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Middleburg, VA 20117 540-687-1102 michael_freeman@verizon.net


Revenue & Profit Growth / Startups / Turnarounds / Product Development & Launches / M&A / P&L Strategic Planning / Business Development / Technology Innovation / OD / Strategic Alliances & JV
Exceptional record driving revenue, profit and market share growth for both large and small, high-growth technology and systems integration firms, including Project Performance Corp., Hewlett-Packard, Luciad, Northrop Grumman and ComPath. Led business transformations, turnarounds, startups, R&D and product launch initiatives, positioning companies for dramatic growth, rising shareholder value and profitable exit strategies. Can make both an immediate and lasting impact by:

Driving aggressive strategies to grow revenue, profits and shareholder value Fostering cultures that promote innovation & organizational excellence Differentiating product/service portfolios to gain a competitive edge Identifying & seizing untapped market and product opportunities

Known for building, training and motivating multidisciplinary teams to exceed all key performance indicators. In addition to an MS in Technology Management from University of Maryland, College Park and a BS in Management from University of LaVerne, continuing education includes study at the Wharton School of Business.

Spurred rapid growth at HP with 75% revenue jump. Recruited to grow C&I business. Refocused product/service portfolio. Developed an aggressive pricing strategy. Hired top talent. Forged strategic partnerships. Posted 20% YOY gains in profit and 24% in revenue, going from $200M to $350M in 2.5 years. Beat industry trends by double-digits. Turnaround sets stage for profitable buyout. Recruited as Interim CEO to save PPC, which was on brink of insolvency. Slashed liabilities 42%. Right-sized workforce; increased billable hours; renegotiated labor contracts. Cut real estate costs 20%. Reenergized sales with a double-digit revenue gain. Paved way for sale to a private equity firm. Award-winning transformation remakes culture, boosts sales 20% at HP. C&I unit needed to rebuild morale and sales in a slumping market. Reinvigorated leadership team; strengthened mission focus. Enhanced communications; increased empowerment/accountability. Honored for cutting attrition, growing sales and increasing win rate to 80%. Boosted all KPIs in turnaround of Northrop Grumman unit. Asked to take over as CTO and grow IT business unit. Optimized technical solutions. Improved client satisfaction. Increased award fee evaluation from 81% to 96%+ and margin contribution 15 points. Grew capture rate from 20% to 75%, ROS 4% and contract backlog 130%. Grew ComPath into a leading broadband player. Hired to startup a Broadband Engineering division. Built team, infrastructure, technology and marketing strategy. Secured millions in deals from RoadRunner, Cox, Comsat, Orbital, Hughes and AT&T to build Internet data centers. Established firm as go-to source for cable cos entering broadband. Led Luciad US startup, cracking open a $50M pipeline. Recruited by Belgian software firm to enter US. Built infrastructure from ground up. Developed go-to-market strategy. Forged alliances with systems integrators. Secured key public and private sector accounts. Exceeded all targets, taking sales from $3M to $22M in under three years. Propelled a 131% revenue jump, launching new division at Kajax. Recruited to startup a new engineering division. Grew revenue from $28M to $65M+ in less than 30 months and increased pipeline by >200%. Established division as a consulting partner with both HP and Microsoft (an unprecedented combination), as well as Siemens.

Interim CEO/COO, 2011-2012. Took on a series of leadership roles: At Project Performance Corporation (PPC), a $78M division of AEA Technology, orchestrated a turnaround, positioning the firm for profitable sale to a private equity investor. At FCIS, guided a government contracting IT startup, developing and executing a successful WOSB launch. CEO, Luciad, 2009-2011. Recruited to lead entry into the US market for a Belgian software company. Directed successful startup. Exceeded all financial targets, setting the stage for the parent to take over day-to-day operations. VP, Consulting & Integration Practice, Hewlett-Packard, 2007-2009. Recruited to lead a cultural and business transformation, drove a 75% jump in revenue while earning two prestigious corporate management awards. Managed P&L on revenues to $350M and staff to 900+. Recruited by Luciad when the C&I practice was acquired by EDS. CTO/Division Director, Northrop Grumman IT Division, 2002-2007. Directed $387M unit with 1200 staff. Increased revenue, profit, market share and capture rates. Led R&D, M&A and process reengineering initiatives. Earlier: Management & engineering roles at ComPath, Kajax and Unisys. Began career at Bunker Ramo/Eaton Corp.