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ma Ue AN fii ‘f ft On “DV = ih Hy “¢ eee Hs SS amazing creations Ss OS : TET : a ee ee oy \> x ; Sa AOL FO aan Ae a ee makezine.com ®) RadioShack. *:iis WEEKEND PROJECTS TALKING Surprise enemy spies with the sound of your voice. CLOTHESPIN & SMALL ee BRASS STRIP FOIL TAPE RUBBER BAND ARE PEOPLE SNATCHING YOUR TOP-SECRET STUFF? NEED HELP GETTING SOME PRIVACY? HERE’S A SNEAKY GIZMO YOU CAN MAKE TO KEEP THOSE SNOOPS AWAY! To see complete build instructions and project video, visit radioshackdiy.com/project-gallery/talkin trap It's a Talking Booby Trap: record your personal- board, speaker, and controls that will record up ized message or sound effect, then hide it in a to 20 seconds of sound. Congratulations, you're strategic place. When it's disturbed, the intruders _ a hacker! will hear your surprise warning: —————— The clothespin serves both message telling them to HIDE IT BEHIND YOUR asa spring-loaded booby trap “Get lost!” LUNCH INSIDE THE —_—_andasthe switch that triggers This is a great project FRIDGE. IF ANYBODY _ the sound. A bit of brass strip for kids and beginners — TOUCHES IT, THE BOOBY extends the clothespin's lever you'll create a switch from TRAP BLASTS: 50 you can arm the trap more actothespin and aluminum «EER YOUR HANDS OFF ily. tape, then do a very simple bit MY LUNCH!" After you record your own of soldering to connect your = —=_______ message and sound effects, switch to an existing circuit you can use the Talking Booby RadioShack’s handy 9V Recording Module, a pre- Trap in lots of ways: wired record/playback unit complete with audio _—_» Place a diary, journal, or any object on the ADVERTORIAL THIS PROJECT INCLUDES THESE PARTS ® HOOKUP WIRE (20 AWG) 7 #278-1222 Sete ee MILK JUG TOP (Talim ®)9v RECORDING ZIP TIES MODULE ®) 9v BATTERY #276-1323 #23-866 FIND MORE WEEKEND PROJECTS AT MAKEZINE.COM/WEEKENDPROJECTS brass tab. The weight of the object keeps the ment fishing line for a nearly invisible alarm. clothespin open and armed, Camouflage the » Open the jaws and slip the trap under a booby trap by placing something else in front. If closed door. If anybody opens the door, you'll anyone lifts the book — whoop! whoop! —the _knowiit. “Hey, you kids — get back in bed!” You alarm goes off. The snoop is busted! can also arma drawer or sliding door. » Hide it behind your lunch inside the fridge » Leave a friendly audio reminder for some at work. If anybody touches it, the booby trap one special. Arm their cellphone or car keys and blasts: “Keep your hands off my lunch!” they'll hear you say: “Don't forget — romantic, » Tie a string to a small piece of paper and slip dinner tonight!” They'll really get the message it between the clothespin jaws. Then tie the other from the spy who loves them! end to any pilferable object. Use thin monofila- — Bob Knetzger