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Comprehensive maintenance solution for the M250

Trusted to deliver excellence

Providing innovative support services
Serving over 4,000 customers in more than 120 nations, Rolls-Royce has a significant world presence and installed base with the M250 engine. In response to our customers requests, Rolls-Royce has developed the TotalCare Program to provide a comprehensive maintenance solution that delivers better value through competitive costs and customer service excellence.

Customers may select a coverage plan that best fits their mission, location, and unique operational needs. Rolls-Royce provides all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for the engine assembly and accessories, ensures engine configuration is in compliance with Commercial Engine Bulletins (CEBs), and delivers ease of accessibility through the worldwide infrastructure of the FIRST network. Value is added to the customer by leveraging the capabilities and knowledge present within Rolls-Royce, utilizing technical risk mitigation techniques,

and using analysis tools to collect and interpret data. With this proactive approach, Rolls-Royce is able to serve the fleet management needs of your organization. With over 16,000 M250 engines currently in service and cumulative flight hours exceeding 200 million, the M250 engine is ubiquitous. By delivering service excellence and adding value with comprehensive solutions, the TotalCare Program is the right choice for your M250 fleet.

Focus on core business This all-encompassing program allows customers to focus on their core business while leaving engine maintenance to Rolls-Royce. This simplifies the maintenance support infrastructure required by the customer and permits a one-stop-shop for engine maintenance. With payment based on predictable flight hour usage, customers are in complete control of their maintenance costs. This allows for more accurate budgeting, better managed cash flow, and predictable expense. Responsibility for high-cost, high-risk unscheduled maintenance events is transferred to Rolls-Royce. This reduces the exposure to the customer by alleviating the uncertainty of financial fluctuations caused by unexpected engine repair. The TotalCare Program aligns the operating goals of Rolls-Royce with those of the customer: to keep aircraft operational and engines on-wing with minimal downtime. Engines maintained under the TotalCare Program traditionally retain a higher market value as a result of the comprehensive care received while enrolled in the OEMs maintenance program. The TotalCare Program leverages the worldwide presence of the FIRST network providing customers with easy access to service facilities.

Improved accuracy of financial planning

Risk transfer

Alignment of goals

Improved market value

Worldwide locations

Component Repair Management Inc. (CRM) Vector Aerospace Standard Aero Limited MTU Aero Engines

Hellenic Aerospace Industry S.A. (HAI)

H+S Aviation Ltd.

H-S Tool and Parts, Inc. Cadorath Aerospace Inc. Rolls-Royce Engine Services - Oakland, Inc. AeroMaritime America, Inc. Premier Turbines Wall Colmonoy Corporation Cadorath Aerospace Lafayette Aero Propulsion Support Inc. AeroMaritime Mediterranean, Ltd. Industria de Turbo Propulsores, S.A. (ITP) Keystone Helicopter Corporation Piaggio Aero Industries, S.p.A. Standard Aero Asia (Pte.) Ltd. National Airways Corporation Pty. Ltd. (NAC)

Samsung Techwin Company., Ltd. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) Air Asia Company, Limited

Asia Pacific Aerospace Pty Ltd.


Rolls-Royce Brasil

Delivering Service Excellence

Under the TotalCare Program, customers no longer have to worry about coordinating engine maintenance events, managing repair estimates, and managing relationships with multiple vendors. Rolls-Royce handles these critical activities with a dedicated team focused only on the TotalCare Program. Customers also benefit from direct interface with Rolls-Royce for technical assistance, maintenance forecasting, and priority service during times of need. Engines enrolled in the TotalCare Program will have an increased residual value as a result of maintenance performed exclusively by the Rolls-Royce approved M250 FIRST network, using genuine Rolls-Royce parts and repair processes. Furthermore, the TotalCare Program is transferable upon the sale of an aircraft, offering an additional long-term incentive to the enrolled customer.

Proactive Approach
The TotalCare Program is designed to reduce operational risk in two major ways. First, expensive scheduled overhauls and unexpected unscheduled repairs are covered by Rolls-Royce, while the customer incurs a predictable maintenance expense each month, virtually eliminating the risk of unforeseen financial fluctuations. Budgeting is therefore simplified by consistent, controlled monthly expenditure. Additionally, the customer can expect to have reduced operational disruption caused by downtime from unexpected maintenance. The TotalCare Programs maintenance philosophy of maximizing on-wing time is a theme common to both Rolls-Royce and the customer. This results in enrolled engines receiving comprehensive maintenance workscoping and service that typically reduces the likelihood of an unscheduled maintenance event.

Comprehensive Maintenance Plans

Included Services:

Scheduled maintenance at a FIRST network facility Unscheduled maintenance at a FIRST network facility Life limited parts FIRST network facility labor Shipping to/from FIRST network facility Engine accessories Exchange engine accessories (at TBO) Technical Manuals M250 Training Class Tuition Mandatory service bulletins
Plus: Exchange engine modules (at TBO)


Additional Technical Manuals Additional M250 Training Class Tuitions Line Maintenance Consumable Parts

Plus: Rental engine support and Exchange engine modules (at TBO)




Program Options
The TotalCare Program is equipped with the flexibility to handle the needs of any organizations fleet management plan by offering payment options, multiple levels of support coverage, and a variety of contract structures. In-service engines that join the TotalCare Program are subject to an enrollment fee. This fee is based on the engine condition, consumed life of life limited parts, performance, and past material and repair processes utilized during maintenance. By listening to customers requests, Rolls-Royce has developed the cost-share enrollment fee plan that minimizes impact to the customers cash position. This innovative plan includes a nominal initial payment and then defers the majority of the enrollment fee until the next maintenance event. New engines are exempt from the enrollment fee, making this the ideal time to enter into the TotalCare Program. Zero-time overhaul engines are also exempt from this fee if the overhaul was performed at a FIRST network facility. For those customers seeking the most comprehensive support service, Rolls-Royce can provide a tailored TotalCare Program developed and designed specifically to meet your operational needs. Program options include: Monthly actual payment, or monthly estimated payments with annual reconciliation Multiple enrollment fee plans Eligibility of new or in-service engines Three support levels Technical publications M250 training classes Line maintenance consumables Flexible contract term Upgradeable selections during contract term Dedicated spare engines or modules

What others are saying

Whenever there is an issue with any of [our engines] the people we have dealt with have been very professional and quick to respond. They also have been very proactive to make sure that all of our requirements are met prior to them becoming a problem. Rolls-Royce does an excellent job of meeting and exceeding Communication and support is always first and foremost from everyone at RR. Action is always in a timely manner and definitely meets expectations and satisfaction. The cost/value of the program is a very important part of [our business], as it allows [us] to anticipate cost based on projected usage. expectations and requirements to keep our Aircraft operational with the Program. The program has been an asset, as an add-on component, to [our business]. The aircraft share owners understand that all aspects of engine maintenance are conducted with oversight by the engine manufacturer.

For more information

To receive a TotalCare proposal please contact the Rolls-Royce Helicopters TotalCare Program Manager at M250TotalCare@rolls-royce.com (email).

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