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Girls Volleyball: Top 5 Places to Serve After a Team Timeout Serving is the volleyball games equalizer because from

start to finish you and only you control every aspect and especially the outcome of the serve. It doesnt matter how tall, how wide or how short you are, if you develop a tough serve that makes points consistently, I guarantee you will regularly see court time. When coaching girls volleyball I concentrate alot on the serving fundamental as a volleyball skill for one because of this reasonyou are the only person who controls the effectiveness of YOUR serve and its the one fundamental you can do without the intervention of anyone else to score a direct point with .that is very powerful and trust me even many elite players dont take advantage of this unique opportunity.

1).Girls the first place to serve after a volleyball team calls timeout is In the Court.

This may sound funny or obvious but serving a tough ball in the court after a team has called a timeout is not easy. If a volleyball team has scored several points in a row and the opposing coach calls a timeout elite athletes always try to follow the Golden Rule Keep your serve in after a timeout has been called. Why? Because the opposing coach has called the timeout for several reasons one of which is to specifically distract YOU the server in hopes of getting you to MISS your serve which can instantly change the momentum of the volleyball game. You keep your teams point scoring momentum by keeping your servein the volleyball court.

2). Serve the Left Front Outside Hitter Deep Down the line to Position 5. Especially in girls volleyball when the Left Front Player is a swing hitter (which means a player, usually the Left Outside hitter has two responsibilities- to receive the serve and to then swing outside to hit the ball also) by serving the ball deep down the line you force the left side hitter deeper into the back of the court which means she has to cover alot of ground to get back into position to be able to make an approach in order to hit the ball.

Serving them very deep down the line helps to take the Left Side hitter out of the offense because a) this forces them to back up and serve receive deep in the court which makes them late to start their hitting approach. In girls volleyball this tactic can completely eliminate them as a hitter/attacker in the offense so the setter is forced to have only one or two options - set to the middle blocker or behind her to the right side hitter depending on how many hitters are front row. In other words, play chess -if you see three hitters in the front row-use your serveto force one of the players to pass the ball deep in the court- which leaves only two hitters that your blockers and defenders have to concentrate on. That puts your team at an advantage, right? Force the opposing team to do what YOU want them to do just by serving smarter.

3). The short serve Short to the Front Row Hitter is very effective in girls volleyball in Left Front or specifically to the Middle Front Position.Many players serve short because its an option or because it happens by accident but elite volleyball players serve short because they know that the short serve is an equalizer especially when tall players are in the front row.

Like airplanes Tall volleyball players usually need longer runways to make their approach-in order to hit hard and inside the court. If the runway is cut shortthen that plane has a hard time taking off. So you the server need to shorten the runway way path. Serve them short while they are in the front row and they wont have time to back up and take their usual long approach and if they still DO Get the setthey usually dont have the time or the strength to hit as hard or as high as they would if they werent passing so YOU have effectively helped YOUR team by serving the BIG girl (excuse me TALL girlI hate when people call me BIG) in the front rowand YOU have intelligently taken her out of the offense. Attention short volleyball playershow tall does a girl have to be to learn to serve the Tall girl in the front row? Answer.it doesnt matter. You just have to serve 50 balls short to each front row position Left

Front, Middle Front and Right Front before practice and/or after EVERY practice so when the pressure is onyou are ready.

4) Why should girls who play volleyball always remember this next smart option to Serve Straight down the Middle of the Court? Because the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Instead of serving from either corner of the volleyball court-which when you serve cross court gives a passer more time to get in position because the ball is coming from farther awaytry standing right in the middle of the baseline and serve straight down the middle to the opposite end line.

Usually in the backrow there are two people in serve receive (just like in beach volleyball). Aim for the head of the middle blocker in the front row and serve right towards the back line. Both the left back and right back receivers are forced to decide on or fight over the divorce maker ball that goes right down the middle between the two of them. If done right the ball will fall right between the two passers and you the server are a HERO not a ZERO!

