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Article 1 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU (2000) states that Human dignity is inviolable. It must be respected and protected. In a highly information and communications technology-based world, this fundamental human right and basic ethical principle is facing an increasing threat. The European Coalition against Covert Harassment (EUCACH) is a not-for-profit organisation committed to raising awareness to the problem of non-consensual experimentation using remote influencing technologies and techniques on the human mind and body. We propose clear ethical boundaries to regulate their use.

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Top Posts & Pages About Us EUCACH Members: Magnus Olsson Mind Control Remote Neural Monitoring: Daniel Estulin and Magnus Olsson on Russia Today Contacts Human robotization, Nano implant technologies, Mind control slavery, Neurological weapons torture, The "Transhumanist Agenda" Mind Control Technology Correlates with Victim Allegations Membership Application EUCACH Members: Dr. Henning Witte

The European Coalition against Covert Harassment is committed to raising awareness to the legal systems as well as to the medical and scientific community to the crime of illegal biomedical and weaponry research committed on citizens in the European Union and beyond. As a European network, EUCACH acts as a lobbying and advocacy platform towards the EU. Using our international network of scientific and technology experts, partner civil and human rights organisations as well as important stakeholders in civil society, we provide consultancy services to the EU Institutions based on our expertise. EUCACHs organisational goal is to influence EU legislation and the decision-making process in calling for a worldwide ban on weapons that might enable any form of manipulation of human beings.

Awareness-raising campaigns to disseminate information and mobilise public opinion on the issue of covert technologies and techniques that enable the manipulation of human beings Providing expert consultancy to key decision-makers on the creation of appropriate EU legislation to protect citizens from this kind of covert crimes. Organising networking events (workshops, seminars, conferences) involving all actors concerned to exchange experiences and best practices for the establishment of clear ethical boundaries to strictly regulate the use of systems enabling the manipulation and control of human beings. It is our philosophy that all men are equal before the law. Everybodys right to life shall be protected. Nobody shall be subjected to torture or held in slavery. Any technologies and techniques capable of endangering the human physical and/or psychological health, to modify the individuals autonomy and affect their dignity should be strictly prohibited.

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Read Read more more about about ICT ICT implants implants at at the the European European Group Group on on Ethics Ethics and and New New Technologies: Technologies:
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IN A SHIELDED ENVIRONMENT FOR HUMAN BRAIN IMPLANT August 3, 2013 Mind Control Remote Neural Monitoring: Daniel Estulin and Magnus Olsson on Russia Today July 14, 2013 Human robotization, Nano implant technologies, Mind control slavery, Neurological weapons torture, The Transhumanist Agenda May 29, 2013 Mind Control Technology Correlates with Victim Allegations May 19, 2013 LINKING LIFE AND TECHNOLOGY FOR CONTROL May 19, 2013

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May 10, 2013

Wie soll man Euch denn helfen? Kein Tel, keine Addresse, keine email. Ich will mitmachen.

Follow EUCACH Charlotte Rouillon

May 13, 2013

Were counting on you you are the spearhead of our fight against these technologies

MENU EUCACH LINKING LIFE AND TECHNOLOGY Mind Control Remote Control of the Human Nervous System Videos

Ivanka Milanova
May 21, 2013

Ich will mitmachen , aber WIE ?


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May 30, 2013

Thank you for your very important work! I am psychic and can feel energies. I can very clearly feel, that meanwhile whole humanity is being beamed with mind-control technologies. The test results are only the tip of the iceberg. And the last 100% positive test results are saying it all! There is always a kind of dark veil above me, although I am able not to be influenced directly by it. I have a radionic device, and after I watched the video with Alfred Webre, I started to send homeopathic potency of aurum metallicum to myself. And since then I dont feel the veil anymore! I thought I try it, to see what will happen. Very interesting! Many blessings!


