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Being Successful

Things Successful People Do That You Could Learn From

Tracy Travis, Brian Burba

PUBLISHED BY: Tracy Travis, Brian Burba Copyright 2012

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Table of Content Introduction Chapter 1: To Be Successful You Have to Fail First Why Success Failure Leads to

How to Turn Your Mistake into Success Chapter 2: To Be Successful You Have To Start Small What is Stopping Your From Starting on Your Dream?

What You Need to Do to Succeed Chapter 3: To Be Successful You have to Let go of Attachments Letting Go vs. Giving Up Letting Go of Attachments Conflicts of Attachments Steps to Take to Let Go of Attachments How to Let Go of Your Attachment to Money Chapter 4: To Be Successful You Must Have Fun The Importance of Fun Chapter 5: To Be Successful

Dont Take Yourself Too Seriously How to Loosen Up From Your Serious Self Chapter 6: To Be Successful Learn to Relax Take Control of Your Life Chapter 7: To Be Successful Accept There Are Things Beyond Your Control How to Differentiate Between Changeable and Unchangeable Things Chapter 8: There Is No Single Path to Success Make Your Own Path to

Success Chapter 9: To Be Successful Know When to Quit How Quitter to Be a Strategic

Questions to Ask Yourself before You Quit Chapter 10: To Be Successful, Take a Break Ideas on What to Do to Take a Break Chapter 11: Successful People Create Their Own Opportunities Why You Should Not Wait for the Perfect Opportunity

What You Need to Do Chapter 12: Successful People Follow Their Hearts Benefits of Following Your Heart Why You Should Trust Your Gut Instincts Chapter 13: Successful People are Not Perfectionists Too Much Perfectionism is Not Good Chapter 14: Successful People Embrace Their Mistakes How to Embrace Mistakes as Lifes Lessons

Chapter 15: Successful People are Always Helping Others Chapter 16: Successful People Love to Network What is Networking? How to Network Effectively How Network to Maintain Your

Chapter 17: Successful People Give How to Give Yourself Away Chapter 18: Successful People are Sincere How to Be Sincere Steps to Being Sincere

Chapter 19: You Dont Have to be Smart to Succeed How to be Smart Enough Chapter 20: Successful People Never Stop Learning Why You Should Never Stop Learning Chapter 21: Success Nothing to do With Luck Has

Chapter 22: Successful People Work Less to Get More Done

Successful people have several counter-intuitive ideas that they have ingrained in their minds. These ideas go against the grain and appear in contrast to what we have been made to believe is key to being successful. The most surprising thing is that these counter-intuitive habits have been proven to work wonders for those who practice them. It is therefore in our interest that we take the following habits to heart and insert them in our daily routines and then observe the results for ourselves.

Without much ado, here are top 21 counter-intuitive ideas to get started.

Chapter 1: To Be Successful You Have to Fail First Why Failure Leads to Success
To truly experience life to the fullest, you need to know why failure is an important aspect of success. Nobody is perfect. You should know by now that life is not a perfect script devoid of any failure that you follow through. If you think there is someone living a failurefree life then you are very much

wrong. What you should believe is that there is value in every disappointment you suffer. Therefore, there is nothing to be afraid of about failing. An important thing to know is the fact that failing is part of life. You will fail before you can succeed. You need to know that you will continue to fail if you really want to succeed in your life. In any case, many of the people who succeed in life are mainly those who are not afraid of failure and rejection. Without taking action there is nothing you can achieve.

Every time you hear about the success of someone, you are most likely to think more about this success and not the struggle the individual has undergone to get to where one is. The most common way of thinking is that the individual is lucky and that is why they have succeeded. However, what you need to know is that if you have never failed then you have most likely not lived. This is an important message you should consider in any aspect of your life. Furthermore, all innovators and pioneers have failed. Most of them have failed miserably at one point

in time in their life. Moreover, others have even considered suicide or various drastic actions due to their failure. The world over, there is no individual who has lived without some form of disappointment in ones life. Therefore, you should not fear failing. This is because it is possible to come through the problem and become successful just as many famous individuals have done for themselves. Today, you can define failure as the steps you need for you to climb the ladder of success. There are great lessons you can draw from

any failure in your life no matter how small. Whatever lesson you get builds on your experience and knowledge and is what you need to succeed. It is for this reason you should not ever be afraid of failure. Life is all about taking action and risks. It is only through trying that you have an opportunity to become successful. Moreover, it is also in trying that you become susceptible to failing. Therefore, it is easy to become scared of trying out new ideas in your life. You may also be afraid of rejection in your line or work or in your relationships. However, it is good to know that

the essence of any success is about the difficulties that you experience throughout your journey. You need to experience some form of failure in your life. Once you learn how to deal with these disappointments in your life fast the quicker success comes your way. If you are to use failure to succeed then you need to know the steps to take to prepare yourself mentally. First, you need to know that in life you are bound to get one or more failures. Once you understand this better for you. The second step is to accept your failure. There is no point allowing

your past disappointments destroy the great future before you. The idea is to believe that you at least tried and you have lived. The third step is to understand that you are also bound to fail in future. This is a realistic way for you to make the best out of any problem in your life. However, this is not to say that you should expect to fail. The secret is to accept logically that it is possible to fail and that failure does exist. However, be confident that you are capable of avoiding failure by being confident in yourself. This is the best way for you to stop yourself from being a habitual

failure. One secret of doing this is to accept you can fail but that there are ways for you to get over the problem and not have it destroy your life. This is a very empowering thought to have and it can easily increase your chances of being successful. One of the biggest hurdles that people face in life is the fear of failing. Never allow failure to destroy your chance of being successful. What you need to do is try. If you have a project or anything you wish to accomplish then you only need a step and try it. You need to live your life and it

is in trying things that you can say you are living. Always welcome new experiences in your life. You need also be prepared for possible difficulties but still have hope that you will succeed and it will soon happen. The best way for you to enjoy the success in your life is to go through failure. It is a good way for you to understand the value of your life and every experience you go through. There is no point in denying yourself a chance to achieve success in everything you set out to do in your life. What you need to know is that the more

times you fail you are increasing your chances of succeeding. Therefore, the more times you try to make things work for you the more you increase your chances of success.

How to Turn Your Mistake into Success

It is not that successful people are impervious to any problems that arise from making bad decisions. You should also know that they also do make the wrong decisions. However, the main reason they are still successful is that they have learned how to turn their failures into success. For most of them, they understand that failure is a necessary element if they are to succeed. Moreover, they know that it is only in trying and making errors that they are

able to become successful. Failure is a good thing. Although the name comes with a negative connotation, it is possible to get something of value out of your woes. The worst that you could get out of failure is if you do not make a point of learning from it and be discouraged to a point of giving up. Some of the people who have failed in life and have lived to tell of their success include Richard Branson and Simon Cowell. Richard Branson Today, Richard Bransons net

worth is more than 3 billion. He is the man behind various successful brands worldwide. His business acumen is vastly dominant in fields of music, travel, and communications and in carbonatedfruit drinks and the pioneer of Virgin Records. Before his success in business, Branson had initiated a bird breeding exercise and initiated a Christmas tree growing project. These two projects are a few of the many failures in his life. Simon Cowell Cowell is the founder of the Fanfare Records and is an

international star popularly known as Mr. Mean due to his music talent show. Although he is famous for being a simple A&R man, he still went ahead and formed various successful groups and his own record label. At a time when his company went down because of a financial crisis, he lost so much to the point that he had to return home. At the age of thirty, he went to live with his parents. However, this failure did not stop him. He was able to bounce back and gain a great fortune. Today, he is a man with over 1 million in personal fortune.

One feature these two individuals and many successful people have in common is confidence in their conviction. Their decisions are not always right. However, their courage helps them make decisive choices and to make things happen. Additionally, they take several steps to ensure they do not allow failure to hinder their progress. These steps also make it possible for them to recover from their mistakes. You can also use the same step to make something out of your life. i. Accept Failure

The first step to being successful is for you to accept that you can fail or have failed. If you made a mistake, it is good to accept your involvement in it and the consequences that arise. You should do this fast and learn from the lessons the problem presents. This is the best way to take quick action to recovery. It is also a way to ensure you do not spend more time on the failure but try to find a way to turn things around for the better. Usually, external factors contribute to failure. However, there is no need for you to get angry or even try to

escape from the issue by pointing fingers at another person. If you made a mistake accept it plus all the consequences that come with it and try to move on. ii. Know Family, friends and employees are the most probable people in your life affected by failure in your life. They will not all get affected at the same time. Furthermore, each situation you get yourself into is bound to be different. However, when you fail, you should let everyone involved or those likely to Let People

feel the pinch of your failure know about the mistake. By making an honest attempt to include them in the problem, they can easily understand the situation without the need to end the relationship. Most people appreciate an honest straightforward explanation. Furthermore, you get to have your problem half solved by simply sharing it with others. What this means is that you should be honest from the start. iii. Find a Solution to the Problem

Once you have accepted the

mistake the next step is to find a solution to it. Whatever method you choose to use to remedy the situation determines whether you become successful or not. Therefore, it is good to come up with the best possible solution for the particular issue. You must make decisions at this point. Do not expect it to be an easy process. First, you need to assess your situation. This is the best way to find out whether it is possible to remedy the issue. It is also a good time to determine if you need to consult other people or need to ask for help from others. Secondly, it is

possible to solve a situation by simply apologizing or thanking someone. This gets rid of heartache and any bad feeling someone else may have because of you. Thirdly, it would be best to have an alternative solution to the initial thing that you did wrong. Here, you need to return to the first instance when things were still good and find out whether there is an alternative way to do things that do not lead to failure. Lastly, you can also decide to cut your losses or try to put the issues away for you to move forward.


Move Forward

The last step you need if you are to recover from failure is to move forward. The idea is to take action to solve the problem or find an alternative solution to it. Failure to move forward can easily lead to another problem. You must make this simple and necessary step. First, it is good to find out what is it that you could have done differently to avoid the problem. The information you get here is what you need to change how you run your life. Secondly, you need to come up with several solutions and

choose the best to sort out the issue. You could get a partner to help you make most of the big decision. When you look at the life of some of the most successful people in the world, you realize that they all made mistakes in their life at one point. However, most of them did not allow these failures to hinder their progress. In any case, a close look at these situations in their life uncovers the secret of how successful people view failure as a good thing. To them, it makes them stronger each time they learn from their mistakes.

Chapter 2: To Be Successful You Have To Start Small

The greatest secret to success is to always think big but start small. This is an important principle you need to make over your life if you want to achieve big things. It is the little steps you take that make all the difference in your life, profession or in your relationships. It is common to think that the only way to a successful life or business is to start with a big fanfare. For most people, they believe that a

business launched with a lot of buzz from the start is the one that beats competition. This is a definite road to failure especially if business is not able to sustain that initial buzz or even match the value of the product or band with the much fanfare it made at the beginning. This is the start of the failure of such a business. A good thing to learn from such a mistake is that value helps you sell more. It is important that you put more effort in building the value of your project or goal. The buzz in this case will enhance the quality of your project and make it easy to

sell your idea to a wide range of people. Furthermore, you need to start small and build your stamina and ability to deal with more.

What is Stopping Your From Starting on Your Dream?

Every individual has his or her own fears that make it hard to take the first step towards achieving success. Some of the common factors you may be experiencing include: Fear The fear of the unknown is prevalent in many cases. Here, you can find yourself worrying too much, about what other people might say about you;

you worry about being embarrassed if your idea becomes a failure or the fear of the cost you have to spend on time, effort and skills to achieve your goal. Unclear vision You will not be successful if your vision is not clear even to you. Have you figured out what it is you want to do with your life? If you are not sure what action to take, what your goal in life is, how you want to achieve success or whether you even want to succeed, there is no way you

can make progress. Wanting to start big This is a common problem where you want to be successful immediately and have all the big things and all the money you can dream of having. Therefore, you easily find yourself waiting for the excellent opportunity that will miraculously transport you to your dream success. Such an attitude will see you waiting for the rest of your life and never getting that opportunity.

What You Need to Do to Succeed

Should you start your way to success through small steps, or can you use a bootstrapped approach is one question you need to ask yourself. What this question seeks to answer is whether patience versus immediate fanfare, which of the two is bound to work effectively. The main issue at this point is the time you take to get to your destined goal. There are those who prefer taking the shortest time possible in taking action that leads to success. Such

individuals invest a lot of money to make this possible. However, there are those who first create value in their goals and take time to get to it. Although the first fast attempt at becoming successful can work and give you success after a short period, it creates a big disaster for you if it happens to fail. If you want to succeed, you need to know what it is you want for your life, career or relationship. This is the first step to being successful. Here, you should see yourself becoming what you dream of but have not yet taken the first step to achieving it.

