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Axial Compressor

Posted by Samual on 23 June, 2013 - 3:56 pm

Hello experts; I start to study the gas turbine components. I have a confusion about axial compressor If barometric pressure at the site is 14.5 PSIA and Inlet filter differential pressure is 3 inch of water column, then what is the inlet pressure of the axial compressor. It is 11 stage axial compressor. The compressure discharge pressure is 118 PSIG. I want to calculate the pressure ratio but how and where i measure the Inlet compressor pressure? Thanking you i will remain Reply to this post...

Posted by hfzaal on 24 June, 2013 - 4:26 am

There must be inlet vacuum at compressor inlet IN INCH OF H20.if it is present then i can give u the answer Reply to this post...

Posted by CSA

on 24 June, 2013 - 12:55 pm

Samual, How much accuracy does your calculation require? What are you using the compressor pressure ratio number for? The formula used by one OEM for calculating compressor pressure ration (CPR) for their heavy duty gas turbines is: CPR = (CPD + Ambient)/Ambient CPR = (118.0 psig + 14.5 psia)/14.5 psia CPR = 132.5 psia / 14.5 psia = 9.138
Ambient | | | | | | | Inlet Filter 3.0 in Water | | | | | | | Axial Comp Inlet | | Axial | Comp Disch | | | 118.0 psig | 132.5 psia

14.5 psia

But, if one looks at the table above, one could subtract the Inlet Filter drop from the ambient and consider the result as "ambient" which is what would be present at the inlet to the axial compressor in the area of the bellmouth. I believe the OEM doesn't include the inlet filter differential pressure in the calculation is that there should always be a drop across the inlet filter because there should always be a filter on the inlet--but that's a scientific, wild-arsed guess as to why the inlet filter differential pressure drop is not included in the compressor pressure ratio calculation. Also, the turbine is ultimately exhausting to atmosphere. Even if there is a small back-pressure on the exhaust, it will be very similar to the inlet filter pressure drop. Reply to this post...

Posted by Samual on 27 June, 2013 - 12:42 pm

Hello experts thanks for help. I came back from the site and i give you following data 1.Air inlet filter diffrential pressure is 1.8 " h20 2. Pressure at the compressure inlet by measuring diffrential pressure gauge 0 t0 10 "h2o, Connect low side of the gauge and note 3" H2o. 3. PCD is 119 Psig and Barometric pressure is 14.3Psia. If the Inlet pressure which is 3" H2O if increase or decrease what effect on the axial compressor and how i calculate the PR of the compressor? Can i calculate the roughly flow in PPS? Regards Reply to this post...

Posted by Hfzaal on 28 June, 2013 - 2:56 pm

Dear Samual, You only need compressor Inlet pressure? For that you have the data. The gauge(or Pressure transmitter) which is showing compressor inlet vacuum is basically showing you the amount of vacuum present on compressor suction. As your gauge reads 3 inch of water column so convert that into PSI. 3inches of H20= 0.10Psi so

0.10Psi vacuum is present at compressor inlet and Inlet pressure (P1) is 14.50(atmospheric P)0.10psi =14.40 PSi So you have the Compressor Inlet pressure=14.40Psia For that you can calculate compressor Efficiency You only have to tell me the Compressor inlet temperature and discharge temperature along with P1 and P2. Thanks, Hope it helped Reply to this post...

Posted by Samual on 2 July, 2013 - 1:55 am

Hello experts; Good day. 1.The Compressor inlet temperature is 95 Deg F 2. P1=Compressor inlet pressure is calculated as (Barometric pressure =14.3-(DP at inlet compressor 0.1 PSI)=14.2 PSI 3. P2 is 119 PSIG 4. T2 (Compressor discharge temperature is 590 Deg F) Please guide me how i calculate the efficiency and if efficiency know can i calculate the Flow in PPS? Regards Reply to this post...

Posted by hfzaal on 4 July, 2013 - 3:31 pm

Formula for compressor efficiency;

Eff= [( P2C/P1C)^(k-1/k) - 1] ___________________________ [( T2C/T1C) Where P2C = P1C T2C T1C K = -1]

compressor discharge pressure = compressor inlet pressure = compressor discharge temperature = compressor inlet temperature 1.4

Units of pressure should be 'psi' Units of temperatures should be 'Rankins' (F+460)

Dear Samual:Are you sure that compressor inlet temperature is 95 degree F.where the inlet temperature RTD installed? Please check compressor inlet temperature again my second question is what cooling method utilized for compressor inlet area cooling? for example Evap system or fog e