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Contents Elokas products and services cover the following areas related to technology and entertainment solutions.

Product Category A. Home Automation (Smart Home) with Integrated Security Solution B. Zigbee Enabled Wireless Home Automation Solution C. Multiroom Audio Solution D. Audio for Common Areas E. F. Media Management System and Device Control Package Key Digital Media Distribution Solution Page No. 4 14 16 18 19 25 27 33 34 38 39 41 43 44 45 47 48 50

G. Lighting Automation Solutions H. Natural Lighting Control (Shading Solutions) I. J. Home Theatre Solutions SecureMax 100 Stand Alone Security System

K. Video Door Phone System for Single/Multi Apartment L. Access Control System

M. Boom Barrier for Car Parking N. Security Camera System O. Structured Cabling (Voice, Video and Data Wiring/Distribution) P. Central Vacuum Solution

Q. Comprehensive Design R. Our Commitment to You

Message from the Managing Director

I founded Eloka as Lifestyle Networks in the United States in 2002 with the vision of applying technology to make peoples lives more convenient, enjoyable and secure in an affordable manner. Since then, we have expanded our operations into India and established ourselves as the leader in implementing technology, digital entertainment and security solutions for residential developments in partnership with leading builders, architects, interior designers and consultants. We also implement technology and security solutions for commercial projects, retail complexes and hotels. Please visit for more information about our products and services. I can personally assure you a high level of professionalism and an exceptional quality of service. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve your needs. With Warm Regards, Jay Ram Managing Director Eloka
Mr. Jay Ram founded Eloka as Lifestyle Networks with the vision of enhancing people's lifestyles in an affordable manner by leveraging recent advances in networking technology and digital entertainment. A graduate of IIT Mumbai, Mr. Ram has significant experience and credentials in technology and construction industries. He holds Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering (specialization in Telecom and Networking from the University of Pennsylvania) and Civil Engineering (from Utah State University). Mr. Ram also has an MBA with Honors in Finance and Operations & Information Management from the Wharton School of Business. Mr. Ram has been a panelist at industry trade shows and is a member of the Builders Initiative Committee of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

Eloka is affiliated with the following professional Organizations:

Custom Electronics Designers and Consumer Electronics Association Installers Association (CEDIA) (CEA) (Certified Designer)

National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)

Scope of Services
Eloka offers the following solutions for both commercial and residential projects through its dealer network throughout India:

a. Commercial / Retail / Residential Building / Community Level Solutions

i. Structured Cabling 1. Data distribution 2. Telephony 3. Video distribution ii. IT Solutions 1. Wireless Internet Access using WiFi for the Community 2. Routers, Switches and Networking Solutions iii. Security Solutions 1. Cameras 2. Digital Video Recorders 3. Burglar Alarms 4. Smoke Alarms 5. Video Door Phones for Single / Multi Apartment 6. Access Control Systems 7. Boom Barriers for Car Parking iv. Audio-Visual Solutions 1. Audio systems 2. Video distribution 3. Lighting control 4. Motorized shades 5. Conference room solutions

b. Individual Residence Solutions

i. Structured Cabling 1. Data distribution 2. Telephony 3. Video distribution 4. Internal video distribution ii. Whole Home Audio (also known as Multi-Room Audio) 1. Play various music sources in each room at the same time 2. Control music in each room with a wall mounted controller iii. Lighting Automation 1. Setting mood based lighting scenes such as Entertain 2. Turning off all system lights with one-touch buttons iv. Security Systems System will inform building or community security personnel if any incident occurs 1. Burglar detection 2. Smoke detection 3. Gas detection v. Video door phones 1. Home owners can see the person outside prior to opening the door 2. The building security personnel can also monitor the video vi. Home Automation 1. Integration of security, audio, lighting and air conditioning 2. Enabling remote monitoring and control of home from anywhere in the world via the Internet or Telephone vii. Media Management 1. Storage of music, video and pictures in a central server 2. Distribution and access to the media from any PC or TV viii. Home Theaters 1. Excellent audio and stunning video 2. Exceptional aesthetics

