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American tyranny is running riot all over the world especially

in Muslim nations and societies. The US military escalation in

Afghanistan today totally betrays Obama's promise of a 'better
future' for the Islamic world. Are death dealing missiles and
bombs falling out of the sky the very vision of this so-called
'better future' ? Is this what Obama envisage for the Muslim
world ? Is it the genuine idea of a 'better future' ?

Americans are recalcitrant liars and American society worships

its own homegrown brand of hypocrisy and double standards in a
very most shameless manner. This is the inescapable tyranny for
the rest of the world to bear for accepting the US as master.

Americans boastfully proclaim that their system is perfect and

the best. But their society was built on the sufferings of the
weaker segments of their society. The native Indians, the long
suffering slaves, the immigrant labour groups who often found
themselves abused and discriminated are conveniently forgotten.
This is the tyranny of the deeply entrenched and consolidated
big lie of American history. The sufferings of others are very
conveniently dismissed and forgotten.

George Bush junior was among the most tyrannical of all modern
day national leaders. He invaded, slaughtered and caused ruin
to defenceless countries just merely to satisfy his ego and in
the process put on notice that America could pretty much do as
it pleased. It was either 'you are with us or you are not with
us'. This is the way of the tyrant. And Bush was the biggest
and baddest of them all. The evil of the Bush dynastic tyranny.

Americans are proud of their brain power, their computer skills

and their ability to manipulate a thousand and one things. The
reckless speculation and high octane wheeling-dealing on their
trading floors forced world commodity and financial markets to
go into a tailspin in late 2008 and caused the entire world to
plunge headlong into a deep economic freeze. Rogue businessmen
in many American cities conned the innocent, the helpless and
the clueless into parting with their life savings and helped to
build the tyranny of high flying capitalistic swindlers.

Though there's a new man in the White House nothing has changed.
The tyranny of American militarism, capitalism, imperialism and
unbounding political insobriety is still as suffocating as ever.
America still has the habit of occupying land and territory that
does not belong to them. Yes, it's Guantanamo Bay. Eleswhere, a
criminal who wears an American uniform is safe from prosecution
even though he's been known to have committed a crime. Nothing
really has changed. The tyranny is still as overbearing as ever.

America is the most dangerous threat to world peace and security

today. Nothing has changed. The US becomes easily agitated if a
mere insignificant fly so much dared to buzz a US base, yet the
same US would not think twice of sending their very best, latest
and very hi-tech aircraft or ship to buzz other people's areas.
It is the tyranny of the unfair and the unjust.

America is the land of the gluttonous and the wasteful. The man
who calls himself its citizen is the one saying: one for me, one
for me, one for you and one for me. He requires three pieces of
bread for one piece needed by you. He is unmoved if you point it
out to him that he is having more than his fair share. Instead
he gets so agitated and starts lecturing you about this and that.
It is nothing less than the tyranny of the most gluttonous state
in the world exercising its unrestrained desire to take or even
seize an unfair share of what it was entitled to.

The US is about the only country in the world to have used every
type of weapon of mass killing or maiming. From the time of WW2
to Indochina to Iraq and Afghanistan, American forces have either
legally or illegally used high incendiary, napalm, phosphorous or
delayed-action bombs to attack its adversaries. These weapons are
known to kill and injure civilians far more often than soldiers.
Thus the US is rightfully the most callous and murderous state in
the world. Together with the UK, the US perfected the art of the
so-called carpet bombing or area bombing which was designed to
not only wipe out and make a place unihabitable but also to break
the morale and spirit of the civilian population to prepare them
for their inevitable conquest & subjugation. This is the tyranny
of the unbridled warmonger who has been allowed to have no equal.

The US is the only nation in the world to possess military bases

in all corners of the globe with the added bonus of a military
alliance strongly entrenched in Europe. This allows it to impose
its will on all others, especially weak nations, who do not have
the ability to say 'no'. This is the tyranny of the sharp & evil
sword wielded by a big evil military octopus whose blades are as
almost as innumerable as its tentacles.

The US is a country that has seen it most fit to practise double

standards in order to preserve its hold over the world. It wants
all others to do its bidding. All the time. The US declared many
nations as terrorist but right now it is the one spreading terror
across the globe. Civilians who get killed are victims of terror
and the nation that has done the most of such civilian killing is
none other than the US. This is simply the tyranny of the terror
state that is unable to view itself in the mirror.

The US has virtually taken the whole UNSC hostage and made a big
mockery of the body. Its ability to make fair judgements and do
justice to international problems and disputes has been greatly
compromised. This is the result of big power tyranny by the West
specifically the US.

Despite the change in leadership, the US is still merrily going

about its work as the world's biggest tyrant. Its tyranny is in
fact running over all of us and growing by the day. Still there
is always a limit to every thing, the life of the tyrant and its
tyranny included. One day, a new power will rise and smash this
tyrant to pieces and put away its tyranny for good.

The words will then come true: The great nation is gone. In just
one hour she lost everything. These words are still as relevant
as ever, even to us who live today. The present tyranny of the
US will not be allowed to exercise its hold on us for always. In
the far-off future it will inevitably get destroyed.
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