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Exceptional Care in an Exceptional Setting

Silver Hill Hospital is an academic affiliate of Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry.


Treatment for Chronic Pain and Co-Occurring Disorders at Silver Hill Hospital Silver Hill Hospital is an independent, not-for-profit psychiatric hospital and one of the few such designated facilities in the country. Known for our compassionate and individualized approach to treat ment, Silver Hill Hospital has been restoring mental health since 1931. Comprehensive psychiatric and addiction treatment services are provided in a team approach: highly qualified psychiatrists work closely with specialized nurses, social workers and other caregivers. Our staff is truly devoted to providing empathetic care for each patient and support for the family. Our beautiful setting a 42-acre country campus in New Canaan, Connecticut creates a warm, homelike environment that is further conducive to the healing process.

The Chronic Pain and Recovery Center is designed for individuals with a chronic pain syndrome that may include chemical dependence or abuse, depression and anxiety, social isolation, deconditioning of muscles, weight fluctuation, and sleep disturbance, all in addition to physical pain.

The goals of the Chronic Pain and Recovery Center are to help each patient reduce distress related to chronic pain and associated conditions, improve function in valued activities, and engage in a life full of meaning and purpose.

Outpatient Evaluations, Inpatient, Transitional Living Program, Aftercare Program The Chronic Pain and Recovery Center is a unique program that addresses the whole person, integrating biopsychosocial treatments to help each patient recover from chronic pain and associated mental health or substance use disorders that may be present. Treatment is comprehensive and individualized to meet the needs of each patient, including carefully tailored decision-making regarding withdrawal, continuation or revision of pain medications. The program begins with a thorough outpatient evaluation by the clinical team. The evaluation generates detailed clinical impressions and recommendations for care. Patients may subsequently be admitted to one of our inpatient units for further assessment, medication management and stabilization.

Patricia Regnemer Main House

The next phase of treatment is the Transitional Living Program. Patients reside on campus and engage in recovery and rehabilitation activities including physical reconditioning, exploration of the biological, psychological and social dimensions of their illness, and learn skills to manage pain and recovery. The length of stay for this phase of treatment is 4 weeks, and some patients extend their treatment beyond this minimum. This program is self-pay a small portion of the program may be covered by insurance. Our staff will help you determine if you have this benefit. Workers compensation may also provide coverage for this program.

Structured 14-hour daily schedule Group therapy, including insight, skills and process groups Educational sessions on the psychobiology of pain, mood, substance use and other relevant topics Supervised Physical and Aquatic Therapies Psychopharmacology Mindfulness-based stress reduction Nutritional consultation, when clinically indicated Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Twelve-Step work

Each morning, patients attend a community meeting to develop treatment goals for the day and participate in a meditation exercise. Following the morning meeting, patients engage in supervised and individualized physical and aquatic exercise appropriate to their conditions. After lunch, patients participate in a series of clinical groups that integrate cognitive behavioral therapy, education on pain management and substance use, mindfulness-based stress reduction and skills training to learn how to manage life with greater health and happiness. In the evening, patients participate in Chronic Pain Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous groups, followed by a period of shared reflections on the day.


Pain specialist physicians Psychiatrist Psychologists Doctoral-level Physical Therapist Registered Nurses Social Worker Physical Therapy Assistants Art Therapist Dietitian Residential Counselors

Patients reside in Main House and attend groups in the newly renovated Martin Center.

Chronic Pain and Recovery Center Group Room

Chronic pain and associated mental health and substance use problems can profoundly affect not only the individual, but their families as well. Family members and significant others are encouraged to attend and participate in a day-long family program to learn about the treatment of pain and other challenges that commonly accompany it. The program includes education about relapse prevention and aftercare strategies, communication strategies, conflict resolution and the opportunity to dialogue with other families in similar situations.

The Aftercare Program is a unique, elective, yearlong outpatient program open to graduates of the Transitional Living Program. Patients return to the hospital regularly to sustain and advance the gains made during the course of treatment. Exercise routines can be modified, a support network with current and aftercare patients is built, and emergent problems are addressed with patients, their families, and their community clinicians. In addition, Silver Hill Hospital offers a Recovery Support and Follow-up Service whose goals are to facilitate a smooth transition from treatment to recovery and to increase the likelihood of continued recovery during the first critical year. We accomplish this through an enhanced process of communication that supports the patient in his/her efforts to manage pain, cultivate recovery and nurture a rich quality of life.


A complete psychiatric hospital focused solely on diagnosis and treatment Expertise and experience in treating psychiatric, addiction and co-occurring disorders Extensive range of specialized treatment programs An experienced, licensed staff and a high staff-to-patient ratio Extensive family involvement and support Commitment to quality and patient safety Physical environment that supports recovery Six Residential Transitional Living Programs Addiction Disorders Adolescent Dialectical Behavior Therapy Chronic Pain and Recovery Co-Occurring Disorders Dialectical Behavior Therapy Persistent Psychiatric Disorders

Our program addresses the whole person and fully integrates treatment for chronic pain and co-occurring disorders. Treatment is comprehensive and individualized to meet the needs of each patient.

Silver Hill Hospital is licensed by the State of Connecticut and accredited by the Joint Commission.

To begin the admissions process, please call 800 899-4455, ext. 4 to speak with one of our admissions clinicians. We will complete an intake and also collect demographic and insurance information. Once completed, the patient will be scheduled for an admission assessment.

Silver Hill Hospital 208 Valley Road New Canaan, CT 06840 Toll free 800 899-4455 Admissions ext. 4 Admissions Fax 203 801-3451 or 203 966-1075