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Join the congregation as we hear from Shabbat Scholars at our
6:00 pm worship services. Continue learning at the Shabbat
dinner following services. All are welcome to attend services;
registration and fee required for dinners. See page 9 for
registration form.
Friday, October 25 at 6:00pm
The History of Jews and Chocolate
Shabbat Dinner and Chocolate Desserts to follow
Co-Sponsored by the Womens Connection
Rabbi Prinz currently serves the Central Conference of
American Rabbis as Director of Program and Member
Services and the Director of the Joint Commission on Rabbinic
Mentoring, having held a number of leadership positions in
the national and regional Reform movement.
Deborah R. Prinzs book, On the Chocolate Trail: A Delicious
Adventure Connecting Jews, Religions, History, Travel,
Rituals and Recipes to the Magic of Cacao is the foundation
of our evening program. This book stirs age-old passions
for chocolate and religion using information gathered from
travel in several countries, including Belgium, Egypt, England,
France, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland and the United
States. It spans several cultures, countries, centuries, and
religions, exploring how faith traditions share consumption,
ritual and business interests in chocolate. She was awarded
a Starkoff Fellowship and a Directors Fellowship from
the American Jewish Archives as well as a Gilder Lehrman
Fellowship from the Rockefeller Library to pursue this
As a Newark native, the Honorable Donald M. Payne, Jr., has
worked tirelessly as an advocate for New Jerseys working
families for over two decades, fighting to create jobs, increase
health and economic security, and invest in education. Sharing
many of the concerns of the Jewish Community, Congressman
Payne will share his thoughts following his recent trip to Israel.
Rabbi Deborah Prinz
Donald Payne, Jr.
Friday, November 1 at 7:30pm
Refections on a Visit to Israel
Oneg to follow
Leslie Josel will share innovative and out-
of-the-box tips, tools and techniques to
help students manage and organize their
schedules, schoolwork, and projects. She will also explore ways
for students to develop their own organization and time man-
agement strategies. Leslie Josel launched Order Out of Chaos
in 2004 after her son was diagnosed with a variety of learn-
ing differences. Her practice focuses on working with chronic
disorganization, relocation and downsizing services, as well as
coaching other women entrepreneurs. To RSVP contact Debi at
Leslie Josel
Tuesday, October 22 at
ABCs to Getting Your Student
Rabbi Daniel M. Cohen, D.Min.
Rabbi Ellie Lynn Miller, M.A.R.E.
Cantor Rebecca Moses
Cantor J oan Finn
Rabbi Emeritus, Harvey S. Goldman
Cantor Emeritus, Theodore Aronson
Lay Leadership
J ay Rice, President
Heidi Sussman, VP
Sue Wishnow, VP
Russell Kaplan, VP
Max Weisenfeld, VP
Gail Kanef, VP
J ennifer Larson, VP
Renee Helfenstein, VP
Craig Krandel, Treasurer
J anet Schwamm, Secretary
Leslie Y. Sporn, Executive Director
Carol Paster, Preschool Director
Mindy Schreff, Religious School Director
Tracy Horwitz, LSW, Program Director
Beth Sandweiss, MA, MSW
J FS Social Worker at TSTI
Sunny Seglin, Bulletin
Schedule of Services
Friday, October 4
Shabbat Service, 7:30 P.M.
Bass Sanctuary Building
Saturday, October 5
Minyan Service, 9:15 A.M.
Gross Bet Midrash
Bnai Mitzvah of J oseph Martel,
J oshua Burn and J ake Stern-Shock,
10:15 a.m.
Bat Mitzvah of Madeline Romanoff,
10:30 a.m.
Friday, October 11
Shabbat Service, 6:00 P.M.
Bass Sanctuary Building
Saturday, October 12
Minyan Service, 9:15 A.M.
Gross Bet Midrash
Bat Mitzvah of Sarah Wolff, 10:15 A.M.
Bat Mitzvah of Lexie Fox
Bat Mitzvah of Samantha Waldon,
10:30 A.M.
Friday, October 18
Shabbat Service with Temple Band,
7:30 P.M. followed by 3rd Grade
Awesome Oneg.
Bass Sanctuary Building
Saturday, October 19
Minyan Service, 9:15 A.M.
