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Melissa Hinton CJUS 2050 1.

3 Critical Thinking Pros and Cons of Federalism There are many pros and cons of federalism. I believe that the most important advantage of federalism is that it helps citizens to trust their governments. Without the trust of residents our nation wouldnt flourish. It also puts the citizens closer to their lawmakers by giving them access to local politicians, such as mayors, and ensures the governments stability. Another advantage of federalism is that our governments on local levels are able to practice other avenues for policies and procedures. Because of this we can work out what are successful and unsuccessful for future policy adoption. In 2012, Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes for those users at least 21-years-old. In doing so, this can possibly serve as a guide for the legalization in other states within the U.S. Federalism prevents and oppressive and cruel government. If we fear our government, we will worry about being critical of our government. That very problem has happen in North Korea for decades, and a family of dictators have overtaken rules of the country. This has left the citizens isolated not only from their leaders and lawmakers, but from the outside world. Although there are many pros for federalism there are also some cons. There are failed policies and many policies can be quite confusing. Going back to the legalization of cannabis in some state; some states have only legalized the use of medicinal marihuana. In these states, California for example, has legalized medicinal marihuana only. However, the federal government does not recognize the use of it for recreational or medicinal purposes. Legalization of the drug is in a quasi-legal state. The federal government doesnt recognize the legalization of this drug in any way on any lawful level. Because of this, there is much confusion and a power struggle results between state and federal governments. Another example of this is the turf war that existed during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It resulted in a complete and utter breakdown of communications and protocol because of the overlapping of jurisdictions. The government, on federal levels, has the right to invade your privacy at any time, without cause and against the will of an individual. Because of this, if power was concentrated in the federal government, it would post a serious threat to privacy and our constitutional rights. Although, there are not any instances in the constitution where privacy is guaranteed. My position is that I do not agree, at all, with any other system of government except federalism. My main priority when it comes to our government is that it be accessible to all citizens throughout the United States. Without this dual sovereignty Im afraid states would exist without progression and citizens would go unheard. Youre more likely to get answers from a mayor before you would from a governor; a governor before the President.