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Chinese General Hospital Colleges College of Nursing Gordons Functional Pattern Guide

A. BIOGRAPHIC DATA Hermelita Sebastian De Dios, 56 years old, who is currently living at #119 Tuktukan, Guiguinto, Bulacan, has 3 sons, is married to Fortonato De Dios. She was born on December 10, 1956 in Bulacan. She uses Tagalog as her primary language. She is a housewife. A Jehovas Witness and not a member of ethnic groups. She is a SSS and Caritas Health Service member and these serves as her source of Health and Medical Care financing. A. PAST HEALTH HISTORY No childhood diseases experienced. Immunizations were completed, as Hepa B and Pneumonia Vaccine. No allergies to foods and drugs. No accidents and injuries happened in the past. She was just hospitalized awhile ago because of the RUQ pain she experienced. Usually takes prescripted medications. B. FAMILY HISTORY OF ILLNESS She has Diabetes Mellitus which she inherited from her mother. FUNCTIONAL HEALTH PATTERNS C. HEALTH PERCEPTION AND HEALTH MANAGEMENT PATTERN She saves money for her health. Seeing Health Care Provider depends on what she feels. Easily follows nurse/doctors suggestions, and in her case, proper diet is needed. Takes a bath daily, perform hand washing, trimming of fingernails wears slippers inside the house, brushing teeth three times a day. Does not use any substance like alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. Has an adequate lighting and ventilation and maintain environmental sanitation practices. D. NUTRITIONAL AND METABOLIC PATTERN When it comes to her food intake, she eats complete meals. She uses Centrum as her vitamins. Usually drinks coffee every morning, juice during snacks, and most of the time, drinks water. She always want a newly cooked food and used to eat with her family. But she needs to avoid much sugar and carbohydrates because she is diabetic. She uses Insulin for her DM. She has also Hypertension in which she manages this by Losartan. She has also Neurogen E and Simvastatin. E. ELIMINATION PATTERN She eliminates and urinates every morning as she wakes up. No discomfort/pain upon elimination. No excess perspiration and odor problems. F. ACTIVITY EXERCISE PATTERN She cant stand and walk because of Rheumatoid Arthritis since 2006, wherein, before she undergone knee surgery. Since she cant walk, she only sits on her wheel chair. And upon her free time, she watches television while relaxing.

G. SLEEP REST PATTERN She usually sleeps at 10 pm and usually wakes up at 6 am. She has a good sleep pattern, has a sleep of 8 hours continuously. When she wakes up, she feels she is full of energy. Before sleeping, she usually takes a bath. Having relaxing environment helps her fall asleep. H. COGNITIVE PERCEPTUAL PATTERN She can read and write. No hearing difficulty. Has a normal vision. She has a sharp memory and learns things easily. No problems with speaking, reading and writing. I. SELF PERCEPTION AND SELF CONCEPT PATTERN She sees herself as the same to other people. When she has something in her mind, she voices out freely. J. ROLE RELATIONSHIP PATTERN She lives at Bulacan with her husband and her youngest son, since his elder sons were in abroad working. And as a mother, she always sees to it that she is giving full attention to her family, giving love, care and support to each and every one. Whenever problems arrive, she handles and solves these together with her family. Voicing opinions to her family and friends builds rapport for her. K. SEXUALITY REPRODUCTIVE PATTERN She is in menopausal stage since she was 48 years old. L. COPING STRESS TOLERANCE PATTERN Whenever problem arises she handles stress easily and takes a step by step solution and as the problem is being solved. A helpful step to solve is to talk and open it with your family. Most of the time, as being said by her, this way is successful and effective. M. VALUE BELIEF PATTERN Since she is a Jehovas Witness, she doesnt eat foods with blood because it is against their religion, same thing with blood transfusion. You should be stress free and if problem comes, you should able to cope with it. Since she cant walk, during Sundays she just watches their ceremony. She, together with her family was brought up with respect, and fear to God.

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