Gross Bet Midrash
Bnai Mitzvah of Isabelle Cotenoff,
J acob Tessler and Hannah Gross,
10:15 A.M.
Bat Mitzvah of Samantha Lu, 10:30 A.M.
Friday, October 25
Chaye Sara
Shabbat Service with Scholar
Rabbi Debbie Prinz: The History of J ews
and Chocolate, 6:00 P.M.
Bass Sanctuary Building
Saturday, October 26
Minyan Service, 9:15 A.M.
Gross Bet Midrash
Bnai Mitzvah of Elise Konicov and
J ason Talpalar, 10:15 A.M.
Bar Mitzvah of Ethan Stamm, 10:30 A.M.
Beginning the New Year with the mitzvah
of constructing the Temple Sukkah are
volunteers Steve Okinow, Todd Lurie and
his dad, Ed Lurie, Arthur Haas and his
son, Travis, and Jesse Bayer. Despite
fasting the previous day, they worked
together to set up this temporary structure
anticipating the joyous work of the families
that decorated it on Erev Sukkot.
Jay Rice, President
This year I invite you to be HERE more often. For your sake, for the sake of any chil-
dren or grandchildren in your life. For the sake of those who come HERE many years
from now.
Wishing you all a wonderful 5774!
But if there is one thing I would want each family to hear before decisions are made
about post Bnai Mitzvah involvement is the words of those kids who do graduate
from Hebrew High School. Each one of them would tell you that their experiences
going through the full religious school program was life changing and that they are
so thankful to have done it. Each would tell you that their time at TSTI was an oasis
away from the constant stress of school, sports and college angst. They would tell you
that the friends they made will be friends for life. And they would tell you that the
discussions they had with our rabbis, what they learned and what they taught each
other, have made them better persons, better Jews.
Yes, all the pieces are in place and my hope for this year is that many of our families
will take advantage of them.
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Sukkah Graces
Mansion Patio
The Presidents
Point of View
From the
Rabbis Study
Dear Friends,
It is hard to believe that by the time you
read this in the October bulletin the en-
tire Holy Day period, including Sukkot and Simchat Torah, will
be behind us. The Holy Days came early this year and posed a
huge challenge to the entire TSTI team- volunteer and staff. I
am so very grateful to all of them all of you for making
TSTI what it is.
At our first meeting of the Board of Trustees for this year TSTI
President Jay Rice asked each member of the Board to introduce
him or herself and to briefly share why they were there sitting
at the table and giving of themselves to make sure the TSTI
community is strong. The answers were varied, touching and
insightful. They made clear to me that we are truly fortunate to
have the volunteer leaders we have. After all, a synagogue is not
a building. It is the community of people who come together
in that space. Moreover, any synagogue community is only as
strong as the people who step forward to lead it. We are indeed
There was one answer that really struck me and I wanted to
share it with all of you. Longtime TSTI member Max Weisen-
feld, currently our VP of Finance AND a teacher in the Linda
and Rudy Slucker Religious School, answered Jays query with:
Im here so that here will be here when Im not here.
It is a response that is as profound as it is playful. And while it
needs no commentary I do want to offer some.
You see, Max and Gales commitment to our community has
been, in large part, a commitment to their children Mollie and
Eli. They have raised them here at TSTI. Both became bat and
bar mitzvah here. Both were Confirmed here. Mollie was a
leader of STISY, our Senior Youth Group before going to college
and Eli is currently on the STISY Board. For Max and Gale, TSTI
has been about their family. But Maxs response to Jays ques-
tion makes clear that this is only part of the picture for him.
He understands that we have inherited a sacred tradition and
need to do our part if it is to continue. He understands that we
are fortunate to have a synagogue as open and progressive as
TSTI and have a responsibility to make sure future generations
have a similar place to call home. He understands that Here
matters and only exists if we do our part to make and keep it
strong. He understands that if each of us does our part to make
this place a holy place it will enrich our lives and the lives of
those who follow us. And it will help ensure the presence of an
open, embracing, thoughtful and ever-evolving Reform Syna-
gogue at 432 Scotland Road in South Orange.
I am constantly amazed how the life of a child has become so
organized, demanding and pressure packed. From the earliest
of ages through high school children are jumping from one
activity to another. A soccer match an hour away from
home, a lesson with a tutor the moment a child arrives home
from school, band practice, dance the list goes on and on.
