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The marketing is considered as the lifeblood of virtually all feasibility studies for the extent of the data and information gathering because the succeeding aspects depend largely on it. This serves as the basis of the financial section through the projected demand. This chapter presents the demand and supply situations and seeks the probable market for the product. It aims to determine the demand for the product; the price of the product; the supply situation, the competition problem, and the marketing strategies of the business. The essence of marketing is that it is a transaction. It is an exchange that is intended to satisfy human needs and wants. Marketing occurs every time in a social unit, either a person, o organization, strives to exchange something of value another. Broadly defines; marketing consists all the activities designed to generate and facilitate any exchange with the intent to satisfy human needs and wants. Marketing is human activity directed towards satisfying needs and wants through the exchange process. Marketing can also be defined as to a total system of business activities that include planning, selling, distributing, and promoting products, services and ideas to consumers to achieve organizational objectives. The whole exchange process starts with the firm determining needs and wants of its prospective customers.

Objective of the Study

The main objective of the study is to determine the sustainability of supplies and to determine the productivity of the establishment in terms of production and the demand and price of the product as well. Combine the two for Objective of the study

Site Analysis The legendary story goes that even when Dinalupihan was still a barrio of Hermosa, its people manifested a fighting instinct which served them well in the development of their community and in their defense against alien invaders and local criminals. The place got so famous for its fighting spirit that it came to be known as "dinalupigan" or not conquered. The name "Di-nalupigan" stuck, but as luck would have it, the letter "g" was inadvertently changed to "h" during the registration of its name. Thus, the town with a fighting heart is now known as Dinalupihan. But whether it is "Di-nalupigan" or Dinalupihan, history is witness to how the residents fought like tigers during the Spanish revolution of 1896 and during the Japanese invasion. Records show that Dinalupihan was risen into parish in 1856 and place under the patronage of San Juan Bautista The town of Dinalupihan gradually rose to heights. It now hosts provincial government offices of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), NIA, Pag-ibig Fund and the Government Service Insurance (GSIS) that serves Bataan and Zambales public employees. They also have sports facilities like an Olympic size swimming pool, track and field, and a covered basketball court that have been venues for sporting events like the Palarong Pambansa and the CLRAA Meet. A civic center where nationally acclaimed

production outfits have showed great stage plays is also in this town as well as the Dinalupihan oval. There are a lot of reasons why the proponents choose San Ramon Dinalupihan, Bataan as their site. First, it is visible to the people. It is also near to the schools and offices that the students, businesspersons can easily visit the place. It can also give a big exposure to the residence and near places.

Geographical Location Dinalupihan is a first class municipality in the province of Bataan, Philippines. It is the only land-locked municipality of the province. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 103,242 people. It has a total land area of 9,252.73 hectares representing 6.69% of the total land area of Bataan. The town of Dinalupihan is located in the northern tip of Bataan Peninsula, 24 kilometers from Balanga, which is the capital town. It is bounded on the north y Florida Blanca, Pampanga; on the East by Lubao, Pampanga; on the south by Hermosa, Bataan; on the west by Olongapo City. It is 120 kilometers from manila and 42 kilometers away from the regional center which is San Fernando, Pampanga.

Geographical Information of San Ramon, Dinalupihan Bataan

Title : San Ramon, Dinalupihan, Bataan, Central Luzon (Region III)

City : San Ramon

Region 3 : Dinalupihan

Region 2 : Bataan

Region 1 : Central Luzon (Region III)

Country : Philippines (PH)

Postcode (ZIP) : 2110

Language : English (EN)

Region Code (ISO2) : PH-BAN

Time Zone (TZ) : Asia/Manila

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) : UTC+8

Daylight Saving Time (DST) : No (N)

Topography The terrain of the municipality is gently sloping to undulating particularly the northern portion where in cultivated lands are located. Between the norhtern and southern fringes are areas moderately sloping to rolling land with some scatered steep heels.

Zoning Zoning is the division of community into zones or district (e.g. commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional, etc.). according to present and potential uses of land to maximize regulate and direct their use and development in accordance with the Comprehensive Land Use Plan of the community. It takes the form of a locally enacted ordinance. A complete and expert zoning analysis and zoning due diligence is required to be supported bu municipl documentation. Rural planners must rely on knowledge of geographing space when deciding how best to manage growth. As the cities of the world grow and more rural land is developed, ensuring smart growth and practical environmental management are necessary goals. Zoning laws dictate how a commercial site or property can be used or constructed. It allows governments to control the development of communities and ensure they are functional and safe places. It protects property values and ensures communities work in an orderly fashion. The sole focus and priority of this research, is to provide reliable site zoning analysis and compliance review in a timely manner. Hence, as a commercial area of the Municipality of Dinalupihan, zoned the area where the lot was situated.