May 30, 2013

they have been doing this to me for a long time. google search the words wordpress warn1n9

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Tom Ness
May 30, 2013

This is right in line with what Ive been saying: That we are experiencing a bifurcation of humanity, with the psychopaths who currently control the world using every technological means at their disposal to turn normals into a planet-wide slave colony for the psychopath class to do with as they please. This is an evolutionary development which has been thousands of years in the making, and is only now in the beginnings of being exposed for what it is. Humans, the big-brained primates, may have predicted a development such as this, but instead considered our species as a sort of fixed end-state of evolution, or even more blindly, as a oneoff creation of God which had never changed and would never change. This is in spite of abundant evidence that humans have already evolved through many speciations and no evidence that it wouldnt happen again. Now evolution is staring us in the face through malevolent eyes, and we had better do something about it, quickly. We are running out of time. For the planet, and humanity, we must ask ourselves what we want our species to become next, and then act consciously to bring that about. I dont think many humans alive today would vote for a slave colony for psychopaths to play with and parasitize so we need to figure out how to stop this.

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Indeed, Mr. Ness, the malevolence has become overt and palpable. Everywhere one looks, decency is being subverted by the glorification of debauchery, degeneracy and depravity. They graduate kids from high school, here in the US, who cant find Italy on a map, and theyve stopped teaching students how to write in cursive. I watched a 59-minute interview with Norman Dodd on YouTube some time ago, and was shocked to learn about how our democracy has been undermined. Mr. Dodd worked for the Un-American Activities Committee, investigating organizations who would effect changes without public input or consent, i.e., undemocratically. Its Bolshevism, Mr. Ness, with those who own the central banks at the core, in my opinion, and it has been Bolshevism for many centuries before the word was first coined. If you would care to learn the state of the US military, observe the interview with Kay Griggs. She was once married to a high-ranking military officer. It is a long interview, on YouTube; just watch this brave woman and you will see that she is being truthful. Thats why I said above that the malevolence is everywhere one looks. Oh, organized gang stalking has been going for many decades before the discovery of bucky-balls and nanotechnology, I am sorry to say.
telepathy Behavior control bioelectronics brainchip brain com puter interface

June 9, 2013

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signals brain stim uli cognitive radio com puter cybernetics daniel estulin direct-energy weapons doctor electrom agnetic weapons ethical principle EUCACH Fundam ental Rights Haarp hearing of voices hum an experim ents Hum an Nervous System hum an rights organization Hum an robotization light stim uli m achine

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August 4, 2013

weve BEEN a slave colony for psychopaths for 1000s of years but do appreciate your effort to change this long-

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standing paradigm.

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individual technology-based thought control thoughts ti transhu Transhum anism

May 30, 2013

Its extremely appreciated for all the work youre doing to help bring awareness to our dire situation. This is the most important humanity-issue one that I have become a victim of, one that needs addressing on a global scale. I am hit with beam weapons, now scalar, radiated after surgery, covert organized gang stalked Mind controlled is very real. This is an inhumane nightmare one that includes Drones long before it was deemed legal (if that wasnt nightmarish enough). I too have fallen victim to Nano covertly shot into my ear. They now remotely manipulate my body and mind, soullessly. We need a global coalition on these covert crimesagainst humanity.