All of this makes the role of providing religious education and
social activity connected to Judaism all the more challenging.
We must fit our programming into the small amounts of time
one finds in a childs schedule, and make that programming
relevant and exciting so that the kids will want to come back.
We meet this challenge at TSTI through a combination
of dedicated and creative senior staff, an involved clergy
and great lay leadership. It begins in Preschool where our
incredible director, Carol Paster, her team of devoted staff
and teachers, and proactive lay leadership find new and
better ways to inspire the tots every day. It is no wonder that
our Preschool is thriving at a time when many Preschools are
Our Religious School has redefined itself over the last few
years under the leadership of its director, Mindy Schreff.
She leads an amazing group of teachers. And our Religious
School Board is hands on, committed to making our religious
education the best it can be. As our kids get to their high
school years, both Rabbi Cohen and Rabbi Miller are actively
involved in teaching. And, our youth program, STISY, ably lead
by our Program Director, Tracy Horwitz brings enjoyment and
meaning to being Jewish.
The point is that TSTI has all the pieces in place to educate,
inspire and enrich each child from toddler to high school
graduate. The question for each parent is whether your child
will benefit from all we offer.
The demands on the child and the parents only increase
as a child gets older. And many families just assume when
they begin the process that it comes to an end at Bar or Bat
Mitzvah. I have spoken to many families who tell me that
there just does not seem to be enough time for a kid to go
through confirmation, or Hebrew high school, or to be
involved in STISY, when there is so much to do. I understand
this completely. I lived it not too many years ago.
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(cont. on page 2)
Linda and Rudy Slucker
Religious School
Mindy Schref
Religious School Director
And on
that Note . . .
Carol Paster
Preschool Director
In Psalms we are commanded to Shiru LAdonai shir chadash,
Sing unto God, sing a new song!

In just a few short weeks we will be putting that commandment
into practice as we welcome our new Temple band to services
on October 18! While very few of the songs we will be singing
will be entirely new we will certainly be singing them in a new
way. For several months now our intrepid band of musicians
has been rehearsing. They have been polishing their playing of
old favorites and working on learning songs that will quickly
become new favorites.

While we have had a great time playing together there has been
something missing. YOU! We cant wait to share what weve
been working on with you and your family. Please make plans
to come and celebrate Shabbat with us at services on October
18. Bring your kids, bring your friends, bring your voices to
sing along! Its going to be great time.

Youth choir: starting Oct. 6 rehearsing from 11:30 to
12 in the sanctuary on Sunday.
Adult choir: starting October 13 on Sundays rehears-
ing from 12-1 in the sanctuary.
The first chapter of Genesis teaches us that we are all created
Beztelem Elohim, in the image of God. Each of us has our own
personal view about God, our own way of talking to God and
our own way of being that reflects how God wants us to be. We
are all created exactly as we are meant to be; our job is to em-
brace it so we can be our true selves. Each of us carries within
a divine spark that enables us to think and act in holy ways that
make us better people and in turn give us the ability to make the
world better holier. It is incumbent upon us to tap into the holi-
ness within ourselves and take action. This year one of our goals
at the Linda and Rudy Slucker Religious School is to help each
student find their holy spark so that they can treat others as Bet-
zelem Elohim. Holiness is a choice we make through actions we
perform not just revealed in how we pray to God and in what
we promise to others, but also in what we do as Gods partners
and in how we treat Gods creatures. (Rabbi Stephen Karol).
We contain holiness within, but we also bring holiness to those
we touch through our behavior.
This year, in addition to our food challenge where we do the
holy work of feeding others, I am challenging our students to
let the teachers and me observe them treating others Betzelem
Elohim: treating someone kindly when they need it, helping
to clean up a classroom without being asked. I know they will
think of other ways. We will be taking down the promises on the
promise tree and scatter them so that the promises are spread
around our community. The tree that held the promises is go-
ing to become our Beztelem Elohim tree..each time we catch
someone doing Gods work, their name will be added to the tree.
I look forward to watching it fill!
tempers to rule the day, I saw teachers help each other move
furniture so as not to overburden custodial staff. I saw custodial
staff rally as a team to make sure teachers could get into their
classrooms as quickly as possible. I saw teachers helping with
some of the tedious office jobs to enable my assistant to meet
important deadlines.