Climatic Condition Dinalupihan enjoys generally pleasant climate which belongs to the first class climate in the philippines. Average temperature is 80% or 76%. The coldest months are December, January, and February. While the hottest months are April, and May. Humidity changes from 75-80%. There are two distinct seasons, the dry and the wet season. The dry is from March and June, while rainy season is from July to October. The intervining months of November to February are neither too dry or too wet. The rainy seaons begin with as much as 10-20 inches of rain day. The approximate annual rainfall is 98.9 inches. The most number of typhoons which occur will start during the month of August.

Soil types The soil cover of Dinalupihan, Bataan is generally classified into (5) major physiographic groupings. A full description of the relevant features of the preceding soil type is as follows; 1. La Paz silt loam - the 23 to 28 centimeter soil is light gray, gray to brownish, gray silt loam with a crumb structure. The subsoil, which revolves a depth of 60 to 70cm, is brownish, gray to grayish brown very fine sand slightly more compact than the surface soil. The substratum is brownish gray to gray fine to medium sand, porous and structure less. 2. La Paz Fine Sand this type covers 2.3% of the area of the province. The topography is nearly level to level and is only a few but above sea level. Because of the looseness and coarse texture and internal drainage are both good despite the more or less topography of

the area. Due to its light texture this soil is easily worked, but its water holding capacity is low. This soil is low in both ammonia Cal and initiate nitrogen, relatively high in phosphorus and moderate in potassium. 3. Culis loam developed under an undulating to gently rolling topography and at an elevation ranging from about 15 to 60 meters. The soil is susceptible to erosion. This soil is poorly suited to most crops because of its sticky and impervious clay subsoil. The feeding zone of the roots is shallow due to the thin surface soil, which averages only to 15cm in depth and the heavy subsoil restricts the penetration of the roots. 4. Antipolo Soil Undifferentiated this type occupies the rough and mountainous area of higher elevation that the Antipolo Clay. It is generally thinner and lighter textured. Included in this type are areas of storage, rock and rough characteristics. 5. Antipolo Clay on the higher elevation especially on the steep slopes the soil is shallower than in the gentler slopes, and lower elevations. In a few places of this type volcanic rock boulders are sometimes present in the lower subsoil and substratum. Because of its characteristic friability dispute its clayey nature, roots water and air penetrate the soil readily.

Traffic Counts Traffic counts measures the voulume of traffic, and the types of the types of vehicle passing on the way. This information can be gathered either by an automated tubeor manually.

The information gathered during traffic counts is used to determine the need for future capital improvement projects, traffic calming measures, signalization and intersection improvement or changes in traffic pattern. The proponents perform traffic counts on the day on the day they have suggested to. The traffic counts was conducted beteween 9:00am-9:00pm which is the opening and closing hours of the business.

No. of Vehicle Time Private 9:00 am 10:00 am 10:00 am 11:00 am 11:00 am 12:00 pm 12:00 pm 01:00 pm 01:00 pm 02:00 pm 02:00 pm 03:00 pm 03:00 pm 04:00 pm 04:00 pm 05:00 pm 05:00 pm 06:00 pm 06:00 pm 07:00 pm 07:00 pm 08:00 pm 08:00 pm 09:00 pm 394 401 454 446 420 470 502 512 510 500 479 401 Public 463 480 498 487 440 480 510 489 450 439 410 389

The Traffic count includes the number of public and private vehicle passing through the Food Express location. The number of vehicles is counted by hour. Public

vehicle includes Public Utility Vehicles, tricycles and the like. Private vehicles includes car, vans, and others.

