibben 26 AVAILABLE

OFFERING COLLECTORS for Sunday 9:45 am

1st Sunday 2nd Sunday 3rd Sunday 4th Sunday 1st Sunday 2nd Sunday 3rd Sunday 4th Sunday Randy Groll & Mary Boals Jim Eis & Bill Brownson Mary Boals & Cindy Wendell Marsha Leaders & Chuck Bailey Randy & Diana Groll Gene & Barb Vogel Randy Groll Mike & Deb Shockey

LECTOR & DEACON for Sunday 9:45 am


October 6 * Tom Boals, Craig McKibben, Audrey Eis 13 Mary Boals 20 * Tom Boals, Linda Hardy, Patty VanDemark 27 Lenore Doctor

USHERS for Sunday 9:45 am

FELLOWSHIP HOUR for Sunday 9:45 am

October 6 Karen Bowling and Lenore Doctor 13 Marsha and Neal Deniston 20 Audrey and Jim Eis 27 Judy and Duane Engel

Marv Widmer, Jim Eis, John Jacob, Chuck Bailey

Doug Eis, Dale Worline, Shaun Holley, Vicki Stephens, Stormy Gutman.

ACOLYTES & CRUCIFERS for Sunday 9:45 am Fellowship Hour substitutes: Roxanne Maxson and Laurie Schey. Acolytes Crucifers
October 6 Zack Stephens 13 Luke Reynolds 20 Skyler Grosenbacher 27 Alexis Eis Elizabeth McNeely Jared Raines Eric Engel Oakely Demar

Get your copy in the church narthex!


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Driven by Gods spirit we will grow in faith and make Christs love known

DEACONS Dick Anderson Tom Boals Audrey Eis Doug Eis Linda Hardy Craig McKibben Dawn McKibben Patty VanDemark Cindy Wendell
Find us and Like us we need more followers to spread the word! Are you friends with a former member? invite them too we love staying in contact! Have a question about an upcoming event? you may find your answer. And, you can add your comments, too! (If you have trouble searching type in Zions Lutheran Defiance and that should find it for you). If you would like to post an event you may email it to zionlutheranfbpage@gmail.com.

Prayer List
Church Council has enacted a policy regarding the names placed on the church prayer list in the bulletin. If you would like prayers on the list for longer than 3 weeks, please make another request. Requests can be sent to the church office via phone 419782-8781 or by email at: zion111@embarqmail. com

Tom Boals, President Deb Shockey, Vice Pres. Gwen Anderson, Treasurer Laurie Schey, Secretary Mary Boals Kim Chehi Lenore Doctor Randy Groll Stormy Gutman Roxanne Maxson Elizabeth McNeely Carl Snyder Mark Stephens Dale Worline


Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.


Office Secretary - zion111@embarqmail.com Pastor - prtim@embarqmail.com Treasurer - ziontreasurer@embarqmail.com Website - www.zionslutheranchurch.com

the third Thursday of each month (except July) at 7:00 p.m.

BULLETINS Suggested donation for bulletins is $20.00.


Zions Lutheran Church 1801 E. Second St. Defiance, OH 43512


All members should be aware of their deacon and hopefully have met him or her to discuss any concerns or questions you may have had. Your deacons have a sincere interest in serving your needs and encourage you to bring your needs to the attention of Pastor, the deacon group or council whichever is appropriate. In turn, we trust you have an equally sincere interest in getting to know your deacon as a present and future friend and confidant. Deacons are not exempt from having a deacon of their own. At times we need someone willing to listen and we turn to our deacon. We also want to emphasize the importance of speaking with Pastor whenever the need arises. He wants to know your concerns to help provide a solution or answers to your questions. He remains the best resource within our congregation to share wisdom and knowledge. In our bi-monthly meetings, the nine deacons discuss a variety of topics concerning the spiritual welfare of the congregation. Most importantly we are available for you when your needs might require someone to talk with other than Pastor Tim. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the members of Zions Lutheran Church and we encourage you to reach out to your deacon whenever the need arises. Please call the church office for any assistance.


Zions Youth will be collecting clean, rinsed pop cans for recycling throughout the year. Each Sunday there will be a bin in the entryway for your cans to be placed in. If you need to have your cans picked up, please contact Deb Shockey.