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1. "In the Land of the Lichlords" is derivative material. It is derived from Forgotten Realms (R) material published by Wizards of the Coast (R) Inc. It is released under the Wizards of the Coast policy for Internet distribution of such material. Such distribution applies only to distribution per Internet on a non-commercial basis. We believe our distribution of this material in October 2007 to be in compliance with the Wizards of the Coast policy. However, this policy can be changed or revoked at any time. If you intend to distribute this material at a later time, please check to see what Wizards of the Coast policy - if any - is valid at that time.

2. The original material from which this work was derived is not our property. It is the property of Wizards of the Coast.

3. The derived material is in the public domain to the extent that it is free of original material from Wizards of the Coast. Because it is in the public domain, you may distribute this part of the material as you wish, but

you may not assert copyright in or ownership of this work.

4. You may not attribute this work to the Vintyri Project (TM) or use the name Vintyri (TM) in association with it, nor may you attribute this work to the persons of Trevor Cooke, Carl Bielsen or Mark Oliva. Vintyri and Vintyri Project are legal trademarks of Steigerwald EDV (TM) Verlag.

What to download: -----------------

lichlords1_3.zip - Contains books 1, 2 and 3 ---------------------------------------------

Book 1 - Game Master's Guide. This book contains all the statistics the GM needs, new spells, etc., and the statistics for many key NPCs. The book is necessary to run the other material. Status: finished, except for material that would have been added for Book 4.

Book 2 - Adventure material for the area west of the Delimbyir, above all Loudwater, Llorkh, the Delimbyir Trail, Hellgate Keep, etc. Status: finished.

Book 3 - Adventure material for the fallen dwarven axe halls of Ammarindar beneath the Greypeak Mountains. There is so much material in this book that one could use it alone for several years. Status: finished.

lichlords4.zip - Contains book 4 --------------------------------

Book 4 - Adventure material for the Lands of the Lich Lords atop the Greypeak Mountains. This is the volume that still needs more work, although the basics all are there. Status: mixed.

ll-fcw.zip - Contains maps from the books in the original CC2 format --------------------------------------------------------------------

These files are totally optional. They're of use only if you want to make your own map modifications or is you want to print the maps in the finest quality possible. For modifications, you need Campaign Cartographer 2. For printing you also can use the free CC2 Viewer.

Document format: ----------------

All documents are in Microsoft Word format to make modifications possible. If you have a problem with this format, please contact me at mailto:info@... .

The links: ----------

http://www.vintyri.com/lichlords1_3.zip 19.1 MB

http://www.vintyri.com/lichlords4.zip 3.9 MB

http://www.vintyri.com/ll-fcw.zip 6.4 MB

These files will be available until Oct. 31. 2007. Please download before that time

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