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Change Log Matricoms mx2ref-116 Firmware Fixed:

{AV} AML videoplayer menu fixed, {AV} Alsa dummy fixed, re-adopted and singled out which should help buffering issues {AV} Significant rates revert to the default state, so 1080p TV HDMI and YUV display will change correctly {AV} movieplayer played there a lot of files inside USB HDD video, random play within 10 minutes of video seemed to start scrambling {AV} Playing HLS multi-rate video streams added in case of sufficient bandwidth, high bit-rate switching tended to take a long time {AV} playback of HD video on the remote control or the right mouse button to exit the return key, the system blank screen, you must restart {AV} with Movieplayer play HD video , press the return key, there is probability retreated file list after the Interface will black a few seconds , and then resume. {Hdmi} SONY KLV-22EX310 TV, hdmi no sound output {Hdmi} Now the picture and sound Caton phenomenon is gone {HAL} SD Card Open Lock still readable and writable after hiccup in the last update 115 {HAL) Standby after standby crash and get up phenomenon fixed {Playstore} model changed, more compatible {XBMC} major fixes for the player core and libamplayer that is tuned for the MX2 {XBMC} refactored media keylayout for remote {XBMC} mUI code removed to stabilize the CPU when IDLE until finished [Miracast] disconnect and then connect, display terminal display screen before disconnecting the last one {System} OOBE select Ethernet static IP, press OK, the system automatically restarts the android character and cannot be entered in the main interface {System} GLBenchmark test halfway abnormal exit fixed {System} pictureplayer long burn, platforms crashes {DLNA} open DLNA home ,server \ player \ setting either one to enter and then exit the bottom of the screen will just blinked, this is now fixed. {DLNA} push the picture, such as the next picture did not come out and then pushing down once was prone to exit DLNA Home, and then be able to immediately recover. {DLNA} in DLNA multimedia launcher to open the back key to exit, blackscreen fix. {WPAsup} tweaked for wifi from the feedback on the router configs sent in (thanks cnx-software).

All points supports video playback now DI function is enabled by default OOBE brought back, updated Settings Embedded in MBOXSettings Camera+MIC working now via alsa changes Libamplayer fixed\merged in XBMC AMcodecs updated in XBMC Miracast updated (easier) Airplay updated (internal) DVBPlayer updated (internal) DVBLibs added Hidebar settings added >MboxSettings CEC settings added (tested but has issues confirmed from test on 9/26) RemoteControl updated (far less demanding) Right Interlace video sources, with anti-shake effect disabled HDMI auto-outputs off CVBS, this reduces heat and provides more resources Default practices: HDMI insertion is detected, Automatically shutdown CVBS output, Leaving only the HDMI output ; detected HDMI Not inserted, automatically open CVBS output Other mode configuration, such as CVBS + HDMI dual output mode , YUV + HDMI mode , all are more suitable to auto-place non-used modes to allocate more resources.

Increased MX2 settings, sets the media box to the specific features implemented in this unit Screen Display resize changes> MboxSettings Audio Output change >MboxSettings Hide Status Bar: The status bar is hidden by default, you can select the setting to open configuration FLASH (fullscreen hide status added), DLNA, Remotecontroller(re-added by default) version updates

Uboot support remote reception function keys now Perfected code for CEC function via software emulation (still some complaints, looking into fixing asap)