A. Home Automation (Smart Home) with Integrated Security System

Home Automation by HAI: Eloka offers the worlds most advanced and established home automation system manufactured by Home Automation Inc (HAI). The following components are typically installed to enable and convert your home into a smart home. Home automation, Touch-Panel and Energy Management 1. Omnitouch Touch panel Controller 2. Thermostats (for centralized HVAC systems) 3. Relay Module (Curtains/Appliance Control) 4. HAI Home Control for Windows Media Center Software (Control your Smart Home

through a beautiful user friendly interface. Your Home can be controlled through any TVs in your Home)
5. Snap-Link, a USB key that can be plugged into any internet enabled computer in the world to check events in your house and manage it 6. Snap-Link Mobile, a software that can be installed in web-enabled phones/PDAs to control the home via phones/PDAs Benefits 1. Convenient buttons can be programmed into HAIs Omnitouch Touchpanel. This allows convenient control of lighting, security, thermostats (in the case of centralized HVAC systems) and music from a single panel, and allows the ability to combine these features to achieve true automation. 2. The Omnitouch panel can also control HiFi, Russound or Nuvo whole house audio system volume or sources in various rooms (zones) from a single location. 3. Snap-Link Mobile will enable control of the home via the Internet from the office or when traveling. This will enable remote control of security, lighting, thermostats and other automation features in the home. 4. Pre-programming thermostats offer the advantage of always coming home to a comfortable temperature and maintaining it when home owners are in the house depending on the time of day and season without having to manually keep tweaking each thermostat in the house. 5. The HAI Omni family home automation controller will enable integration of the security, lighting, HVAC and whole house audio system to enable true lifestyle enhancing automation. For example, if homeowners return to their house after 6pm and disarm the security system, all of the following things will happen automatically: a) The motion sensor in the garage or foyer will sense the motion b) All essential lights in the house will turn on automatically such as the ones in the foyer (chandelier), the kitchen and the family room. c) Home owners favorite theme music in the evenings will start playing automatically d) The thermostat will turn the heating or AC system on depending on the season and the desired temperature. 6. When home owners are ready to retire for the day, with a single touch of a button (for example, a Goodnight button), it is possible to turn off all the lights except the night lights, turn all the music zones off, activate the security alarm system in Stay mode and turn down the temperature in the house.

HAI Home Automation Controller

Key Fob to disarm security and turn on lights

HAI Omni Console

HAI OmniTouch 5.7e Touch Screen

HAI Home Control for Windows MCE Interface software controlled through the Television.

HAI 5.7e Touch Screen (Gold Faceplate) HAI 10Pe Touchscreen

HAI 5.7e Touch Screen (Silver Faceplate)

HAI 10Pe Touchscreen

Features Efficient Atom 1.6GHz processor 10.4 (264.1mm) XGA high resolution TFT LCD screen Rich I/O port array for application expansion Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion smart battery IP54 compliant - protected against dust and splashing water Rugged design protects against accidental drops Windows XP embedded operating system

Snap-Link is a USB key that can be plugged into any internet enabled computer in the world to check events in your house and manage it.

HAI i-Phone App

Control your Home from your iPhone

Integrated Lifestyle Management System

Eloka has pioneered the concept of Integrated Lifestyle Management System (ILMS). ILMS will simply transform your lifestyle to a more organized, productive, efficient and enjoyable one. Imagine a lifestyle where all the important information that you need is always accessible and all the devices that are relevant in your life is always in your control from inside or outside your house (via a telephone or the Internet). The information and devices that are integrated into an easily controllable web-based interface can pertain to important aspects such as security, lighting, entertainment (media management including music, photos and video), temperature control and information management. The ILMS process starts with gathering information about your familys preferences related to the above commonly used aspects. Lifestyle Networks will then design and implement the most cost effective Integrated Lifestyle Management System or ILMS consisting of devices and software that will greatly enhance your familys lifestyle. The following are the benefits of an Integrated Lifestyle Management System (ILMS) including home technology, entertainment, automation and information infrastructure designed to suit your family's needs: Organize and simplify your life. Increase your family's security and safety. Enjoy affordable comfort and entertain in style. Increase efficiency and reduce stress.
The following are examples of what ILMS can do for you: Let your home welcome you from work with the perfect background music and lighting. Access any of your home computers from the office or while traveling and access information. Access songs, video and photos from a central media server via any computer or television in the house. Receive a notification by phone or email at work when your children arrive home from school safely everyday. Access home cameras while traveling and communicate with your family or monitor a security incident.. Enjoy the convenience of one-touch buttons such as Home, Away, Good Night, Good Morning and Vacation that will control Lighting, Music, Temperature and Security customized to your family's preferences. At the touch of a button, change the mood in your house from say "entertain" to "tranquil". Set the desired temperature by phone or Internet prior to returning home from work or travel thereby saving energy.

A truly Integrated Lifestyle Management System brings together home devices as well as important information elements such as email, contact manager, schedule manager and local weather from a person's professional and personal life into a single digital dashboard. Once the appropriate infrastructure is in place, the possibilities are endless. You can easily access relevant devices and information from inside or outside your house via a single web-based interface that we will design to suit your family's needs. This interface can be accessed from anywhere in the world through a computer or any other device such as a phone or pocket PC that can access the Internet. You can virtually be present in multiple places at the same time in terms of your ability to access information and control devices. A customized ILMS will greatly enhance your family's quality of life and give you peace of mind knowing that almost everything you need to access, control and enjoy on a regular basis is right in the palm of your hand.

