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NAME: _______________________________ 1. What kind of paragraph is this? Justify your answer. (5 points)

DATE: _______________________

Noise pollution is as dangerous as any kind of pollution. The endless pressure of noise probably triggers countless nervous breakdown, vicious arguments, and bouts of depression. And imagine the world problem we could solve, if only the noise stopped long enough to make us think. Answer:

2. Write a paragraph about the definition of analogy using the formal method. (5 points) Answer:

3. Fill out the blanks with the appropriate transitional words to complete the paragraph. (5 points) and while in addition although furthermo re ____________ the car looked great on the outside, it was an oily, rusty mess in the inside. The battery cables were corroded ____________ the spark plugs had fused the engines. ___________ the transmission gears grated ___________ the car refused to quit running when the engine was turned off. ____________ each tire was bald and treadles. The car was certainly not the great deal the salesperson said it was.

4. Is the paragraph that follows a classification or partition paragraph? Justify your answer. (5 points) Different students attend various types of schools; however, these schools are public, private religious, private non religious, or alternative. Public schools are funded by the state. Private religious schools are based around a particular faith, such as Catholicism, Judaism, and so forth. The religion is part of the every day lives of the students and they also learn about the faiths. All types of private schools do not receive state funding. Therefore, private non religious schools are simply just that: schools which do not receive state funding and have the ability to make their own rules. Alternative schools can be made up of a variety of different categories, such as the Montessori program or technical schools. Most students who attend class in an actual school building go to one of these types of institutions. Answer:

5. Identify the parts of this argumentative paragraph. (5 points) Literature is important in teaching language. According to the Journal of Language and Linguistic Studies (1995), there are four main reasons which lead a language teacher to use literature in the classroom. These are valuable authentic material, cultural enrichment, language enrichment and personal involvement. In addition to these four main reasons, universality, non-triviality, personal relevance, variety, interest, economy and suggestive power and ambiguity are some other factors requiring the use of literature as a powerful resource in the classroom context. Many language and literature teachers have agreed this claim during further researches and studies that were conducted. Answer: a. Claim:

b. Support/s:

c. Warrant:

6. What are the guidelines in writing a paragraph by example? (5 points) Answer:

7. List down transitional words on the following paragraph and identify whether they are used for comparison or contrast. (10 points) Formal and informal languages are both used of many English language speakers. Formal language is commonly used in writing while informal language is common in speaking. Unlike informal language, the formal one used more complex vocabulary like using interrogate and inform. However, informal language uses short words like ask and tell. Informal is also more relaxed about grammar rules than formal English, using simpler grammatical structures and loosely-connected sentences and phrases. These two types of language serve mans purpose in the like manner. Answer:

8. Write a paragraph by cause and effect about any topic considering the guidelines on writing this kind of paragraph. (10 points)