What you should do in this case is start from where you are. Remember there is no big miracle that will sweep you off to your success. Using whatever you have at hand it is possible to make great steps towards achieving success. It does not matter if it is a small action. The more little steps you make the more likely you get something big. Many individuals who have achieved big successes started small. They actually took the first step and all the other pieces slowly fell into place leading to a big

achievement. You also need to know that it is what you do now that counts and not what you are waiting to do the coming year. Even as you dream big, it is good to take baby steps first and little by little, you get to grow big. If you are determined and are able to visualize your success, it is possible to attract big growth into your life. It is good to know there is no success that comes easily. This is a journey filled with failures, the weak hearted cannot succeed in accomplishing. Furthermore, by taking the first step you are writing your success story one-step at a

time. No element can outshine the need for value if you want to become successful. It beats the need to have a lot of money or influence although these elements have their own contribution. You should be able to prove the worth of your goal and focus on its value. Next, spend every penny wisely to invest and add more value to your objective as you grow big. It is also good to take small cautious steps for you to grow big.

Chapter 3: To Be Successful You have to Let go of Attachments

Many human beings are like the proverbial monkey that you can easily catch because it does not want to let go of the banana. Here, you only need to put a banana in a cage in front of a monkey to trap it. What the monkey does is to reach out for the banana through the bars and hold it. Because the spaces in between the bars are small, the monkey is not able to remove its hand while holding the banana.

Trapping the monkey is easy because instead of letting go of the banana, the monkey continues struggling with it. Human beings also act the same way, refusing to let go of things holding them down to succeed. The greatest challenge you face about change is where you have to let go of what gives you balance and stability in your life and what you value as part of your identity. Your identity because of your attitudes and identity defines manifests itself beliefs, thoughts, behaviors. Your who you are.

Therefore, if it comes to a point where you have to let go or change part of what you feel identifies you it is easy to hold on to it. This makes it hard for you to accept change no matter how small it is. You are not alone in this. Many people suffer the same problem worldwide. To them change is also not an easy thing to do because of the fear of losing the one thing that defines them. They also fear that they will not be able to have a stable life if they accept change. The only problem is that you hold on to things that may not be of value to you as you believe

and are only dragging your down on your way to success. What you need to know is that letting go is very different from giving up. When you let go this does not mean you are giving up part of you. It is best that you understand the difference between the two elements for you to learn how to let go to achieve big things in life.

Letting Go vs. Giving Up

You are not the only person confused about the concepts of letting go and giving up. Many people trying to make meaning in their life often have to make the difference between the two before they can actually move on to bigger things. In any case, in life coaching you have to demystify the truths behind the two ideas. When you give up this means, you allow yourself to lose hope. It is that point when you let the past get the hold of you to a point that

you lose any desire you may have for being successful. On most cases, giving up has the connotation that you will never return or never have the thing you have given up return to you. It is the thought of giving up that scares many people. Giving up is the main thing that cause you to have fear and grief of not wanting to change. In respect, you try to find ways to ensure you do not have to give up anything in your life. You will try to avoid change, become addicted, fall into depression or even harm yourself. When you let go, this means that you accept change. It is all

about understanding the things that are not right in your life and letting them pass through you. Here, you do not fight with your thoughts and feelings. It is also a matter of not letting these harmful or unpleasant things take control of your life. You can let go of your past if you do not want it to control you future. Being able to let go is an art you need to master. This is because it is a future oriented concept as you are making a decision not to have past experiences stunt your future growth. What you should understand is that it is possible to have your thoughts, believes,

attitudes, and behavior work for you and not have them control your life. This way, you can easily choose those that you need in your life and let go that do not have any significance. Moreover, with a stronger emotional state you can easily enjoy the happiness, health, balance and satisfaction that come with letting go. What you should also know about letting go is that it is a process you practice all your life. Many successful people have mastered this process. They often use it to propel themselves into a successful life. What you need to do

is not let negative thoughts become part of your life. You should be able to let go and allow in positive feelings, thought and beliefs to build yourself a stronger identity.

Letting Go Attachments


A major part of being human is the kind of attachments your make in your life. The ultimate attachment is the one you have on your life. This attachment gives you the strength to do anything to live. This is why most people can do things they never thought possible just to survive. However, there are attachments you must let go of from your life. You need to know when to let one attachment go and

when to let in new attachments. What this means is that having attachments in your life is not a bad thing. It is an important aspect of living that is healthy and a must in your life if you are to survive or be in a relationship with others. As you let one attachment in your life go, you are making way for another better one to fill its place. However, the only problem is that you can easily get to comfortable with a past attachment to a point you do not want to let go. This is because you feel that it is part of what makes you able to survive and feel good about life.

Conflicts Attachments


It is human to have many attachments. These may be both minor and major things in your life. However, when you are not able to make the distinction between a minor attachment and a major one than conflict arises. Your attachment to what is right for easily comes in the way of your relationships. The other person obviously also has his or her own attachments that they value. When the two attachments clash conflict arises.

The secret to letting go of an attachment is to define it using your happiness. Happiness is a scale you can use to let go of situations that make you unhappy. It may be a thought, belief or an attitude attachment you can easily let go of using this scale.

Steps to Take to Let Go of Attachments

Step 1: Write down a list of things that make you unhappy in your life. List down 100 things and include those that touch on your health, work, relationships, social life or friends. Step 2: Write why you are unhappy against each point you have written down. It is good to write these statements next to your list of 100 positive expectations you want in your life. Step 3: Each of the items you

have written down has a thought, belief, attitude or behavior attached to it that is the cause of your unhappiness. Find it. Step 4: Look at the points you have written down with an aim of establishing those that do not happen all the time or are not always true. It may be a small thing such as the times when you think you are obese or when you feel that you do not eat too much. It is these sometimes points that you should look for at this point. If you find even one such possibility in your list then you should know you can easily survive anything and it

should be the thought that allows you to let go of your attachment. Step 5: This step requires you to rewrite your attachment points so that you can become the source of your happiness. You should do this by finding a positive way of expressing your statements. As you do this focus on what things you want to achieve in the future. It is also good to understand the things you want to avoid. You should then focus on all those things you want. In most cases, what you put your focus on is what you get in life. These steps will work for you if

you follow them to the latter. However, it is also possible to feel happy if you adopt a positive way of thinking. If positive thinking does not work for you, you can come up with new attachments. These are alternative attachments and they have to be forgiving, empowering and flexible.

How to Let Go of Your Attachment to Money

It is not wrong to visualize financial abundance that you get by winning a lottery ticket, a huge business deal or getting a job with higher pay. In most cases, the feeling that you deserve financial freedom is most eminent at this point. The problem comes when your visualization of your success and living a full life does not materialize even when you do all that is required of you, the first thought you get will be that of wanting to give up.

However, this is not the only solution that you have. For the most part, this is the best time for you to find out what is making you not reach your potential. You should be curious to find out what is it that is hindering you from getting the kind of success you want in your life. One main hindrance to your financial abundance is the attachments you have in your life. This is one this that will continuously create a big barrier between you and your success if you do not do something about it.

You know your attachment money is wrong when: "




You desire money more that the intimacy of a loved one. The manifestation of a desire or dream is the only thing that can make you happy The need to make more money for your fulfillment of life in incessant

All these are negative energies that hinder the manifestation of your visualization. They influence

you ability to capitalize on your divine being that is more powerful than anything in your life is. The greatest law of detachment is that you must become unattached to the thing you want most in your life for you to realize it. It is about letting go of the attachment and keeping the intention to create wealth and you desire for it to be alive. The other thing you need to know is that the more you are able to visualize your prosperity the easier it is to become a reality. This is because your conscience determines the flow of money into your life and not money

that should thoughts of it.



The secret to having an abundant life is to be at peace with yourself, your dreams and the universe. You can do this by becoming detached from money. Through detachment, you become open and receptive and this attracts new and better opportunities to you and brings people into your life to help you get the financial abundance you desire. It is through the act of detachment that you easily let the universe support your financial visualization and make it a reality faster and in an easy


Chapter 4: To Be Successful You Must Have Fun

Fun is not a luxury it is the very essence you need to sustain your success. Therefore, if you are the kind of person who views having fun as a waste of time, you need to rethink your life. You should be able have fun in all situations in your work or home life. This makes it easy for you to be successful and more relaxed as you progress to your success. Fun is less known by many

people as a way of making is easy to become successful. It is for this reason why you may do all that is required of you to become successful but reach a stagnating point where you cannot move forward. Many people who have taken the step to become successful and are committed often feel like they need to up their game from time to time. They often seek a sense of balance and harmony in their life for them to accomplish bigger goals. What most of these individuals do not know is that fun is the key to unlocking the deadlock they have gotten into.

The Importance of Fun

a) It keeps you going during tough times It is not enough to have your goals aligned with your value and making sure there is absolute accountability. In any case, concentrating on only these aspects can become laborious. You need to have fun. This gives you the drive to press on. b) Fun is a binding force You need people in your life if you are to become successful. These may be an

indispensible team of friends, your family, a loved one or your colleagues. With the help of a binding relationship, you can have them help you have the best time getting to your success. Fun is a good way for you to create strong bonds and respect. These qualities come in handy during difficult times. c) It refills your energy It is easy to replenish your energy by having fun. This gives you the drive to move forward even when things

seem impossible and you are tired of trying. What you need to do is find a way to build up on your energy. This energy you distribute to your family, friends, colleagues and various other projects you are involved in can bring progress to your success. Even when you are busy and think there is no time for you to have fun, it is important you understand how the act of having fun is the key you need to propel yourself to that success you have been aiming for. It refills your life

and helps you gain the strength to continue working towards your dream. Spend as much time as you can to refill your life and take care of yourself. This is a great step towards success and it also allows you to be the best you can be for others.

Chapter 5: To Be Successful Dont Take Yourself Too Seriously

The concept of having fun in life even as you work towards reaching your goal is all about being less serious with your life. Life is a game that you can only win if you know how to play it. Therefore, stop worrying too much, constantly planning and driving yourself too hard. It is not that these are bad qualities to have in you. The only problem is that too much concentration on your goals and

success can become destructive with time. Why not take your life as easy as it comes? You need to understand the main reasons why you have a big chance of success if you take life less seriously: a) A serious life makes you miserable Life is not all about stresses, unhappiness and depression. This is not a good way to live. Injecting fun into your life makes it more meaningful. b) A serious life is the cause of health problems You

make your life short each time you do not take time to have some fun or relax. Stress and anxiety are the main causes of most health problems and this will hinder you from moving forward. c) A serious life is too strenuous You spend energy everyday trying to accomplish the days tasks and projects you need for you to succeed. However, without taking life easy you can easily become a fanatic trying to accomplish more in areas that do not really

matter. This means you will not have the energy for things important in your life. Much of your energy should be on your loved ones as they are what matter most.

How to Loosen Up From Your Serious Self

1. Live for Today

It is easy to be obsessed about the past or the future and forget to live for the day. This is the reason why you are not able to avoid or get rid of obstacles you have in your life. You should know that when you think about your past you stunt your growth with missing gaps and items that will never determine your future. This is because you spend more time trying to make

sense of experiences or filling in the gaps in your life forgetting that what you felt in the past is not what you are feeling now. Furthermore, if you constantly think about the future, you tend to blow things out of proportion. Many of the things you expect by thinking about your future almost never happen. 2. Understand that you are mortal

No human being is immortal. You will die someday no matter how hard you work to gain all the fame and success you can get in life. Therefore, what you should be

building more on is the time you spend with loved ones and creating memories that last. This should be your main end goal and take as much time as you possibly can to live a happy life with family, friends and most of all yourself. 3. have fun Although it is possible to measure fun differently according to an individual, it is easy to see that people who are most happy and having the most fun are the ones that are successful. Therefore, why should you feel guilty having fun? It is okay to

Taking time out to have fun is not a waste of time. There is really not point in working hard and trying to be productive if you cannot have fun while doing it. In any case, you will most probably have more success in those areas of your life that you have fun.

Chapter 6: To Successful Learn Relax

Be to

Problems are everywhere. Burdens, stresses and unwanted problems are common in everyday activities you do at home and at work. It is possible to feel like you cannot take it anymore and the only thing for you is to give up. Learning to relax is the best way to let your mind power attract success, money and friends into your life. You need to know how to open your mind to draw these

elements into your life through positive thinking. The main function of positive thinking is that it helps you relieve your body of stress and let your relax. Through this process, you get enough sleep and have a frame of mind that can make good decisions. It is also the best way to help you communicate well with others. The ability to get rid of stress in your life is a skill you have to practice before you can master it. It requires a lot of patience and practice. Once you have mastered it, you can easily use your mind power to get rid of stressful issues

in your life and many other things that only work to hinder your success.

