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Electronic Newsletter for Wyomings OUT-OF-OPTIONS Furkids

October 7, 2013

e-WOOF is a bi-monthly

e-newsletter produced by a small group of Wyoming dog rescuers in an effort to highlight shelter dogs in critical need of help.

URGENT - Casper Metro Animal Control Contact: Cathy Corbin at 307-267-6524 or rescuerangers2@yahoo.com EDGE is a Great Dane mix, 5 years old. My formal name is Reginald, but I was called Edge in my former home, and I respond very well to the name Edge. I am a gorgeous Great Dane who appears to like people of all ages, as well as dogs and cats. I know basic commands and am easygoing, and friendly. I am also gentle, calm, quiet, and walk well on leash. I need to be seen in person to appreciate my kind, gentle attitude, and how handsome I am. Im waiting at Metro Animal Control in Casper! FAITH is a German Wirehair mix, 3 years old. My name is Faith,
and I am a fun loving, full of life and spirit type of girl. I fully enjoy a walk and also enjoy doing lots of sniffing. I have wiry black fur, and I appear to like people and other dogs. I am looking for a second chance in life with a forever family who I can love with all my heart. Come meet me at Casper Metro Animal Control, and lets go for a walk! Be careful though, I might just steal your heart! FAITH

e-WOOF spotlights many dogs that face euthanasia within days unless they are rescued, fostered, or adopted.
Transport can be arranged, in most cases, to approved adoptive or foster homes or rescue organizations. Please help us! These are good, healthy, happy, loving dogs that are out of luck and out of time. We urge you to crosspost to e-mail lists and Web groups, forward to friends, send to co-workers, and share with family. We hope our efforts, combined with yours, will save many lives.


JACK is a Lab mix, 5 years old. I am a Lab mix who is house-

For the Animals, Christina, Kathy, Sherry, & Vicki

KEY: URGENT: Must moved this week. be

broken and neutered. I enjoy walks and car rides. I would prefer to be the only dog in an adult only home. I like lots of attention and car rides. Come meet me and maybe we can become a family! ____________

TIME LIMITED: Must be moved soon. Time can be extended if a place is found and transport is being arranged. SPECIAL NEEDS/ SENIOR: Must be moved soon. Time can be extended if a place is found and transport is being arranged. OTHER: In critical need of help but does not fit in another category (i.e., hit by car, needs donations for emergency surgery). UPDATE: Good news.

SPECIAL NEEDS - LOVEABLE SENIOR Florence, Colorado Contact: Laura at K9scount@aol.com

TEX was found wandering in southern Colorado, likely dumped by
JACK his previous owner. He was taken into a home and is being cared for until a permanent home or rescue is found. From his rescuer: He currently has an upper respiratory infection and is on antibiotics but should be ready by next week to go to a forever or foster home. He is also being neutered this weekend. He is very sweet and loves all humans. He is great with my neutered male Australian Shepherd and my neutered male cattle dog. He does not like my Saint Bernard or my Great Dane. He is also great with my cats. I dont think he has ever been inside a house before, and he becomes very nervous when inside. We are working on this by having him in with my Aussie for short periods of time. He is getting better. He also has probably never been in a car before coming here because it freaked him out - but today was
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You can find e-WOOF on-line at: www.ewoof.petfinder.com and www.facebook.com/ewoof

Electronic Newsletter for Wyomings OUT-OF-OPTIONS Furkids

his 5th car ride and he was a trooper and sat on the back seat and looked out the window. Baby steps! He walks great on a leash and enjoys 2 or 3 walks a day. He used to bark a lot when he first came, but I figured out he was barking because his water bowl was empty or because I was late feeding him. He thrives on routine and hasnt barked in 4 days now that I figured out his signals. He enjoys being brushed and loves to snuggle. Oh - and he is deaf. I do want to make sure his last years are in an ideal place as he does require a special kind of love and patience. ____________

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Time is of the essence for helping the dogs featured in the e-WOOF newsletters. Please contact the name/numbers for each dog before contacting eWOOF. In most cases, time is limited for the dogs featured in our newsletters--with that in mind, we try to get the word out to as many contacts as we can using this publication. Work on behalf of the animals for finding them homes and/ or rescues comes from many, many sources and is an ONGOING effort dealt with a sense of urgency. In some cases there may be times when a sudden adoption and/or rescue comes through at the exact time our newsletter is issued. This is an unforeseen circumstance on our part--while we certainly understand the crossover may cause frustrations for you as the prospective adopter of an animal we hope you join us in rejoicing for an animal being saved. We appreciate and thank you for your continued support FOR THE