Screenshot showing ILMS Interface of some of our recent projects


Audio Library

Picture Library



UL Residential Fire and Burglary UL Commercial Burglary UL Energy Management (Omnistats) FCC Part 15J, Part 68 California Title 24 Compliant California State Fire Marshall CP-01 Compliant CE (European Standard) IS-60 (Canadian Standard) HAI is an ENERGY STAR Partner and all Omnistats meet the Environmental Protection Agencys ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency.


Home Automation from Crestron:

Total Home Technology from Crestron streamlines and simplifies all the technology in your home offering the ultimate lifestyle of comfort and convenience. Crestron's award-winning Total Home Technology Solution eliminates the need to walk from room to room to adjust drapes, lights, temperature, and audio/video components. Whether from an easy-to-use color touchpanel, remote or a customized keypad, total control is always at your fingertips. Crestron lets you indulge in luxury with a single touch of a button. Imagine with just a single touch the lights dim, the shades close, the plasma TV turns on and your favourite movie begins. All you need is the popcorn and soda. Imagine your window treatments are programmed to adjust at pre-set times to reduce glare and protect delicate fabrics and fine art from harmful direct sunlight. Imagine at night the hallway lights automatically illuminate as you walk by.

Crestron Touch Interfaces

i-Phone Control


B. Zigbee Enabled Wireless Home Automation:

Control4 Home Automation
Control4 offers a complete line of home-automation products that makes sophisticated homecontrol solutions practical and affordable for every home. This package can be used in existing homes, Conference rooms. With Control4, everything works better because it works together home theater, multi-room music, lighting, temperature, safety and security systems are all controlled by a single platform. Control4's suite of Home Controllers makes total home entertainment and control possible, easy and affordable for everyone. Benefits

Easy to use Assure top performance when controlling home theater, multi-room music, lights, and temperature and security systems through simple, intuitive user interfaces for effortless entertainment, comfort and convenience, and peace of mind. Easy to install Enjoy quick, hassle-free installations in new construction or existing homes thanks to Control4's standards-based wired and wireless home-control solutions. Incredible value Experience robust, high performance home control at a fraction of the price of other solutions. Modular solution - Start by controlling a single room or a single function - like multi-room music - and easily add functionality wherever you want when it makes sense for you. Total control - Control your must, theater, lighting, temperature, security and almost any electronic device with Control4. And you always have control of your system because the programming is stored on the controller.

Home Controller HC-1000


Control4 7 Table Top Touch Screen

Dock for iPod

Speaker Point

In-Ceiling and In-Wall Speaker

Wireless Dimmer

Wireless Switch

Wireless Keypad


C. Multiroom Audio Solution:

Multi-Rooms audio enables home owners to listen to different sources of music such as from radio tuners, CD players, iPods and media servers (such as computers) in various rooms in the house. Home owners can listen to different sources of audio in various rooms simultaneously. The Grand Concerto Multi-Room Audio System from NuVo Technologies offers elegant OLED, capacitive touch-panel display to access and play music from any room. The benefits of this system are as follows: Benefits 1. Six audio source inputs for multi-source capability, and up to eight zones of music (expandable to sixteen zones). 2. 80 watts of power per zone music played loud or soft with NuVos signature impeccably crisp, clean sound. 3. Generation D design protocol featuring digital amplification runs cooler, saves energy, outputs more power. 4. Capacitive Touch Control Pads glass-smooth touch pad with smart-source feedback. 5. Streamlined navigation browse sources by play list, track, artist, album, genre, or station. 6. Global Favorites and unlimited source Favorites 7. Flexible set-up options Source Grouping, security, Volume Reset, Master, Mode, and much more. 8. 2.7 vivid OLED Control display easily visible in any room lighting, displays up to 8 lines of text. 9. Two un-powered zones used with the NV-P2100 auxiliary satellite amplifier powers up to 6 speakers in a zone, ideal for large living spaces or outdoor applications. 10. Built-in infrared receiver designed to block adverse interference of plasma displays, sunlight, or fluorescent lighting. 11. Fixed and variable line outputs for use with high-power external amplifiers. 12. NuVoNet2 Platform Grand Concerto features plug-and-play compatibility with smart source components for a Complete Home Audio Solution.


NuVo Grand Concerto Multi-Room Audio Amplifier

NuVo Grand Concerto Keypad

Wireless i-POD Dock

Nuvo In-Wall Speakers, Outdoor Rock Speakers and In-ceiling Speakers


D. Audio for Common Areas

Common areas audio enables people to listen to music such as from radio tuners, CD players, iPods and computers in common areas. Benefits

Very easy to use - The Volume-Control is installed in each area to control volume. Enjoy music anywhere in the common area The amplifier can take sources from any audio device and you can enjoy them anywhere in the common area where you have a volume control and speakers.

