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Is considered to be a post- colonial writer What is post colonialism? Post means after colonization.

Colonization describes countries under the ruler ship of a colony. Colonies like England and France. This is a concept as a response to the period of colonization. Olive Seniors most recent work employs verse to capture the essence of what Jamaica Kincaid, Paul Marshall, and others have rendered a non-fictional and fictional prose namely the large issues of the reality of Caribbean history & present social conditions. Gardening in the Tropics covers 500 years of history in the region while remaining faithful to the principles of simplicity and restraint characteristic of her works. The collection is divided into four sections titled Travelers Tale, Nature Studies, Gardening in the Tropics and Mystery each section containing some twelve poems. In Travelers Tale Senior explores the transience of Life and the myth of security. Her tone is irreverent and apocryphal. These poems have an organic life unto which the folly class prejudice, greed and materialism are super imposed. In nature studies Senior explores the uses and myths concerning various indigenous fruits and plants. The poems in this section extend outward trailing and climbing while in pursuit of just order. The poems in Gardening in the Tropics suggest a longing for a more natural order of existence. Gardening the reader comes to understands is a metaphor for living in all its myriad forms. In Mystery the volumes last section the poems are informed by a simple but sustaining mysticism coupled with common petitions historical and contemporary. Comparatively speaking the poems suggests religious and cultural syncretism or what Senior herself calls the Process of Creolization (movement between several worlds: African, Indian and Western). In Gardening in the Tropics Senior explores the region from the first contact with Europe through the present day with the simplicity and restraint that mark her craft. Her speakers hail from various socioeconomic and cultural groups. Some move outside the region in search of the elusive security that permeates the discourse of many of her speakers.

Aspects of Caribbean Life Represented in Seniors Work

1. Colonial Conquest 2. Poverty and the stress and struggle of survival 3. The role and experiences of women 4. Mans vulnerability in the face of natural disasters 5. The environment 6. PostColonial abuse of power, political violence and the neglect of the poor and dispossessed 7. Personal Psychological distress 8. Loss of tradition 9. Cultural erosion 10. Alternative World Views outside of Europe namely African and Taino culture 11. Migration and its impact on Caribbean lives 12. Post Colonial Resistance

Poetic Elements Used by Olive Senior

1. Symbolism 2. Motifs 3. Imagery 4. Diction 5. Repetition 6. Sound Devices: Alliteration, Assonance and Onomatopoeia 7. Hybrid Tongue: Use of the Creole language in diction and syntax 8. Irony 9. Sarcasm 10. Ironic Asides 11. Ironic Juxtapositions 12. Contrast 13. Opposition

Oral Traditional Techniques Used by Olive Senior

1. Back Chat (Asides) 2. Call and Response 3. Picong 4. Satirical Banter

5. Cuss off 6. Proverbs 7. Story-telling

Form and Structure of Olive Senors Poems

1. Free Verse 2. Dramatic Monolog

My poem is Stowaway analyze it due Wednesday Enjambment- Research What are the elements of story telling. Caribbean story telling

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