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PINKS Pre-Festival 2013 Concept Paper

Introduction Penang International Kids Storytelling Pre-festival (PINKS Pre-Festival) 2013 is a storytelling competition that provides opportunities for school children to show their talent hence promoting their interest in storytelling. In conjunction with the Penang International Kids Storytelling Festival (PINKS), which is an annual event, Minden Height National Primary School and School of Educational Studies, USM, will host a storytelling competition that would enable the winners to participate and share their stories during PINKS Festival which will be held in November this year. This is the second consecutive year PINKS Pre-Festival is being held. As there were overwhelming responses, this competition is open to the Malaysian schools, networking schools as well as Asian schools. This competition is strongly supported by the organizing committee of PINKS Festival 2013.

Details of Competition Date: Venue: 28th September 2013 University Science Malaysia

Objectives This competition is conducted at the preliminary stage for the PINKS festival. The winners from all categories will be presenting their stories during the PINKS festival. This arena provides great opportunities for the participants to develop self-esteem, confidence, hence showing their talents. Besides, it helps to promote a better understanding among school children of different backgrounds through sharing of stories.

Categories: There are five (5) language categories which are:1st Category: 2nd Category: 3rd Category: 4th Category: 5th Category: Malay Language English Chinese Language Arabic Tamil


Enriching Lives with Beautiful Stories Contestants are required to present stories on any aspect of enriching lives based on their background.

Accommodation Accommodation and meals will be provided to all participants. Contestants will be staying at the USM Hostel under the guardian of USM personnel and students. Contestants who choose to stay at the hotel will be at their own expenses. Teacher-incharge who needs assistance in accommodation shall contact the organizer.

Registration 1. 2. 4. 5. Participating school is requested to fill up registration form and e-mail to pinks.prefest@gmail.com Only one participant is allowed for each category. Ensure all particulars are accurate. Closing date will be on 21 September 2013 (Saturday).

Tentative Programme 27 September 2013 ( Friday ) (Arrival of Participants) 3.00 pm 3.30 pm Registration of Participants at School of Education, USM Introducing Foster Sisters and Brothers (USM Students) Icebreaking Briefing for teachers Registration at USM Hostel for students Campus Tour Welcoming Dinner

4.00 pm 8.00 pm

28 September 2013 ( Saturday ) 8.30 am 9.00 am 10.30 am Registration of contestants Commencement of the competition Interval - cultural show Closing ceremony Result of Competition and Presentation of Prizes Luncheon

12.00 noon 12.30 pm -

Rules and Regulations 1. The competition is opened to primary school children aged between 7 to 12 years old. Contestants are to observe the following rules: 2.1 2.2 Stories presented can be authentic, adapted or originally written. Stories presented must not touch on sensitive issues such as race, religion, stereotyping, politics, etc. Stories must be thematically educational.




Contestants are only allowed to use the stand microphone provided to ensure minimal movement. Props, backdrops and sound effects are not allowed. Any use of these will lead to disqualification by the judges. Time allocated to present the story is 5 to 8 minutes. The bell will be rung once at the 7th minute and twice at the 8th minute. Costume bares 10 marks.





Infringement 3.1 A maximum of 10 marks will be deducted if a contestant: 3.1.1 touches on sensitive issues such as race, religion, politics, etc. 2 marks 3.1.2 presents a story below the stipulated time 2 marks for every minute 3.1.3 presents a story above the stipulated time 2 marks for every minute 3.1.4 uses props, backdrops and electronically-aided sound effects 2 marks 3.1.5 overdramatizing 2 marks


A contestant will be disqualified if: 3.2.1 he / she reads or refers to notes / reading materials. 3.2.2 he / she is prompted by another person.

Adjudication 4.1 4.2 A panel of 3 or 5 judges will be appointed. Points will be allocated according to the scoresheet.

4.3 4.4 4.5

The contestant with the majority of votes will be declared the winner. The decision of the judges is final. Individual marks will not be disclosed.


Winners 5.1 There are three categories of winners. Contestant who scores 85% and above will be awarded Gold medal, 75% to 84% will be awarded silver and bronze medal will be awarded to contestant who scores 74% and below. Certificates of achievement will be awarded to all contestants.


** For further inquiries please contact: 1. En.Ahmad Rosydi b. Ahmad Basir: sbtskmh@yahoo.com / hp: 012-5578776 2. Pn.Kiftiah bt Mohamat Saman: cikgukif@yahoo.com.my / hp: 012-5356997



Marks will be awarded based on the following band: Criteria Costume Storyline Maximum 10 20 30 40 Very Poor 1-2 1-5 1-9 1-9 Poor 3-4 6-9 10 - 14 10 - 14 Fair 5-6 10 - 14 15 - 19 15 - 24 Good 7-8 15 - 17 20 - 24 25 - 34 Excellent 9 -10 18 - 20 25 - 30 35 - 40

Presentation Proficiency


Adjudication: 2.1 Language Proficiency (40 marks) Marks will be awarded based on the following: i. ii. iii. iv. v. correct, clear and accurate pronunciation clear enunciation and intonation correct use of grammar appropriate and effective choice of words (diction) fluency


Presentation / Delivery (30 marks) Marks will be awarded based on the following: i. ii. voice modulation voice projection & clarity


Theme / Storyline (20 marks) Marks will be awarded based on the following: i. ii. iii. iv. interest and appeal significance and impact of meaning coherence integrated values


Costume (10 marks) Marks will be awarded based on the following: i. suitability ii. creativity

Penaung: Pengerusi: Naib Pengerusi I: Naib Pengerusi II: Setiausaha I: Setiausaha II: Bendahari I: Bendahari II: AJK: Dekan PPIP & Pengarah Pelajara Pulau Pinang Dr. Aswati Bt Hamzah En Ilias Bin Tajudin En Fadzil Sadikin En Roslan Pn Marini Insyirah En Cheah Hock Hoe En Ahmad Rosyidi Dr Nik Pn Norhayati Maidin Persatuan Pendidikan & PESILA En Marzukhi Ramli

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