Park County Animal Shelter -- Cody, WY Contact: 307-587-5110 or manager@parkcountyanimalshelter.com ATHENA came to us very skinny and neglected. This sweet girl had been tied up outside for days in the pouring rain with no food, shelter, or water. When the police brought her to us, you could almost see the relief in her eyes! She has come a very long way since then. She is active and loving, and loves to go for walks. She never had much training in her previous home, so she does need a little bit of work. With some patience and love she would become a wonderful companion! SCOOBY is an 8 year old Rottweiler/German Shepherd mix. Scooby has been with us for 3 years now, and is still looking for his forever home. He can be a little intimidating while he is in his cage, but once he is out of the cage he is a different dog. He takes a little bit to get used to new people, but if you take him for a walk and give him a treat he will be your best friend. He needs to be in a home without small children or cats, but does get along well with most other dogs. He also needs to be in a home where his owner will be an Alpha personality. FERN is a beautiful 1- year old Red Nose Pit Bull. She is very affectionate and sweet. This poor little girl was found tied to a guard rail in Wind River Canyon before she was brought to us. She would probably be best in a home with no other dogs and no cats. She is a dream dog with children! She was adopted out to a family with young children, but came back simply because she didnt want to play with the children. The family wanted a dog to play fetch with the kids, but Fern is just a loving girl who was more interested in being affectionate and just being near the children than she was in playing with them. ____________ The Dog and Cat Shelter, Inc. -- Sheridan, WY Contact: 307-674-7694 or Cel at dogncat@fiberpipe.net KIRBY is a five-year-old Griffon Wirehaired Pointer with a wonderful personality. He is outgoing and energetic, enjoys playing with toys, and will retrieve a ball or two. He enjoys the company of people and will lean against you for some scratching. Kirby is housebroken and likes to go for walks, though he pulls a little and will need some work. He is neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped.






You can find e-WOOF on-line at: www.ewoof.petfinder.com and www.facebook.com/ewoof

Electronic Newsletter for Wyomings OUT-OF-OPTIONS Furkids

Page 4 -- October 7, 2013

The Dog and Cat Shelter, Inc. -- Sheridan, WY Contact: 307-674-7694 or Cel at dogncat@fiberpipe.net RANGER is an extremely active two-year-old German Shorthaired
Pointer. He is a high drive, high energy boy and definitely needs to be kept busy and given lots of exercise. He would be happy with a job, possibly hunting. Ranger is a very friendly dog but would not be happy as just a pet in a yard, nor would you be happy with him. He is neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped.


AURORA is a four-year-old brown Shar Pei/lab mix. She is a medium-sized dog who is very well mannered, has a wonderful personality and is completely housetrained. She loves walks but she is not crazy about toys. This is a gentle dog who is not demanding of attention but sure enjoys it. She is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. ____________

TRANSPORTERS NEEDED...If you can help drive a dog to safety, please join our transporters list. For more information on volunteering please e-mail to ewoof@wyoming.com We welcome volunteers from all states.

Rock Springs Humane Society Contact: 307-362-1636 or rshumanesociety@gmail.com WHEEZIE is a 8-year-old Min Pin. She is blind and has diabetes
and thyroid disease. She gets a shot and a pill twice a day. We feed her a bowl of food while giving the shot and she does great with it. She is good with kids, cats, and dogs. She is quiet and doesnt like to play very much--she doesnt like to be messed with but has never bitten. She is going in next week to see if she would be a good canidate for eye surgery so she can see again. She is spayed and current on all shots. Wheezie has been at the shelter for 18 months, waiting for her new home to find her!



TESS is a 2 to 3-year-old Akita mix. She is hyper but a super smart

dog. She loves to run and play with toys and dogs. She does great with other dogs. She should maybe be with older kids because she is hyper and big, but probably no cats. She is spayed and current on all shots. She has been at the shelter for six months.

FOSTER HOMES NEEDED! If there is a dog featured in this newsletter that you want to foster, PLEASE CONTACT US! Many dogs just need a temporary place to go to be safe. E-MAIL US AT:



You can find e-WOOF on-line at: www.ewoof.petfinder.com and www.facebook.com/ewoof

Electronic Newsletter for Wyomings OUT-OF-OPTIONS Furkids

COLD WEATHER IS COMING... SOME COLD WEATHER TIPS FOR COMPANION ANIMALS: Its a common misconception that dogs and cats wont get cold because of their fur. If you are cold, then your companion animal is cold. Most domestic animals are not wellequipped for cold weather and can easily be susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia. Check your companion animals water bowl frequently for freezing. Consider purchasing a heater, or a plug-in water bowl with a built-in heater. Glass and china dishes will easily crack and break when the water freezes. Dont leave an animal in a closed car in the winter. The unheated car can trap cold and become just as deadly as a hot car in the summer. Store anti-freeze in a secure location away from any animal or childs reach. Animals and children are attracted by the sweet taste of traditional antifreeze, but it is a highly poisonous substance. Be aware if your animal has walked on salted or de-iced surfaces. If they have, they may lick their paws and ingest toxins. Rinse their paws in warm water after walking outside. Do this also if ice balls have formed between their toes and pads from walking in snow. Be aware that cats and wildlife left outside will seek out the warmth and protection of a cars engine. Bang on the hood or honk the horn before starting the engine and driving off.






Needing Good Homes

BELLA and DAX were rescued from a hoarding situation, and are both wonderful dogs who have learned a lot in their foster homes. They just need a chance to prove it to you! BUSTER and NANO cannot go back to their previous home, and would be grateful for a new home to call their own. They can go as a pair, or separately. We dont think they care! All are spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated, and are microchipped.


P.O. Box 514 Laramie, WY 82073 307-399-8495 www.laramieanimals.org FB Like us at Compassionate Care Program, Laramie

You can find e-WOOF on-line at: www.ewoof.petfinder.com and www.facebook.com/ewoof