12-Channel Amplifier

8-Channel Amplifier

Volume Control



E. Media Management System and Device Control Package:

Welcome to the digital world where music, photos and video are available whenever and wherever they need to be accessed from inside or outside your home. Your favorite music, songs and photos are stored in a central media server and distributed to various rooms in your house. Music: Turn on any TV in your house and access a menu of songs to play. Select a theme and play to suit your mood such as Old Hindi Songs, Rock Music or Pop Music...and set the lighting to match your mood using one touch buttons such as Relax or entertainthis is all it takes to just feel right or throw the perfect party! Photos: Play photos as slide shows on your large screen plasma or LCD TV from your family vacations when your family gets together or play photos from all the fun you had during your college days when catching up with college buddiesrelive the good times! Video: Store video of your lifes memorable events such as weddings in your home media server and play it on any TV in your house at any time. Download video from websites such as You Tube and build your own digital music library. IP Television: Increasingly, TV programs will be broadcast over the Internet. It is possible to watch and record such TV programs using your media server from any room in your house. You can record your favorite programs such as cricket matches into your digital video library and watch them at your convenience. Personalized Solutions: Your digital media can be accessed through a personalized TV and computer interface with your family name, the rooms in your home and even the names of your family members. You can access your personalized interface wirelessly through a Wi Fi enabled Ultra Mobile PC. This means that you can wander around your house, browse the Internet, check your emails, access songs, photos and video without being connected to any wires. Enjoy the freedom! You can share your favorite music, photos and video with your family and friends by giving them password protected remote access to select files in your media server. When you are travelling, you can access your media server and listen to favorite songs or access photos. Elokas media management services make available all your digital entertainment needs at your fingertips. We will put technology to work you so that you can sit back and enjoy the life you have worked hard to deserve! ElokaTM Media Management solution consists of the following components.


1. Eloka Media Management Solution

Media Management Console

Recording Eloka Media Management records all your favorite programs and gives you the privilege to watch again whenever you want. Instant recording provides option to set record duration to record and save automatically. Schedule events to record your favorite programs that appear invariably when you are out or during late nights. Programs can be scheduled for daily and weekly, so you need not schedule each and every time. Scheduled Record can switch to the desired channel and start recording without even the TV being on. Eloka Media Management can directly record videos for the device specific formats, once recorded videos can be pushed to devices and played back whenever and where ever you find time. Record specific to PC, Sony PSP, IPod, smart phones and other media devices available in the market. Transform analogue data saved in videotapes or tape camcorders into digital video files.

Eloka Media Management can play up to 720p HD videos, audios formats that are all popular in the market. Photo viewing is supported with slide show and back ground music. Plug and play USB host devices to watch/ record files. It is possible to connect your camera and other devices and play the content directly on to TV. You can connect and share your PC media library using Wired LAN or using Wi-Fi. Using your home Wi Fi connection, you can share digital media library of your home PC. You can stream movies, TV shows and music that are stored on your computer


Browse through TV: As the browser is a Full HTML Java script browser you will get access to English/Multilingual websites like yahoo mail etc. Download Videos: Download videos from internet to the storage devices directly. Torrent videos can be downloaded and the files can be searched using the telebrowser. Internet widgets: Access internet and watch videos, listen to music and Horoscope, Flicker etc widgets are available. Net Radio: Connect to Live Radio stations on the internet and play directly or store them locally.


2. Network to IR/Serial adapters for A/C and device controls

The Home Network Adapter connects diverse and previously unconnected devices and appliances in a network-based home. Using many commonly needed controls and sensor inputs in one box, the Home Network Adapter provides an easy way for controlling real-world devices, reducing the time and complexity of an installation by eliminating piggybacked components and multiple power supplies. By simply sending commands over the network, your audio/visual equipment is turned to the proper volume by infrared (IR), shades are lowered with relays, and your favorite DVD is selected through serial communications; and all started with the push of a button. As a result of using open standards (for example, TCP/IP), any networked device, such as your PC, can send and retrieve Adapters data. With the Home Network Adapter, a variety of devices can be connected to control and monitor the environment over a network or even the Internet.

