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INFORMATICA PAPER G SAMPLE QUESTIONS Question If a row of data is placed in a reject file, what does it mean?

Where is the database connection specified when the "Use Connection Variable" option is selected in the Relational Object Browser ? If you want to transfer an object from one folder to another with the same repo, what is the most essential condition? How would you define a workflow? "The Repository server must be installed and running before a repository can be created " - True or False? What operations can be performed using The Repository Manager? The Workflow manager can be used to do what all functions? Which components are required prior to upgrading a repo to version 6 ? Choose the Informatica Server Data Movement Modes. What views are available in the Workflow Monitor Prior to upgrading a repo to version 6 what are the components required? Suppose a user wants to copy objects to and from a folder, what are the minimum permissions that the user needs on the folder ? If a user attempts to delete the owner of a connection object, what will happen? The database connection parameters be configured from which locations? In the Workflow Manager, you may create a new Session by creating a new "___________" Name a disadvantage of using object shortcuts instead of copies ? What are the differnet types of metadata extensions ? What do u mean by "execute" permission on a folder ? Do workflows support loops ? What acivities can be performed by The Designer? Where can Workflow Tasks be created? If a user has Admin Repo privilege only, then under what circumstances would that user not be able to edit the permission of a specific folder ? Which set of objects can be scheduled with Informatica PowerCenter 6? when does Iinformatica server not enforce session code page relationship where can we set the error severity level . what is difference between aborting and stopping a session. definition of Workflow workflow manager gets notification from which server/servers what are server variables what does 'SUCCEEDED' status in workflow monitor signify Answer It was rejected by the database or it was rejected by the Informatica writer In the Session Task paramater File The destination folder must be Open A set of instructions that tell the informatica server how to execute a set of tasks TRUE Create and Delete repositories ,view the properties of repository objects, create and edit Business Components Create workflows that contain existing Session tasks The repository maager and a running repository server ASCII and Unicode Task view and Gantt Chart view The repository maager and a running repository server Read and write permission The Workflow Manager automatically assigns ownership to the user administrator From the Workflow Manager menu or from the session Task properties Task in the Task Developer Changes may invalidate Mappings and Mapplets Reusable and non reusable Allows you to execute or schedule a Workflow within that folder No, because each link in a Workflow must execute no more than once Version Folders ,Validate Mappings and mapplets,Import source definitions In the Task Developer or the Workflow Designer If the user does not have read permission on the folder Workflows In ASCII mode Informatrica server

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repository server and informatica server .