Take Control of Your Life

You only get to achieve success in your life when you learn how to relive stress in your life. It is the best way to use to attract wealth into your life by making our work easier and fun and to get friends who enjoy being in your presence because of your happiness. To do this you need to take control of your life. There are various things to do to take active control of your life to be able to enjoy happiness and

success. Step 1: Make a list of all stressful things you do not want in your life. Although it is likely, there are some issues that you have no control over try as much as possible to list down what you can get rid of. Step 2: From your list determine those issues you can solve easily and work on them. It could be that your family is making too many demands on you causing you stress, you have no time for yourself or the activities you plan to do are stressful. Such stressful situations are easy to work out. All you need

to do is to tell your family you need some time alone and make it a routine to take that time off to replenish yourself. Step 3: Once you know the problem, its cause and how to solve some of them you need to have an open mind and use positive thinking to take care of the difficult stressful situations. This will help you come up with creative ways that work to relive stress. As you take time to be by yourself, it is good to engage in things that you like. It does not matter what it is you do so long as

it relieves stress. You could listen to music in a quiet environment, lie on the grass and visualize yourself off somewhere else. Whatever activity you take up should help your forget your earlier troubles of things you have to do and think only of you. This is a good way to replenish your mind and body and gain the energy to continue working towards a successful life, career and relationship with family and friends.

Chapter 7: To Be Successful Accept There Are Things Beyond Your Control

It is not bad to dream big. However, if you make goals on things that you are not likely to achieve because of things that are beyond your control you are only wasting your life. It is only good to give your all to those things in life that you can change and those that will not destroy you in the process. As you take action over your life and looking beyond what you have

now you are taking responsibility over your life. However, you also need to accept that there are things you cannot change in your life but you can get the courage to change what is possible and to gain the wisdom to know how to make out the difference between things that are easy to change and unchangeable circumstances.

How to Differentiate Between Changeable and Unchangeable Things

When you see a loved one destroying their life, it is normal to want to help. However, what should you do if that person does not want to accept the help or change you are proposing? Furthermore, if you know you have the power to bring peace into your life and that of your family or society, should you remain in a state of apathy? It is easy to work yourself up

into a state where you do not believe that anything can change and remain complacent towards life. Living in apathy is a sure way of blocking yourself out of the many changes you can make to be successful. Individuals who have closed themselves out of change only concentrate on limited areas of their life like the closest relationships they have. What you need to know is there are many things you can do to bring change in the world. Therefore, you should never close yourself up to changes that come your way. You need to believe in change.

Even as you believe in change, you should never forget there are also those things you have no control over. Therefore, just as you accept the things you can change, you must accept others are beyond your control. Aspects such as behavior and thinking are not easy to change. If you are able to change the behavior and way of thinking of another individual then you should know when to give up. It is often hard to accept that you cannot change everything in your life or in that of a loved one. However, the secret is to realize the situation is unchangeable,

accept it and let it be. Failure to do this leads to your own destruction.

Chapter 8: There Is No Single Path to Success

When you are thinking of the path to take to make your life a success you need to ask yourself what is the best way to make your life story interesting. There is no single straightforward pathway to success. It is all about finding a system that works for you and making good use of it. You may decide to take further educational learning to get you to your career of choice or you may decide to become self-taught. You should know that both of these strategies

work effectively. Many people have become successful using one of the two tactics or both. However, the one that works best for you will be that which makes your story unique and is what gives you your signature style. It does not matter what kind of career line you choose for yourself or the kind of business you get into so long as you are happy with it and it shows signs of making you reach your goal. Never let anyone dictate what strategy you should take. Ensure you are ready to take that step before you commit yourself.

Whatever path you take is a valid one, as it will help you in the future even if you are not sure when you choose to take it. Along this path, it is easy to find interesting things you can learn from to help you in whatever plan you have in mind or will have in the future. Take up as much as you can with your current plan and when the right time comes you can easily recognize opportunities where to use the knowledge and skill you have gained. Once you have decided on a path, it is good to evaluate its

effects and how far you have come. Taking such action is important. It will help you recognize the value you bring not only into your life but also into your work or project.

Make Your Own Path to Success

One question that you may be asking yourself today is which way you think is best for you to create your path to success, especially in these uncertain times. The world over, there seems to be a big disparity between the need to draw from prescribed paths that everyone uses or whether you should make your own way to success. Even as majorities of people still believe that the collective prescribed paths are the way to go, the young generation

seems to look for its own way, to pursue its aspirations and to keep hope alive. This debate is getting fiercer by the day. It can also be very confusing for you if you are trying to find your own way. How can you best assuage your hunger for approval, prestige, safety, achievement and various other needs you have in your life? There are two ways for you to become successful. You can choose to get employment in a corporate institution or you can strike it out on your own as an entrepreneur. There is no one-sizefit-all method

and it is up to you to decide which of the two is best for you. a) Corporate Employment

It is common to find students and graduates queuing for a chance to get either an internship or a job. This is still the most preferred that is recommended by most people to start your career. One reason for this is that most of these institutions are powerful and command a great deal of respect. Taking this path ensures that you have an opportunity to gain experience in whatever line of work you have chosen. It also provides

you with connections and a reliable salary or a coveted internship position with a posh company. It is a safe choice. However, you will need to carve your own space and be innovative if you are to make a mark in your life and that of others. b) Entrepreneurship

Although this still is, a risky endeavor to take it is increasingly becoming the best way for you to tackle any social and economic problems. This is the best path for you to take to make your own success if you are looking for change from the corporate world.

Today, it is no longer a foolish venture to go out on your own. Moreover, it has gained prestige and you can now have the same status as that individual working in a corporate institution. This is possible by the fact that the corporate life is not as secure as it was before. However, you should remember that to be successful with this path you must consistently build your connections, be able to influence and find a way to expand, if possible join the mainstream industry. It is good to note that in both

cases there is a degree of uncertainty. However, the two paths also have some level of prestige in them. This means it does not really matter what path you take. The main factor to consider as you choose which of the two to follow is whether it is what you need to lead you to your success. If you are a conformist then the corporate world will work best for you and can be a way to follow your passion and gain recognition. However, if you are not a conformist you can still serve others and prove to yourself that you can be something by creating

your own path. As you work out a plan to use, always remember that it is not about the choice of workplace that determines your success. It all about the goals you have in mind that you want to achieve and how you think the path makes it possible to reach your goals. It is good for you to consider both sides and keep this debate within you. It is the best way to ensure you fuel you creative side to make breakthroughs.

Chapter 9: To Be Successful Know When to Quit

One way to be successful is to be proactive. It does not matter what path you choose to create your own success. If you can have fun, enjoy great benefits and always have something interesting to work on then keep at it. However, it may reach a time when the rewards you once enjoyed and the excitement of the job wears off and you feel nothing but tired and in need of a change. How do you

know it is time to quit? There are countless stories of people who made it in life and became successful because they never threw in the towel. These individuals are often quoted to have overcome all kinds of adversities and rejection but never lost sight of the goal they had in mind. You may have heard of: " Vincent Van Gogh, the famous posthumously celebrated painter who never stopped painting Sylvia Plath,



George Orwell and Jack Kerouau books rejected by the Alfred A. Knopf publishing house yet they are best authors today. Stephen Kings 30 rejections for his first novel but his wife encouraged him to submit it again

You hear about it all the time, that winners never quit and quitters never win or that it took Thomas Edison more than 1000 failures for him to invent the light bulb you are using today. Is it true that winners never quit? These are all good

pointer to help you push on in life. However, they are not very true. What you need to know is that life is not all about winning and never quitting. The secret is to know when to quit and what to quit. When you hit a dead end it is time you move on. You will know that you have reached the dip, the minute the excitement of learning new things, having fun and the energy you hard in the initial phase of starting the job fades. This is when you realize that you are getting more than what you bargained for.

If you want to know when the right time to quit, you should keep in mind that it is when you are in the dip that you get to know the difference between your beginners luck and the real accomplishment you are aiming for. The dip is more of a barrier that differentiates you from successful people. To use whatever dip you are in effectively it is not about riding it out or trying to survive through it. You need to know how to lean into the dip. Instead of weathering trough your dip, you should push harder and change the rules of your game as you move forward. This not only

shortens your time in the dip but also ensures you get the stamina to continue pursuing your goal.

How to Be a Strategic Quitter

Winners are strategic quitters and not serial or reactive quitters. Once you know and understand the concept, you are on the right path to taking control of your life and your success. Although quitting is good for you when you are on a dead end, you should avoid reactive or serial quitting as they never get you anywhere in life. Other than knowing when to quit, and the right things to quit is only the beginning. You should also be able to know when and how to use the dips in

your life. In any case, most of the things worth doing often have dips. What you should know is that most successful people have also done stupid things believing they were right. However, instead of shying away in fear or complacency most of them have managed to come through their tribulations through quitting at the right time. They have also redefined their goals and refined their attainability. What you should learn from these successful individuals is how to determine the best time to throw in the towel. The best way to do this is to ask some very important


Questions to Ask Yourself before You Quit

a) Are your emotions running high? If you are in a panic state, you should never make any decisions to quit. This is a decision you only make with a calm and rational mind. Do you know whom to influence? One of the best ways to be successful involves influencing others to accept your concept or



goal and have them work with you towards attaining it. Therefore, you must know the kind of audience to aim for and to understand that it is much easier to influence more people together than an individual. How measureable is your progress? It does not matter whether it is your relationships, career or finances that you want to succeed in, you still need to measure your progress.

You need to determine whether you are in the moving forward stage of your success. If you find that you are either lagging behind or standing still, it is time to reconsider your success strategy. All you have to do is know how to quit strategically. However, you should know that quitting is much more than being fed up with sales that have been down for a few months, or when you feel your relationship is not working. It is a decision you must

think carefully about. Moreover, you should never see it as failure. This helps you decide to either refocus your strategy or find an alternative approach that works. These are also ways for you to quit when in a stand still. They allow you to have options to choose from and greater opportunities of still being successful.

Chapter 10: To Successful, Take Break

Be a

The pressures of work today have increased. Currently, expectations for you to put more time at work to perform and realize greater profits are very high. Therefore, this means spending more time behind your desk with no time for yourself or your family. The result is an emotional, physical and mental stress. If you are to achieve greater success at work on your personal

life, you should take a break. The well-being of your physical, emotional and mental health is very important. You can only be in a position to achieve more if you are relaxed. You need a release from all the pressures of work and life. This is well-achieved by giving yourself sometime off. It is a good way to renew your inspiration and motivation to not only return to your desk but also work hard on your projects. When taking time from work or any activity that gives you stress you should know this does not mean disregarding your role or

work. The secret is to get more time for you. Whatever activity you do on your time out should be able to provide you with mental release from the pressures of life. During this time, you should never allow yourself to think of work you have left on your desk. Let it be a few hours or days of complete escape.

Ideas on What to Do to Take a Break

Walking A thirty minutes walk during your lunch break or when you have time can easily make your relax. To forget about any pressures you have, you can take note of the details of your scenery or even enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. Taking a walk is a good way to refresh your mind and is the best way to get your body system invigorated by the exercise. When you return to your desk, you will have more energy to continue with your project and renewed spirit

to meet your deadlines. 1. Take a day off You can take a free day off from your work and spend this time with your family. It is good to take this time to do activities that you do not normally do. The idea is to find something to do that takes you away from the pressures and cares of your daily life. Some ideas on how to spend your day off is to take your family to an amusement park, the beach or go for a picnic. 2. Exercise It takes only a

few minutes of pumping iron to feel rejuvenated. This will increase your confidence and feel in shape at the same time. If you have membership to a gym that you have neglected, it is time to activate it and make use of its benefits. If you have been skipping gym because of too much work you need to find a few minutes to improve your strength and fitness. A little exercise for a few hours is a good way to energize your body for the days work. The

confidence you gain in the process also makes you work towards your success. Activities to take up to fill time taken off are many. It can be any activity that makes your relax and gives you the stamina to work towards your success. Some of the benefits you get in the process include: " " Feeling better about yourself Increased motivation to achieve more Increased effort



for you achieve your goals A much happier outlook on life in general

Taking a walk or doing exercises ensures you improve the production of endorphins in your system. Therefore, you can easily clear your mind and stir up your mood. You will then say goodbye to depression and cases of anxiety. In the process, you easily invigorate your body, mind and heart. This is a good way to have the confidence to overcome small and great obstacles.