Back view of the Network to IR/Serial adapter

Key Features: Network virtually any device in minutes Connects infrared (IR) devices to a TCP/IP network Connects RS232, Sony Control-S devices, and sensors to a TCP/IP network Connects contact closure (relay) devices to a TCP/IP network Works well with wireless Low profile, stylish enclosure Peripheral equipment includes IR learning and IR input over a TCP/IP network Silent, fan-free, environmentally friendly

IR Emitters
This tiny emitter that transmits infra-red signal to devices has a self-adhesive pad that allows it to be stuck directly to the IR sensor window of your audio/video equipment. This configuration provides the highest level of signal transmission accuracy. The emitters continue to allow external IR signal through (so that you can still use your remote by directly pointing it at your audio/visual component).

IR Control of your A/V Receivers, DVD Players, A/C etc


3. Samsung Q1 Ultra - EL Tablet PC with Windows Vista Home Premium Edition

Imagine endless possibilities from an Ultra Mobile PC than you ever thought possible. Equipped with a new split-QWERTY built-in keypad, a high-speed, Intel Ultra Mobile processor and highcapacity Lithium Ion Prismatic batteries for exceptional battery life, the Samsung Q1 Ultra provides ultimate accessibility and versatility for all your on-the-go computing needs. Weighing in at just 1.5 lbs., The Q1 Ultra reflects the latest in mobile technology integration by showcasing its new ultrabright LED backlit touch screen LCD featuring 1024 x 600 native resolution. Check your inbox, watch movies, play music, update your presentation, take photos, have a video chat, etc. With a Q1 Ultra UMPC, more choices mean you never have to settle. The new Samsung Q1 Ultra keeps you moving with seamless connectivity. Being prepared isn't just having what you need. It's having the power of your PC in your hands. It's the freedom of staying connected anywhere. It's the new Samsung Q1 Ultra.

Control your home devices using Samsung UMPC

Technical Specifications: Processor: Intel Ultra Mobile Processor A110 800MHz Clock 512Kb L2 Cache/400MHz FSB System Memory: 1GB DDR2 400MHz HDD: 40 GB, 1.8", 4200 RPM LCD: 7" WSVGA Touch Screen LCD 1024 x 600 resolution, LED Backlit - 300 nits Brightness Camera : Communication: Wired Ethernet LAN: 10/100 BaseTX , Wireless LAN: 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi Keyboard Type: Split-QWERTY Keypad, 39 Keys, 4 User Defined Keys & Enter Key Standard Battery: 4-cell Li-Ion (Prismatic) Battery, 29.6wh Capacity ~ 4.5 hours Battery Life Installed S/W: AVStation Now 5.0 MultiMedia, SRS TruSurround Sound, Adobe Reader, Samsung Easy Display Manager, Samsung Easy Battery Manager, Samsung Easy Network Manager, Samsung Magic Doctor Diagnostics


4. HP Touchsmart All in One PC

Control your home devices using HP Touch Smart PC


F. Key Digital Video Distribution Solution:

HDMI Switcher and Distribution Amplifier

The KD-HDMI2x4P is a state-of-the-art two-input to four-output HDMI Distribution Amplifier that ensures the absolute best, crystal-clear and pristine picture quality. The KD-HDMI2x4P is ready to handle ALL of your digital HD and SD video switching and distribution needs including 1080p/60, and a multitude of analog and digital audio formats


HDMI Matrix Switcher

HDMI Matrix Switcher capable of switching up to 4 HDMI/DVI Video Sources/Inputs to 4 independent Zones/Outputs via HDMI and CAT5


G. Lighting Automation:
Lighting control and automation offers one of the most useful and aesthetic features that can be installed in a house. The Eloka Wired Lighting Control System offers the best value in lighting control and automation considering its quality and reliability. The Lighting Control and Automation Package will enable home owners to control important lights in the house at the press of a button. Lighting control can be integrated with security/automation systems (such as the ones from Home Automation Incorporated or HAI), causing (for example) lights in the house to turn on or flash in the event of a security alert.

Benefits The following are some examples of the benefits of a lighting control system. 1. Welcome Home: Return to your home that has a pathway of light from the garage to the kitchen providing security and convenience. 2. Kitchen and Dining Room: Create scenes for the different tasks such as dining, cooking and cleaning. 3. Master Bedroom: Control zones of lights from the bedside to turn ON and OFF lights outside, downstairs or throughout the entire home. 4. Landscape and Garden: Schedule when the garden path lights turn ON and OFF, or combine all the outdoor lights to activate at once for security. 5. Staircase and Hallways: Ensure safety by turning on lights at appropriate lighting levels throughout the day and night. 6. Living Room: Add elegance and intimacy. Lighting is one of the most powerful methods Interior Designers use to change moods in a room. 7. Family Room and Great Rooms: Select a lighting scene for one person to read a good book, or the entire family to celebrate a birthday party. 8. Energy Management: Savings in electricity bills possible due to the ability to manage lights easily.