I was just so proud of this team I had assembled. I was proud
of their kindness to each other and their true understanding of
what it is to be an important part of a community. I am proud
to work side by side with the custodians who watch out for my
staff and who watch out for each other. Im proud to have an
assistant who will jump in wherever and whenever needed,
whether it means going to the grocery store, covering a class, or
attending a professional workshop on her day off. We truly are
building community in the preschool wing.
Now Im not trying to compare myself to Gods creation of
the world and all that is in it, but for a few minutes on a busy
September morning I took a good long look at what I had helped
to create and I saw that it was good. It was very good. And
thats when the goose bumps and welled-up eyes hit me.
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A Thought
to Share
The Iris Family
(cont. on page 4)
I had an unusual experience this fall as my preschool teachers
were readying their classrooms for the school year. Literally,
goose bumps formed on my arms and tears welled up in my takes a lot to do either one for me, let alone both at
Let me set the stage. As you know, the High Holy Days came
early in September, right after Labor Day, making it difficult
to set up classrooms. Camp had just ended, custodians were
anxiously awaiting the end of summer programs so they could
strip down, scrub, repair, paint, and reset the classrooms and
hallways before parents brought their children in to see their
new school space. So much to accomplish and so little time to
complete the very long to-do list.
To add to the chaos, this year there have been a few changes
in teams of teachers. Normally these new teams would spend
weeks discussing teaching styles, getting to know each other
and planning curriculum. Due to the fact that we were still
registering new children until the day school opened, it was
difficult to create new teams as the changes in staff were made
during the last weeks of August, a time when most teachers
were on vacation. As if these difficulties were not enough,
add into the mix the fact that our own summer camp ran a
full week longer than other years and the Y Camp that shares
our space was still in session until Labor Day. Just 2 days
before school opened my teachers had some weighty training
topics to consider. Sitting through 3-4 hours of lecture about
sensory integration, developmental delays and techniques and
strategies to support all learners is a bit intense for a gorgeous
early Sunday morning. Im sure theyd all have preferred to
be somewhere else, but they laughed, they learned and they
shared. Quite the amazing feat for a group of 34 women.
Room set-up which would normally take a week or two had
to be done in 2 days. Teachers happily shared, swapped and
schlepped furniture and toys from one room to another.
Furniture built for 4-year-olds was no longer appropriate for
the 3-year-olds who would now be using the room. Tables
that had been in the same room for years had suddenly gone
missing. Beanbag chairs were nowhere to be found. While
mildly disconcerting, we all knew that the missing items would
eventually show up somewhere in the building.
This situation which had all the makings of a perfect storm,
wound up being magical. When I expected chaos and short
The High Holy Days are a special time at TSTI. The building is
bustling with people. The seats in the sanctuary and ballroom
are full. There is excitement in the air and a happy feeling that
comes with celebrating the start of the New Year. We build a
great Sukkah that our students decorate and conclude the High
Holy Days with Simchat Torah, as we dance with the Torahs and
read the last and first words once again. After a month packed
with holidays, I am exhausted yet feel a bit sad because we cant
anticipate the next holiday for well over a month. The Hebrew
month of Cheshvan is often referred to as Mar Cheshvan or
bitter Cheshvan because it is the only Jewish calendar month
that contains no holidays at all.
Perhaps there is some wisdom in having a month with no
holidays at all. We know that too much of a good thing can be
too much. When we have too much of something, it is easy to
forget how important that something can be. When we have too
much of something it is easy to lack appreciation for it. Perhaps
after our most festive month in the Jewish calendar, we need a
break and a bit of time to rest so that when Chanukah comes we
can be ready to celebrate with renewed energy and excitement.
This year as you begin to think about Chanukah, I invite you to
join me for a Back to the Basics class. This class is a perfect
opportunity to refresh ones memory or learn for the first
time the history and meaning of Chanukah. We will discuss
customs and traditions, and ways to make the holiday personally
meaningful. This class is part of our Back to the Basics series
that promises to be an easy way to feel more comfortable with
our holidays and with our worship. Please mark your calendars;
I would love to see you there!