Chapter 11: Successful People Create Their Own Opportunities

Most people always wait for the perfect opportunity to come their way before they make a move towards achieving their dreams. They believe they can have an easy life by waiting for a break to come their way. This is a wrong thing to do. If you want to be successful, you must know that you need to create your own opportunity. Opportunities will never come your way easily if you cannot create

them for yourself. You need to learn how to create and attract the prefect opportunities your way. What you may not know is that you can easily have the perfect opportunity to make a difference in your life pass you by just because you were waiting for it. It is best you start getting busy creating a break for yourself. Along the way, more opportunities will come your way. It is by taking the initiative to do something for yourself that you open the door of opportunities and ensure you never run of new chances to take advantage of to reach your dream goal.

This is not to say that occasionally a good opportunity will never come your way. However, if you consider your path towards that opportunity critically you will realize that you never got to where you are by waiting rather a result of you diligence, perseverance and using the little you have.

Why You Should Not Wait for the Perfect Opportunity

Being in a state on inertia waiting for opportunities to come your way never works. At times, you have to look for the opportunities yourself. This may take time and a lot of hard work on your part. However, if you believe that your change is waiting for you, you are very wrong because: i. deception It is self-

This is only a way your mind is keeping you from achieving success in your life. It keeps your life on hold. Remember that life is fickle and it can be gone from you within minutes and any day. It therefore, holds no sense to wait for conditions to get better or to be in your favor so that you can start working towards your success. You either proceed towards your life now or forget about it. ii. Opportunities never linger

You may have heard it said by successful people that the window

of opportunity is small and you should be ready to take advantage of it when it comes your way. This concept is true. One reason why you should always be doing something with your life as you create your opportunity is to ensure you are ready when a good chance presents itself. It is important that you be poised and ready for action always. Failure to do this is the way to ensure you never realize your dreams. iii. There is no better time than now to start working on your dreams

It is often easy to think that your dreams will materialize with time if you patiently wait for it. What you do not now is that the day is ripe for you to make a step towards your dream. You can never recover time you waste. Therefore, any time you have available today, make use of it to help you make your dreams reality. Wake up every day with a sense of purpose and let yourself be motivated to start and continue working towards your success. This is a good way to get rid of the negative inertia threatening to hold you back.

What You Need to Do

First, you must learn how to overcome the adversity you face in your life. Life is never easy. If you are to be successful, you must go through challenges in your life and overcome them. You can never live life believing that you will get a break by waiting for it. This never happens. Furthermore, there is no way to get to your success if you cannot face difficulties and overcome them. Therefore, prepare yourself as you take your first step to success as you will face more problems and obstacles that you

never thought are possible. However, the fun is in overcoming them and reaching your goal. Secondly, what you need to do is consider your position currently and work with what you have at hand. By using what you have, you can easily overcome your challenges or fears, create the opportunity you have been dreaming of and enjoy the experience and determination that you put into it. Always create your life using what you have and opportunities will open for you. There is no need to go far to get the tools and equipment you need

to succeed. What you do not know is that any little skill you have, that knowledge you have been thinking of a way to utilize it and any handy skills you have, it is up to you to determine what it is that you have that you can use to lessen the burden of the journey or take advantage of to reach your destination. Thirdly, understand that life consists of events. It is through these events that opportunities can be created. As life unfolds, look for your chance through lifes challenges. Embrace your circumstances and try to overcome

it by challenging it and mastering the way out of it. Live life if you want to be part of the great opportunities that await you. It is possible to have events unfold in your life in the natural process. However, you can also create events that you can easily use to enhance your success. You do not have to make elaborate plans for the events in your life. The idea is to be as natural as possible. It may be a walk in the park and you get an idea of what you want to do or how to solve a problem you may be having. It could also be attending a seminar or workshop organized

locally to get new knowledge that could act as your ticket to success. The idea is to make sure you are in places where you can learn as well as get new ideas. It is good to have an open mind in this case if you want to be open to creative ideas.

Chapter 12: Successful People Follow Their Hearts

As you work towards becoming successful, you must know that success comes through a variety of means and anything you do in your life. In most cases, it is through having a solid plan and working consistently through it to achieve great results that you get to succeed. However, it is also by enjoying greatly what you are doing that gives meaning to all the work involved. It is the best way to

ensure you have the right motivation to see your plan work. If you have been feeling that something is missing in your life even as you work towards your dream it may that you have failed to consider an important factor to success. Following your heart is the sure path to your success. It is the key you need each time you think of doing something with your life. It is the first place you have to consult if you are looking for ideas on what projects to take or what line of career to take. Therefore, when you are thinking of what to do to achieve higher success you need to

consult your heart. Moreover, if you feel like you are not moving in terms of achieving your dreams you need to ask yourself whether you are doing something that you love. You could claim that there are successful people who only saw an opportunity to be successful and they went for it even if it was not what their heart felt like doing. It is true that you can also do this. However, you need to have determination and commitment. These are the two most important qualities to have if you want to succeed in things that are necessary even if you do not want

to. A strong will power and discipline can make you achieve anything you set your mind to. You do not have to love what you are doing but exhibit these qualities within you. However, nothing beats the love of something and the passion you have in your heart that gives energy and drive needed by individuals who are working towards becoming successful in life. In any case, many individuals are not able to work if they do not have the passion for whatever they are doing. The only problem is that most people need more than determination and commitment.

Such individuals need motivation. Even individuals who think they do not need to have a passion for them to succeed need something more than their determination to see them through. This keeps them enthusiastic and inspired to continue working towards their goals. A good way to be motivated to achieve success is by doing what you love. This has just enough encouragement to keep you motivated and have the drive to continue pursuing your dream.

Benefits of Your Heart



It gives you a stronger level of effort and focus

When you work with what you truly love then you never have to feel tired or get the temptation to procrastinate. This is because you will have a higher level of focus, energy and motivation to look forward to working towards your dream. This is possible by the fact that you will be enjoying yourself

and having more fun to realize that you are actually working. ii. It allows events to unfold on their own

When you concentrate in doing what you love you place more value on each moment you spend working than on the expected rewards. This lets you appreciate the value of letting the whole process and your success unfold in time. By the time you get to your goal, your satisfaction will be much greater than if you had only concentrated on achieving your dreams than

what you love. iii. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy yourself

For you to enjoy the result of your hard work you need to have fun while working towards it. There is no need to work hard over something that you will never appreciate fully once you have fulfilled it. Instead of feeling too tired for finishing a tiring task than enjoying your accomplishment, you should do what you love.

Why You Should Trust Your Gut Instincts

Do you know that your inherent memories can be quite powerful than any other? You should know that the best way to make decision is quickly without having to think about them. This is a much smarter way to make rational decisions. History of experience and the knowledge you gather throughout your life builds you emotionally. Therefore, your gut feeling has a good chance of providing you with successful decisions.

Your gut feeling is the emotion your feel about objects or subjects around you. It is the unconscious thought you build over time through the experiences and knowledge you gather throughout your life. Researchers have found out that the rational mind is not as effective as the instinct or body responses that you get out of stimulation. These researchers established that your body and your unconscious mind always register things long before your conscious mind does. This calls to reason that as much as your pride yourself in being able to make rational decisions, you must

give some value to your instinct. This is an emotion with the capability to help you make good decisions by seeing a problem as clearly as possible. Researchers have also found out that it is possible for your unconscious mind to use what is happening around you to influence how your long-term goals turn out. How you feel about something determines whether you will pursue a given goal or not. This is because your unconscious mind works well with ideas, objects or subject that it responds to positively and can support your goal. Therefore, if you

feel good about starting a project or business then this is the first step to finding what could actually be the vehicle to your success. However, if you feel that what you are about to embark on has no way of succeeding them it might be true. It is up to you to know when to listen to your instincts. If your unconscious mind wants to succeed, you should be ready to follow through with it. It is all about following your heart if you want to be successful. Even as you listen to your gut feeling, you still need to consider each aspect of your business or project idea carefully.

This is because you want to ensure all the right aspects of the project are viable or are right for you. It is not that you want to dispute what your emotions are telling you. It is all about having the means you need to make your ideas into reality.

Chapter 13: Successful People are Not Perfectionists

One reason people always miss on an opportunity is that they strive to be perfect. The individuals often sit back and wait trying to prepare for an opportunity for them to take it. The only problem is that great chances never wait for them. Perfectionists never win. The best way to succeed is for you to jump right in when an opportunity comes your way. You may be a highly productive and

successful individual. However anytime you waste sitting on the edge thinking about the opportunity, you will lose it. Perfectionism only tends to limit your success. It pulls you back and gives you many variables to think about and worry over. In the end, you only work to cloud your judgment with obstacles that you have not yet seen but believe to be waiting for you when you take up an opportunity. However, it is also good to know that there is nothing wrong about having high standards for yourself. It is actually very good to want to

produce only the best results. It is also good to think through before you take up any opportunity that comes your way. It is only if you take more time than is necessary to think it over that this chance will pass you by. What successful people do is to understand and master how to choose between opportunities to take and those to let go. These individuals have fine-tuned the way to choose only those chances that have the likelihood of success. They also ensure these are opportunities to help them make use of their talents and skills. The best way to

overcome the concept of perfectionism is to reframe your understanding of how perfection takes place. It is also good to have in place mechanisms that you can easily use to determine the worth of an opportunity that comes your way. You could have people in your life that you trust who have the ability to spot good chances, or they may be helpful in giving you insights on how to go about using any chance that comes your way. The cause of perfectionism is bracketing. Here, you visualize multiple frames of the same image and same subject using similar or

different settings. By doing this you make yourself believe, there is no chance for failure. However, what you need to know is that it is impossible to be perfect with only one try. You need several tries with the hope that one of them will turn out to be good. Bracketing is a common concept in photography but used in different life issues as well. Successful individuals learnt this in time and they understand that it may take them more than one try and several failures before they are able to succeed in their endeavors.

Too Much Perfectionism is Not Good

Perfectionism is not a bad thing. If you want to make everything look and work the way that you want and expect, make sure you get the best results. In any case, you can use it to perfect your working steps and ensure everything runs smoothly for a good longer period. However, too much perfectionism can greatly limit your development and success. It often leads to: 1) Low productivity

If you are a perfectionist then

you know how you tend to spend more time than is necessary on one project or on details that may not be important. This means you spend more than the required time on it and doing fewer projects that you would have accomplished within a day. You also do not get to meet deadlines. Therefore, your productivity ratio decreases. It is not wrong to spend much time getting the particulars of a project correct. It is only that you should never take more time than is necessary over it. Understand you have other projects that you have to handle.

If you are a negative or neurotic perfectionist then you should now this is not good for you. you should know that too much sadness and feeling unsatisfied no matter what you do in your life can likely affect your health and work. The best way is for you to be subtle and always consider your health condition before driving yourself hard. 2) Frustration

Your heart is likely to become sick if you put too many expectations on yourself or postpone your expectations. Due to perfectionism, it is possible not to

meet all your expectations and this is what leads to a low self-esteem and depression. If you are such an individual then you know that only one failure or dissatisfaction over an outcome has the power bring you down. You will start to hate yourself and lose confidence in your ability. All these problems accumulate to affect your health. In the process, also your work and life becomes affected. 3) Low self-esteem

This is a common quality with perfectionists because they expect too much from themselves. In most

cases, if you are one such individual you will find yourself in high spirits and feeling good about yourself and your work. The thing foremost in your mind is that you tend to believe you are the only person who can do anything right and create perfect results only with your hands. However, when things go down, when the project becomes a failure you easily look down upon yourself. You lose your selfconfidence and think low about your ability and worth. 4) Stress

Perfectionists always put more

pressure on themselves to achieve more than they can. There is a chance that you are only increasing failure in the whole process due to being nervous and stressed up. If you spend too much time on a project and stress yourself to work hard this only leads to a stressed up life. If you find yourself taking all the time on your work or any project in your life without taking a break because you want to make the whole thing perfect you are only adding pressure to your life. When stressed up, it is likely that you can make even more mistakes than it is possible.


