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Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Waterson. . . the staple of my youth.

As a child I read this series simply because it was funny. As an adult I
continue to read it not only because of its humor but also for the way it
makes me reflect on the long ago days of my childhood.
I can see now how Calvin represents that mischievous little kid that
resides in all of us, and how Hobbes is symbolic of that nagging little voice
that somehow managed to keep us all alive by talking us out of jumping off
of the roof with an umbrella.
I started putting this collection together about two and a half years ago
and I am very excited that it is finally complete. I hope that you enjoy it and
that like me you dont let Calvins mischievous voice go unheard too often.
And Bill, thank you for the years of laughter and for helping me get
back in touch with that little kid inside.
I have spent many, many, hours organizing this collection chronologically
from the first strip published November 18th, 1985 to the last, published
December 31st, 1995. This is a total of 3,696 individual cartoons!
I have organized the collection by Year, Month, and Date of publication.
Each strip is book marked to help you easily find where you left off.