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to shout the F word in European politics? Verhofstadt, G., Cohn-Bendit, D. For Europe!: Manifesto for a Postnational Revolution in Europe CreateSpace, 2012 - ISBN 1479261882, 9781479261888 152 pages Anger in Europe has not been voiced solely through public demonstrations as epitomised by the Greek protests. Unrest and dissatisfaction seem to be mounting even in the so called elite. This book is written in anger in response to the inability (unwillingness) of European politicians to deal with the economic crisis but also as a wake up call for national hierarchies that has chosen to dismiss the political impasse that Europe is experiencing. In this book co-president of the Greens/European Free Alliance Daniel Cohn- Bendit and President of the ALDE group in the European Parliament and former Prime Minister of Belgium Guy Verhofstadt have joined forces (and somewhat converged political stances) to argue that Federalism is the way out of the crisis and to call for action towards the creation of a federal Europe. Released in six languages (Dutch, English, German,Italian, and Spanish) For Europe is a 90-page manifesto that ambitiously and provocatively aims to start a post-national revolution in Europe, abandoning the navel gazing of its nation- states. In it, the two authors propose a constituent assembly for 2014 that they envisage will lay down the principles of a federal Europe and will be put to approval by referenda in all member states. Following the results members will have the option to join or withdraw from the federation. Following the manifesto there is a section in which Jean Quatremer, a journalist of Libration and blog author, interviews the co-authors of this book. Some part of this interview and of the manifesto are available for downloading from www.andreversailleediteur.com/upload/args/cbveuropeconsult.pdf It must be given to the authors that uttering the F word now in Europe sounds quite refreshing amongst the worrying resurgence of populist and nationalist movements. It also takes a lot of political bravery as they are effectively calling for doing away with nation-states once for all and going down the avenue of post-national politics. In this respect Cohn-Bendit and Verhofstadts proposal comes across as far more revolutionary than any reviving reforms presented in the past (for example Delors) and, as such, it will not go down easily well on most MEPs ears. However, its often through crises that things can change radically. Maybe for all Europeans it is the time to shout the F word along with the authors of this book if they care about the future of Europe.