C.K. Cheung
May 31, 2013

Worlds Citizens of Addressings GLOBE POPULATION LIFE HEALTH GROWTHS FREEDOMS with NEXT GENERATIONS and International Society Rights Awarenesses. Hong Kong Justice And Microwave Beam Radiation VERY EXTRAORDINARY PHENOMENON and ALL COMPASS IN HK DISORIENTED in Urgent Appeal and Petition to UN/WHO on Google/Yahoo. Recognizings and Precautions of Hong Kong in Perpetuals Exercisings in of the Advancings NEUROSCIENCES Radiating Technologies AIRBORNE Toxics BIO-NEURAL-EFFECTS(US Patent: 4877027; 5289438; 5800481; 6011991; 6167304; 6488617; .)via giant Microwave Antenna and of X-HI Radiation dispersings in Atmosphere with HK Observatory recorded lowest 1.3 Gy/Hr(65 Folds Over the Radiaiton Absorbtion Limit for Human Per Year)coupling satellite intrusions of the most Privacy, of be in the Full Co-operations of Police Force in anywhere effectings DEEP LIVELIHOODS, SAFETY and HEALTH of complete population AND the NEUROTransmittings Effects of anywhere from HK effectings others regions in Pan Asia Pacific and far to Europes. The proof of the HK materials Research unraveled(Apr.4,2013)ALL HK born CHILDREN does SELFADMINISTRATING Abilities essential DECREASINGS(Neuro Disorders), other Research(Apr.24,2013)indicated HK CHILDREN in extra High Trend of NARCISSIT (Self Loving Psycho), EYEHEALTH-SIGHT damagings of small children(Ultrastructural Changes in Rabbit Lens Induced by Microwave Radiation), INEQUALITIES-BIRTH-DEFECTS risings, the emergings of fast risings Skeletal & Developing Irregularities of Children(InterNeural-Physio malpractisings), Suicidal Trends deposits to young child(youngest at 9 yrs old)and youngs(in consistent to HKGovt Research on May,28,2013 with HK Children in High Trends Suicidals), the HK News Report(Apr,11,13)reasserted HK YOUNGS Ages acquired Brain Diseases PARKINSONS in High Risings(Neurological Brain Degeneratives Diseases), and(May,15,2013)Afirmed 50% Increasings of BREAST CANCER in HK Women, Yet Forthcomings professionals Hospitals erroneous(May,22,13)unveiled Surgeons Doctors unwittings COGNITIVE impairings with Wrong Heart Blood Type TRANSPLANTED, and(on May,28,2013)Nurses susceptibilities to EMR Hypersensi-tivities in disconnecting Oxygen Devices causings patient Collapsed, PREMATURE AGING syndromes of HEALTHY Adults and Mental-BRAIN HEALTH morbidity(High Rate of Skilled Marathon Games Runner and Trained Pilots/Drivers in Fatique/

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Faints/Deaths), IN with of ceaseless Qualitative denote CovertElectro-Stimulus in of the indubitable concertings of Social DISCONTENTINGS and RESENTMENTS of individuals and populations, in with the consistents high growings Bellicose Groups of the ANTI-Society Rhetorics of in the showings worlds News daily. (Introductions to Environmental and Public Health Sciences/Public Health Sciences). REALIZINGS the NEUROTechnologies irradiations toxicity Potent Effects in have the Humans BIO-PHYSIO-GENETICS Health functionals depletings(Neurological Effects of Radiofrequencies Electromagnetic Radiation, Dr.Henry Lai on Internet), and the Lesionings of Immunological Reactivities, proteins sugars enzymes Inter-pretations Denutrients, the sciences proof Humans DNA strands damages of its profound Repairing Functions and Gens mediatings-translations in Health Reprod-uctivity(Biological Effects of Narrow Band Pulsed Electric Fields), and of ENDURE exogenous SURGING POWER bioelectric pulses-trains irritations of Bio-Celluous dynamics impairments and Structures-Growths anomalies of CANCER Incidences( High Energy EMF Effects on Cancer, Melatonin and Tamosiffen), and of the continuities of the modulated stimuli-impulses-trains frequencies in of VITAL direct Intrusive Stimulatings of Humans Brain of NEUROLOGICAL Disruptive PSYCHIC-PSYCHO Effected Mental Health(Microwave Bioeffect Congruence with Schizophr-enia)of which BLIND can SEE(Images projectings direct on to Occipital Cortexes), DEAF can HEAR(mimic sounds speeches transmittings in to Hearing Zone of Brain Cortexes), Brain EEGs and morphologies, Neural-Physiology disarrays, memories functionings, and of non bio-physio functional bindings mechanism of BRAIN, of producing interferences, and of the rapids growings PSYCHIATRIC-PSYCHO diagnosis with Young Ages among common populations, with to of irreparable Involuntary Suicides deposits to seniors ADULTS with MentalSicks, and of HORRIFIC HighCrime IN-AC-Cidents, equipped with Dreams Manipulation function-ings at night, and 24HRs Hallucinations Phenomenon. ENTicings MENTAL STATES SETS Discords Irregularities of individuals to in populations. (High Power Direct Energy EMF Weapons, Effects). ENsured Deleterious damagings Effects towards PREGNANCY-FETAL development with of Embryonic Stem Cell, and Motherings, in High Influences of Abortions &Fetal-Complications, and of FaultiesGrowths, with later-on developings(World Health Organization( WHO)Pandemic Phases), Contd. ..

