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The Level of Awareness on Consumer Rights in Bangladesh: The case of Sylhet

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Fatema Tuz Zohora Mohammad Hussain

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Research Question

What can be done to protect consumer rights in Bangladesh?

Objectives of the Study

To measure the awareness level of consumer regarding the consumer rights.

To find out the ways to increase the awareness of consumer rights among the consumers.

Contribution of the Study



Media awareness
Publisher Organization


Right to Basic Needs

Right to Safety
Right to Information

Right to Choose
Right to Representation

Right to Redress
Right to Consumer Education Right to a Healthy Environment

Present Status of the Consumer rights in Bangladesh

Control of Essential Commodities Act 1956

Pure Food Ordinance 1959

Standard of Weights and Measures Ordinance 1982

Drug Control Ordinance 1981 and 1982 Breast Milk Substitutes (Regulation of Marketing) Ordinance 1984 and 1989, Standard and Testing Institution Ordinance 1985 and 1988

Research design

Exploratory research

Conclusive research

Qualitative data

Descriptive research

Cross sectional design

Single cross sectional design

Findings & Analysis

Reasons of unawareness regarding consumer rights

Government does not play adequate roles for creating awareness about consumer rights. Failure of media sources to provide essential information and effective advertisements regarding consumer rights. Due to the lack of access to education. Consumers ignorance against obtaining knowledge about consumer rights.

Ways of increasing awareness among the consumers

More mobile courts are needed.
Manpower or force of the law enforcing agencies should be increased.

Number of Lab & technical supports should be increased.

Consumers unity is required.

For the Government For the Organizations

The government should be more attentive to raise the awareness level of consumers rights.

Their activities increased .



Punishment for any deprivation made to consumers rights by any business or businessmen or syndicate.

Frequent discussion enhanced.

meetings of must

and be

For the Mass Media For the Consumers

Mass media can inject a sense of awareness among consumers through effective programs.

Consumers must be conscious towards their rights.

Mass media should publish how to take remedy of any sorts of violation of consumers rights.

They should seek for punishment and compensation if their rights are abused.