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Important Notes common for all types of Entities All copies of documents (as per the appended list

t A and list B mentioned below), should be self-attested by the Customer / Delegate / Authorised Signatory along with the entity stamp. A copy of PAN Card / PAN Allotment Letter / a declaration in Form 60 in the name of the entity is mandatory to be submitted. Photographs and documents required for Individuals (as per the list B) under the relevant section, should be submitted for all the Delegates / Authorised Signatories / or any other individuals who have a power of attorney to operate the account / relationship. The document for Individuals, evidencing Proof of Identity should reflect the name and birth or age of the Individual along with the photograph. The Proof of Identity of Individual(s) will not be treated as a document for Proof of Residential Address of the Individual. The only exception to this would be a valid Passport. Only the Passport will serve as Proof of Identity of Non-resident / Foreign National. Approval from Ministry of Home Affairs (only for FCRA accounts). In case the two KYC documents provided as per the list mentioned under the relevant section, do not provide the information on the nature of business activity of the entity. Please provide acknowledged copy of the application made to the authority basis which the license or registration certificate was issued, in the name of the entity or certificate issued by a Chartered Accountant on his / her letterhead confirming the nature of business activity. The KYC documents provided for the account opening should be the latest / valid documents to ensure that they do not expire as on the date of the account opening. In case of utility bills submitted, please ensure that the document is recent, i.e. issued within 3 months. Kindly note that any two KYC documents submitted should not be issued by the same issuing authority. The Bank reserves the right to ask for any additional document/s, in addition to the list of documents mentioned in this document. List of KYC documents for Sole Proprietorship / Partnership firm / Limited Liability Partnership / Private / Public Limited Companies / Trusts / Societies / Associations / Clubs / HUF List A: 1. Any two of the following Registration / Address Proof documents are required for the Sole Proprietorship Entity. 2. Any one of the following Registration / Address Proof document is required in the name of the Entity (Other than Sole Proprietor). The Registration / Address Proof document should bear the name and business address of the applicable Entity type. Service tax registration certificate Excise registration certificate
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Value Added Tax (VAT) registration certificate / Taxpayer Identification Number certificate Turnover Tax registration certificate Professional Tax registration certificate Commercial Tax registration certificate Certificate / License issued by the Municipal Authorities under the Shops and Establishment Act or Municipal Trade / Tax bill Recent Water / Electricity / Landline Telephone bill / Gas (piped connection) bill Small Scale Industries registration certificate / Entrepreneurs Memorandum (Part II) Importer Exporter Code number certificate Certificate of Practice issued by bodies such as The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, The Institute of Cost and Work Accountants of India, The Institute of Company Secretaries of India, Indian Medical Council License issued by the Food and Drug Control authorities / Drug Control Department / Medical Council of India Completed Tax Returns (such as VAT / Service / Income etc.) with the name of the respective Entity type on the supporting documents submitted to Tax Authorities Registration under Software Technology Park scheme Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number certificate Registration-cum-Membership Certificate in the name of the entity which is issued by Competent Authority set-up by Ministry (Government of India) or any statute (in force in India) Certificate issued by State / Central Pollution Control Board Certificate issued by Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority Registration certificate issued by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) or Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA) Additional Mandatory Document(s) required for each type of entity specified below: For Partnership Firm (If the Partnership Firm is registered) A Copy of Partnership Deeds, since inception, along with Registration certificate For Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) LLP Agreement Certificate of Incorporation For Private / Public Limited Company Certificate of Incorporation Memorandum & Articles of Association Board resolution to open & operate the bank account, and for activities as specified in the application form, with the Bank Latest list of Directors Company search of the file at Company Registry Certificate of Commencement of business (for Public Limited Companies incorporated in India)

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For Trusts / Society / Association / Club (as applicable) Copy of Registration certificate (issued by Charity Commissioner / Sub Registrar of Assurance / Registrar of Trusts / Provident Fund Commissioner / Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Education Board(s), local Municipal Corporation, State / City Development Corporation etc.,), if registered (applicable to all) Trust Deed (For Trust) Returns to the Charity Commissioner filed by the Trust List of all office bearers with their complete name and addresses (For Society) Bye laws / Memorandum of Association / Constitution (For Society) Proof of approval of Trust by the IT under section 12AA IT certificate for Welfare Trust under section 12AA For Entities registered outside India Please submit RBI approval for opening Branch / Project (if applicable) / Liaison office in India along with all the other applicable documents as listed above. For *Beneficial Owners A declaration letter on the Entity letter head duly signed by the Chairman / 2 Directors / Company Secretary as the case may be, providing names of Individuals / Entity(ies) who fall in any of the following categories: Definition of *Beneficial Owners 1. In relation to a corporation (if fulfills any of the following criteria) (i) Means an individual who Owns or controls, directly or indirectly, including through a Trust or Bearer Shares holding, not less than 10% of the issued Share capital of the corporation; or Is directly or indirectly, entitled to exercise or control the exercise of not less than 10% of the voting rights at general meetings of the corporation; or Exercises ultimate control over the management of corporation; or (ii) If the corporation is acting on behalf of another person, means the other persons 2. In relation to a partnership (if fulfills any of the following criteria) (i) Means an individual who Is entitled to or controls, directly or indirectly, not less than 10% share of the capital or profits of the partnership; or Is directly or indirectly, entitled to exercise or control the exercise of not less than 10% of the voting rights in the partnership; or Exercises ultimate control over the management of corporation; or (ii) If the partnership is acting on behalf of another person, means the other persons 3. In relation to a Trust: (if fulfills any of the following criteria) An individual who is entitled to a vested interest in not less
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than 10% of the capital of the trust property, whether the interest is in possession or in the remainder or reversion and whether it is defeasible or not; or The settler of the Trust; or A protector or enforcer of the Trust; or An individual who has ultimate control over the Trust 4. In relation to a person other than (1) to (3) (if fulfills any of the following criteria) Means an individual who ultimately owns or controls the persons or If the person is acting on behalf of another person, mean the other person List B: Documents required for Individuals connected with the applicable entity type. Please provide the following documents and photographs of each individual e.g; Sole Proprietor (For Sole Proprietorship) Karta, all the adult Members of HUF (including females) (For HUF) All the Partners (For Partnership Firm and Limited Liability Partnership Firm) Any 2 directors (For Pvt. / Public Limited Entity) Trustees, Settlors / Grantors / Protector (including any person settling assets into the Trust) (For Trust account) Beneficiaries / Office Bearers (Trusts / Society / Association / Club) Authorised Signatory(ies) / *Beneficial Owners / Delegates / Power of Attorney holder / or any individuals who have been authorised (through the board resolution or the relevant authorisation, e.g. Power of Attorney) to open the account / relationship. (Applicable for all the entity type) 1. Latest Photograph (Please sign across photograph) 2. Proof of Identity (PI) (any one document) Valid Passport Election / Voter's ID Card Permanent Driving License Photo Ration Card Government employee ID Card Defense ID Card Photo PAN Card 3. Proof of Residential / Permanent Address (PA) (any one document) Note: For every different address, additional proof of address needs to be submitted Valid Passport Election / Voter's ID Card
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Permanent Driving License Gas Bill (pipeline connection only) Latest Society outgoing bill (only from registered societies) (maximum 3 months old) Latest Electricity / Water / Telephone Bill (maximum 3 months old) Property Tax bill (maximum 3 months old) Domicile Certificate with address issued by Municipal Corporation Kindly note, the Bank reserves the right to ask for any additional document/s in addition to the list of documents mentioned above. For further clarifications, please contact the nearest HSBC Branch.

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