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RUBRICS Awareness of Issue/3: Communication of Information and Ideas/3: Critical and Creative Thinking Skills/3: Personal Judgment/3: Integration

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FAMIPOP Reflection Paper

Name: Alyanna Joy G. Gomez Section: A51 Date: July 23, 2013 Reflection Paper Number:2


Wedding traditions are strictly followed by some and this sometimes creates conflict within the families. These traditions either make or break us. Beyond these traditions, I believe that it holds a promise for a marriage to be fruitful and free from unfortunate events. I see that theres no harm in following this traditions because it provides us a mindset that everything will fall into its right places. Family conflicts are something inevitable. It takes mature people to survive through these challenges and understanding of the family members. Marriage should not be dependent on the decision of family members but it lies within you. The saying Our marriage their wedding is emphasized in the movie. I think this should not be the situation in every relationship or marriage. Our parents and other family members are there to guide and support our decisions in life but they dont have the right to sabotage our relationships or dominate our lives. Every parent should know that they should be very accepting and happy for every choice that their sons or daughters make. Personally, It would really be hard for me when I am forced to be with someone I dont love. We are all entitled of freedom and I think having the right to choose whom you will marry is something that you owe to your future and to your lifetime happiness. Love cant tell time. Love doesnt always make sense and it really moves in ways beyond our imagination. Love is a powerful feeling that makes us feel complete, satisfied and happy in life. Timing is one of the important element in a relationship. Time heals wounds and sometimes time makes us realize whos worth keeping. Just like Brad who got a divorce with his wife. He realized that after living so young and free he soon realizes that it would be a big mistake letting his wife go. Personally, I can relate to this experience because time made me realize who are the people worth keeping in my life and people whom I find difficult to live without. Time makes us appreciate what is lost and what were missing. Time is very powerful because it gives us the wisdom to think things clearly and to understand the true meaning of our existence. Marriage should not be rush and must be carefully thought of. Careless decisions produce more risk and mistakes later on. Theres no need to hurry in deciding with whom we should spend our lifetime with. Good things really take time and you dont want to suffer on regrets because of not being careful with the decisions you make in life. Honesty is really important in a relationship or marriage. Without honesty, there is no trust. I dont want to live a life being doubtful of my partner because of lying and cheating all the time. I realized that a person who truly loves you accepts you for who you are. I know someone loves me when I dont have to pretend when Im with him and whatever random thoughts I say he would not judge me. I have learned that falling in love changes things but it doesnt change who we are. What God has joined together no one should divide. For me, faith plays an important role in the success of a marriage. I make sure that God is always the center in a relationship because he gives me hope and strength to carry on to whatever challenges that may come in my life. When the time comes that I would get married, I would not waste the covenant and commitment that I made with God and my partner. Marrying beyond differences such as culture should not be restricted because the heart feels what it is supposed to feel. Race, ethnicity or status in life should not be a hindrance for us to become happy in life. But personally, an intercultural marriage is something noble for me because it involves the courage and determination to continue loving someone despite the judgements of other people.

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