5) In girls volleyball serving Short to the Right Front or Position 2 on the Volleyball Court is a smart play. The same argument applies here about serving the TALL girl in the front row as an option- if she is in the position 2 spot but theres something else you need to look for. Look for the Setter coming from the Right Front/ position 2 spot. If you serve the front row player who is passing in position 2, when the Setter is in Right Front or coming from the Right Front position the setter has to track the ball that was passed OVER her shoulder-her left shoulder while moving towards the net- then she has to set the ball quickly-Why? Because she has very little time to adjust to a ball that has been passed right from the position she JUST came from. (Or served right to the position she just came from however you want to look at the situation.).

No matter what, if the ball is served to the front row she has much less time to track the ball, stop, then set the ball especially if its an imperfect pass.

Additionally if the ball isnt passed perfectly then the setter has an even harder time of giving her hitters a good set, usually the ball is set off the net, the hitter makes an easier hit to dig and the defense has an easier time of digging the ballALL because of YOUR strategically placed serve.So, girls the next time you have to serve in volleyball practice - set goals for yourself and MAKE your serves count for points in practice. Dont just go through the motionsremember to practice your individual skill because the ball is in Your hands!

Volleyball Videos: How Watching Video Improves your Volleyball Game Watching volleyball videos can seem like the most boring aspect of pre game preparation but like most things you just have to know how to MAKE it work for you.

Usually there are two basic reasons why a coach has you watch volleyball videosin preparation of an upcoming game or to get better at performing a particular volleyball fundamental. Its easy to get lulled into or lost in the moment of the game on the small screen but instead of watching every play just for the sake of saying hey I finished watching the video pick a particular volleyball fundamental that you need to improve and watch the best one or two players perform that fundamental over and over again. If you need to improve your volleyball serve receive skill or pass the ball better then thats the part of the game you need to focus on watching other more experienced players do. Unless your volleyball coach has instructed you to watch something in particular (like the way a team plays defense or the way a player transitions off the net) focus on watching a better player perform the skill that you need to work on the most. How does she do that?

What are they doing? How are they standing while the server still has the volleyball? Do they have a stutter step or do they hop jump as the ball is crossing the net? Which foot is forward? Is their upper body straight up or crouched over? Are they straight legged or are they in a slight squat position when they serve receive? This is what happens to me when Im watching a volleyball video If Im watching someone serve receive well.I watch this player execute the right volleyball skill or technique over and over and over again. I want to take that scene and take that visual with me so I start playing that scene repeatedly in my head. I start visualizing that player doing the same thing in my mind after Ive stopped watching. When I go home, when I go to bed, when Im washing dishes, before practice I get used to seeing this player do the serve receive correctly in my mind. Then I start hearing my coachs words on how to do this skill correctly. So then I hear my volleyball coach, I hear my coach say step to the ball, present my

platform, use my legs, and I keep hearing my volleyball coachs words over and over like a tape recorder in my mind. This is actually kind of easy because when you arent performing a skill correctly THAT IS when your coach starts yelling at you anyway, right? What they are yelling at the top of their lungs already exists in your mind so you just start playing that mental volleyball videotape, over and over.

Then little by little both what I SEE in my mind and what I HEAR in my head start meshing together. When I re-play this continuously in my mind these two things start coming together where I form a mental volleyball movie of my own. When this mental movie starts playing then after awhile my body starts to respond to the mental voice I hear and the mental picture Ive been playing.

My body starts doing the things that I have been rehearsing over and over again in my mind. I start seeing myself -take the place of that player and in my mind I see myself performing the pass correctly over and over.

And the aspects of the game that I am playing over and over start to become automatic and I start doing these things physically- not just mentally- but actually in real life. Thats how I make watching volleyball videos work for me. Its great when you can hear a volleyball champion who has played for years commentate on the game. Singin Smith, Karch Kiraly, Mike Dodd and Holly McPeak do the color commentary with Chris Marlowe for the AVP Beach Pro Volleyball Tour games on television. All these volleyball Champions represent some of the greatest players in the history of the AVP and all are past Olympians with multiple gold,silver and bronze medals in Indoor and Beach Volleyball. Listening to them talk about the game is like going to volleyball school. The more you do itthe better volleyball player you can become.and thats one way to make volleyball videos improve your volleyball game