Lighting Automation from Clipsal:

The Clipsal C-Bus system is a microprocessor based wiring system to control lighting and other electrical services. Whether ON/OFF control of a lighting circuit or analogue type control such as dimming electronic fluorescent ballasts, C-Bus can be to control and automate virtually any type of electrical load. To ensure fast and reliable operation, each device has its own inbuilt microprocessor, which can be individually programmed via point and click PC based software, or via Learn Mode which doesnt require a PC. C-Bus information is held within individual C-Bus units rather than one central point. This ensures optimum communications speed and reliability. Whilst a computer is unnecessary for normal CBus operation, C-Bus PC based control and management software is available and provides additional fl exibility to clients requiring this type of control.

6 key Saturn Switch

DLT Switch

Saturn Switch



Lighting Automation from Eloka:

3 Button Dimmer Switch

3 Button Zone Scenario Switch

6 Button Dimmer Switch

3 Button Zone Scenario Switch


Curtain Control Switch

IR Remote

DPS - 4.3 LCD Type

DPS Soft Touch Type

DPS Remote Controller


Lighting Automation from Lutron:

Lutron Homeworks Lighting Control

SeeTouch Keypad


Philips Decorative Lighting:

Philips Home Decorative Lighting Collection offers an enchanting range of easy-to-install lighting for every part of your home. Whats more, the entire collection comes with advanced energy efficient solutions that comply with the most stringent safety standards in the world. Now you can enjoy the splendour of light effortlessly. A collection that is surprisingly smart and in-tune with your style, the Philips Home Decorative Lighting Collection is like a breath of fresh air. Whether it is for your living room, garden or bathroom, you will find something that is just right for you.

Living Room Options

Dining Room Options

Kids Room Options

Living Colours


H. Natural Lighting Control (Shading Solutions)

We design our homes with windows because we intuitively understand that sunlight adds a comforting and refreshing quality. However, optimizing beauty and efficiency in each room means being able to conveniently control the light that surrounds you. With Natural Lighting Control (Shading Solutions) you can quickly and easily control sunlight to prevent harsh U/V rays from damaging expensive furnishings. With the touch of a button, you can automatically raise and lower shades to reduce heat buildup or add instant privacy. Eloka offers Natural Lighting Controls solutions from Somfy. Installation options available include Roller Shades, Roman Shades and Drapery Systems. All systems operate with ultraquiet precision, low-voltage drives and offer many options for fabrics and controls.

Roller Shades

Roman Shades

Venetian Shades


I. Home Theater
Eloka can design and build the home theaters offering exceptional quality and value. Our theaters include excellent high quality audio equipment and speakers, HDTV compatible projectors, 119" screens and amplifier/receiver. We perform acoustic analysis and tune the system for optimal performance. Eloka specializes in building home theaters that can also be used for other complementary purposes such as home disco, karaoke and performance stage for kids with recording capabilities at minimal additional costs. We can transform family rooms or media rooms to the space of your dreams!

You demand breath-taking high definition video You demand to view it in a super-sized screen with images as large as life You demand to be surrounded by sound that will place you smack-dab in middle of the action You demand special movie theater effects such as lights that dim as the action begins You love to gather with your family and have some fun or watch sports with your buddies

Eloka is here to fulfill your demands, just be ready with the popcorn!
1. Speakers a. Left and Right Speakers b. Center Speaker c. Surround Speakers d. Pre-Construction brackets for speakers 2. Subwoofer a. Powered Subwoofer 3. Video Screen a. Large Screen 4. Projector a. Projector b. Mount for the projector 5. Amplifier and Audio Processor a. 5.1 CH or 7.1 CH Amplifier 6. Blu-Ray DVD Player 7. Remote Controller a. Universal IR/RF Remote Controller 8. IR Control Kit consisting of a. IR Receiver b. Connecting Blocks c. IR Emitters 9. Power Conditioner 10. Power Converter


7.1 CH Denon Home Theater/Multimedia/ A/V Receiver / Amplifier with HDMI

Samsung Blu-Ray HDMI DVD Player

Epson Projector


Dedicated Home Theater

In-Wall Speakers and Corner Sub-Woofer

Harmony 1000 Universal Remote Control

IR Plasma Kit


Onkyo Home Theater System

Opting for the convenience of packaged home theater doesnt mean you have to compromise on quality. With the Onkyo Home Theater Package, you get advanced A/V processing and amplification with the Onkyo stamp of reliability. With HDMI pass-thru for high-definition video, this is a convenient solution that allows you to enjoy Blu-ray Disc, DVD, broadcast and gaming sources. Enjoy the benefits of tailored audio performance via a full suite of Audssey technologies, including Audyssey EQ, Audyssey Dynamic EQ, and Audyssey Dynamic Volume.

