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GROUP DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Sub Code& Name:EE2402- Protection & Switchgear Dept : EEE-IV year (final year)

PART A UNIT-1 1. What is mean by switchgear? 2. Give at least two merits of resistance grounded system? 3. What is an unsymmetrical fault? 4. Define energizing quantity? UNIT-2 1. What is mean by time setting multiplier in protective relay? 2. What are IDMP characteristics of a relay? 3. Give any four advantages of static relays over electromagnetic relay? 4. What are the advantages of percentage differential relay over a simple differential relay? UNIT-3 1. What is the meaning of burden of CT? 2. What are the applications of CTs and PTs in power system? 3. List the abnormal condition in a transformer against which protection is necessary? 4. What are the common methods used for line protection? UNIT-4 1. What is current chopping relates arc quenching? 2. Why dc circuit breaking is difficult compared with ac circuit breaking? 3. Mention theories that explain the phenomenon arc extinction? 4. Define recovery voltage?

5. List the factors on which the arc resistance depends? UNIT-5 1. What are the advantages of air blast circuit breakers? 2. What are the disadvantages of plain break oil CB? 3. Describe merits of vaccum CBs? 4. List the routine tests conducted on CB? PART-B UNIT-1 1. A 25 MVA ,13.2KW alternator with solidly grounded neutral has a sudtransient reactance of 0.25p.u the positive and zero sequence reactance are 0.35 & 0.1p.u respectively a single line to ground fault occurs at the terminal of an unloaded alternator .Determine the fault current and line to line voltage .Neglect resistance.(8) 2. Power system earthing.(16) 3. Essential qualities of protection.(8) UNIT-2 1. Describe the construction and principle of operation of induction type directional over current relay.(16) 2. Explain the current differential relay with neat diagram.(8) 3. Draw the characteristics of following distance relay R-X diagram and explain(8) a) Mho Relay b) Reactance Relay UNIT-3 1. Explain buchholzs relay.(8) 2. Generator protection.(8) 3. Explain transmission line protection and busbar protection.(8) UNIT-4 1. Discuss resistance switching.(8) 2. Current chopping (8)

3. A 50 cycles 3phase alternator with grounded neutral has inductance of 1.6H/phase and is connected to a busbar through a circuit breaker. The capacitance to earth between the alternator and CB is 0.003f/phase the circuit breaker opens when RMS value of current is 7500amps.Determine the following a) Maximum rate up rise of restricting Vge b) Time for maxRRRV c) Frequency of Oscillation.(8) Neglect first pole to clear factor. 4. Explain ac circuit breaking.(8) UNIT-5 1. Explain low oil CB.(16) 2. SF6 CB.(8) 3. Vaccum CB. (8)