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Judgment is Coming Upon Persecutors

Deut.7:15; Psalms Chapter 2; 7:10-16; 37:12-15;

2 Thes.1:6-10; Rev.18:20; 19:11-18

The heathen are filthy and unwashed from their evil vile ways. Some dare to touch
My anointed, saying: These Christians are merely sheep for the slaughter, and there
is no God in heaven Who sees or cares what we do. Jesus preaches only love and
tolerance, so no day of judgment will ever come upon us.”

Contemptuously they spit in the face of divine love and forbearance and mock My
messengers. Yea, they imprison the righteous on false, trumped-up charges and
hold kangaroo courts to try the righteous for his righteousness. Persecutors jeer at
My messengers. They dare to molest my beloved ones, and shatter the souls of the
righteous. They beat and torture, starve, bereave, maim, shoot at and mutilate
those who are sent forth in My Name.

Some mockingly say: “There’s nothing you can do about it. God is on OUR side, not
yours. Even your own Bible says you can’t fight back. Your God says you’ve gotta
always turn the other cheek, so He must be on OUR side, not yours! God expects
you to always forgive us no matter what we do, so we win and you lose, ha ha!”

Such stupid vermin rouse my wrath. Think you that I am blind to what is going on in
such strongholds of spiritual slavery as North Korea, Pakistan, India, certain parts of
Latin America and the Islamic countries? Think you that the blood of My precious
people is of little worth to Me and shall go unavenged? Ten thousand times, NO!

I am even now readying My arrows of divine Judgment against the persecutors.

Against them I have ordained many horrible plagues, strokes of swift, severe
retribution, which shall descend upon their rebellious nations in rapidfire succession,
slaying the hardened in heart.

Like a proud rooster, persecutors brag that they hold the power of life and death over
the righteous. They boast that even if Christians will be blessed in the world to
come, that the wicked still hold sway in the here and now, where it really counts.
Even a head of cabbage is more obedient to the Lord than these stiffnecked brutes,
for even the herbs of the field grow or cease to grow at My command. I give each
creature upon the face of the earth every breath of life it takes. Yet these proud,
pompous bullies swagger around and actually boast that they are invincible and shall
end their years in pleasures while My poor children are crushed. But I’ll have you all
know, NOBODY hurts My precious little children and gets away with it!
The time is swiftly approaching when I shall fulfill my promise to My loved ones that
“none of the diseases of Egypt shall be visited upon any of them”, but instead I will
lay them upon all those who hate them, their vile persecutors. For nearly two
thousand long years I have refrained My righteous wrath from heathen oppressors
strictly as an act of unmerited grace, in hopes that they would respond to My mercy
with repentance toward me and faith in My Son the Lord Jesus. But I am under no
obligation to continue to make the rain of My mercy fall equally upon the righteous
and the unrighteous. Very shortly I shall remove My hand of protection from all evil
beasts and oppressors and they shall fall under the power of all the punishments of
nature which I have for so long restrained from striking them.

The arrows of the king are powerful in the hearts of His enemies. He breaketh the
instruments of death in the hand of the wicked. The Lord pierceth through the gross
darkness. He lays bare the very thoughts and intents of the evil man who boasts of
proud things. The Lord breaks the arm of strong armaments and evil devices of
destruction upon which tyranny depends. The LORD sets free the captives. He
proclaims liberty unto the captives and opens wide the prison doors, admitting the
pure soul-cleansing, liberating Light of His Word.

Even as the Lord destroyed the chariots of the Egyptians with an overwhelming flood
in the Red Sea, so shall the Lord destroy the military vehicles of the wicked with fire.
The heat of His terrible vengeance shall even melt their guns as He executes His
fierce, unmitigated wrath upon all His enemies.

Upon the head of all the haters of the Lord shall fall all sorts of natural catastrophes,
pestilence, famine, starvation, and disease epidemics. The repentant who turn to My
Son for cleansing and forgiveness shall be shielded from what is to come in the dark
days ahead. But in the Day of the Lord’s terrible vengeance, the Lord will make a
difference between His people and the people of the devil, in that He will no longer
feed the wicked along with the righteous.

The Lord is furious with orchestrators of war worldwide. The Lord abhors all workers
of iniquity who have trampled underfoot His people. The sword of the angel of the
Lord shall chase all those world leaders who have turned a blind eye to atrocities
perpetrated against the people of God. The Great Tribulation is about to fall upon
unrepentant mankind. Many of you reading this will still be alive when it happens.
Those of you who truly love Me and submit to My Lordship will be taken home to be
with Me in heaven. But backsliders who rebel against Me and despise My Word shall
be left behind to be purified in the coming judgments.