Wednesday, October 30, 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Back to the Basics: Prayer
Sunday, November 24, 9:00am -11:30am
Back to the Basics: Chanukah
Sunday, March 23, 9:00am -11:30am
Back to the Basics: Passover
Our Bnai Mitzvah
Joshua Francis Burn
October 5, 2013
Josh is the son of Cheryl and Elliot Burn, broth-
er of Sarah, and grandson of Murray Burn.
Mitzvah Project: Josh volunteers with the
Friendship Circle helping children with special
Joseph Zachery Martel
October 5, 2013
Joe is the son of Judith Rubashkin and Jeffrey
Martel, brother of Rachel and Erin, and grand-
son of Lillian and Sidney Martel and Charlotte
and Martin Rubashkin.
Mitzvah Project: Joe tutored children in a com-
munity center in Newark.
Madeline Jade Romanof
October 5, 2013
Maddie is the daughter of Wendy and Sean
Romanoff, sister of Devin, and granddaughter
of Ruth and Alan Herschman, Pat Gordon and
Ivan Romanoff.
Mitzvah Project: Maddie is working as a peer
mentor to help kids cope with learning differ-
Jake Stern-Shock
October 5, 2013
Jake is the son of Emily Stern and David Shock,
brother of Rebecca, and grandson of Joanne
and Bill Stern and Nadine and Ernest Shock.
Mitzvah Project: Jake is volunteering with the
Interfaith Food Pantry and plans to continue
after his bar mitzvah.
Lexie Sabrina Fox
October 12, 2013
Lexie is the daughter of Tracy and Marty Fox,
sister of Slater, and granddaughter of Judy
Mitzvah Project: Through the Interfaith Hospi-
tality Network, Lexie helped serve dinner and
played with children at temporary homeless
Samantha Elle Waldon
October 12, 2013
Samantha is the daughter of Christina and
Brian Waldon, sister of Jack and Sydney, and
granddaughter of Maita and Jeff Waldon and
Conni Wheeler.
Mitzvah Project: Samantha volunteers at Cere-
bral Palsy North Jersey Horizon School, reading,
playing and enjoying music and friendship with
the children there.
Sarah Weiss Wolf
October 12, 2013
Sarah is the daughter of Jennifer Weiss-Wolf
and Alan Wolf, sister of Nathaniel and
Rebecca, and granddaughter of Stephen
Weiss, Rachelle Weiss, Irwin and Nina Wolf.
Mitzvah Project: Sarah paired with a Holo-
caust survivor through the MetroWest Twin
With A Survivor Program.
Hannah Elizabeth Gross
October 19, 2013
Hannah is the daughter of Canty and Jason
Gross, sister of Lindsay, and granddaughter
of Phyllis and Steven Gross and Ernesto
Mitzvah Project: Hannah raised money
through a bake sale to support New Jersey Y
Samantha Cohen Lu
October 19, 2013
Samantha is the daughter of Andrea Cohen
and Johnson Lu.
Mitzvah Project: For over two years, Samantha
has volunteered at the Interfaith Food Pantry
of the Oranges.
Isabelle Blu Cotenof
October 19, 2013
Izzy is the daughter of Lili Brillstein and Scott
Cotenoff, sister of Jason, and granddaughter
of Ellen Cotenoff.
Mitzvah Project: Izzy is working to establish
lending libraries in communities where people
do not have access to books.
Jacob Nathan Tessler
October 19, 2013
Jake is the son of Paula and David Tessler,
brother of Sarah, and grandson of Ruthann
and Herb Fish, Robert Tessler and Linda
Mitzvah Project: Jake volunteered at the
Friendship Circles Cooking Circle and Soccer
Circle and helped with a special needs music
class in Livingston.
Ethan Bernard Stamm
October 26, 2013
Ethan is the son of Lisa and David Stamm,
brother of Charlie, and grandson of Elayne
and Steve Stamm and Patti and Steve Norwitz.
Mitzvah Project: Ethan volunteered at Project
Sunshine, making craft kits for children in the
Thank You for Extending
Good Wishes for the New Year
Through the Womens Connection
Renaissance Group
The Womens
We have a most exciting year planned for you, as you can see
by the information sent to all Renaissance members earlier this
summer, so be sure to get your dues to Dan Goldberg as soon as

Renaissance Group begins the 2013-2014 season with our
Paid-Up Member Luncheon on Sunday, October 6 at 12:45 PM
in the Ballroom. Renaissance members coming to lunch, RSVP
to Following lunch, we are thrilled to
introduce a speaker who, we promise you, will capture your
attention. Please see the information below.
