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Revocation of will is defendant upon the 2nd will. Valid Disinheritance must be with a cause.

This must be base w/ an existing cause cannot be w/ a conditional upon the happening of the event. A revocation can be made conditional but never Disinheritance. Disinheritance cannot be partial, since the offended can be half its either youre offended or not. Grounds of disinheritance art 919,920,921. Absolute pardon. Can be disinheritance because it thus not erase that offend has been committed against the testator. Maltreatment can be disinheritance by deeds or by words. Acquittal by reasonable doubts cannot be ground for disinheritance. Basis of support by means of necessity. Leading to dishonorable life must be with continuity of her act. Civil interdiction is a kind of ground for disinheritance because that means you have committed a very serious offense this a reason why this is included. Reconciliation 922 effects, the will of disinheritance will revoke the disinheritance once there was a restoration between the two parties. Art 923 it happens to have children they will be inherited REASON because the law here is being fair and equitable to their children of validly disinherited son (father.). If the compulsory heirs is validly disinherited? What he is inherits? He gets his legitime an imperfect validly disinherited can entitled of his legitime but there may be situation where he can get more than his legitime when that would be? If the testator disposed his pre portion in that case the imperfectly desenhrited heir get not just his legitime but his entire intestate share. X father has four legitimate children a,b.c.d he ses in his will I disinherit my son d. w/o a cause such disinherit is imperfect disinheritance . The he said I institute as universal my children a. and b. c is not mention he is obviously preterited he lives an estate of 120,000 how do we distribute? In this case d will not just get herlegitime d will share together w a, b, and c by way of intestacy of the 120,000 each one of them will get 30,000 pesos. Let us assume that the testator I disinherit my son d, no cause specified I give my entire estate to my children a,b, and c. no preterit ion this is where d will be limited to his legitime 120,000 one half of its is 60.000 each one of the is entitled to a legitime of 15,000 the other 60,000 is the pre portion w/c under the will of x will go a,b, and c only so plus 20 to each of them. Supposed d, is validly disinherited d has not get anything if his is validly des If there is no preterit ion