General Market Description Customers make the market. These are the persons who buy goods and services and patronized them on on regular basis. They are the end users of a new product. Consumers buy what the company normally sell. When consumers purchaise a product, their decisions are essentially on their own. Customers are the very main reason why companies pursue new product development and differentiate their existing products and services. They are the focus of the of their business plans and programs, and programs and thrust of their strategies. Without them, companies have no reason to exist. The business doesnt depend on their own. They are dependent to the customers. The 2012 actual census on population conducted by the National Statistics Office, shows that the municipality of Dinalupihan, Bataan has a total population of 103, 242. For each barangay population, Barangay Roosevelt has the biggest population which has 9,840 followed by the Barangay New San Jose which has 6,137, followed by the Barangay Luacan which has 6,034, fourth is Barangay Pagalanggang and fifth is the Barangay San Ramon where our proposed establishment is located is composed of 3,784. Students, Employees, Teachers, workers and among others who wants to patronize our products and services are the business target market. Since the business is placed on a very accessible area near the university, hospital, and municipal hall, and business area; the proponents are confident that they will hit their target market. Current Market Demand Analysis

The Food Expresss target market is consist of employees, workers, students, and among others who are willing to experience the service and product offered in the establishment. The site is very in the vicinity of the universities, schools, public and private businesses and organizations and houses consequently, there is no need for broad advertisements. The proponents believe that the only thing they need to do business is to provide better products and service and everything follows. The number of the market is increasing and the need for faster and higher quality products and services are becoming more evident than ever before and the proponents has used this opportunity to take part in the global arena through the target market as their starting point.

Sources of Revenue The partners agreed and derived to contribute according to their shares; where each partners go halves to provide purchasing of tools and equipment to cope with the pre-opening expense such s taxes and licenses. Dula, Alyssa Marie will ask a loan at the Metro Bank from her fathers account. Puno, Febbelyn will ask a business loan on PAGIBIG fund. Lee, Rikel will ask a bankloan at the China Bank. Lumanlan, as well; will ask a bank loan at BDO.

Probable Competitors

Competitors are one of some reasons why people refuses to stand up new estblishments for they were taking the risk of threat that they will not be patronized by the customers due to the high competition in the area. In the study conducted by the proponents, they have found out that there are loads of food establishment existing in in the area, but they are accertain that the business they take up will flourish because it will hit its target market. And because the business is located in a very feasible area, the proponents are convinced that it will be accesible for everybody. Plus the fact that the business offers good quality products, and well maintained services at a low cost. The competitors among the vicinity of Dinalupihan is stated below: Mang inasal. A specialty restaurant offering grilled chiken and other filipino food. Jolibee. A fastfood restaurant that serves to be the childrens choice because of their menu and well known products such as fried chicken and spaghetti. Chowking. A chinese restaurant beside Mang Inasal. Teejays Tapsi. A tapsihan beside BPMC Buleilei. An eatery offering special goto and lomi from Batangas Kring krings. A long time eatery offering different dishes and providing catering programs. Lutuan sa Kawali. An eatery infront of Seven Eleven. Aling Nenes lechon. An eatery offering lechon as their specialty but offers eat-all-youcan. Prince Tapsa Avenue. An eatery which caters tapsilog and other viands.

Calendar of Activities for Marketing Strategies

J u Activities n

J u l

A u g

S e p

O c t

N o v

D e c

J a n

F e b

M a r

A p r

M a y

J u n

Agreement of contract to the suppliers Buying of equipments for the Operation. Preparation for Grand Opening Displaying Tarpaulin to the public. Opening of Social Networking site (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) Distribution of fliers and leaflets. Grand Opening/ Ribbon Cutting


Marketing Strategies Everyone seeks for improvement. For in this world; Changes are the most everlasting thing. But what matters to everyone is to change for better and not for worst. All and sundry hunts for a progress and development. Each business has their own goal. But the question that lies within the mind of every proponent is that; how will you get there? How will you ever try to be better? Effort is one of the major ingredients to success. Effort and hard work. Seems stressful and a painful process, but, when it is done correctly, they can be accomplished through easy to understand actions that will eventually evoke holistic change through an entire company that can send sales and profits moving upward.

Every business deserves and demands thoughtfully constructed plan for growing sales and profit- a restaurant marketing strategic roadmap that efficiently help you reach the fullest potential of your company. Marketing strategies helps the establishment to reach the fullest potential of the company. It helps by giving a strategy in the areas of branding, positioning, culture public relations, training, design, local, openings, concept and development, and an over reaching restaurant growth strategy. Today, effective restaurant marketing strategy develops competitor-proof relationships with customers, suppliers, employees and other key stake holders through strategies that rarely; if ever call for mass media. For a myriad reason, mass media vehicles such as vehicles, televisions, radio and newspaper outdoor advertising and the like have lost their appeal and effectiveness to build these important relationships. There are far better ways to develop sustainable relationships and build profits these days: marketing strategies find and implement them. Restaurant needs customers to survive. And chances are businesses will be thinking about some ways to get their restaurant noticed. The following are the Food Express way to get started: Well designed menu boards. An attractive menu board, with appealing meal possibilities and easy-to-read descriptions of them, will attract the customers attention quickly. Making a board too confusing will lose the customer rapidly. Bu keeping everything easy and quick to understand, youll help customers to make fast decisions, and hopefully encourage them to come back again. Work with a charity. Charitable work gives you a chance to help a cause thats important to you, and get your business noticed as you become more involved with members of your community. You might offer a restaurant space for meetings or