The Renaissance Group
and The Israel Involvement Committee
Invite all Temple Members:
The Geo Political Situation in Israel
and Terrorism
Sunday, October 6 at 2:00 PM
Our speaker, a former Lieutenant of the IDF Special Forces, will
share his unique perspective on the current geopolitical situa-
tion and its impact on Israel. Although honorably discharged in
2001, he still serves in the Reserves, ready to assist if needed.
He attended and graduated from Kean University and will
always have that connection with New Jersey. He will focus his
talk on security threats and terrorism, including:
* Israels threats from Sinai and Egypt.
* The triangle threat posed by Iran, Syria and Hezbollah.
* Todays situation in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
Non-Renaissance members, RSVP to for the
2:00 PM program. Coffee and cake will be served.
Elise Marie Konicov
October 26, 2013
Elise is the daughter of Judy and Howard
Konicov, sister of Jacob, and granddaughter of
Linda Weiss and Shirley Konicov.
Mitzvah Project: Elise is raising money for an
animal shelter in Maplewood.
Jason Daniel Talpalar
October 26, 2013
Jason is the son of Cheryl and Alan Talpalar,
brother of Jacquelyn, Adam and David, and
grandson of Esther Singer and Beverly and Jay
Mitzvah Project: Jason volunteers at New Eyes
in Short Hills where he sorts and packages
eyeglasses for worldwide distribution.
Our Bnai Mitzvah
Peggy & Alan Barnett & Family
Kevin & Gail Barry & Family
Andrea & David Baum & Family
Jesse & Leslie Bayer & Family
The Bernstein-Donald Family
Annette Block Berger
Susan Brand & Family
Amy & Chris Connelly & Family
Becca & Rob Cossin
Deborah & Dan Duane & Family
Shelley & Isadore Frankel & Family
Bobbe & Vernon Futterman
Amy & Richard Giles & Family
Gerry & Marvin Gould
Harriet Grossman
Harriet Hirschmann
The Horowitz Family
The Womens Connection of TSTI invites you to join us for a
Night in the Shuk
Thursday, October 10, 7:00-9:00 PM
The evening will feature a guided wine tasting of select Israeli
vintages with a professional wine educator, accompanied by a
sampling of tasty treats. For your shopping enjoyment, vendors
will be selling Israeli handicrafts including jewelry and
housewares. This fun and festive night is included in your
Womens Connection membership for the year ($36); $20 for
non-members and guests. RSVP to Lisa Levine at or Melissa Robinson at by October 1.
Fleurette Katz
Susan & Sanford Kimmel & Family
The Lautenberg Family
Dr. Harold & Annette Littman
Wendy Ferber & Andy Nadel & Family
Hope Pomerantz
Steven Pomerantz & Family
The Probber Family
Allan Rosen & Family
Linda & Joel Scharf
Sunny & Mark Seglin
Elly & Larry Silverstein & Family
Cindy & Mike Sonnabend & Family
Marcia Weinstein
Frankie & Martin Weiss
The Weissenberg Family
Marilyn & Larry White & Family
Sue & David Wishnow & Family
Gert & Arnold Zoref
Contributions in memory of loved ones and in honor of the
simchas in our lives are acts of loving kindness.
We are grateful for your generous support of Temple through
various Temple Funds.
In Memoriam
May their memories
be for a blessing
Tree of Life
Each leaf on the Tree of
Life symbolizes a joyous
moment in the life of our
membership. Celebrate an
anniversay, birthday, bar
or bat mitzvah or wedding
with this special tribute.
Leaves are $180. Contact
Mimi Braun at mimi- for
more information.