Fear of failure

There is nothing good to gain by being fearful. However, if you are a perfectionist them you know how fear always gnaws at you when you are working on your project or trying to succeed. It is not the fear of not having the right tools to complete the task perfectly but the idea of failing does not go well with you. Your fear only works to take away your courage. This makes you weaker and more prone to making mistakes you should have avoided otherwise. It is also fear that makes you fail to take action towards your success. It means missing a perfect

chance because you fear failing. 6) Blaming yourself

If you are a perfectionist them you are more likely to blame yourself for your failures. This is because you tend to think that you are the only cause of your success or failure even if it is not you working on a project. Therefore, instead of looking for the variables that may have led to the situation you are in, you only see your failure to either detect something is wrong or not making the decision required to produce higher success. Selfblame often results in loss of self-

esteem and a negative effect on your health. 7) Illness

Self-blame, low self esteem, stress and frustrations only lead to poor health. Many of the problems experienced by perfectionists like ulcers, heart problems, headaches and a variety of other illnesses is due to trying to have everything work perfectly. These physical ailments manifest in your life due to too much worry. 8) This is a Burnout common problem

perfectionists experience because of a highly stressful life. The cause of burnout is not taking time off for your personal satisfaction. Burn out is a feeling caused by too much exhaustion and decreased interest over a long time. This is a problem you also get even when you are working of a simple project. The cause of total exhaustion is the stress you are putting on yourself to come up with only the best results. Even if you have good results, you still feel like it is not enough. Once you feel tired, you easily lose the passion to work on succeeding. 9) Depression

Frustration and depression is common among perfectionists because they often feel helpless each time they fail. If you are a perfectionist, then a small mistake is also likely to make you lose confidence in yourself. By belittling yourself, you are only increasing your chances of getting depressed. You only increase your depression when you make the wrong steps trying to solve your problem. 10) mistakes When you put too much time on the little details you fail to notice all Increased

the important things in your life. Furthermore, you are more prone to making mistakes than solving them. Perfection is not wrong it only gets out of control when you fail to consider the main details of your project and therefore, fail to empathize all the main points that should make you succeed. 11) Less breaks

Taking a break is good for you if you want to rejuvenate your mind and body and get your inspiration up. However, as a perfectionist it is possible to feel like you do not have time for rest. You fear that it is only

your controlling power that helps you succeed. It may be you are afraid of losing control of your project or ideas. There is nothing wrong with being a perfectionist. There is a lot that you can do with such a character to enhance your success. For one, it is possible to use this to ensure you provide quality value in any project or business you are working on. It is also the ideal feature to have if you want to pay more attention to detail or a project requires you to fine-tune the details of whatever you are working on.

However, this is only true if you know how to use this quality in a positive way. First, you will have to understand that not everything can be perfect. It is possible to work through a project and put all your effort into it but not have as good a result as you expected. Therefore, you need to accept that there are times you will fail no matter what you do. Secondly, you should be able to take some time off. If you are a perfectionist, it is easy to work for longer hours trying to perfect an idea or project forgetting that you need to rest and that your family needs you. What you can do

in this case is try to get as much time off to do most of your personal things. You do have a personal life that has to be nurtured too if you want overall success in our life. To help you relax, you could choose to take a walk, listen to music, play games or read a book. Make it an activity that makes you relax and feel refreshed. It can also be a good time to take a vacation with your family if you can and have as much time together as you can. Failure to do this only leads to consequences that will never add up to any good for you. It is possible for you to lack the energy

necessary to a continue working on your project or you could be so stressed up that your health deteriorates. You need to consider your life to establish whether you are a perfectionist. This is a good way to help you change for the better or use your perfectionism to achieve great success.

Chapter 14: Successful People Embrace Their Mistakes

There is no one who likes to make mistakes, especially those that cost you more in life. However, as a human being you will make a mistake in your life more than once. It may be that you are the cause of the mistake or it may be somebody else. In any case, the very thing makes you human is the mistakes you make and how you come through them. What this means is that you should be able to take

mistakes in stride and if possible use them to enhance your life. If you are the cause of a mistake then there is no use blaming others or making excuses when you make a mistake. The correct thing to do is admit your mistakes. Moreover, if you want to be successful you will have to accept that you can slip-up. By admitting your mistake, you give yourself more power and take the responsibility of anything that happens not only to you but also to your success. You only relinquish your power

when you start blaming others for the mistake that happens and you make excuses. However, when you accept you are the cause of the mistake then you are taking the responsibility for it. By doing this, you are letting yourself focus more on the solution and not trying to find a scapegoat. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is accept that you have caused a blunder or have slipped-up in your life or project.

How to Embrace Mistakes as Lifes Lessons

It is common to get angry with yourself for a mistake you have done. Feeling bad means, you are human and take great consideration on what you do. This is a good thing. However, it is bad when you use such a situation to beat yourself down each time you make a mistake. This is very common with perfectionists who believe that everything has to be perfect. You are not perfect and the faster you

understand this, the better. It will go a long way helping you accept the situation and try to find ways to solve them. You should understand that mistakes are only lessons in life that you have to learn from to make your life better. Therefore, the best way to embrace the mistakes in your life you need to accept that you can easily make mistakes. Furthermore, there is no human being without shortcomings and that unwanted opportunities always abound in life. To make the best of such circumstances means learning to take in such incidents in

stride and use them for your personal growth. This is a good way to reduce your stress level and to take care of your fears. When you completely refuse to accept that you have done something wrong this is the victim mentality. This is where you take to blaming someone else or the system for your problems. In this case, you have not learnt how to take responsibility for yourself and your actions. Many individuals work this way and they think it is the best way out for their troubles. However, this is not the case. If you have a habit of looking for a

scapegoat each time you make a mistake then you are more likely to be in denial. Furthermore, you only make the situation worse. That person you have used to get out of your problem will most likely hate you for doing this. This means there will be tension in your lives that could destroy any relationship the two of you had. You can do three main things each time you are faced with a problem, or when things do not go as well. 1. You need to learn how to manage the situation to

ensure that you get some understanding from it. 2. It is wise to know how to move on from it to other things or find an alternative solution to your problem. 3. You must be able to use your predicament to make yourself stronger. Furthermore, you also need to learn the crucial approaches to life. These are ways you can handle yourself in grace and enhance the relationship with yourself and others. It is possible to feel more self-

assured, confident, have a more rewarding and fun life when you learn to accept your mistakes. Every mistake in your life is a gift. It is an opportunity for you to learn and gain the knowledge you need to take the right approach to your plan for success. As you try to solve the problem, you should start by first evaluating your situation. Here you want to find out the reason behind the mistake and find possible solutions to employ to correct it. It also allows you to take the necessary steps to ensure the problem never happens again. The best way to

handle problems is by: a) Being open to making mistakes

You are human and prone to doing things that either will be a wrong turn, hurtful to someones feelings or are just bad choices. You may regret these things when they happen. However, it is good to allow yourself the chance to make a mistake and if possible learn a great deal out of it. When you make a mistake and use it as a learning experience, you easily get to move on without wasting time worrying about it. Remember it is important

to learn from your mistakes if you do not want a recurrence of the same in different situations. Learning through experience is not easy but also not bad at all. b) Be aware

What people think about you is your responsibility. Always be aware that your words and actions have a great impact on others. It is also not always easy to express what you mean. Therefore, choose your words carefully. When your words do not have the same effects as you expected, learn from it. When you become fully aware of

your actions and their influence on others, you are in an open state of learning. This allows you to practice being a better person and constantly wanting to be a better you. It is a matter of using emotional intelligence. This is a proactive way of seeking to better your life and avoid making any bad mistakes. Here, you have to look for areas you can use to improve yourself. Be ready to use mistakes or find ways that you can improve and strengthen your character. It is also good to know what you are doing, why you need to do it, how it

makes you feel and how other feel about it. It is also the best way to learn whether your behavior has impact on others and establish if it is enhancing both your lives and relationships or hurting all of you. c) Take full responsibility for yourself and your life

Each time you accept full responsibility for yourself you are also accepting the responsibility of making things right. It means that you take note of something that has gone wrong and seek to make it right. It is where you accept that

a mistake or misunderstanding has taken place because of you and take full responsibility for it. There are many things for you learn from such an experience. You can also learn a great deal even when another person made the mistake. It is quite liberating when you take responsibility for your actions. Although it is often hard to admit that you are wrong, it is a demonstration of your strength and courage. It is also a show of how you are committed to improving your personal excellence. It is a respectful way of letting others know that you care not only about

yourself but also for them. You need to know there are great benefits for taking responsibility for your actions. Each time you open yourself to learn the lessons life has to offer, you are maintaining an awareness of how you are welcomed in relationships you share with others. You must accept the lessons you get from an event, a situation or an encounter you have and take responsibility for yourself. These are all ways you can use to build good relationships that are much deeper, richer and meaningful. One way to ensure you get to learn from your mistakes is

to develop self-respect. This encourages you to consider every action and word you say. This way you learn how to stop beating yourself each time you make a mistake. By embracing your responsibility for a situation, you build your own integrity and develop a mature character.

Chapter 15: Successful People are Always Helping Others

Most individuals who succeed do so because they are always on the lookout for things they can do to help others and not how to help themselves. These individuals understand fully well the Law of Attraction where you have to give if you want to receive. Therefore, you should never worry about what is in it for you each time you want to start a project or take up a new plan. In any case, as long as your

basic needs are met you should happily share what you have with others. Successful people have realized that it is often not about them, their needs or what they think they should have. Most often, it is about what they can do for others. Not many people are accustomed to giving. A common practice is to look on the benefit that you get. It is not that you are selfish or have no care at all about another person. The main reason is that you, and many other people, have grown up with the belief that the world is full of lack and by

giving out, an individual may likely go without. What you need to know is that the God and the Universe abound in plenty. The Law of Attraction also says the same. When you do more for the world, they reciprocate this with letting you enjoy better things in life and have great opportunities to advance yourself. Even the bible has something to say about giving. It says that you need to give if you expect to receive much. It adds that the same measure you give is what you will receive. However, much emphasis

goes to your giving willingly. When you give, you must do it with a willing heart. It is not right to take it as an obligation or a sense of duty. For the Law of Attraction to work any giving you do it willingly. Put your heart and emotions into the act of helping others achieve their goals in the process of achieving yours and it will all come out well. There are very many ways that you can choose to use to give to others. First, you can choose to give of yourself, your time and other resources to benefit others. The

idea is to lighten the load of an individual or touch the life of someone else in a positive way. Secondly, you can choose to touch the life of an individual through the words you speak. In this case, you need to have the hope that you will have the willingness to do a world of goodness by loving, sharing and helping others. Thirdly, it is possible to look within you for insights on how to help others and how to ensure you bring a bright future to the lives of other people.

The main idea is to find a way to share your day with others. Opportunities for you to do this are many. It is up to you to find them and positively use them to influence the lives of others even as you try to achieve your dreams. In any case, many people who succeed know what it means to help others. You do not have to give more than you cannot afford. The best gifts of yourself are usually the small things you do to help a person. It may be helping an elder person cross the road, say thank you for a service done for by someone else, get a gift for your friend or being there for a

friend when he or she is in need. The help you have been giving to others will manifest in your life the day you are facing tough times. If you willing sprinkled good cheer in the lives of others, you get the same given to you at your hour of need. Start giving today and you will realize that every time you have a problem things just seem to fall in place. You will be getting all the help you need without even asking for it. Let this be a motivation for you to give more. When you give, do not wait until someone is facing a hard time or is

in trouble before you can give. Everyday there is an opportunity you can take advantage of to give. You just have to be on the lookout for it. The secret is to have a heart ready to give and you will not miss a chance to either make a difference in the life of another individual or bring a smile to his or her face. In any case, although your success may be elusive to you, the much you have invested in doing well by helping others is what can be termed as success. The time you give is definitely worth more than money you may have in the bank.

You do not have to do something big to show that you are helping. Even giving a little of your time is enough to give someone else the chance to make it big in life. You should know that when you give you may never make it to the list of the most successful or receive honor for it on an annual society event. But you get to touch the lives of others like never before, through your humility, gratitude towards other and the little simple things that you do that make all the difference. It is good for parents to model to their children the value of helping others. This sets the stage

for the success of their children. There are people who do not understand the power of giving or making life pay for others. To them giving is like denying them the pleasures of life. Most of these individuals only believe in receiving and may even are suspicious if they think you are giving them too much. However, you can be sure to get more out of life and live a successful one the minute you learn how to give willingly. It is also good to know how to receive in the process. This is because the universe will bless you in the process of giving.

As you prepare yourself to give, you should also be ready to receive. It is not that you need to be on the lookout for someone to give you something in return for whatever you have given him or her. However, the universe is always ready to reward you for any good you do in your life. To be prepared to receive mean you can be able to notice when the universe is giving back to you. You should realize that blessings over your life would come in various forms. Therefore, you must be able to know when it is allowing you to

enjoy life and longer periods of success as a way of saying thank you to your contribution on the life of another. It may be a small reward or something big.

