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HUMAN RESOURCE AUDIT CHECKLIST OVERVIEW OF REASONS FOR POLICY DEVELOPMENT Legislative requirements Some legislation includes requirements for written policies and procedures to be in place with ongoing implementation. Codes of conduct Codes of conduct detail issues that are not regulated by law but are the standards, behaviours and expectations set by the employer in the workplace. Conditions of employment Conditions of employment which may fall within this category include: attendance, absenteeism, punctuality, transfer, training, promotion, probation, performance review, discipline, abandonment of employment, exit interviews, notice, and termination. Employee entitlements Policies included within this category may include annual leave, long service leave, bereavement leave, parental leave, carers leave, jury leave, special leave, overtime, shift work and details of any other entitlements. Employee benefits Some organisations provide a range of employee benefits not prescribed by legislation or awards. These can relate to such matters as employee health, or assisting employees to balance work and family responsibilities. It is important to clarify how such benefits are awarded to employees in an organisation policy in order to ensure that all employees know of their availability, they are distributed fairly, and that any conditions applying are understood. Employee benefits, which fall into this category, may include: company cars, mobile phones, employee assistance programs, salary packaging, career breaks, working from home and study assistance. The following audit checklist below provides a list of policies, procedures and documentation that are useful for organisations to consider in managing the employment relationship.

Policy & Procedure Audit Checklist POLICY/PROCEDURE NAME ORGANISATIONAL POLICIES/PROCEDURES Code of Conduct Communications Copyright Grievance Handling Intellectual Property Internet and Email Use Mission Statement Motor Vehicle Car Pool Organisational Objectives Organisational Social Functions Security Policy Use of Organisational Property Work and Life Balance RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION Employment of Relatives Employment Screening Policy External Recruitment and Selection Induction Internal Recruitment and Selection Medical information Relocation EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS Casual Employment Job Sharing Part time Employment Probation CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT Absenteeism Annual Leave Bereavement Leave

Is there an existing policy and procedure? Y/N

Is revision required? Y/N

Is a policy & procedure required? Y/N

Priority High, Medium, Low

Carers Leave Children in the Workplace Defence Service Leave Dress Policy Educational Assistance Emergency Leave Employment Assistance Program Family Leave Flexible Working Time Higher Duties Policy Hours of work Jury Duty Leave without pay Long Service Leave Mobile Phones Motor Vehicle Use Parental Leave Promotion Bank Holiday Sick Leave Study Leave Superannuation Time in Lieu Training and Development Travel and Expense Reimbursement Use of Credit Cards Working from Home DATA PROTECTION Disclosure of Information Employee Records Inspection of Records REMUNERATION Remuneration Review

Remuneration Setting Salary Packaging PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL EQUAL OPPORTUNITY AND DISCRIMINATION Diversity Equal Employment Opportunity Harassment (including sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace) OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY Occupational Health and Safety Policy Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace Emergency Evacuation First Aid Incident Reporting and Investigation Non-smoking WORKERS COMPENSATION Claims Management Rehabilitation Procedure Return to Work Procedure DISCIPLINARY AND TERMINATION PROCEDURES Abandonment of Employment Counselling Demotion Discipline Redundancy Suspension (with or without pay) Termination TEMPLATES, LETTERS AND FORMS Acknowledge receipt of application letter Alternative Employment Application for Employment Form

Application for Internal Vacancy Form Application for Study Assistance Certificate of Training Completed Criminal History Application Form Employee Status Change including permanent change, Secondment and higher duties. Employment Declaration Exit Interview Form Internal Job Vacancy Notice Form Interview Assessment Form Letter of Offer Casual Letter of Offer Fixed Term Letter of Offer Part time Letter of Offer Permanent Privacy Disclosure Authorisation Form Probation period complete confirmation of appointment Recruitment and Selection Checklist Recruitment and Selection Shortlisting Form Redundancy Calculation of entitlements Redundancy Confirmation Letter Working from Home OHS Self Assessment Form Working from Home Agreement Working from Home Application Form