Ruth Weinberg
Ruth & Leonard Rotenberg
Mel Reinhart
Miriam & Allen Payson
Chickie Rosenberg, wife of Paul
J ay & Ellen Rice
Helene & J ack Fersko
Helaine Quint, sister of Marty Weiss
Gert & Arnold Zoref
Linda & J oel Scharf
Florence Kaplan
Marriage of Eric Sunberg and J en Marks
Ellen & J ay Rice
Helene & J ack Fersko
Howard Yablon, husband of Lorraine
Allen & Miriam Payson
George J ohnson, stepfather of Cindy
Sue & J ules Nissim
Helaine Quint, sister of Marty Weiss
Florence Kaplan
Sylvia Danzig, mother of Marilyn Green
Robin Shimel-Binns
Stuart Friedman, husband of Enid
Lorraine Morgen Yablon
Helaine Quint, sister of Marty Weiss
Pauline Pollack
Howard Yablon, husband of Lorraine
J anet & William Perlman
Helaine Quint, sister of Marty Weiss
The Renaissance Group
Chickie Rosenberg, wife of Paul
Cheryl & Lee Weinberg
Larry Brodey
Andrew & Wendy J acobs
Ruth Weinberg
Annette & Harold Littman
Chickie Rosenberg, wife of Paul
Annette & Harold Littman
Roslyn Giles, mother of Richard Giles
Steven Pomerantz
J ane Brick
Bonnie Garely
J esse & Leslie Bayer
Chickie Rosenberg, wife of Paul
Rudy & Linda Slucker
Neil Brands father
Elliot Sommer & Sydne Marshall
Richard & Sally Miller family loss
Robin Kahn & Scott Miller
Brother of Trudi Wagmeister
Robin Kahn
The marriage of Ken & Mimi Heymans
Elliot Sommer & Sydne Marshall
Granddaughter of Alice & Sid Forman
J esse & Leslie Bayer
Mother of Marilyn Green
Grandmother of Staci Pereira
Grandmother of
Jennifer Rothman
Son of Bob Pfeifer
Sister of Marty Weiss
Mother of Carol Welsch
Husband of Renee Spelman
All in the Family.
Mazel tov to:
Barbara and John
Robinton on the marriage
of their son, Andrew, to
Mikey Besch.
Lori and Mark Rosen on
the marriage of their son,
J ustin, to Peggy Sandrich.
Barbara and David Stoller
on the engagement of their
daughter, J essica, to Daniel
Frank Davis on the mar-
riage of his granddaughter,
J amie Forman, to Stu
Spiritual Drumming and Meditation
Tuesdays: October 15, 22, 29 and November 5 at 7:00pm
Facilitated by Cantor Ted Aronson
Through drumming and chanting and utilizing Jewish sources, this course will explore issues of
mindfulness and being present with ourselves. Mindfulness or focused awareness, supports
emotional regulation, reduces stress and anxiety. To RSVP contact Tracy at
Loved Ones Remembered
Sol Alpert
Remembered by
Stan Alpert
Harold Aronson
Remembered by
J onathan Aronson
Irving Bayer
Remembered by
J esse Bayer
Dorothy Lebson
Remembered by
Allen Bildner
Helen Landesberg
Remembered by
Ellen Blake
Anita Bockstein
Remembered by
Robert Boyle
Sol Silverman
Remembered by
Mimi Braun
Mildred Nussbaum
Remembered by
Allen Chirls
Natalie Cohen
Remembered by
Thomas Cohen
Milton Decter
Remembered by
Edward Decter
William Druin
Remembered by
Melvin Druin
Fran Weisberger
Remembered by
Carol Eckenthal
Irving Schnider
Remembered by
Harriet Felper
Samuel Goldstein
Remembered by
Roslyn Fink
Tillie Handshuh
Remembered by
Bonnie Garely
Arthur Gittes
Remembered by
Franklin Gittes
Benjamin Glick
William Caproff
Elizabeth Caproff
J eanne Kramer
Carol Ezring
Abraham Stein
Mickey Stein
Remembered by
J udith Glick
J ules Gold
Remembered by
Edward Gold
Emanuel Klein
Remembered by
Marilyn Goldberg
Andrew Lander
Remembered by
Ivy Hausman
Bernard Shurkin
Remembered by
Kenneth & Miriam
Rachael Greenberg
Remembered by
Estelle Hollaender
Morris J acobs
Israel Henig
Remembered by
Andrew & Wendy
J acobs
Lillie Cohen
Arnold J acobs
Remembered by
Alva J acobs
Mildred J acobson
Remembered by
Robert J acobson
J oan J ones
Remembered by
Robert J ones
Anna Becker
Remembered by