Home Theater Package


J. SecureMax100 Stand Alone Security System

Security alarm systems have for decades successfully saved valuable property and life worldwide. Many burglars are scared away just by the presence of a loud siren from security systems. Further, the security system will immediately call family, neighbours and friends to alert them about the burglary which can result in timely intervention. Features: The system has 16 Zones (8 Wireless and 8 Wired Zones). The system has an In-Built Keypad and Lattice LCD display. 8 User Codes can be programmed for 8 Zones to ARM/DISARM independently. It has a pre-recorded voice message in which you can add your voice also for 10 seconds. The system Access Codes are 1 Installer Code, 1 Master Code, 8 User Code and duress Code. You can Program 5 telephone numbers (Mobile or Land Line) in the system. The system will give you indicative beep sound if the telephone line is cut. This program is optional either you can select or deselect. You can ARM/DISARM and Monitor the system using remote operation just by calling the telephone attached to the system. The Zones can be separated for Fire Alarm, Medical Alarm and Emergency Alarm. Time Delay can be programmed to ARM and DISARM independently. Disassembly of Control Panel, Detectors will activate the siren. Last 30 records of ARM and DISARM.etc will be recorded by the system and cannot be deleted. Both AC 220V and 12V 7AH Battery will supply power and automatically change if the power is cut off. The control panel indicates if the battery is low.

SecureMax 100 Security System

Motion Sensor

Door Sensor

Wired Siren

Remote Controller


K. Video Door Phone System for Single/Multi Apartment

View and talk to visitors from inside your home, then let them inside with the press of a button! This high-quality Video Door Phone system provides an elegant, self-contained package for entrance monitoring. When a visitor presses the button on the door unit, the monitor screen turns on and a chime tone plays. To converse with your visitor, simply pick up the handset and talk. You can even let your guest inside by pressing the "open" button to unlock the door electric door strike required for this feature (Optional). Features: Visual Doorbell: Provides intercommunication between the indoor monitor and outdoor camera. The picture of the visitor can be seen clearly through the indoor monitor. Artistically designed and an ideal choice for a modern family. Available with an external metal protector for the outdoor unit. High Resolution: The state of art camera and 4 TFT monitor of high resolution allow you to recognize the visitor clearly. Bright Color: The electric circuitry designed currently combined with the fine TFT screen provides pictures of the bright color and high fidelity. Communication Capability: You can communicate with your visitors over the handset watching who is out at the door. Night Operation: The infrared illuminator on the camera permits you to recognize the visitor at night when there is no light source. Automatic Display of Visitors: When the visitor presses the Call button the bell will ring and the picture of the visitor will be automatically displayed. You can identify the visitor first without communication. Door opening Button: With an electronic button for opening the door, you are able to open the door from the monitor without going to the door directly. (Optional) Simple Installation: The device has only 5 wires with polarity. They can be connected easily in sequence


Video Door Phone System

Multi-Apartment Video Door Phone System


L. Access Control System

Access control systems enable electronic access to protected areas. An access control point can be a door, turnstile, parking gate, elevator or other physical barriers, where granting access can be electrically controlled. Features: Access Card Reader: Increase security by using a unique card to disarm a system and grant access to the door. It can be expanded to meet current and future needs. Up-to-date automated reports on access events. Flexible options for users wanting cards or key tags. Finger Print Reader: Finger Print solutions offer enhanced security for sensitive facilities and also bridge the gap between physical and logical security. Finger Print solutions are encouraged for high-security facilities. Access Keypad: You can control a door with electric lock. You will have a high security locking system that cannot be opened. With the master code you can erase and add new codes any time. You can hook up more than one unit to control a lock such as one on the outside and one on the inside, the possibilities are really endless. Automatic Gate Opening for Owners Vehicle: The Gate or the Boom Barrier will be opened automatically when the owners car arrives at the gate / boom barrier. No need of getting down and pressing the keypad or swiping the card. Electronic Safe: Locks and unlocks the safe with a smooth, quiet mechanism. Will resist most burglary tools.


Yale Digital Lock

HAI Access Control Reader

Automatic Gate Opening for Owners Vehicle


M. Boom Barrier for Car Parking

Automatic Boom Barriers offer efficient security at the exit and the entry points of Factories, Office Complexes, Condominiums, Parking Lots, etc. Features: Automatic boom barriers provide practical and cost effective traffic management solutions. Boom barriers will block vehicular access through the controlled point. The boom barrier can be controller via access control. (example: When a owners vehicle comes near the barrier it opens automatically)

Boom Barrier


N. Surveillance Camera System

High quality, affordable Indoor/Outdoor cameras can be installed to enable security and surveillance. Benefits: Monitor the perimeter of the house for security and view visitors before opening the door Monitor babies or children using indoor camera(s) Record images of events around your house when you are not at home Cameras can be viewed on all HAI OmniTouch Touch screens (additional hardware may be required), over the Internet or on your smartphone

