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The Noospheric Ethical/Ecological Constitution for Mankind and the Birth of a

Unified Planetary Civilization

A Goal of the Noosphere World Congress

“Mankind deserves Noospheric Civilization. The Noospheric Civilization is a way to

save Mankind from self-destruction.”
Noospheric Ethical/Ecological Constitution, Article 132.

It is one of the goals of the First Noosphere World Congress (sponsored by the Galactic
Research Institute of the Foundation for the Law of Time) to fully affirm and support the
implementation of the Noospheric Ethical/Ecological Constitution for Mankind (Noo-
Constitution) (2006).

The Noo-Constitution is a brilliant effort at very carefully envisioning all the legally
articulated steps to assure the emergence of the new time of the noospheric civilization.

Its authors are Dr. L.S. Gordina and Dr. M.Yu. Limonad, President and Vice President
respectively, of the Noosphere Spiritual Ecological World Assembly (Moscow). The
document develops ideas originally presented as a legislative bill, “On Provision of the
Energy/Information Well Being to the Population,” offered to the Russian State Duma
(Parliament) of the Federal Gathering of the Russian Federation.

In its final form, the Noo-Constitution is a principle instrument for attaining the
noosphere and establishing a genuinely noospheric civilization. The First Noosphere
World Congress – in support of and supported by the Noo-Constitution – is the first step a
unified humanity is taking toward realizing a unified and unitary planetary civilization.
This step will return the Earth to its rightful place within the domain of cosmic

A unified noospheric Earth civilization is the pre-requisite for joining the greater
Confederation of cosmic civilizations. This is because noospheric civilization represents a
unified and unitary planetary synthesis of intelligence. A unified planetary civilization is
the most elementary unit allowed into the Cosmic Confederation. This is because a
planetary noosphere represents the first stage of expansion into a truly cosmic

It is in regard to attaining the level of a unified planetary (noospheric) civilization based

on a genuine synthesis of intelligence that the Noo-Constitution becomes vitally
important. The significance of this document – especially at this time of the collapsing
systems of the old world – is unparalleled.

As its title indicates, the document is literally in the form of a legislative constitution. The
main body consists of three parts, (and a Conclusion) framed in 14 chapters and 132
Articles. The 14 chapters are preceded by a Conceptual Comment and a Preamble. It is
not light reading but a document that should be treated as a guide or handbook in the
construction of the post-historic civilization that awaits us after 2012. As such it also
provides steps and measures for making a legally safeguarded transition from the old
order to the new.

The Constitution is not set in stone and contains provisions for its own self-modification.
That disclaimer notwithstanding, a carefully study of the Noo-Constitution will cause one
to realize how much very deep thinking and consideration has gone into framing
measures and codes for virtually all contingencies of human society, communication and
personal freedoms arising from the shift into the noosphere.

Not the least of these are the steps to be taken in going from a world society constituted
of nation states to one of a borderless unified civilization where freedom of movement
and decision of where to live one’s life are totally unhindered by present day nationalistic
standards mired down in bureaucratic red tape, paranoia and fear. As has been affirmed
by the First and Second Planetary Biospheric Congress, humans must snow be granted
the same rights as the wind or the birds in passing freely through the biosphere.

The emphasis, as the full title of the Noo-Constitution indicates, is in spelling out the
human’s ethical, mental and spiritual rights and respect to its ecological (biospheric)
responsibilities. Only when these rights and principles are understood in the light of a
comprehensive unified awareness will we have the basis for constructing a noospheric
civilization. As Article 1, Chapter 1 of the Noo-Constitution states:


is a foundation-laying (basic) legislative act establishing fundamental legal principles and
provisions for organization of the life activity of human society. The establishment of
such provisions and principles is forming a unitary, cosmically meaningful civilization
and safeguards its beneficial life activity for indefinitely long term. (p.8)

From this point onward, the Noo-Constitution thoroughly re-envisions all of the rules of
human life on Earth – and in relation, as well, to the cosmic civilization of which we are
at this point only dimly aware. Just to give some idea of the comprehensive nature of this
document we herein list the Three Basic Parts of the Noo-Constitution along with the
chapter titles included in each part:


Chapter 1. Field of Application for the Noo-Constitution, Noospheric Spiritual Ecological


Chapter 2. The Universe, Planet Earth, the Individual Person, Mankind



Chapter 3. General rights, freedoms, and duties of mankind

Chapter 4. General rights, freedoms and duties of a person and a citizen of the world
Chapter 5. Protection of Spiritual/Ecological rights and freedoms of person and society

Chapter 6. Emergence and exercise of Spiritual/Ecological rights and duties

Chapter 7. Provision of citizen’s rights for favorable spiritual/ecological properties of life

activity environment

Chapter 8. Actions of citizens and organizations in active energy/information situations



Chapter 9. The socioeconomic organization of human society

Chapter 10. Noospheric Spiritual/Ecological World Assembly

Chapter 11. Resolution of disputes and conflicts

Chapter 12. International cooperation for the noospheric spiritual/ecological well being of
the population

Chapter 13. Responsibility for misdeeds and crimes


Chapter 14. Closing Provisions

A special round table on the Noo-Constitution will be featured at the First Noosphere
World Congress for those interested in the best use and implementation of this unique
document spelling out our rights and duties as Earth citizens of the noosphere.