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June 26, 2009 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch Page 13

Dining Detective: The

Bridgewater Grill service
stutters, but with a smile
Two weeks ago I met a woman who a makeover was the
coordinates marketing for
businesses all across the Bridgewater menu.
country. Among her cli- Grill Although there are
ents is the Golden Hotel, a few tweaks, it is
which in turn means and 800 11th St basically the same
their newly remodeled type of food but
restaurant, the Bridgewater Grill. When with slightly higher prices.
I revealed my alter ego food critic perso- Onion Soup ($5.99) was a great way
na, I was invited to make a clandestine to start this cool, raining evening. And
visit. “It’s all about comfort food,” I was it was absolutely delicious. The bad
told, “Lobster Mac n’ Cheese, Meatloaf, news is that I had actually ordered the
a great new patio … you should really mushroom/broccoli soup ($3.99) and
check it out.” And so I did. As the say- delivered the Onion soup by mistake.
ing goes … be careful what you ask for, Still, as far as mistakes go, this was
you just might get it! something I could live with.
I had been to the former Grill many We chose our entrees from among
years ago and agree that a change was some of the new menu additions. I
definitely in order. While there wasn’t opted for the Lobster Mac n’ Cheese
anything wrong with the former Grill, ($14.99). This was somewhat disap- Painting
there wasn’t anything right either. It pointing. The flavors were not strong Interior
was too stuffy and reserved to be com- and it was under seasoned. If not for the
fortable, and even though the food was change in texture, I would have not dis- Commercial
good, it was never very busy. At one cerned the lobster meat from the pasta.
point they did redo the menu to feature On a technical note, the dish needed
steaks and hearty sandwiches, but they to sit longer before it was served. It Trained professionals
really needed to reevaluate their assets arrived at the table in a loose, milky Pressure washing
and their audience, and find a new consistence. As it sat the liquids reacted Thorough surface prep
game plan. And this is exactly what with the starches, so the last half was a Drywall & plaster repair
they appear to have done with the new much more pleasant consistency. Still,
look. the lack of flavor will prohibit me from Extras
If I were to hazard a guess, I would ordering this again. Over a Decade of Quality Craftsmanship Carpentry & restoration
say that management’s assessment cor- Another new entrée is the salmon Color consulting
rectly identified the traditional Golden
diner as casual, probably a tourist,
steak stuffed with crab and brie ($19).
Yes, it is exactly as rich as it sounds!
303.322.ISLE (4753) Brick stripping
Custom staining &
possibly traveling with a family, and The entrée was great, but the sides were Call for your free estimate lacquering
Wallpaper removal &
attracted to nature and the outdoors. clearly afterthoughts … plain steamed
These issues have all been addressed broccoli and forgettable rice. As a result
with the development of a very love- it was difficult to pull the entire meal
ly patio overlooking the picturesque together. The last entrée we tried was Licensed & insured www.emeraldislepainting.com First-rate references from happy clients
Clear Creek. There is no way someone vegetarian; the Spinach and Ricotta
entering Golden from the north would Ravioli ($12.99). I have nothing to say
miss this outstanding location … and about this other than it was “fine.” And
remember it later when they are won-
dering where they can get a bite to eat.
no, in the world of reviews “fine” isn’t
what you are looking for.
This alone should prove to be a very The desserts, none of which are concrete this All Tile
successful investment. new to this menu, are all made on
Part two of this renovation has site. One thing I appreciated was that Summer! Work
moved the dining room to the northeast you could order single or double por-
or Freshen your home with Fencing
corner of the hotel, adjacent to the patio tions ($3.99/$7.99). Two of us ordered
and sharing the admirable view. This dessert and we were pleased with the new Tile! Free
too was a positive change, but it cer- potion size … until the bill came and All Your Concrete Estimates
tainly wasn’t perfectly executed. we learned that we were billed for
The renovation of the Grill is part
of an overall Hotel makeover. The first
the “double” servings. Therefore, here
is a very concrete piece of advice: if Sidewalks
thing I noticed is that there is this odd you do get dessert at the Bridgewater Patios Flatwork
dichotomy of details. The restrooms, Grill, clarify the portion size with your
for instance, feature an absolutely gor- server. And order the Mud Pie. That
Steps 720-298-2923
geous marble counter and high end was yummy. Driveways
fixtures fronting fast-food-chain fake By the time our meal was over, I was Stamped Concrete
wood grain stalls. All of the restaurant really feeling sorry for our server. This Pads
furnishings range from pedestrian to poor girl started with her hair neatly
low end. When my group found that pulled back, but between the wobbly
our table was too wobbly, we moved furniture, the wrong orders, the very
ourselves to another. Within a few min- slow bar service, and even the busboy
utes we noticed another family was bringing us salads as we were finishing
seated there, yet as soon as their drinks our desserts, she wasn’t having a good
arrived they, too, asked to move. At this night. The saving grace, though, was
point we noted the manager come over, that she was so very gracious and apol-
pull the table from the wall, and twist ogetic about everything. She wasn’t
the top around several more times until making excuses, just making it “right.”
it was stable. Hmmm … amusing yet And this, I think, was the very best fea-
inauspicious! ture of the new Bridgewater Grill.***
What didn’t really receive much of