Front and Back View of 16- Channel stand alone 250GB Hard drive DVR

Indoor Dome Camera

Axis IP Camera

Outdoor Day/Night Bullet Camera


O. Structured Cabling (Voice, Video and Data Distribution)

Structured cabling involves comprehensive cabling for telephone, television, data (computers and other Ethernet enabled devices) and internal video devices. Benefits 1. Structured cabling is the backbone of technology and media distribution infrastructure in the house. It is cost-effective and convenient to extensively wire the house when it is under construction. 2. All relevant locations in the house will have voice (telephone) outlets and television outlets. 3. Internal video outlets will be located near telephone locations for distribution of video from devices such as cameras and DVD players. 4. Media/content such as songs, photos and video that are downloaded to one or more PCs in the house can be stored in a central networked storage device which will prevent loss of data if any of the PCs hard drive gets corrupted. The content can then be accessed through any TV or PC in the house for play back at any time using media players plugged into data outlets (that are a part of the structured cabling system). 5. Plug in computers and other Network enabled devices (e.g., gaming consoles) to multiple locations in your house for simultaneous access to the Internet by family members. Wired Internet access offers the convenience of speed (gigabit Ethernet possible with appropriate router and LAN cards), reliability and security for Internet access as well as for the exchange of media files (movie, home video, photographs and songs) between computers and media servers in your house. The following cabling and equipment will provide essential technology and entertainment capabilities in your house: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Structured cabling enclosure and cover Telephone Board Cat5e Voice & Data Expansion Module 12-volt Set-top Target with Talk Back LED Four-channel Video Modulator with IR 3X8 Bi-directional RF Distribution Amplifier Linksys Wireless Router with 4-port switch (Internet sharing for computers and other Ethernet devices) Phone outlets Data outlets TV outlets Cat5e and Coaxial Patch Cables One Port and Two Port Face Plates


42 Structured Cabling Panel

Face Plate for Phone, Data, TV and Auxiliary Video

Set-top Target with Talk Back LED

Bi-Directional RF Amplifier

Linksys Wireless G- Router


P. Central Vacuum Solutions

With a Beam Central Vacuum System you have a modern household appliance for a busy, modern family life-style. Beam power units offer modern household appliances that are ultra powerful, leading to faster completion of your cleaning tasks. It also offers many innovative accessories and cleaning tools that operate like a team, flawlessly. So you can clean with less effort. Benefits: 1. High efficiency, commercial grade by-pass motor for high performance with low energy consumption. 2. Self-cleaning filter made from Gore material. 3. Patented Serenity sound reduction system. 4. Highly durable steel body with scratch-resistant metallic alloy powder coat paint. 5. Twist-lock dirt bucket with view window or optional see-through bucket infused with antimicrobial treatment. 6. Anti-vibration wall mounting system.

Power Unit

Aspira Handle with Hose Set


Q. Comprehensive Design
Eloka designs and implements technology and entertainment infrastructure for people in a systematic and affordable manner.
The process begins with developing an understanding of your personal and familys interests and needs as it relates to technology and entertainment. Eloka will then develop a comprehensive design document tailored to your needs. You can gradually implement projects based on our design depending on your priorities. The following are the immense benefits of our highly affordable design services: 1) Comprehensive and customized all you need to know document covering Technology and Entertainment options including Phone, Computers, Television (including wiring for HDTV), Media Server (organize, store and access your personal library of Songs, Video and Photos from any room in your house), Home Theater, Security, Intercom, Cameras, Lighting Control, Energy Management and Home Automation (Smart Home buttons such as Good Night that will enable one-touch control of Lighting, Music, Security and Thermostats). 2) Design includes suggested Components and their Benefits, Wiring Diagrams and Equipment Layout Plans for each of the above systems tailored to your home floor plan. 3) Save significant money on technology and entertainment projects for your home by becoming knowledgeable on how to accomplish what you need most affordably. 4) Complete projects in a progressive manner at your convenience. 5) Use our design document as a handbook that can be shared with home valuation firms to accurately value your investment in technology and entertainment for your house.



Our Our Commitment to You

At Eloka, we realize that each family and person has unique technology and entertainment needs. During the course of our interaction, we will understand your needs and strive to earn your trust by providing solutions that offer the best value in technology and entertainment. We are absolutely committed to serving your needs with integrity. We hope to build a long term relationship with your family as your preferred provider of personal technology and entertainment services. Please visit http:// and click on Design Center to start a relationship with Eloka that is guaranteed to greatly enhance your quality of life by making it more productive and enjoyable.