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QTP Certification Dump - Sample Questions 125-150

126. When you create a test, it includes ..... action. A) Single B) unlimited C) Three D) Multiple Ans: B 127. By default, new actions are A) Short B) External C) reusable D) non-reusable Ans: B 128. The ...... enables you to view either the entire test flow (the calls to the actions in the test) or you can view the steps for a selected reusable or external action. A) Action Flow B) Action file C) Action List D) Action Repository Ans: D 129. In the ......., the Action List is always visible and the Expert View always displays the script for the selected action. A) Keyword View B) Expert View C) Action Flow D) Action View Ans: A 130. ....... Method - Imports a sheet of a specified file to a specified sheet in the run-time Data Table. A) SheetImport B) ImportSheet C) ImportDataTable

D) ImportTable Ans: B 131. You can display or hide the Action toolbar in the Keyword View by choosing View > Toolbars > Action. A) View > Toolbars > Action B) View > Toolbars > Actions C) View > Toolbar > Action D) Views > Toolbars > Action Ans: A 132. The column headings in the sheet you import must match the Data Table parameter names in the action for which the sheet is being imported. Otherwise, your test or component may fail. A) True B) False Ans: A 133. The sheet you import automatically takes the name of the sheet it replaces. A) True B) False Ans: A 134. The use of complex and/or nested formulas in the Data Table is supported. A) True B) False Ans: B 135. During the run session, QuickTest creates a ....... Data Tablea live version of the Data Table associated with your test. A) True B) False Ans: A 136. The data your test uses is stored in the ....... Data Table, which is displayed in the Data Table pane at the bottom of the screen while you insert and edit steps. A) design-time B) Run-time C) Current D) None Ans: A

137. If it is important for you to save the resulting data from the run-time Data Table, you can insert a ..........statement to the end of your test to export the run-time Data Table to a file. A) Export.Datatable B) DataTable_Export C) DataTable.Export D) Both A & B Ans: C 138. When you parameterize a step in a test using the Data Table, you must decide whether you want to make it a global Data Table parameter or an action Data Table parameter. A) True B) False Ans: A 139. After running a parameterized test, you can view the actual values taken from the Data Table in the Test Results Run-Time Data Table. A) True B) False Ans: A 140. ...... Property - Returns the design-time Data Table, which enables you to modify the data that is used for the Data Table parameters in your test or business component. A) DataTable B) DesignTable C) Design_Table D) None Ans: A 141. The Data Table assists you in parameterizing your test. A) True B) False Ans: A 142. You can parameterize values ..... in your test. A) in Steps B) in Checkpoints C) of Action Parameters D) Both A & B

E) All of above Ans: E 143. There are four types of parameters: Test/Action, Random number, Environment Variable, Regular Expression. A) True B) False Ans: B 144. You can parameterize values in steps and checkpoints while ...... your test. A) recording B) editing C) Both A & B Ans: C 145. While using Test and Action Input Parameters,you can enter the parameter name in the Expert View using the Parameter utility object, in the format: ............ for the current action. A) Parameter("ParameterName") B) ParameterName("Parameter") C) Parameter("Parameter-Name") D) Parameter("Parameter_Name") Ans: A 146. ..... parameters are available only for top-level actions. A) Action B) Environment Variable C) Test D) None Ans: C 147. ...... parameters are available for subsequent steps and for nested actions. They are defined in the action containing the steps or in the action that calls the nested action. A) Action B) Environment Variable C) Test D) Parent action Ans: D 148. By outputting values to the global Data Table sheet from one action and using them as input parameters in another

action, you can easily pass values from one action to another. A) True B) False Ans: A 149. When specifying the name for data table parameter, the first character of the parameter name must be a ...... A) letter B) underscore C) number D) both A & b Ans: D 150. ...... parameters are especially useful for localization testing, when you want to test an application where the user interface strings change, depending on the selected language. A) Action B) Environment C) Test D) Parent action Ans: B