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MM6015 BusinessLeadership

GE`s Jeff Immelt: The Voyage from MBA to CEO Leadership Lessons
GROUP 1 Executive 46 Haidir Afesina Ace Johara Yudho Jatmiko Meilina

GE`s CEO in 2001 MBA in 1982 worlds best CEOs

the brightest during initial traineeship period

GE as a $165 billion growth company under his leadership 25 days a year on succession planning and cultivating future GE leaders a customer oriented Listen to his customer regularly (at least five days a month)

GE`s Growth process


Five Necessary leadership trait: Create an external focus that defined success in market terms Be clear thinkers who can simplify strategy into specific action, make decision, communicate priority Have imaginations and encourage to take risks on people and idea Energize team through inclusiveness and connection with people, building both loyalty and commitment Develop expertise in a function or domain, using depth as a source of confident to drive change

Greatest Challenge
Promoted as a CEO 4 days after terrorist attack (WTC, New York)
impacted immediately to the GE`s Business (decrease financial report)

Continue Jack Welch legacy

Decreasing Company Stock Price in around $30 in 2001 and still continue decreasing reach $28.78 a year after 9/11/2001(Exhibit 3)

Grow the organization while retaining high standards through leader development and building a strong organizational culture

Why GE could sustain till now?

Excellence Talent Heavily


invest in management Development

Stimulate innovation Broad diversification into new business such as nuclear power, computer, and plastic


: Develop people, evaluate them, and Act on the result

+ Why Coffin & Welch Become Legend?


Leadership style

Act like a leader, not a manager Building the market leading company

Driving business no 1 or 2 in their industires or face being sold or closed Radical restructuring

Forging the boundaryless organization Harnessing your people for competing advantage Drive quality throughout the organization

+ Why Coffin & Welch Become Legend?


Leadership Style

Build a foundation of GE Culture CEO Factory Executive development policies and practice Build principle organization design for large company Create organization based on function

Lesson Learn Immelt

Remake GE business, process, and leadership Leveraging human capital growth Investment on new business, focused R&D Pillar jobs, coaching, developing and supporting younger leaders

People oriented

Managing diversity Managing the energy and life of the people to drives the growth Putting the right people on the right position Good listener

Action oriented

In GE he strongly wanted to get results Going extra mile in order to meet budget objectives

Leadership culture

Competitive strategy (visionary) Idea is power (encouraging other people) Business acumen (know what business will be in future, forecast)