fundraising activities, encourage your employees to participate in community walk-athons, and help answer phones at pledge drives, or organize clothing drives. Its important to choose wisely; if no one notices that members of your company are out helping with a particular cause, it wont help draw business back to your restaurant. Make sure your employees are enthusiastic about the cause, too, so they will be excited about helping out any way they can. Make Days Special. This depends on the atmosphere you already have-or hope to create in your restaurant, the company could complement a variety of ideas to make certain days of the week special at your establishment. Perhaps a family discount day is in order, or youd prefer to offer a certain dishes at a better rate on a certain day. Capitalize on sporting events that may be happening on town or a television and invite the public to come enjoy some refreshment at your restaurant. Sometimes, drawing a larger crowd takes a little ingenuity and willingness to be creative. The company may need to work with the media to get the momentum going. Custom Banners. Custom banners tell the business potential customers what you want them to know about the restaurant thats special. You might want to let people know when Happy Hour is, when you have a special event coming up, where youre going if youre planning to move to a new location, whether you are holding a grand opening, or much more. Banners can add a look of professionalism to an outdoor event, or simply draw attention to your business when customers might have passed you by countless times before. Hire the Right Wait Staff. Wait staff must not only be capable of being good servers, but it is essential that they have solid sales skill as well. Find servers who are

good listeners, friendly, and able to relate well to customers. The employees will also need to be trained in aspect of selling the dishes you offer. Ensure you know the items on the menu, including how they are prepared, and what ingredients they contain. Allow your new staff members to taste the items you offer. Customer Loyalty. By implementing the right strategies at your business, you should be able to draw customers back to your restaurant again and again. The important thing is paying more attention to what appears to be working and what isnt it. Keep your prices as reasonable as possible. Customers are focused on value and having a simple, positive experience. The job isnt always easy, but in the long run, it will be worthwhile.

Product In marketing, a product is anything that can be offered toa market that might satisfy a want or need. In retailing, products are called merchandise. In manufacturing, products are purchaised as raw materials and sold as finished goods. Comodities are usually raw materials, such as metals and agricultural products, but a comodity an also be anything wildely available in the open market. In project management, products are the formal definition of the project delierables that make up or contribute to delivering the objects of the product. In insurance, the policies are considered products offered for sale by the insurance company that created a contract. The Food Express offers products that satifies the customers wants and needs, it also caters, the services needed on a foodcourt type of stall. All the poducts being produced is highly assured with good quality and processed in hygeinic way. The products will also meet the expectations of the customers towards the taste and originslity

of the dishes being produced. Every ingridients is well asured that it is 100% fresh and palatable. Promotional / Advertisement of the establishment Product and service promotion is the most common form of marketing. Promotional activities can include: Advertising you can advertise your product, service or band in signage and website,. Learn more about how to make your advertising successful. Personal selling or telemarketing- eefective personal selling relies on good interpersonal and communication skill, excellent product and services knowledge and ability to sell product benefit to prospective customers. Publicity- created by sending media releases to print, from word-of-mouth. Learn more about public relations. Short-term sales promotion- market your product or service using coupons, competions and contest. Direct marketing- involves sending letters, emails, pamphlets and brochure to individual target clients, often followed by personal selling or telemarketing. Learn more about direct marketing. You can use any combination of these methods to target your customers. The right marketing mix will help you satisfy your customers needs, increase sales, improve your results and increase your ability to reach multiple customers within your target market.


Pricing is the process of determining what a company will receive in exchange for its product. Pricing factors are manufacturing cost, market place, competition, market condition and quality of product. Pricing is also a key variable in microeconomic price allocation theory. Pricing is a fundamental aspect of financial modeling and is one of the four ps of the marketing mix. The other three aspets are product, promotion and th place. Price is the only revenuegenerating element among the four ps, the rest being cost centers.

