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The table put both the Muslin and Arab Americans in the same category.

This made a difference in how the descriptors were listed. As I asked myself the questions that relate to these descriptors, I had to try to determine if it was both Muslim and Arab or was it for one or the other. That made it difficult to decide which one more accurately applied to each group. I do not see the Muslim and the Arab as the same people. They have different beliefs in religion, racisms, sexisms and politics. As I interviewed the other person, I found they had the same questions in mind, but answered them differently. His choices were based on the combination of the two groups. My answers were based on the differences between Christians and non-Christians. It made it easier to place the descriptors in their prospective places. He had a greater group of descriptors that were applied to both groups. I questioned his answers and he responded that it could be either group. He also said that not all Arabs were Muslims. Then he also said, that not all Muslims were Arabs. I know that is a fact, because I have some Arabic people in my community who are Christians. His answers were more in the middle-of-the road, because of the Muslim and Arab options. We had many common descriptors under the Christian American column. It was easy to complete that section, because it is based strictly on a persons religious beliefs. Since we are Americans, we are exposed to these beliefs on a daily basis. On the other hand, the only information we have access to regarding the Muslims and Arabs come from the media. Like many other humans, we believe that what we see on television is gospel. The media is the source for many of our prejudices in this country. We are only exposed to the negative aspects of what is going on in the world. On our surveys, we only agreed that both groups fit these descriptors: devout, law abiding, family oriented, good neighbors. I feel these are things that describe anyone and are based on human character, not race or religious beliefs. Therefore, the opinion given was one that most Americans would feel about each other. I felt that these things were true of the Muslim and Arab people: oppressive to women, sexist. These descriptors hold true for those same people who live in our community. It has something to do with their culture. Some of them have become truly Americanized. They believe that a womans place is beside her man, not behind him. I also thing that these things are not necessarily true about Christians: flexible moral values, law abiding and not oppressive to women. Some of the Christians use religion to dictate what a woman can or cannot do and try to quote from the bible. They have a tendency to break the law in the name of the Lord.