Chapter 16: Successful People Love to Network

The connections you make in life impact how you live. If you have a wide connection of people you can trust and rely on you can easily find a way out of a problem or even have an easy time getting to your success. What this means is that it is important you have a network of people you can work with. It may be your family, friends or colleagues. When you look at the life of successful people, you will realize

that they love to network and have some of the best networks you can imagine. Moreover, many of the major business decisions that successful people make occur over lunch of dinner than on any other time. Yet, no MBA teaches you how to do this. Therefore, if you want to be successful you need to learn how to ensure your success using your network. How then do you network? Today, this is very easy by the use of social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube and many others. These media have made many people have an idea of

what networking is all about. You may also be using these platforms for your connections and networking needs. However, do you know how to network effectively? In business and in life it is important that you have a solid network of people around you that you can get help from or gain knowledge that will help you succeed. Your networks should be good to ensure you can rely on them. If you have ever heard someone saying that he or she was at the right place at the right time, a closer look at what really took place and you will realize that the

individual has a good network. You can also get more of these good opportunities when you learn how to build and use your network effectively. It is quite easy to learn how to network and once you have mastered the art of networking, you will enjoy the benefits it brings into your life. There are very many ways to do this. Moreover, it is possible to learn from what other successful people have done. The idea is to find a method that works for you and use it. The best way to have a

successful network is to be your own self. Networking should be the easiest thing you do in your life that should come naturally. If you find it hard then know you are doing something very wrong. You are not alone. Very many people unfortunately are never good at networking. You have probably seen them. They are annoying individuals who when they actively network only get more annoying. Good examples are the sales people who will always bother you even when you do not have time for them or do not like what they are selling.

Today, many people know and understand the important of networking as an effective tool if you want to succeed. It is an easy tactic to master and is therefore, not something that only a relative few have to use to enjoy success. The fact that this art is now known to many people, this means that currently many people will expect you to have it within you to build and maintain good networks. People will expect you to have this skill especially, when seeking formal employment.

What is Networking?
Networking is something that you do daily without even realizing it. The simple act of talking to people is networking. When you go out and meet new people, socialize and expand your social groups this is networking. It may be as easy as chatting another dog owner when you are out walking or it could be at a business seminar and you hand out your business card to many people. Networking is very simple. Although salespeople are the ones commonly known to network,

building your contact list has the same importance to you as it does the sales person using it. It is important because it can get you that job you wanted, see your career change for the better or experience more success in your life, enjoy your life and progress towards your dream. However, before you start networking you should know that there are cultures that dictate their own networking norms. Therefore, you need to be careful how you go about building your network. This is especially true when it comes to handing out your business cards.

There are those societies that believe certain situations do not warrant you to dish out your card. In this case, you will need to learn when is the best time to network, how are you expected to do it, where can you do it and by whom should you network. Once you understand that talking is a form of networking, you will never go wrong when it comes to playing this art out in society. Be like the knowledgeable sales person. This is an individual who know the importance of networking and why he or she has to maintain good network contact. With a good

network, a salesperson has his or her work done for them through referrals, leads and circulations of information about them. For you, the idea is to be respectful to not only the culture but also the environment in which you are. Relax yourself as you network and let it come naturally for you. Never seem to be pushy, as you will never make headway using this tactic. Once you catch on with the art of networking you can easily get invitations to big social events you would never have imagine attending, get extra appreciation, testimonial and referrals you can

use for your business. It is also a good way to contacts that can help you immediately or save you a much trouble and wastage of time and energy in future.

How to Effectively


The world over, people have realized there is a lot to gain depending on the kind of network one has. A good network has the ability to lead you to your success and a bad one will only lead to your downfall. For this reason, it is commonplace to see an individual put much effort and time trying to build successful and effective networks. The best way make the process of networking simple and easy is to

relax. There is usually nothing complicated about networking other than the obstacles you may be placing on your way through fear. The secret is to strike a conversation. Talk to people and be open about yourself when others talk to you. Never be pushy or pester people with questions or talk they are not interested in or do not want to talk about. It is good to follow conversation etiquette. This is a good way to ensure you are not offending anyone. It would be good if you also considered social interaction etiquettes. The second way to network is by

letting others know what you are doing. The only caution you need to exercise is to know when to do this and when not to. It is advisable not to say it all the time. It can be very annoying when each time you tell others that you are doing a little bit of networking. If you continue to do this people will start ignoring you or talk about you when you are not around in a negative way. Today, there are social gatherings and events specifically designed for networking. You can take advantage of such opportunities and attend if you want to build your network. You

only need to find the venue for the event and those in attendance to establish if they are the people you want in your network. The third way is to be open to others who are trying to network with you. You are not the only one trying to build your connections. Therefore, at any event you attend you will find someone who would like to either know your better or want to have you as part of the network. Be open to such opportunities. You never know you could be the one getting the best contact of your life.

However, if you are not happy with what the other person is telling you or you do not feel good networking with them there is never any need to encourage the process. Even for you when someone is trying to have them in their network it should come out as a natural and simple process. You will need to be yourself and let those who come to you take you as you are or leave you alone. When someone approaches you, it is good to be relaxed, be positive and comfortable with yourself. This is a good way to ensure more people would want to talk with you.

Next, you should be able to recognize when someone is trying to build his or her network through you. You need to be ready to take the opportunity when it comes your way. The most common misconception that most people have is that the individual is trying to use you. This is not always the case. There is also the idea of being selfish with the knowledge or information you have. It is common to feel like the other person only wants you to give out more details without them divulging any to you. The secret is to keep an open mind. It is important you remember

that networking has to be a natural process. If you try hard to build your network, this will eventually show and only work against your efforts. It is good to be open to an idea. Be where you want to be and attend events you want to be in. While at these functions you can work at associating well with those you come across. The rest will often come easy. With time, through experience and practice you will become a natural at networking. The other thing you need to know about networking is that it will cost you nothing to make good contacts. All you need to do is find

opportunities in your life you can use to build your network. Your everyday life, event you attend or parties you go to are all opportunities to find people you may want to have as your connection. However, you will have to spend time networking although ideally it should fit in with your usual activities. In any case, when you seem to be trying hard it is likely that things never go your way. The secret therefore, is to let things fall into place and do only the necessary to push yourself into making the right network connections. Be as natural as you

possibly can and you will enjoy the benefits of good contacts.

How to Maintain Your Network

Networks are important elements you need in your life if you want to be successful. It is important you know how to build a good network for yourself and where to go to make the best connections. Once you have done this, you are required to ensure that you maintain and nourish you connections so that you can get the most out of it. The first thing you need to do when trying to build and maintain

your network is to know that you already have one, whether you know it or not. It is up to you to realize this and understand what it looks like. It may be your immediate family, friends or colleagues from work. You could have them in these categories to help you make the most use of your network. By grouping them into categories, you also make it easy to know where or whom to go to for need. It is good to know there is a possibility for your network to suffer if you neglect it. It has the potential to grow or stagnate, shrink or

expand, be vibrant or static ad prosperous or dormant. It mainly depends on what you do with it. You influence the state of your network by how you and other in the networks behave or influence each other. It is good to spend time with the people you have in your network or keep in touch regularly to keep the relationship active. Therefore, it is not enough to talk about networking, know how it works, and the effects of good and bad networks if you are not able to look after your own network. You need to find a way to keep track of your network and keep it alive for

as long as you need it. When you tire of a network or need a new one you can easily build a new one. This will require you to know what exactly it is you want and where you are currently. The first thing you should know is that not all your networks will all be in one contact database. You may have some name in your address book on your mobile phone, you social networks, on your email contacts, your head, paper records, your collection of business cards or even your partners or family records. Know where to find your much-needed contacts and

ensure they are up to date. Secondly, what you need to do once you have determined your contact records is to keep in touch with the owners of these contacts. The idea is for you to ensure you never lose touch with your contacts. This requires you to nurture them. Make sure important relationships never stagnate. You can also shape your network the way you want it to look like or work and make new connections when you want to. In any case, you will be making connections everyday of your life. It is up to you to know the right individuals to add to your

network and those to discard. The other thing to do is to look at your contacts from time to time, compare their effectiveness, find out whom you know, what they know or whom they know and whether it will be of help to you. This in itself is a very powerful exercise to help you know who your major contacts are. However, even as you do this, make the whole process as natural and simple a task as possible. You do not need to build a large network for yourself to feel effective. Moreover, you do not

need to know every little detail about your contacts. A good network database is one you can easily update and one you can find it possible to stay in touch with all your contacts. It is also good to have as few systems as is possible to keep track of your contacts. You can use one or two effective methods to ensure your information is consolidated, easy to retrieve and even easy to update.

Chapter 17: Successful People Give

It becomes very easy for you to get depressed when you focus too much on yourself. Here, you easily get to think how life is not fair for you and concentrate more on why you are not successful as another person. The result of this is great unhappiness in your life and depression. There is no way you can succeed if you allow yourself to feel this way. This is why successful people have learned the need to turn their attention to others, put more effort and focus on giving

rather than receiving. It is easy to believe that your successful because you depend on yourself. If you look closely at the world, you will realize there in no truth in such a belief. You can only become successful when you finally learn and understand the value you give to others each time you give your time for the benefit of others. It is the same way with your happiness. It is usually when you focus more on your goals, desires and feelings that cases of depressions crop into your life. This is because it is easy to think more

about yourself each time you focus on your life forgetting there are other people out there. The minute you put much focus on yourself you are only letting yourself to be open to offense. What this means is that you will always take offence from what others are doing to you. It is not that they do things you do not like because of you but it is because they are doing it to themselves. Giving is the way out for such feelings. It is important you turn your focus into giving rather than waiting to receive every time. Although you may think, there is nothing for you when you give, but

this is never the case. Each time you give, you are giving the others the opportunity and desire to give back to you. It is also empowering when you give first. It is not possible to know what time it will take the other person to give first or whether he or she will even do it. You may have to wait for a very long time. Waiting to see if the other person is the first to give can be very frustrating. However, you can make the initiative and make the first move. It is also good to give without expecting something in return. You will only hurt yourself waiting to see

what the other person is going to give you. Moreover, it is possible for you to give and not get anything in return. There is nothing hard about this concept. You only need to understand that for every action you make there is usually a reaction. If you want to be interesting to others, you first have to be interested in them. It is also the same with if you want to get physical energy, you have to burn the energy in your body through exercise, when you seek to understand others, they will most definitely want to understand you

back and if you want to be loved, then you have to be lovable first. It all sounds crazy but it is true. If you want others to be inclined to help you then you have to take the initiative and to be helpful. It is not that you do not know these things. Your intuitive mind already knows how it all works. It is only that your ego at times gets in the way. Your self-importance makes you want to believe that you have to receive before you can give or that you can only give when you know there is something you get in return. Your ego always wants to be right forgetting that your

happiness is much more important than anything else is. There is no worth is putting up with such as ego. Furthermore, you do not have to wait for the other person to give you first before you can do the same. It is good to take the initiative and you will see good things happening in your life.

How to Give Yourself Away

You master the art of living when you learn to give without expecting anything in return; many of the successful people know and fully understand this. Therefore, they find more pleasure in giving and adding value to the lives of others. They are masters of giving and never fail to do so every day. What you need to ask yourself then is how you can go about giving more of yourself to others. Fulfillment will easily come your

way when you start serving others. Although you can also enjoy doing things you like or those that seem cool, you never have the same happiness as the one you get when you see another person smile or have hope for life. You do not have to make elaborate steps to show that you care. You can start with small steps and give to those who are around you. Never have too high expectations for your partner or family. You need to drop any great expectations you expect in the people surrounding you and expecting them to behave in a

certain way for you. It is good to show them that they mean much to you just as they are. Let go negative attitudes. When you have a positive attitude and energy emanating from you, it is the best gift you could ever give to anyone. You need to learn how to give your attitude and transmit positive energy that will dissolve any dark or low energy. Send people you meet a gift of good intentions. Speaking a blessing over anyone is also giving of your own self. You do not have to judge another person if you can

bless then or send a intention their way.


Show gratitude. If you have never done this then you need to start. This is one way to make a positive impact in the life of an individual. It is a simple way of saying thank you and can be in the form of a note or a letter expressing how you feel. The feelings you bring in the life of the recipient can be very amazing. Provide your help. This is also a simple way to give of your own self. It is not always that you have something to do to help an

individual. In this case, you only have to let them know that you are there in case they need you and to let you know if they need your help. You can come up with as many ideas as you can on how you can help another person. They do not have to be complicated or big ideas that you cannot do immediately. However, pick the simplest actions you can take and find someone who can benefit from your help.

Chapter 18: Successful People are Sincere

It is only by being sincere that you can become successful. Sincerity is the key to how you present yourself and how you come across to others. You need to know that there is nothing wrong in sharing the real you with your family, clients, peers or friends. If you enjoy doing business, are successful or are in line for a high paying job or a promotion at work, it is not bad if you share it with others.