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June 26, 2009 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch Page 15

It’s simply a matter of

President Obama again stands poised judge,” and understand that it is a deroga-
to make history with the appointment of tory term, but cannot explain what it means.
Judge Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme There are two primary ways that a judge
Court vacancy left by Justice David Souter. can be activist: 1) not following the text of
Since Justice Souter’s announcement that he Constitution; and, 2) not following prec-
would retire, the new voice of the Republican edent (earlier case law). During the upcom-
Party, Rush Limbaugh, and the “old” voices ing confirmation hearings, there will be
(Rove, Gingrich, and Cheney), began their many questions posed to Judge Sotomayor
plan of attack for any nominee selected by about how she interprets the Constitution,
President Obama. Mr. Limbaugh has since and whether she is an activist judge. Just
declared Judge Sotomayor as a “racist” as a how the Constitution should be interpreted
way of elevating the conversation about the basically breaks into two camps. The first is
qualifications of a nominee to sit as a Justice that the Constitution is a living, breathing to what the words meant at the time they due process of law; nor deny to any person
on the United States Supreme Court. Mr. document that was written to last hundreds were written. Justice Scalia interprets the within its jurisdiction the equal protection of
Limbaugh, uneducated in Constitutional of years, adapt to the changing times, and Constitution in a way that is strict, that is, if the laws.”
law, or any other aspect of the law— except still provide stability in the law. The second a right is not specifically stated, then such a Herein lies the dilemma. What is Liberty?
his arrest connected with his illegal use of is the “strict constructionist” approach sup- right does not exist. Liberty has been defined as “a right or immu-
pain killers, fraud, and deception of doctors ported by the most conservative member of Here’s how these different approaches nity to engage in certain actions without con-
to support his drug habit— spews insults the Supreme Court, Justice Scalia. Under play out in cases before judges. The Fourth trol or interference.” It has also been defined
and old, worn, rhetoric about how our legal this doctrine, judges and justices should not Amendment to the Constitution states that as “the right and power to act, believe, or
system is suppose to work and the role of read any meaning into words that are in the “The right of the people to be secure in their express oneself in a manner of one’s own
judges and Justices in that system. Constitution, that the judge must apply the persons, houses, papers, and effects, against choosing.” When the Supreme Court ruled
Most have heard the term “activist text only as it is written, and give deference unreasonable searches and seizures, shall on Roe v. Wade, in 1973, the Court ruled
not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, that privacy, a woman’s right to privacy in
but upon probable cause, supported by Oath her own body is a part of liberty cannot be
or affirmation, and particularly describing
Good People Painting & Construction the place to be searched, and the persons or
infringed upon.
Think about the right to privacy as an
“The Ones They Told You About” things to be seized.” inherent or “natural law” that is something
So, what does it mean to have a right to be that simply goes without saying. We are all
“I hired Good People Painting protected against an “unreasonable” search born free. We are all born with a right to live
for a pretty large job at my Decks & Fences — and seizure? What was “unreasonable” over
200 years ago when the Constitution was writ-
in our bodies free from government interven-
condo. They always showed tion. That seems natural. It is self-evident,
up on time and took care of Construction & Staining ten referred to constables or soldiers entering and you didn’t need to go to law school to
everything from start to finish. a person’s home. The reason for the Fourth figure it out. This natural law was the basis
I would definitely hire them Doors & WinDoWs installation Amendment was that under the English of our Declaration of Independence signed
Crown, at any given time, government offi- in 1776 which cited “the Laws of Nature and
—Tammy Gelfond
Stucco — Repair & Patch cials could come into your house without of Nature’s God. . . .” The Declaration goes
warning to search for whatever they wanted. on to say “We hold these truths to be self-evi-
Painting — Interior & Exterior The drafters of the Constitution thought that dent, that all men are created equal, that they
“Good People Painting did the right of privacy was so important, it was are endowed by their Creator with certain
a great job! They were true included in the Bill of Rights. However, it is unalienable Rights, that among these are Life,
professionals—I recommend clear that “unreasonable” is a word whose Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”.
them to my friends and family meaning must change over time.
FREE EStImatES Viewing the Constitution as a living,
Privacy is a part of liberty. Would we be
all the time.” liberated if the government could tell us how
—Karen Stein breathing documents allows for the law to we can treat our body, tell us we can’t be fat,
adjust to changing times and advancements skinny, or somewhere in between?
