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Por uma perspetiva oriental da imprensa internacional

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piece of legislation against terrorists. But, he said the law shouldnt be misused by law-enforcement agencies.
Ler mais: PM seeks review of bill against terrorism (Dawn, 4 de outubro de 2013).

NDIA Brushing aside the Prime Minister's advice, HRD Minister Pallam Raju today decided to resign from the Cabinet opposing the decision to split Andhra Pradesh.
Ler mais: Pallam Raju to go ahead with resignation (The Statesman, 4 de outubro de 2013).


The stage has been set for the November 19 showdown. All the 124
political parties registered with the Election Commission (EC) on Thursday nominated their candidates who will contest the second Constituent Assembly election under the first-past-the-post poll system.
Ler mais: Poll fever takes off as leaders file nominations (The Kathmandu Post, 3 de outubro de 2013).


Parliamentarian Karu Jayasuriya has informed UNP leader Ranil

Wickremesinghe that he does not wish to accept the offer of a Working Committee position until various issues within the party were sorted out.
Ler mais: Karu wants all deserving UNPers appointed to WC (The Island, 3 de outubro de 2013).


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif asked his legal team on Thursday to review
the Anti-Terrorism (Third Amendment) Bill 2013 to make it an effective


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Bangladesh needs to grow rapidly through massive investment in infrastructure, skills development and trade logistics to become a middle income nation by 2021, the Asian Development Banks country head said.
Ler mais: Bangladesh in for a fast ride to mid-income status (The Daily Star, 4 de outubro de 2013).

Chinese President Xi Jinping showed no sign of bending to Southeast

Asian pressure to resolve increasingly irascible territorial disputes over the South China Sea on Thursday, simply repeating calls for dialogue.
Ler mais: China's Xi sidesteps SE Asia pressure over South China Sea disputes (The Star, 3 de outubro de 2013).



Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has told media that the Myanmar
has yet to see real economic progress as most people's living conditions have not improved.
Ler mais: Myanmar's economy yet to see real progress - Suu Kyi (Eleven Myanmar, 2 de outubro de 2013).

Indonesia will play a key role in China's drive to upgrade economic ties
with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, while great potential can be envisioned in China-Indonesia economic relations.
Ler mais: Indonesia key to upgrading China-ASEAN relations (China Daily, 3 de outubro de 2013).



Stronger constructive co-operation was needed to turn the waters in the

ASEAN region into an area of peace, security, safety and co-operation in the face of traditional and emerging challenges.
Ler mais: Viet Nam calls for peaceful waters (Vietnam News, 4 de Outubro de 2013).

North Korea lambasted South Korea's large-scale Armed Forces Day

parade as evidence of Seoul's hostility against it and said such provocations "will get them nowhere."
Ler mais: N. Korea slams Seoul's Armed Forces Day parade (The Korea Herald, 3 de outubro de 2013).



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Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi said Japan should abandon

nuclear power.
Ler mais: Koizumi calls for end to N-power (The Yomiuri Shimbun).

After months of strategic disregard of North Korea, the Obama

administration appears to be listing specific actions North Korea should take for the resumption of talks. ()The department official said North Korea will be a main agenda item, along with territorial disputes in the South China and East China seas as well as Syria and other pending global issues.
Ler mais: U.S. mulls conditions for talks with N. Korea (The Korea Herald, 3 de outubro de 2013).


US aircraft carrier USS George Washington has been conducting joint

military drills with the Republic of Korea (ROK) and Japan on the southern coast of the Korean Peninsula.
Ler mais: US, ROK, Japan conduct joint military drills (China Daily, 2 de outubro de 2013).


President Barack Obama canceled a trip to Asia next week because of

the government shutdown, the White House announced late Thursday. Obama had already shortened the trip from four countries to two. The White House announced earlier in the week that Obama would be unable to visit Malaysia and the Philippines because the partial shutdown of the federal government was impacting personnel needed to set up the stops.
Ler mais: Obama cancels Asia trip because of shutdown (The Nation, 4 de outubro de 2013).



and Japanese officials said Thursday they will position a second early-warning radar in Japan within the next year and deploy new longrange surveillance drones to help monitor disputed islands in the East China Sea by next spring, moves that may well raise tensions again with China.
Ler mais: US, Japan to deploy new radar, drones in next year (China Post, 3 de outubro de 2013).


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