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Within the framework of the newly established research network Re -Configurations.

History, Memory and Transformation Processes in the Middle East and North Africa at the Philipps -Universitt Marburg the following external funded position is available, starting as soon as possible for a 3 year term:

1 Postdoctoral position as research associate (100 %)

The position is classified as remuneration group 13 as stipulated in the salary scheme agreement of the Land Hessen. The position includes no tenure track option, but it offers the possibility for further academic qualification within the framework of the assigned work load. The research network Re-Configurations is located at the Centre for Near and Middle East Studies (CNMS). It aims to create an institutional framework for innovative interdisciplinary and comparative research, both empirically based and theoretically informed, on the transformation processes taking place in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region). The research programme will investigate current developments and their historical contexts, spanning a variety of disciplines and epochs, highlighting new perspectives, and initiating debate. Its aim is to strengthen the regional competence of the Philipps-Universitt Marburg by creating an institutional framework that links the various MENA related disciplines within the CNMS with systematic disciplines (e.g. religious studies, history, political science, media studies, literature, law, peace and conflict studies). For this purpose four interrelated research fields will be set up (see link: http://www.uni-marburg.de/cnms/forschung/re-konfigurationen): 1. History from Below, 2. Re-Configurations of Cultural Memory, 3. Transformative Processes and Transitional Justice, 4. Transregional Dimensions. The applicants individual research project will suit research field 1, by addressing con -temporary developments and transformative processes in the MENA region in their wider historical context. We welcome projects that conceptualise the history and functioning of authoritarian systems in the region in a way that transcends the narrow focus of much established scholarship on elites or institutions and addresses governmental systems in their wider societal context (including opposition and protest movements), using approaches like Subaltern Studies, cultural history of the political, comparative studies of dictatorships etc. We expect a certified proof of an above-average PHD degree in the social sciences, cultural studies or humanities. Active participation in the conceptualization and organisation of workshops, colloquiums and summer academies is expected. In addition, the involvement in a theory forum that links all 4 research fields as well as contributions to the creation of the open access journal META is expected. Regional experience, excellent English as well as language skills in one of the languages used in the MENA region are necessary. Applications from abroad are expressly welcome, regular presence in Marburg is expected. German and English are the working languages. Applications of women are expressly welcomed. In areas where women are un-derrepresented, they will be given preferential consideration when candidates are of equal merit. Applicants with children are welcome the Philipps-Universitt is committed to the goal of a family-friendly university. A reduction of working time is possible in principle. Applicants with a disability will be given preference when candidates are of equal merit, as stipulated in SGB IX ( 2, paragraph 2, 3). We request that all application documents be submitted as copies, as submitted documents will not be returned upon conclusion of the application procedure. Costs incurred for submitting an application and attending an interview will not be reimbursed. Applications including curriculum vitae, expos of a research project apposite to one or more of the above-mentioned research fields, work and time plan which show that the projects completion within three years is feasible (max. 5 pages), names of two references are to be submitted until 20.11.2013 under the reference number ZE-0053-cnms-wmz-2013 to Prof. Rachid Ouaissa, CNMS, Deutschhausstr. 12, 35032 Marburg or ouaissa@staff.uni-marburg.de.