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Overview of Semester Two

Assessment OBA - 60 questions = 20 % OSPE - 12 stations = 25 % AIR - 2 topics = 10 % Reflective writing = 5 % OSCE - 10 stations = stand alone CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM (CVS) MODULE Anatomy Functional anatomy of blood vessels Blood vessels of upper and lower limbs

Embryology Embryology of the heart Foetal circulation

Physiology Blood pressure variations and homeostasis Cardiac output and its regulation Vascular tone Heart sounds Cardiac cycle and rhytmn ECG Origin and spread of cardiac excitation

Pathology Artheroma and its complications Ischaemic heart diseases Diseases of artery & vein Myocardial infarction and angina pectoris Shock Hypertension

Valvular heart diseases Infective endocarditis Myocarditis / Pericarditis Congenital heart diseases Heart failure and oedema Rheumatic heart diseases

Pharmacology Lipid-lowering drugs Pharmacological agents in IHD Antiarhythmics Antihypertensives Drugs for heart failure

Community Medicine Ethics Confidentiality

RESPIRATORY SYSTEM MODULE Anatomy Lungs and airways Larynx and phonation Mediastinum and pleura

Embryology Development of the respiratory tract

Physiology Mechanics of breathing Pulmonary ventilation

Pathology Pneumonia

Allergic rhinitis and asthma COPD Benign and malignant neoplasia of URT Pulmonary vascular diseases Lung cancer Tuberculosis Acute breathlessness Common respiratory diseases in children Non-TB infections

Pharmacology Drugs for cough Anti-asthmatic drugs Anti-TB drugs

Microbiology Host-defence mechanisms Microbiology of Respiratory Tract Antibiotics

Community Medicine Occupational respiratory diseases TB

HAEMATOLOGY MODULE Haematology Principles of ABO blood group and Rh Blood products and transfusion Transfusion reactions Ethics of transplantation

Immunology Haemopoiesis I and II Immune response I and II B-lymphocytes and humoral immune response

Role of MHCHLA in immune response T cells activation and cell-mediated immune response Immunoglobins Immunological tolerance Antigen-antibody reactions Autoimmunity and hypersensitivity Immunodeficiency and HIV / AIDS

Pathology Anaemia Thalassaemia Haemoglobinopathies Acute and chronic leukemia Lymphoma Benign disorders of WBCs Myeloproliferative diseases / neoplasms

Pharmacology Haematinics

Parasitology Malaria Filariasis Viral haemorrhagic diseases

Community Medicine Prevention of vector-borne diseases