All evidoers shall be punished in the fierce judgments of Revelation, but the most
severe outpouring of My terrible wrath will be suffered by those vicious beasts who
have hurt and mocked My people. I shall trample them as grapes are trampled in
the harvest. I shall stain all My raiment with the blood of the wicked. Far from the
wicked enjoying most favored status with Me, I shall surely cast them out as dung on
that dread day of My final reckoning with sin and iniquity. Those who have bereaved
and broken the righteous shall themselves suffer untold loss for time and eternity.

Like an angry bear charging out of the forest I will tear apart evil persecutors who
have slandered or hurt My dear children and violated My maidens, leaving them
broken-hearted, ruined and desolate. Those who boasted of how it cost them nothing
to hurt the weak and the meek shall finally face Someone they can’t defeat so easily,
for the world’s definition of victory is to still be left standing unhurt after you have
killed your opponent, and to physically fall is to be defeated in their eyes. But just
imagine the terror of those wicked persecutors as they see with their own corrupt
eyes the Return of the Lord Jesus with the saints they have so cruelly martyred, who
by then will have been raised whole and well, in bodies incorruptible and shining with
My eternal glory! Those too weak or petrified to run away will fall to the ground
screaming for mercy, in a day when mercy will no longer be available to those who
denied it to others weaker than themselves.

On the day of My fierce wrath, when every last vestige of divine forbearance is finally
spent, I will bind the wicked souls sold out to satan in bundles and My angels shall
hurl them into great leaping flames of everlasting judgment.

Those who brazenly destroy the Temple of the Holy Spirit, I shall destroy. The bodies
of My people are the Temple of the Holy Ghost. Millions have been cruelly martyred
around the world in the last few decades alone. And it isn’t always just a case that
those vile murderers “knew not what they did”. It had far more to do with the fact
that mankind, apart from Christ, hates the very heart of God and will do anything to
strike pain in his heart by harming the things He loves. I have said in My Word that
it is a deadly sin to destroy the Temple of the Holy Ghost. This applies not just to
abuse of the believer’s body through committing personal sin, it also applies to
atrocities committed against believers by sadistic sinners who harbor a spirit of
malice toward Me and those who are Mine.

Consider Nero, Caligula, Vespasian and Domitian, emperors of the most ruthless
empire the world has ever seen: Rome. Now they are languishing in a devil’s hell for
what they did to God-fearing Jews and Christians while they lived on earth. Consider
how unregenerate, depraved mankind never learns his lesson and never ceases to
think he can dethrone the Lord Almighty. Consider the cruel regimes of Hitler and
others who have unjustly murdered the righteous. Are these people feasting now
with Me in Paradise? NO! They are forever doomed and damned in hell, being
taunted and tormented by those same wicked spirits that drove them in life. All their
evil works shall not stand before My Final Judgment, and with them, are destined to
suffer the vengeance of eternal fire.

I broke the so-called Iron Fist of Rome. Other evil empires which persecuted My
loved ones, including that of Pharaoh, were likewise humbled by My hand. I buried
the chariots of the Egyptians in the Red Sea. In the light of eternity, the so-called
greatness of vile dictators shall be as less than a particle of dust. Even as I toppled
cruel regimes of the past, so shall I humble mighty nations of today who boast of
their stockpiles of deadly WMD and rebel against My Law of Love to further their
quest for world domination and to steal the treasures of the earth to waste on their
own perverted lusts.

Ye who laugh in wickedness now shall weep and lament later. Ye shall howl for the
miseries that shall fall upon you from a brass sky of Tribulation judgment. Think you
that “Turn the other cheek” is an eternal law and My righteous ones will forever be
under the heel of the wicked, obliged to bear patiently with all sorts of abuse? The
saints who inhabit My glorious Millennial Kingdom shall never have to bear cheerfully
or patiently with the atrocities of the wicked! Instead, saints of the future will
securely dwell in peace upon the earth, unmolested by fear of any evil thing. I have
promised to set My loved ones on high from all fear of the enemy. Yet even during
this evil dispensation of savage, unbridled wickedness I shall show forth My glory
through all those upon whom My anointing rests.
Take courage, My dear people. I have not forgotten any of you. You are engraved
forever upon the palms of My hands. You shall be vindicated not only in heaven but
here on earth, and My Holy Name shall be magnified even in the eyes of those Who
hate Me.