Colin J. Murphy goodpeopleconstruction@hotmail.com in technology. Today, instead of a constable Think about this in a different context.
720•251•9144 Goodpeopledenver.com coming into your home, helicopters with Say tattoos. With the tattoo making a come-
heat sensors can hover above your house and back and sweeping the country, would any
Insured “search” it to see how many people are in one of us agree with a law prohibiting them?
there, and even track the movements of these Of course not. Why? I argue it is because on
Specializing in older individuals. The Supreme Court has inter- some level we know that our bodies are ours
homes with an preted the Fourth Amendment to exclude and that “natural law” compels us to know
emphasis on historic these helicopter searches without a warrant that government--created by us--working for
details. as being unreasonable. us--does not have the authority to tell us
The drafters certainly did not anticipate whether to get a tattoo or not.
Equipped with the the internet or email. So, because the words But in the context of abortion and a wom-
knowledge and “internet” or “email” are not in the Fourth an’s right to privacy, it is the Republicans
experience to both Amendment, under the strict constructionist who seek to impose their extreme, right
design and build approach, it could be argued that the gov- wing, zealous religious beliefs upon all of
your project. ernment would be permitted to simply hack us and ask Justices on the Supreme Court to
into all of our electronic accounts without read the Constitution in a way that supports
The Timberleaf Staff is trained and highly experienced in recourse. Common sense tells us that the their religious and moral agenda rather than
creating high quality: drafters of the Constitution would want it to protect the right of privacy for all Americans,
Additions Pop tops be interpreted in a way that would allow the including women.
law to develop as the country did. But the Republicans are not being intel-
Interior remodels Pergolas Another example is the copyright and lectually honest. They like judges when they
Custom Kitchens Decks patent provision in the Constitution which interpret the Constitution in a way that they
states “to promote the Progress of Science and like. A review of the Bush-Cheney torture
Founder is on the board of directors for useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to memos proves this. These memos show that
Denver’s Old House Society Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to to support torture policies, they had their
2717 E Louisiana Ave Denver, CO 80210 their respective Writings and Discoveries.”
If you were to consider the word “writing”
lawyers strain to expand words and interpret
the Constitution in a way that satisfied the
720.353.4317 as a strict constructionist, then 200 years ago ends they were looking to achieve. Where
all “writings” were books and papers drafted is the outcry from Republicans about this
with a quill and ink. This interpretation would expansive view of our Constitution?
eliminate protection for all computer soft- Like the last two national elections, the
ware, computer generated art, photographs, Republicans will lose this fight. This is a
and other new forms of technology. Again, great opportunity for Republicans to further
common sense would tell us that “writing” is alienate woman and Hispanics, and prove
a term that is subject to interpretation and can to the American people that they are a party
be construed to include the way that millions of old, white men bent on imposing one set
of Americans write today. religious beliefs on all of us. They lost the
The most contentious way these two forms Hispanic vote in the last election. They lost
Bring in this ad for one free day of day care of interpretation play out is in the area of a
woman’s rights regarding her body and abor-
the female vote in the last election. So my
advice to Rush, Dick, Rove, and Gingrich,
with the purchase of one day* tion. Republicans argue that the Constitution
does not provide a “right” to privacy. They
kept it up, please.
Mark Gould is an attorney living in Denver
point to the Second Amendment that says with his wife, Therese, and their terrier, George.
Doggie Day Care Make sure your dog has all the we all have a “right to bear arms,” and argue Mark’s practice focuses on insurance claims,
Overnight Boarding comforts of home (and a few if the drafters wanted to confer a right, they automobile collision claims, bad-faith insurance
would have said so. Therefore, because the
Self-Wash Tubs extras, too!) while you’re away. claims, commercial insurance claims, and he also
drafters did not specifically say a woman has provides pro bono legal assistance to those who
Grooming Our facility has a large swimming a right to privacy with respect to her body, are unable to afford an attorney. If you have any
Training pool, web cams, and suites with no such right exists. However, the questions or would like any reprints of this article
14th Amendment of the Constitution also
Off-leash Dog Park flat-screen TVs and DVD players. provides that “. . .nor shall any State deprive
(or others), you can reach Mark at: 303-832-2393
or mark@markgouldlaw.com
any person of life, liberty, or property, without
*coupon valid for new customers only

303-296-3722 3150 Brighton Blvd., Denver

Page 16 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch June 26, 2009

Only 30 minutes from Denver, take I-70 exit 243 at Hidden Valley to get to Fortune Valley.