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SWOT Analysis Our AS Blog was quite successful in our opinion as a group.

We had many strengths of the blog when making this thriller, although along with this we found a few weaknesses. Towards the end of our year 12 coursework we reviewed our blog and decided that too many of the blog posts were the same, for example we had too many word documents. This became repetitive and could have lost us marks; therefore we had to rush to make some last minute changes. One other problem that we faced with the blog was that none of us had any experience at editing videos. This is something we struggled with a lot and this was very time consuming. We researched good editing programs and decided to download the trial version of Sony Vegas Pro. At first it was difficult although it just took getting used to it. We got it done eventually, however it was all a bit rushed. The location of shooting our video caused a problem. At first we had agreed that we were going to use an abandoned warehouse thats just a 5 minute walk from Brentwood high street. We had everything planned for this as our location, and then found out that it had been bought and turned into a gym. This meant we had to re do a lot of work and find a brand new location that suited to our thriller. Luckily we found a good new location to film, although Id advise year 12s to be sure that they can film in the location they want otherwise they may have similar problems to us. The screen shot to the right shows a power point presentation that we blogged via slideshare on the change of our location. We did a lot of thing right with our AS Level coursework as well. We always had an idea of what we wanted to do and how to do it. This was good because we were very determined to get our work done. Another advantage that we had throughout was that we were able to turn our drawbacks into benefits, and a prime example of this was the location change. Taking something bad and being able to work and make it better. It did become a little repetitive but I believe that word documents uploaded through Scribd was some of our best work. Examples of these are some of the evaluations. I think Microsoft word documents were strong for us because we felt most comfortable with this therefore it was easier for us to produce. At times we had to step out of our comfort zone and vary things by using things such as Prezi and Wordle. Going into year 13 and beginning our music video means there are a whole lot of new opportunities for us as a group. These opportunities include many things such as editing, filming and blogging. When blogging we have the opportunity of using a whole variety of different websites to create our blogs for example mind maps, timelines etc. This is good for us as it means we can have a wider range of different blogs and it wont become repetitive which

could possibly result in us losing marks. The song that were using for our video is in the dance genre, which is a genre that we as a group dont tend to listen to. This is going to widen our range for opportunity as we may have to film different things and edit differently to fit the codes and conventions of the genre. The project as a whole gives us a huge opportunity to simply make a music video. We have the opportunity and responsibility to create it ourselves and do what we want to. This includes the genre and style of song we chose. Overall there is a huge amount of opportunity for us throughout this entire year 13 project and well do what we can to explore this. Along with the opportunitys this gives us, it also creates a lot of threats and things that could posssibly go wrong with our music video. Just like in our Thriller opening the location could be a major threat of our coursework. We plan to film in many different areas such as London and Southend etc, although this could easily be a threat due many things such as weather and how busy it is. This could be bad for continuity editing if it varies in different shots. As weve seen from past music videos from older years, lip synching looks like it could be a threat for us. Its very important to get lip synching correct straight away when filming. If its out of synch this could lose us a huge lot of marks and make the video look much worse. It is something that can corrected if its badly done although this will mean having to refilm which could be very inconvinient. As a group, one of our weaknesses last year was the editing as none of us had any experience. This is a threat for us going into year 13 because a music video is longer than a thriller opening which instantly means more editing, and we also need to include faster editing to match the soundtrack. Were going to have to decide what camera were going to use to film our music video this year. This could be a threat because last year we used an iPad camera successfully although we came to the conclusion that it didnt look very professional, and a music video must look professionally filmed. The other option we have is to borrow one of the schools cameras which will give us what we need, although none of us have any experience using one. This means itll take us more time to get used to it and well have to work out how they work from scratch. In conclusion, we have many strengths that we gained from our year 12 coursework that we can bring with us to help with the production of our music video. Along with these strengths come the weaknesses, although because we have learnt from past experience we now know how to change these and use them for the better. All groups are going to have many opportunities and threats when producing our videos and blogs. The entire project itself is an opportunity and we as a group are determined to show what we can do.