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Reading and Vocabulary Test 1st Quarter

1) Read the dialogue. Write T for True Sentences and F for False Sentences. Correct the False
Sentences. (1,0 - 0,2 each)
Amanda: Hello. Welcome to the show What do you eat?
Heres our reporter, Ben. Whose house are you at today,
Ben: Im at the Turners house today, Amanda. Mr. and
Mrs Turner have two children, Sarah and Daniel.
Amanda: And what do the Turners eat? Look in the
refrigerator! Is there any fresh food?
Ben: Theres a little. There are some bananas, but theyre
black. And theres something green.
Amanda: Is it some salad?
Ben: No, it isnt. Its some cheese, and its very old.
Amanda: Oh, thats no good. Is there anything else?
Ben: Yes, there are a few sausages.
Amanda: OK. And is there any milk or water?
Ben: Well, there is some milk, but its strawberry milk.
And there are six bottles of soda. Thats all.
Amanda: Are there any vegetables in the freezer?
Ben: Sorry, Amanda. I can see some hamburgers and
French fries. But there arent any vegetables.
Amanda: So there isnt much food in the Turners
refrigerator, and the food that is in the refrigerator isnt
very healthy.
Ben: Thats right, Amanda.
1 There are some apples.
2 There arent any bananas.
3 There are some sausages.
4 There isnt any water.
5 Theres a lot of very healthy food.


2) Read the blog. Then answer the questions. (1,2 0,3 each)

My name is Francesca, and my sisters name is Patrizia. Tonight, Patrizia and I
want to meet our friends in town for a pizza.
My favorite Italian restaurant is called Luigis. Its a big new restaurant in the town
center across from the movie theater. I like it because theres a big menu, and the
pizzas are delicious. There are some expensive pizzas, and there are some cheap
ones, too. Theres other Italian food on the menu like pasta or salad, but I normally
have pizza. My favorite one is a Margarita. Theres cheese and tomato on that.
Patrizias favorite restaurant is called Buona Sera. She likes it because its very
small there are only six tables! Theyre next to the kitchen and you can watch
them cook the pizzas. Its fun! Its a cheap restaurant, and there are only pizzas on
the menu, but theyre very good.
We cant decide between Luigis and Buona Sera!

1 Is Luigis a small restaurant?

2- Where exactly is it?
3- Are there any cheap pizza at Luigis?
4-Why does Patrizia like Buona Sera?

3) Match the nouns (1-8) with the noun categories (a-h). (1,6 - 0,2 each)

1) $50

a) time

2) Backpack

b) music

3) bed

c) furniture

4) buses

d) money

5) apple

e) traffic

6) song

f) travel

7) minute

g) food

8) vacation

h) baggage

4) Unscramble the personal possessions. (1,2 0,2 each)

1 - yke ngri



2 kabpccak


3 - ltacrebe


4 grinraes


5 nglsasusse


6 - letb


5) Fill in the blanks with the personal possessions from exercise 2. (1,2 0,2 each)

a) Its sunny today. Where are my ______________________ ?

b) My pants are too big. I need a ________________________ .
c) The key to my house is on my ________________________ .
d) Shes wearing her gold ________________________ on hew wrist.
e) My _______________________ is very heavy. It has all my school books in it.
f) My mom has _____________________________ in both ears.

6) Find eight items of food and drink. Put the words in the correct column. (1,9 0,1 each)


7) Complete the sentences with food. (1,2 0,2 each)

a) _________________________________ are normally red or green.

b) Im making French fries. Are there any _______________________ ?
c) You use ___________________________ to make an omelet.
d) __________________________ are small and red.
e) You eat ____________________________ in an Italian restaurant.
f) You eat ____________________________ in a fast food restaurant.

8) Circle the correct word to describe the person in the picture. (0,7 - 0,1 each)