C.K. Cheung
May 31, 2013

. Contd. INFANTS & CHILDREN Adolescences of the developing HEALTH, Blood-Hormones and Melatonin and of essential IMMUNOs, optholmology, skeletal and organs-tissues-celluous, and of the 40% HIGHER Absorbtion and Cumulative of ionizings Radiation in biofields, the MENTAL BRAIN, and of long living Expectan-cy, have prone to Cancerous ILLNesses and developments OBSCURITIES(The Sensitivity of Children to EM Fields/Is Social Anxieties Disorders in Childhood associated with developmental deficit/delay), AGED of the depletings Biofunction, and NEUROHealth accelerated DEGENERATIVES and IMPAIRED Brain Blood-Flow with Extensive OXIDATIONS, of High Increases BRAIN DISEASES with early Ages in ALZHEIMER and DEMENTIA Mortalities, SICKED patients and DISABLES of Bio-Physio Negative, the inequality, and of CO-

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Morbidity, and in the Absolute Depriving of RIGHT to LIFE-HEALTH-WORKS, special of Needy-Ill-Adaptings. Decaying effects to Structures ATOMIC materials Infusings, YEASTS baterials Logics, and BIOECOLOGICAL environmental, with the exceptional High Levels and intensities of Biochem indifferences and Electro-Magntics-Statics Fields depositings to the Condensed ambiances Atmospherics, with of ICE composes De-Aligh MELTINGS, SOILS BioMinerals decomposites, POLLUTIONS-CONCENTRATIONS, the Drugs interacting effects, and Extremes to Electric Over Hazardous & Fumes Flammables, and Metallurgy Fatique(High Power RF Weapons A Threat to Stealth and Cruise/ The Effects of Microwave to the Wildlifwe and Trees), and at of the persistents HARASSINGS PEOPLES Crucial FREEDOMS-PEACES-DIGNITIES of its Vitalizings Withings. (Climate Chanes, 2013). WORLDS regions POPULATION essentially have in the Damagings BIONEURO-PHYSIO noxious Atmospherics ambiancesEnvironmental effectings of FREE MIND and MIND EFFECTED, and Brain-Activities Dysfunctions daily LIFE and BUSINESSES, substantiate unfathomable symptoms of, Malaise; Concentration impairings; Physical Abnormalities as muscle tense and Involuntary Movements and so on; fatique; Sleep Deprivations; Stresses; Tenses; depressions; Anxieties; Apraxia; FEARS and Impulsions and Unrest sensations; MEMORIES lost and distortings; emotions disorders and volatile; slowchaotics and fractured Distur-bings THOUGHTS; Distress; consciousnesses impairings; and in the deteriorated damagings of Jobs, and Works Cognitive and inspirations, Efficiencies Effectivene-nesses, daily LIVINGS-WORKSENERGO and LIFE-LIBERTIES-CREDITS Synergistics, and the Lesionings of PRODUCTIVITIESCOMPETENCES of individuals and Populations-Labours, and of NEXT GENERATIONS. (UHF Microwave Harassment /Biological Effects of Microwave on the Nervous System/Micro-wave Weapons of BrainStem Effects). BE in the Light of consistents High Increases of, EyeCatching ACCIDENTS, Wildlife anomalies and Poultries and Trees Health suffers/deaths, CANCEROUS DISAESES with young ages onset and YoungChild cancer incidence, HEART-VASCULAR-BLOOD Diseases, high blood fats & sugars and Pressures, Perintal Mood Disorders, Chronic -Diseases with young Ages as Immune System and Inter-Physio malpractisings, YOUNGS pupilis Thuggish Brutalities and ADHD prodromes, Asperger/Autism and Social Un-Corporate ATTITUDES, Domestics- Abuses VIOLENCES, Child Negligences, and so on, of the WORLDS Trends in HEALTH Highest Retrospectives, and the HUMANES of Worlds Developments. (HK Urgent Appeal and Petition to UN/WHO, 2010 &2011/High Frequencies ElectroMagnetics-Fields of Human Health). MULTI-Damagings to SOCIAL HARMONIOUS and FREEDOMS, Inter-Actings and Progressions, Affluences and International Society PEACES & ECONOMIES and JUSTICES. (High Power Electromagnetic-Pulses WeaponsBiochemical Effects, World Forensics Sciences/Environmental & Public Health Safeties Risks Assessments/Social Sciences). THE HKSARGovt ON-GOINGS instrumentalings of the Weaponries Neurosciences EMR Transmittings
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Technologies towards vast Populations At Larges, with the CLOCKLESS profound TOXICITY contexts Exposures to Oceans-Continents conditons, the particular of disengagings the Constants Benefits-Profits of PEOPLESLIFE-HEALTH-FREEDOMS Worlds MOMENTUMS, with the defaulted NEXT GENERATIONS inheritances interlaces.(the Declaration of Universal Human Rights, UN. 1943). WHERE deserve the High ATTENTIONS of International Communities, NGOs, professionals and law societies, Intl Volunteerings Ogans. & Medias, and of the adequate measures of its imminents, with the considerations of Citizens/Peoples essential RIGHT to LIFE-HEALTH-GROWTHS-FREEDOMS, INVESTMENTS and DIGNITIES, and of the social interests to Natural Interests, would be the causes of International Society Rights and of the Worlds Health Developments Growths. (Bankok Declaration, 2005/ Environmental Health Safeties, en HealtthCouncil 1999/Milne 1998). WISH ALL POPULATIONS worldwide in HEALTH and WEALTHS always, and EU of the Unity of Prosperous Growths. Wish the messages can alert to All Others as for Knowledges and Precautionaries. Thanks.