Market Survey The market survey in an organized approach, which includes all the research activities involves in the marketing problem, the market survey involves in the gathering, recording and analyzing the utility and marketablity of the product. To know the customers needs and wants, nature of demand, nature of competition, other aspect of movement of products from the stage of production, to the point where the market consumed. The markets provides an effective sale forecast and promotes the soundness of marketing decision. With the growth of large numbers of industries marketing, and sale has really become the big head ache from the concerned, the immense competition at every step of marketing the problem of sale has out stripped from thr problem of production. Consumers are the key to success of any product I the modern and developed world, and thus, it requires consumer oriented concept of marketing survey. In marketing, any decision the consumer needs should serve and the focal points. Thus it is both reaviling

and important for any business to know the consumer and understand his or her buying behaviors. The study is composed of 30% of the total population of San Ramon, Dinalupihan Bataan which composes of 736 respondents consisting of employees, workers, students, and among others. Table1 Frequency and Distribution Table of the category the respondents are engaged with

Occupation Student Worker Civilia Total

Frequency 457 197 82 736

Percentage 62 27 11 100

*Table1 shows that the most potential customer is composed of students, which is unruffled of 62% among the respondents.

Table 2 Frequency and Percentage Distribution Table as to Sex

Sex Male Female Total

Frequency 329 407 736

Percentage 45 55 100

*Table2 shows that majority of the respondents are female which covers 55%

Table 3 Frequency and Percentage Distribution Table as to Age

Ages 15-25 26-36 37-47 48 above Total

Frequency 460 177 51 48 736

Percentage 63 24 7 6 100

*Table4 shows that the age interval that is gathered through the market survey illustrates that the most potential age among the market are those people who belongs to 15-25yrs old. Table 4 Frequency and Percentage Distribution of times a respondent visits a particular fast food chain/ food court each month.

Perception Once a month Twice a month Thrice a month Four times

Frequency 49 152 89 55

Percentage 10 30 18 11

More than Four Total

161 506

31 100

*Table5 shows that the most number of the respondents, which is 31%, visits a food stall or a food court more than four times.

Table 5 Frequency and Distribution of what kind of occasions or reasons the respondents celebrate at a fast food chain/ food court

Occasions Lunch out Hang out with friends Birthday For Entertainment Others Total

Frequency 202 253 46 111 45 657

Percentage 31 39 7 16 7 100

*Table5 shows that the most number of the respondents, which is composed of 39%, visits a food court because they want to hang out with their friends.

Table 6

Frequency and Distribution of the things that attract the respondents most when they eat at the fast food chain or food court

Perception Brand Name Theme Quality Location Hours of operation Visibility Ambience Affordability Service Total

Frequency 56 41 220 121 51 54 151 183 181 1058

Percentage 5 4 21 11 5 5 14 17 18 100

*Table6 shows that the most attractive thing for the customers to enjoy eating in a food court is the quality which is composed od 21% of the answers of the respondents

Table 7 Frequency and Distribution of how much money the respondents are willing to spend at a fast food chain or food court

Amount 50php 100php 200php others Total

Frequency 118 187 168 32 505

Percentage 23 37 33 7 100

*Table7 shows that 37% and most of the customers is willing to spend 100php eating on a foodcourt Table 8 Frequency and Distribution Table on how interested the respondent in eating in proposed food court

Perception Yes No Total

Frequency 643 93 736

Percentage 87 13 100

*Table8 shows that 87% of the respondents are intesreted to eat in the proposed business Table 9 Frequency and Percentage Distribution Table of customers willing to avail if promos are available




Free drinks Eat all you can Unlimited rice others Total

85 156 218 41 500

17 31 44 8 100

*Table9 shows that most of the respondents, which is composed of 44% is attracted to the unlimited rice promo

Table 10 Frequency and Percentage Distribution Table of what ambiance the customer wants to enjoy

Perception Wi-Fi zone Air-conditioned With music others Total

Frequency 221 220 169 2 612

Percentage 36 36 28 .32 100

*Table10 shows that the most number of respondents which is composed of 36% wants enjoy a wifi zone and airconditioned foodcourt

The Business Logo

The title Food Express was derive from the kind of service offered on the establishments. The proponents decided to entitle it Food Express because for the proponents, Food Express means a rapid and fast food service. The proponents decided to put green because green signifies growth and harmony; and in psychology, green is a positive color. The letters are colored red because psychologically, red signifies competitiveness and fierceness that is undoubtedly, part of the firms approach.

Example of Order Slip

Receipt no: Date:

The Food Expresss order Slip

Name: Table No.




Total Example of Sales Inventory Served By: ___________________


The Food Expresss Sales Inventory

Example of Stock Inventory


The Food Expresss Stock Inventory

Item Unit/Quantity Price


The Chefs


The Managers Uniform

The Waiter and Cashiers Uniform