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Daily Lesson Plan Date Time Class Enrolment Level Theme Topic Content Standard :8th July 2013

:9.15 a.m. 10.15 a.m. :3 Bestari :35 pupils :Intermediate :World of Knowledge :Fresh Fruits :By the end of 6-Year Primary Schooling, pupils will be able to: 1.3 Understand and respond to oral texts in a variety of contexts 2.2 Demonstrate understanding of a variety of linear and non-linear text in the form of print and non-print materials. 3.2 Write using appropriate language, form and style for a range of purposes. Learning Standard : 1.3.1 (b) Listen to and demonstrate understanding of oral text by answering simple Wh-Questions. 2.2.2 Able to read and understand phrases and sentences in linear and non-linear text.

3.2.2 (a) Able to write with guidance simple sentences Learning Objectives :By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to: 1. understand the text heard by answering Wh-Questions correctly. 2. Read dialogue with correct pronunciation and intonation 3. Complete the dialogue correctly Language Focus Prior Knowledge Cross-curricular Elements :Writing :Pupils already know about fruits in their daily life :ICT

Teaching-learning Resources:CD, radio, sentence strips, phrase cards, worksheets Thinking Skills Moral Value(s) :Organize information and create new ideas. :Thankful

Stage / Time Set Induction (6 minutes) Zarif

Content : What is your favourite fruit? -

Teaching and Learning Activities Listen to a recording Question and answer session based on the recording

Rationale To prepare the pupils mentally. Cd


Yulleh : My favourite is rambutan. Zarif : Why do you like rambutan?


Yulleh : I like rambutan because it is sweet. Zarif : Is it a big or small fruit? Yulleh : (Refer Appendix 1) Questions: 1. What is the fruit mentioned in the dialogue? 2. Is it a small or a big fruit? 3. What is the fruits colour? 4. Are there any seeds? (Appendix 2) Presentation (15 minutes) It is red. It has hairy skin It is a small fruit. Distribute blank A4 papers to pupils. Ask them to draw and colour the rambutan based on the descriptions heard from the recording. Pupils write the descriptions below the picture. Guide the pupils by putting up phrase cards or sentence strips on the board. To gauge pupils understanding of the oral text heard. Blank A4 papers Phrase cards / Sentence strips

It has one seed

Its flesh is white sweet jam (Appendix 3)

Practice (13 minutes)

Distribute worksheet to pupils. Complete the dialogue by listening to the recording again.

To assess pupils listening ability.

Worksheet Cd Radio

Remind pupils to put full stops.

(Appendix 4) Production (20 minutes) It is green. It has thorny skin Its flesh is yellow. It has many seeds. sweet. ice cream. (Appendix 5) Generated by CamScanner from intsig.com

It is a big fruit.

Distribute a worksheet of a blank dialogue. Use dialogue given before as a guidance to write another dialogue.

To let pupils practice describing with guidance

Worksheet of a blank dialogue Sentence strips / Phrase cards

Substitute rambutan with durian. Remind pupils to put full stops.

Write a dialogue between Adam and Haikal.

Adam Haikal Adam Haikal Adam Haikal Adam Haikal Adam Haikal Adam Haikal Adam Haikal Adam Haikal

: What is your favourite fruit? : My favourite fruit is _____________ : _____________________________ : _____________________________ : _____________________________ : _____________________________ : _____________________________ : _____________________________ : _____________________________ : _____________________________ : _____________________________ : _____________________________ : _____________________________ : _____________________________ : _____________________________ : _____________________________

(Appendix 6) Closure (6 minutes) Instructions: 1. You are going to be divided into two groups. 2. The group on my right will be Yulleh and the group on my left will be Zarif. 3. Read the dialogue loudly with correct pronunciation and intonation as you heard in the recording. Divide pupils into two groups. One group will be Zarif and the other group is Yulleh. Put up a mahjong paper with a dialogue on the board. Read the dialogue loudly with correct intonation and pronunciation. Reinforcement. Dialogue on mahjong paper.