Three things you should do to be able to know if you are sincere is to let others know that you are: " Passionate and committed to your career or craft Dedicated to building relationships that have more value with your family, friends, peers and clients You are concerned about others and their welfare and are open for a discussion about any problem they may have.



How to Be Sincere
You will enjoy true fulfillment in life when you learn the power of sincerity and making selfless contributions to the life of others. Life is full of joy and you never do yourself any justice by regretting anything that you have done, especially if you did it with a sincere heart. What you need to remember is that anything that you do from the heart never goes unnoticed. It may be your feelings, intent or any presentation that others can easily see to be sincere.

If you want to be sincere then you should know that there is no other way to do this other than being genuine, have faith and trust yourself. It also involves being without the need to project an attitude or face that you are not.

Steps to Being Sincere

Step 1: Let whatever you do in front of other be something you can do when you are alone. When people realize this, they will easily warm up to you and trust you. You do not have to try too hard to be like other people or do what you think other people expect you to. This will only make you come out as insincere. Furthermore, you will be spending more time and working hard making others like the persona you are projecting instead of the real you.

Step 2: A good act of sincerity is by giving without expecting to receive. You should always do things out of the goodness of your heart and not because you expect a reward, recognition or want to acquire things from other people. It is only through genuine concern and an interest in giving to others that you are able to show how sincere you are. You should never take people to be fools. They can easily see whether you are trying to be sincere and are genuine in your acts or whether you only want something from them. You build deep relationship bonds through

this way. Step 3: To be sincere let it come from your heart. You also need to be true to yourself. The only way you can show others that you are sincere in your ways if you let it come from your heart. Anything you say or do should have meaning to you first and you should be able to support it with your beliefs and convictions. If you do not like an individual, there is no way you can sound sincere when you compliment them. If you detest chocolate, it will not come out as being sincere if you say you like how it taste but in truth hate it.

Furthermore, no one will accept your apology as a sincere gesture if you only want to apologize for the sake of charming the person offended but still have a motive for revenge in the future. Step 4: Why say or do it when it is insincere? It is common to be in a situation where you have to pay your compliments to an individual or the situation but your taste and opinions do not auger well with what you want to say. In most cases, you will be tempted to say a lie thinking this is the only solution to your predicament. It is not wise to tell lies when you feel something

different in your heart. You should only say what you believe in your heart to be true. In this case, you have to find something that is good or of value about a person or an event and speak of it. Come up with some points that you can use to build your speech and let it come genuinely from your heart. The truth will let you come out as being sincere. Step 5: Arm yourself against insincere individuals. Although you may be working hard, trying to be sincere in all you do and say, there are those who do not worry about it at all. Therefore, your sincerity is

likely to expose you to such people. This should not deter you from opening up your emotions, aspirations and motives to others. There are those who may try to use your sincerity to drag you down with them. What you need to do is be careful and be ready for such possibilities. This makes sure you are not only ready to get out of the situation but are not too shocked about it. The other thing you can do is to be calm always when this happens. If you remain nonconfrontational, you can easily find a way out for you or clear your name from the accusations made

by the other person. It is good to know that the reason why other people find it hard to cope with sincerity is that they are insecure or are angry with you. It is why they resort to lying and making up bad things about you. Step 6: Always make positive affirmations. You need to use positive affirmation in your life, in others and in any situation. You will also realize that you sincerity thrives when you make effort to do thing in the right way. When you seek the good in everything, you are more likely to empathize with another person and find out exactly

where they come from. It is what will help you understand why they behave the way they do and how you can work with such individuals. It is also possible to have negative aspect arise in your life. To deal with such issues you have to speak positive affirmations over your life. The positive energy will override negative energy. The result is you will see a solution and a good way out of any problem you face. Step 7: You do not need to polish your responses. The difference between a sincere communication and a polished one is easily detectable by a recipient.

You establish sincerity through the immediacy and spontaneity of your actions. The spur-of the moment responses you make in life are the little things that show others you may be sincere and are speaking or acting from genuine concern of your heart. It does not matter what method you use to convey your response. There is no need for you to polish over it. You do not have to worry about making your communication perfect or sugarcoating it. This is because they will come out sounding insincere. To be understood, get that job you so much need or even

have your boss shift your deadline for your convenience, you should show you are sincere. Step 8: You enhance your chance of coming out as being sincere if you are hospitable without the need for material things. You should be able to allow others to come into your life if you want to be successful. It is only if the other people feel you are being sincere with them that they get attracted to you easily. Furthermore, it is good to come out as being too needy for the material things in life. This will only destroy your ability to sound sincere even

when you are. If you find yourself taking too much time and effort trying to protect your possessions and still wanting to accumulate more at the expense of others, people will not trust you. It is possible to make sincerity become part of you. The best thing to do is to find ways on how you can look outward of yourself to the community that surrounds you. Come up with ways to add value to the community out of the goodness of your heart. All these steps above are very important if you want to come out as being sincere each time you give

your opinion. There are also some simple tips to use to enhance your chance of coming out are being genuine. a. Always smile. The easiest way to seem sincere about your feelings and intent is to smile. This simple action speaks volume. Furthermore, you use fewer muscles to smile than you use when you frown. b. It is good to ask yourself about the intention of your actions or words. Try to finds out if you are only doing

them to for recognition purposes or if they truly come from your heart. c. Find out the number of times you say things or do them and you feel like there is a conflict within you. d. Give yourself time to nurture sincerity in you. You need to know that it takes time and may involve more inconsistencies from you than you would like. e. If you are able to give to your community through volunteering and making contributions this can help

build your sense of sincerity.

Chapter 19: You Dont Have to be Smart to Succeed

You may have seen, read or heard about successful individuals who seem to be geniuses. These are individuals who have never gotten less than an A grade in class, went to big renowned universities after high school and them went ahead to claim successful positions with some of the big corporate organizations in the world. Such individuals have the perfect resumes that yours cannot

compare to yours. You hear them talk and they come out as smart, ambitious and hardworking. It is not a wonder you always believe them to be the most successful people ever in your class or place of work. It is good to note that this is not always the case. It is not necessary for you to be smart for you to succeed in life. You do not have to always get straight As in your SAT for you to believe you can succeed to be at the top of things. You do not need to take four years studying from a reputed university. Although these may come out easily and naturally for some, most

people have to contend with less. Yet, even if you are a hustler, you can still become successful in anything you put your mind to. Within a short time, you can easily realize greater success than you would have achieved if you had gone ahead to college or university. You also have seen those individuals who never were able to get good grades while in school and most never made it to college yet today they are the people who enjoy the wealth they have created in their life. These individuals are not only successful but seem to have become geniuses overnight.

If you fall among the majority of people who have to work hard to achieve success then you should know that you do not need to be smart to be successful. However, you only need to be smart enough to make it through life with success.

How to Enough



If you want to be successful in business or in life, you should posses the following qualities: 1. The drive to make money

You need to want money in your life always. It does not matter whether you grew up poor, or had everything in life you could ever wish. You should want more. This will give you the motivation to find different ways to make more.

You can start by making small sales while in school to make some money. Once you have learned the taste of money, you will find ideas coming your way on how to make more. You do not have to worry about the number of ideas that you have. Once your brain registers that you want money ideas will pop from all corners of your life. Never mind if some seem impossible or suck. You will still get a viable proposal in the end. But be sure that your drive for money does not cause you to hurt other people or lie or do anything that is dishonest. 2. The ability to network

One quality that will see you go places and easily achieve your dreams is your network. Known as schmoosing, you should be able to build and maintain contact that will help you along the way to your success. If you do not know how to get along with people, you need to learn how. It is not necessary for you be all funny so that people may enjoy your company. Even the ability to recognize a good contact or an opportunity to build your network is a quality you need. This way, you easily know those individuals to push your way to help support your business.

There is no way for you to make money if you do not build your network database. It is common to find it hard and quite unnerving the first time you try to make contact with a prospective contact. However, with time and practice you become a natural. If you find yourself worrying about the correct thing to say or what not to, stop it. Get yourself out to an event or social gathering and network. Make sure you remember to keep the conversation natural, consider social norms involved with networking and be sincere. There is no need to think too much over it.



Many of the most successful people never succeeded on their first try. It is through persistence that they reached where they are today. It is also through persistence that they make themselves understand it is impossible to get rich over night. Once you learn the true meaning of persisting in whatever you do, you will realize that it is easy to become successful. In success, you cannot cut corners. Moreover, nothing good comes easily. This will only deter you from getting to your goal in

time. Therefore, as you think of becoming successful or think it is possible to use short cuts to get to your goal learn to persevere. You may be looking at the successful individuals and think that they made it to where they are today overnight. Usually, this is not the case. For most of them, it involved years of hard work and persistence to have everything work out for them. 4. Keep focus

Successful people are not usually jacks of all trade. These individuals value the need to focus

and therefore, never get involved with too many projects that will only serve to distract them from their main goal. You do not have to be smart to know that focus is a quality you need to become successful. It is good to be interested in big ideas but you need to narrow your idea down to one specific thing that you can do easily and better. It is only once you have mastered the one specific focus of your work and doing it good that you can add other things or elements to it. The secret to focus is to find the one thing you are

good at or have a chance of perfecting and become a master of it. The minute your business has reached the flat lining stage you can then think of other ways to expand it. 5. Be independent

It is not easy being independent especially if you are starting your journey to success or starting a new business. It is not the starting out that is hard. Learning how to stand on your own two feet with little help from others and reaching that point where you are getting revenue and making profits

determines your independence. It is not always that you will get people holding your hand to help you every step of the way to your success. You should be able to stand on your own feet and try to figure out things on your own. Most of the things you need to learn about being successful are easy and you can learn them on your own. Therefore, you do not have to ask questions each time you are stuck or want to help each time you think something is wrong. If you want to succeed in business, ask yourself: " How can you set up your business?

" started? "

How do you get What should you do once you have an idea?

You can ask yourself these simple questions but if you are not able to answer them then you are not ready to start your own business. 6. Learn how to manage

You need management skills in life to be able to manage your time, money or even employees if you have a business. To grow in your success there are several aspects

you have to control at a given time. It is only with your management skills that you can easily do this and ensure you are still working towards your goal. There is no way you can achieve success on your own. You need people with you all through the way. For a business, you need employees whom you have to train and teach about what you want achieved and how you want it done. This ensures they know what is required of them and what common goal they are working to achieve. At the initial phase of your

journey towards success and in your business, you will most likely do much of the work on your own. There is a need for this because it makes it easy for you to understand what distractions await you and how to solve them effectively. Only then, can you let others know what you want them to do for you. Being smart is not a prerequisite for your success. You only need to be smart enough and have the determination to succeed. If you do not qualify for an Ivy League education then do not stress yourself over it. The world is full of problems that you can come with

solutions for to solve them. Find an idea that you think is viable and focus on making it work.

Chapter 20: Successful People Never Stop Learning

Successful people never stop seeking and acquiring knowledge. They understand very well that it is through the acquisition of this knowledge that they are able to become successful and maintain their success. It is for this reason that you may witness or hear about successful individuals who never stopped reading until they breathed their last. It seems like these individuals have a thirst for

knowledge that is insatiable and they have to read, learn and master all that they can from life and anything they come across. Even when they are on their death bed their eyes are still wide open dreaming of what they might have achieve if they had more time. However, there is a very big difference between individuals who have the power and desire to know and learn with those who are content idling their time away. In contrast, there are young individuals still in their teens and in their 20s who have stopped reading

or learning. If you look closely at such individuals, you notice that they are not only content idling their time but seem to have lost the power to compete with a fast-paced world they live in today. Although they are always wide eyed, they always stare blankly at their lives and the world. If you have been sitting around waiting for an opportunity to come your way then you should know this would never happen. You need to create a desire in your heart to want to learn more. The success you get in your life you will get it through knowledge and it will end

with the knowledge. The reason is that knowledge is the key to unlocking your potential. It not only ensures you satisfy your desires for success. It is the key that opens doors of opportunities for you that can lead an abundant life and a fulfilling one. The best investment that you could ever make in your life is that of improving your knowledge and talents. At that time when your friends have uncertainties about their lives and how to get jobs, the best thing you can do for you is to invest in yourself. You need to find anything that you do that will

ensure you improve on your knowledge base and skills. It may be waiting tables job, a volunteer work where the pay is poor or go back to school, it is still something that you can do to better yourself. If you are a parent then you need to understand the need to invest in your child. Let your child maximize his or her talent by giving them opportunities to do so. In the end, you will also be investing in yourself. The knowledge you have is the foundation you need for you to be successful. Therefore, if you invest much into your education and

knowledge you will have an easy time making the right choices and being successful. Furthermore, you should never quit adding to this knowledge. It gives you the understanding you need to maintain your relationships, form the foundation in which you raise your children and determines your success.