June 1, 2013

Do you think, as I guessed ? The fighters brought into Syria by the NATO through Turky are chipped.

Des Northcott
June 7, 2013

I just finished watching your panel interview with Mr Webre on, and am now in no doubt that I am being subjected to this phenomenon, which I have suspected for some time. It mostly takes the form of being plagued by bizarre and extreme sexual fantasies that are completely out of character for me, yet I find myself unable to control or stop them, and become sexually aroused even while a part of me is disgusted by them. This has led to chronic, near suicidal depression, chronic fatigue etc, and a complete loss of control over my life. While I am potentially a bright and talented computer graphics artist, musician, and alternative healer, I am now barely surviving on sickness benefit. I would like to do whatever I can to help your efforts to end this abomination, and also learn whatever I can to combat and protect myself from it. Unfortunately I have, due to poverty, been forced to move somewhere very near a mobile phone antenna, since which the issue has got even more intense. From the UK

Charlotte Rouillon
June 15, 2013

You are not sexually aroused, you just suffer electronic attacks at your genital organs while the computer is sending images, those attacks replicate the symptoms of arousal, no desire there. Dont worry, youre perfectly normal, all this is just tricks, strictly artificial.

Zemam Tekle
June 16, 2013

I am one of the harrased endividuales. I recently started to see

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June 16, 2013

small light flashes apearing while I am sitting at home. They seem to be ejected streight from electric plugs or even sent via one of my eyes. Can any one tell me what this light flashes represent? Are they a compacted energy of some sort?. Please let me know urgently.Thank you.

Ronald Lempke
June 30, 2013

Hallo, That it is feasible to manipulate human behavior with the use of subliminal, either sound or visual, messages is now generally known. This is why in most of the countries the use of such technologies, without consent of the user, is banned. Devices using light for the stimulation of the brain show another way how the light flashing in certain frequencies could be used for the manipulation of human psychic life. As for the sound, a report on the device transmitting a beam of sound waves, which can hear only persons at whon the beam of sound waves is targeted, appeared last year in the world newspapers.

prometeo espartaco [Descripcin]

June 25, 2013

PLEASE REACT NOW! Hi everyone! I am very thankful for all the info you make available for free in your facebooks, but come on guys and gals that alone doesnt solve the problem of all the victims!. We need to take the next step: ACTION! I can not believe we cant set up an NGO to:1) ask for help from governments and other organizations in a syndicated way 2) join forces to hire a technician to research, diagnose and solve the problem. 3) to have a common voice and a visibility in the media and the society. If you live in Europe please comment this publication. What do you prefer to fight back or use your effort and facebook space to narrate the technical feats of these terrorists?


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