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Syrian Arab Republic

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The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )250(


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Tunnels in Joubar

It was founded a tunnel of gunmen its length is 150 Meter its high is 1, 3 meter, it starts from one of the old homes and ends in the cemetery of the Neighborhood, in addition to many tunnels their lengths are 10 meter under the general street in which there are anti- Shields devices their weights are between 3040 Kilo Gram. Syrian Arab Army targeted many gunmen in the east of the hospital of Shourtaa in Harasta , causing the killing and injuring many of them. The army destroyed two cars loaded weapons and ammunition surrounding AlBaharia Town, causing the killing and injuring of many

gunmen. Official sources said that the army foiled an attempt of infiltration from surrounding the Mosque of Abo Bakar in al-Rehan Town toward the old street of Aleppo and smashed a headquarter of them in the farms of al-Eib in Doma Region including the weapons and ammunition. The army killed gunmen

in the west of Sidnayas City and smashed weapons and ammunition were loaded on two cars equipped with heavy machine guns. Three citizens were killed and 41others were injured because of a mortar was fired on the suburb of alMajad in Adraa and Blodan Town in the countryside of Damascus.

Killing of head of extreme Islamic Belgian Organization in Syria

On Saturday, one of the leaders of extreme Islamic Belgian Organization was killedAhmad Dekhadij- who was fighting in the ranks of extreme Groups. The Channel of RTBR said that this fighter is the fourth fighter who is killed in Syria.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )250(


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Killed persons and destroyed weapons in Aleppo

Unites of Syrian Army killed 13 gunmen in Salah al-Dein Neighborhood and others of the gunmen of Free Army in al-Anssary and al-Lermoun Neighborhoods and smashed a car loaded weapons and ammunition were

with the gunmen. The army targeted many gunmen near to the building of al-Ikarda on the road of Aleppo-Idleb and smashed a car loaded weapons and ammunition in al-Bab City.

Arab Killed.. Explosive devices in Homs

In Homs, the Syrian Army killed Muhammad al-Kourdy called Abo Moaied , Walid Ibrahim Wahba and Shahera Issam al-Kady- the wife of one of Lebanese Salafi Terrorist , during their attempts to attack on the Neighborhoods of Bab al-Houd and Jorat alShayah in Homs. The army foiled an attempt of gunmen to infiltrate from the Village of Dar al-Kaberaa and destroyed their headquarters in the west of Khazan in AL-Dar al Kaberaa including non-Syrian gunmen. Unites of the army foiled an attempt of gunmen to detonate 4 explosive devices in the countryside of almokharam, their weights are 300Kilo Gram. Many gunmen were killed because of an explosion of explosive device during its making inside one of their headquarters in AlWaar Neighborhood in Homs.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )250(


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In the countryside of Idleb

A unit of Syrian Arab Army killed the members of armed group surrounding the airport of Abo al-Dohor in the countryside of Idleb, inflicted them heavy losses and destroyed gatherings of the gunmen of Jabhat al-Nusra surrounding the mountain of al-Arbaaein and killed all their members.

Shooting from Turkey

A source of units of peoples protection in Raas al-Ein City mentioned that three of its members were injured because of shooting came from the Turkish lands when they were in a post of guard near to the boundaries , where they were moved to the hospital before they died because of their injuries.

Snipers in the orchards of Hama

In Hama, a unit of Syrian Arab Army seized weapons, ammunition and communication

devices of an armed group in the orchards of al-Shareaa and arrested its members.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )250(


Al-Moallem.. Genve is for dialogue not to hand over the power

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Lavrov: the Syrian Opposition owns the chemical weapons and there are evidences to prove that

Al Moallem said that the Syrian Government is ready to participate in Genve for dialogue with national opposition not to hand over the power for any one. He said that the conference of Genve can reach to a political program and a political work document and offer

them for Popular Referendum in order to let the Syrian People to decide their destiny; I cannot determine time for that, but as long as the United Nations and the Countries of Arab Gulf support the terrorist Groups in Syria, so the crisis will last.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov affirmed that the opposition in Syria possesses chemical weapons, and that theres growing evidence proving that. Lavrov said that the sides supporting and sponsoring the opposition are directly responsible for preventing the recurrence of such acts.

Syrias Permanent representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said that the importance of Security Council resolution no. 2118 lies in that it returned the diplomatic process entirely to the Council and prevented anyone from taking unilateral action outside international consensus. He said that after this resolution, the US, Britain, France and others wont dare use the language of military aggression or intervention or hindering national consensus for any reason, as the resolution binds all sides to cooperate to implement it. He concluded

Al-Jaafari.. the decision of Security Council prevents any unilateral act

Closure of al-Jazaeri Office for Currency Exchange

The Syrian Interior Ministry announced that the Criminal Security Division in Damascus, in coordination with the Central Bank of Syria, closed al-Jazaeri and Partners Office for Currency Exchange over violating licensing laws. The authorities seized various currencies in the Office, which is also charged of dealing in remittances without license.

by saying that the governments of Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, France, Britain, the US and any others who violate the resolution will be held accountable by the Security Council from now on.