Florence Kaplan
Hyman Kaplowitz
Remembered by
Stewart Kaplowitz
Miriam Price
Bessie Krakowsky
Remembered by
Malvina Krane
Irving Krieger
Remembered by
Marjorie Krieger
Fannie Kruvant
Remembered by
Yvette Kruvant
Rose Lainer
Remembered by
Sanford Lainer
Philip Leit
Remembered by
David Leit
Rose Leiwant
Harold Kaplan
Remembered by
Irene Leiwant
Louis Levy
Remembered by
Arthur Levy
Ida Stein
Remembered by
Annette Littman
Sandi Miller
Remembered by
Scott Miller
Shirley Mindlin
Remembered by
Ivy Mindlin-Epstein
Stephen Mohr
Remembered by
Marilyn Mohr
Rose Drexler
Remembered by
Betty Movitz
Richard Crone
Remembered by
Susan Norus
William Ostroff
Remembered by
Gregg Ostroff
Larry Podell
Remembered by
Craig Podell
Shirley Presby
Remembered by
J . Thomas Presby
J acob Rosen
Remembered by
Allan Rosen
Minnie Yutkowitz
Remembered by
J oan Rosenthal
Matthew Wiederkehr
Remembered by
J ennifer Rothberg
Harold Safris
Remembered by
Michael Safris
Ned Dolgins
Remembered by
Deanna Schey
Nathan Solomon
Remembered by
Robert Solomon
Nettie Sklar
Remembered by
Doris Spector
Louis Salowe
Remembered by
Phyllis Salowe-Kaye
Frank Shapiro
Remembered by
Stanley Shapiro
Charles Shimel
Shirley Fifer
Remembered by
Robin Shimel-Binns
Gail Munson
Remembered by
Marjorie Solomon
Estelle Schaffran
Remembered by
Alan Sorrell
Irvin Yagoda
Remembered by
Leslie Sporn
Abraham Steinhauer
Remembered by
William Steinhauer
Irving Cohen
Remembered by
Iris Swimmer
Laura Atlas Taffet
Remembered by
Mark Taffet
J erome Horowitz
Remembered by
J erome Tuttle
Marvin Werblin
Remembered by
Irma Urdang
Bernard Wasser
Remembered by
Hollie Wasser-Gibbons
Meyer Schumitsky
Remembered by
Adrienne Wasserman-
Herman Schlenger
Remembered by
Marjorie Weil
Therese Kronowitz
Remembered by
Cheryl Weinberg
Sylvia Silverman
Remembered by
Marcia Weinstein
Florence Weintraub
Remembered by
Stephen Weintraub
Henry Aronson
Remembered by
J ennifer Weisberger
Gertrude Weiss
Bernard Grushkin
Nancy Weiss Apple
Remembered by
Frankie & Martin Weiss
Sam Morgenstern
Remembered by
Lorraine Yablon
Alice Rosenberg
George Zoref
Remembered by
Gertrude & Arnold
Al Rabin
Norman Lynn
Betty & Neal Schell
Ruth & Joe Lynn
Rose Lynn
Remembered by:
Nancy & Gary Lynn
Celia Shar
Simon Shar
Audrey Shar Bloom
Sig Ziemke
Max Karpin
Rae Hyden
Jack Pekar
Sallie Ziemke
Remembered by:
Marilyn Ziemke
Philip & Shirley Solomon
Remembered by:
Amy Solomon
Steven Solomon
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*Graveside/SOP package includes professional charges, preparation, and local transportation. Does not include casket, vault, shroud and cash disbursements such as cemetery fees, death certificates, gratuities. Request our general price list. Call for details.
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Up to a $500 donation back to Temple
Sharey Tefilo-Israel from each funeral.
In home and at need arrangements
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The Apter family returns
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ano N. Lnlon Countlcs
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both your individuality and compassionate caring for those you love.
Our professional team will work closely with you to ensure that your
arrangements reect your wishes and nancial situation. Both funded
and unfunded pre-funeral planning are available. Like estate planning,
it is a responsible decision that makes nancial sense.
In your time of need, we are here.
To request our Pre-planning Kit,
contact us at 908-964-1500.
Independently Owned
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