Why You Should Never Stop Learning

Research reveals that more than 40% of college students never read a book again once they graduate. It is as if this is the end of learning for most people. Unlike when you were an infant, the world was new to you and you had the desire to learn as much as you can to discover it. At this age, you have nothing much to do and you easily devote much of your time learning about the five senses. It is very frustrating at this age when you can never make sense on very much.

However, over time it becomes apparent that you have an extraordinary mind for learning. This is an amazing stage in life. The minute you enter a classroom you get to learn the basics of things. It may be simple things such as how to hold your crayon, how to cross the street safely and how to share. As you get older the more complex things you learn, and understand much more about the world. In college you have the ability to specialize in what you think is your forte or of interest to you.

The problem is once this stage is over its like most people start thinking the time for learning is complete. What you may not know is that learning never stops until you breathe your last. You need to learn continuously if you want to make h most out of your world. It is possible to ward of certain mental diseases by learning continuously. Diseases such as the Alzheimers may never occur and stay at bay through learning. To help yourself keep the learning spirit within you it is important to learn certain habits. These are ways to use to ensure

you continue learning no matter where you are in life and at what age. 1. Travel

Traveling forces you to learn new cultures and experiences. It is a good way to keep the fire of learning in your heart and to ensure you never tire of it. It is a fun way of trying to find out more about the world. Other than help you get your sense of geography in shape, traveling is the best way to enjoy learning especially if you are not good at reading. Local travel can be a good way

to learn without having to travel far from home. By taking such travels, you get to find new opportunities that await you. You can easily learn through culture shock where you travel to a foreign country and have to learn a new culture. It is not everyone who does things the way you do. Therefore, you will have to learn a few things to be able to communicate effectively. 2. hobby The benefit of taking up a new hobby is that you will learn new crafts and get to meet new people. Try out a new

If you feel like you need a new experience then you can begin a new hobby to open opportunities for you to discover new things. Hobbies are very many. You only need to find one that is interesting for you and one you can use to learn new things. It may be simple hobbies that are much fun or complex hobbies that involve thinking and making decisions. 3. Read Books

The cheapest form of entertainment that you can have is reading. It is also the simplest thing you can do to learn more about the

world around you. Books are in plenty in most libraries close to your home. There are a variety of books you can enjoy reading. There are the latest books from the best sellers or any other book that you may want to read. Anywhere you walk to you will definitely find a library ready to lend you a book or a bookstore where you can get any book at an affordable price. The internet is also full of books that you can read or buy. Amazon is today the largest online store for books and you can get any book you want from the store. 4. Read the

newspaper It is possible to feel like the newspaper is only full of negative news. What you forget is that the newspaper also carries news on art and other topics. The next time you think there is nothing much to read from the newspaper other than excessive negative news then you should think again. You only need to find some insightful topics in the newspaper that you can read and learn a great deal. You do not have to worry about depressing economic news or murders if you can find topics on other issues to read. Today, if you are not able to buy

the printed version of the paper you can read it online. 5. Read blogs

Today, the internet is one of the best platforms you can use to read any information that you did not know about. Moreover, there is a continuous flow of information created and posted on blogs daily. The online content is by a variety of people from different parts of the world trying to share their knowledge. You do not have to worry about finding something of interest. There is a wide variety of niches. Furthermore, the number of

blogs opened everyday ensures you never run out of sites to visit to learn new things. The best thing is that you get an interactive platform. This means you can either leave a comment, or provide your own opinion about the written content. When you were in school, you always thought of the day you would finish and never read again. Although you never have anyone giving you homework once you finish school, you should now that learning never really ends. Life is interesting because you have the ability to learn something new. You

take this away from your life and it will all seem meaningless. The good thing about learning away from school is the fact that you have the power to direct your learning process. You can choose what to learn, how to learn and why you learn it. In any case, when you direct your own learning you can easily make it more fun. You have a large brain that you need to put into use.

Chapter 21: Success Has Nothing to do With Luck

The term entrepreneurship often evokes the feeling that the individual is successful and owns a giant corporation all because of having a bit of good luck. In this case, all you think about is the result of their hard work and not the whole process the individual went through to get where he or she is. It is not easy to believe that a successful individual made it

through hard work when you have not seen him or her go through it or experienced it by yourself. However, what you need to know is that success has nothing to do with luck. The journey that successful individual endures and the determination to succeed are what led to his or her higher success. It is not a smooth journey and definitely, luck has nothing to do with it. To explain the idea of luck you can think of winning a lottery. For the entrepreneur, it is not possible to rule out luck completely. However, it is only through hard

work and determination that many have been able to achieve greater success. A closer look at the life of these successful individuals you will realize that they were relentless in trying to achieve their goals. To them, it is all about fulfilling their passions and enhancing their ability to triumph even during adversity. It is important you change your way of thinking if you want to be successful in life. The best thing is to develop respect for the determination and persistence shown by many individuals who have become successful in life. You also need to have a passion in life.

This one thing ensures you have the energy and motivation to work hard. This is because they are people who have withstood challenges and temptations for them to get where they are today. Three qualities you need to develop if you want to appreciate what others have done for them to succeed. These include persistence, hard work and the burning desire to succeed. Once you develop these qualities, you are on the way to achieving any dream you have in mind. In order for you to succeed,

passion must be your number one driving force. Why should you have to work over a sustained period if you do not like whatever it is you are doing? You need to enjoy your work genuinely if you need the motivation and inspiration to work towards your dream when times get hard. Without this passion, it is easy to quit at the middle of your project or journey because there seems to be no value in working towards a goal that seems elusive. Success is not an easy thing. If you ask any successful person, you will learn that you need passion to help through the hard times. It is

not that you cannot achieve success if you do not have passion, but you require a great deal of determination and perseverance to get to your dreams. The work of passion is only to lighten the journey for you. This is because even when you are facing difficulties it the one thing that lets you still want to succeed and have fun at the same time. In any case, no sane person can really succeed without having enthusiasm over whatever he or she is working on. When it reached to that time when things become hard, it is common to have any

rational person quit. There is a lot of stress as you embark on a journey of success. There are things to do and work on for you to make a step towards the right direction. There is no reason why you should subject yourself to this kind of stress, even if it is for the fun of it. This is true especially if you have to start from scratch. It is a daunting task investing all your savings when you have no idea of its outcome. At least if you had the passion for it you would have a strong head and mind to see it through. Furthermore, if you are not ready to be in control of everything

in your project or business you should not attempt to start the journey. When you are still on the initial stage of your journey to success, it is common to be the sole person taking the responsibility of ensuring all operations are working and that you accomplish every task you have set for yourself. It is also your task to source for new avenues to improve your project or secure what you have done. What this means is you will have to adopt a variety of skills along the way if you do not have them already. These skills will help you manage your business or project especially at the

initial stage when you may not have enough money to hire profession help. It is common to have more than one job title at this point. The main skills you need to run your own operations and projects is management skills. You also need to know how to create the illusion that things are stable. Other than this, you should have the capability to deal with anything unexpected that is bound to come your way, tolerate uncertain times or the many changes you have to make on your journey and a desire to do or take up unique and innovative steps

to help you on your project. Part of the management skills you must have is the ability to take initiative, think for the long term and pay much attention to every detail.

Chapter 22: Successful People Work Less to Get More Done

The conventional way of becoming successful is to neglect yourself in the process of working towards your dream. Therefore, many individuals would work hard and spend less time enjoying their lives while in the process of reaching for success. Today, this is not the case. You do not have to slave away in the hope that you will enjoy the fruits of your success when you get there. Today, it is all

about working smart. This will see you get what you want in terms of success and enjoy every progress you made in your journey to success. The secret is to do more by working less. It is common to see entrepreneurs slaving away trying to reach their destinations. Most often, these individual are reckless and never put much consideration into their health or well-being as they are on their journey to success. It could be simple things as not being able to see their family or stressed up to a point you cannot enjoy the loving embrace of a

family. This is the best way for any person to die with nothing of value in life because the love of a family is the most valuable things you could have. If you find yourself leaning towards this kind of life it is time you changed your ways. This is not the way to work in this time and age. It has become much easier to get to your destined success by doing much while you are working less. As you take the first step towards your success, it is easy to believe that you do not have the

time for a break to eat, relax, exercise and enjoy good times with your family. This is not true. If you believe this is the only way for you to become successful then you are very misguided. Why should you do things that will only add to your mental and physical strain? The only result you can wait for if you work with such a belief is the inability to achieve more. It is good that you know you are very much capable of getting higher success if you learn how to do more with less work. This is a concept you need to learn as it will make it easy to use good judgment, make

better decisions, and have the ability to think clearly. You can use this method to feel less moody and enjoy every step you take towards your success. Taking a little time off to exercise or spend time with our family can do you a great deal of good. Researchers have established that if you take one hour out of your 8 or 10 working hours to take a walk, run or exercise can work miracles for you. In this research, they found that many of the individuals who lived sedentary lives get a complete improved energy level than those who did not

work out. What this means is that regular exercise has a way of increasing the energy level in the body and reduce cases of fatigue. To this exercise, you can add a few minutes of meditation. This is a good way to enhance the clarity of your mind and it will give you the peace of mind you need to continue with a project or your journey to success. It is easy to lose focus and the energy you need to work more when you have been sedentary for long periods. Therefore, instead of trying to work through with low

levels of energy you can decide to take a few minutes of your time to recharge your body and mind. You may be thinking that meditation is not for you since you cannot do it. Such thoughts are only myths. You should know that anybody could meditate. All you need to is to choose one of the many ways of meditation that works for you. Daydreaming is one method of meditation that works best especially if you have a tendency to be on overdrive always. Therefore, you can teach yourself how to daydream. Here, all you need to do is visualize yourself in a

beautiful and peaceful place. Your meditation will be even better if you can create the feeling within you of being in the actual scene you are visualizing. Once you are there, you need to imagine yourself doing the thing you love the most. It is possible to allow your body and mind to relax and let this lead to a daydream. You can visualize yourself doing anything you like that has the ability to calm you down and make your relax. Daydreaming is an effective way for you to meditate. It is one form of meditation that work to let your relax and catch your breath before

you continue with your work. Using this kind of meditation does not involve stilling your mind. However, it has the same effect to distract you from your main work for a few minutes and let you think of other pleasant things other than the dredging work awaiting you. If you have been having a difficult time getting answers to most of your life problems, then meditation is what you need. What happens in this case is that you will be able to relax and let go of all your worries. This is the first step of wanting to thinks clearly. As you imagine peace and tranquility, you

brain lets you jog your mind and bring to the fore simple but great solutions to any problem you may be experiencing. It is not that all your problems will disappear but you will get the energy and new drive to work towards solving them. This simple act is also good for your heart and your general health. Another good way to ensure you still have the energy to work on your project is to eat. If you find yourself missing to eat or resorting to a bag of chips each time you feel hungry because you thinks you have not time, then you need to change your eating habit. Poor

eating leads to poor results. If you do not this yet, they you need you must understand that the only way to have the energy to work for longer hours is to maintain a normal blood sugar. How can you do this? The best way to maintain a normal blood sugar level is to eat after every few hours. The idea is not to overdo it but to ensure you get the necessary level of energy to boost your drive. Overeating is not the way to go because it is also a bad thing just like starving yourself. In any case, if you eat more than you body needs, this only works to

produce more insulin in your body. The result of over production of insulin is the deposition of fat in your body. This is why you grow fat. As you work, it is good to keep healthy snack nearby. Have them readily available and you can treat yourself anytime you feel like you need something to chew on or your body feels as if it is hungry. Simple snacks such as raw nuts, lean meat, fruit in moderation and any other healthy snack can be a great way to get your energy up without going to the extreme. The best way to do snack is to take a small portion every two or three hours. Although

it is not recommended that you skip a meal, in case you have do miss out on any of your meals the snacks can keep your energy levels balance to help you go for another few hours. Everybody wants to e successful. However, not everyone knows the best way to do this. Today, there is really no need for you to sacrifice your life, as the only way you think will get your success. Self-sacrifice for greater productivity is only a myth. This is a very counterproductive method to work for success.

What you need to do is take time to enjoy being with your family. Even when it seems like you do not have time, it is good to spend some time with your kids, play with them and let them be a big part of your personal and professional life. It also pays to take care of your health. You body and mind needs feeding and relaxation from time to time. It is good to make sure you have time to yourself to replenish your energy and motivation to work for success. Remember all you need to do more is to work less. The small contributions you make towards the

health of your family and your life that in the end will lead you to your success.